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Luke is still adjusting to life in the BAU when a familiar face from the past joins the team as their Communications Liaison. Last time he saw her they were in the Iraqi desert on a highly confidential mission. Some ghosts are meant to stay buried…

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“You aren’t what I was expecting.”

Your lips curved upwards into a knowing smile. It was inevitable that the military’s judgement of you was that you didn’t belong in Iraq. There weren’t many other women here – certainly not in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

But, years of working in the FBI Counterterrorism Division and serving on Washington’s Joint Terrorism Task Force weren’t about to be wasted. You were needed here.

Given the unexpected type of warfare the army was now engaged in, intelligence training was an asset they required. Your job was to assist US military and intelligence operatives both in Washington and Iraq…even if they were reluctant to accept it.

“I tend to surprise people.” You replied quietly, your eyes remaining fixed upon the exquisite landscape.

All of the military tents, tanks, weapons and heavily defended compound walls couldn’t disguise the unique beauty of your surroundings. The sun’s dazzling rays beamed down, illuminating the skyline with bright beams of magnificent colour. The sky seemed to glimmer with streaks of vivid yellow, orange and red.

Luke’s soft chuckle made you glance up at him in surprise. A slight grin played on his lips as he continued to examine the impressive sunset, seemingly debating whether or not to divulge his next words to you.

“The military doesn’t really like surprises.”

A soft smile graced your face as you turned to face him. “We’ll see.”

Those were the only words you left him with before you walked back towards the command tent. Luke’s mouth twitched into a small smile as his eyes followed your retreating figure disappear into the hectic camp.

If it were at all possible, your arrival had made his world even more unpredictable…and that was exactly how he liked it.

Girl Like Her

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x (Plus size) Reader

Word Count: 1422

Warnings: topics of body size and weight issues. I tried to keep it as vague as possible so not to trigger. implied/mentions of sex. 

Summary:  Girls like you weren’t meant to be with a guy like Bucky.  He deserves someone prettier, someone skinnier, someone better.  Not a girl like her.

A/N: Hello Lovelies normally I am all fluff all the time. I have been going through some personal stuff and those thoughts put this little angst idea in my head.   Its going to be 4 parts and I hope everyone likes it.  It has been very emotional to write. I already have the entire thing finished I am just not sure if I will post it all or even keep this first chapter up, because it is quite personal. I am putting this first chapter out to get a feel for if I should post the rest or not. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

“Wake up dumbass, you’re late for your run with Steve.” You fuss pushing Bucky on his bare shoulder, and grabbing your shoes from under the bed in his room.   He was lying face down on the bed, the sheets covering his naked bottom half.  You push him again and huff making your way into the living room.  You go to the kitchen and shove some scrambled eggs on a plate and grab one of the waiting pieces of toast in the toaster.   You grab a cup of coffee and place it at the head of the table.

Bucky eventually makes his way to the dining room and sits in the chair.  Immediately he begins digging into the food.  You, meanwhile, were rushing around getting everything ready for your day at work.  While you rushed past Bucky he grabbed your wrist with his human arm.

“Don’t I get a kiss before you leave?”  He pouts not releasing you even as you try and pull away from him.  

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Killer Avenue


She was at a stand still, she knew it. He knew it. Hell everyone around them knew it. Adrianna slowly tilted her head to the right. Her eyes flickering down to his hand and back up to his face.

“Come on lass, you can do it! I believe in ya!“ 

The kind words from Chibbs made her smile. All eyes were on her and the fool infront of her. Well technically he wasn’t a fool, but right now he was. Because he thought he would win, he was a fool to think he could beat her. "Come on Addy, I don’t wanna embarass you infront of the club, just give up. Call it quits and I’ll make you a nice drink for your efforts…scouts honor.”

Before he could say anymore she raised the gun and pulled the trigger, Juice doing the same as soon as he saw her actions. He was too late though, the Nerf bullet had already hit him square in the eyes while his barely crazed her shoulder as she moved out the way. His brothers cheered for her and he playfully glared. 

“That’s my girl!!!” Tig engulfed her into a hug and picked her up swinging her around. 

“Never underestimate a Teller Juicey-boy! Especially when it’s a woman." 

Her feet made contact with the ground again, and she let out a small laugh. "So, since I won…Ill be taking that drink anyways Juan Carlos…and how about you make me a sandwich too…”

“Ha!!! Are you a good wife Juice?!” Kozik asked as everyone slowly started to walk across the parkinglot. 

“You should see him in the night gown I got him. Legs for days.” Adrianna added, everyone burst out laughing, even Juice cracked a smile.  

“I knew it!” Tigs exclaimed.

Happy wiped his hands with the towel, trying to get as much grease off as he could. He had been working on a car that afternoon while the rest of the Son’s were running around the parkinglot shooting toy guns. He had witnessed the interaction between Adrianna and Juice, they were acting like children..which wasn’t a big surprise to him. Juice was just one giant kid. He was closer to Adrianna’s age too. They probably had more in common than she did with him. But that didn’t stop the brown haired girl from batting her big brown eyes at Happy when they talked. Or when she would gaze at him from across the room.

Age was just a number though right?

Hearing the front door open he looked away from the spot he had been staring at to find everyone piling into the club house. His eyes immediately finding her with ease. 

“Happy!” She shouted walking over to him, he had been leaning against the pool table off in a daze. “I made Juice my bitch.” She had the biggest grin on her face, and happy could only grin himself, but only for a split second. 

“Well that’s not hard little girl…” Happy slowly stood up right, towering over her. She had been around the club and him for a little over a month now. And ever since her first night here when he called her his old lady to Jared, he hadn’t uttered that name again. Not out loud at least. 

“Hey! That’s my bitch you are talking about…don’t make me fight you.” She joked bouncing over towards the bar. She climbed up on the stool, pulling her hair out of the ponytail. 

“Where the hell is my brother?” The younger Teller asked. 

“Probably with Tara.”

Adrianna scrunched up her nose, just like her mother, she detested the girl. Not only for leaving Jax broken hearted, but because when she was younger Tara was nothing but rude to her. Adrianna was a bit of a nerd, she could admit that. She didn’t really care about the things that they did back then. She was more into books, and writing and homework. Apparently Tara found her to be her favorite person to be mean to. Ofcourse Adrianna never told Jax, there would’ve been no point. He was too infatuated. 

“What a loser,” she mumbled breaking out of a flash back by the sound of the stool next to her squeaking.

“I want you to come over tonight”

It was Happy.

Juice nearly knocked over the drink he was pouring as he listened into them. He pretended to focus on the task at hand, ever so often eyeing the pair out of the corner of his eye. 

“And why would I do that?” Adrianna questioned, resting her face in the palm of her hand. She didn’t even bother to look at him.  Not showing a bit of interest. But that’s how Happy liked it. What was it? The thrill of the chase? Even when they both knew exactly how it was going to end. 

“Little girl I was just being nice about it, we both know I wasn’t asking. I wasn’t suggesting. It was a demand.”

Tingles ached their way up her spine at his words. Happy always thought his demanding voice would make her fall at his feet. It never worked, though she did like to play with him.

“You must have me confused with someone else. I make the demands….I don’t take them….nice try Happy Feet.”

Juice couldn’t control the laugh that came passed his lips at the nickname. And quickly regretted it as Adrianna got up from the bar, disappearing. Not even bothering to wait for her drink. Now alone with Happy, Juice looked like a deer in the headlights. 

“Think something is funny?”

Without even a word, Juice quickly exited the bar not wanting to be in the line of fire. He definitely knew better. 

Over in the doorway of the office Gemma slid her hands into the pockets of her jeans. “You gonna tell me what’s going on?” She asked her daughter who had made her way across the room. Adrianna raised an eyebrow not sure what she meant. “Don’t you dare give me that look. I know what I am seeing. A mother knows…now what is going on between you and Killa over there?” She tilted her head in the direction of the Tacoma native.

As she grew up there were many things that never changed around Adrianna. One of those things being how her mother could always tell when she was lying. But that never stopped the brown eyed girl. She would always lie, infact she would keep up the lie, with the fiercest devotion. 

“Really ma, I have no idea what you are talking about. I’m too busy living my sin free life to have time for anything else.”

Gemma snorted a scoff. Sin free? Not her little girl. She placed her hand on her hip, not buying it. “Mmhm. I’ll let it go for right now…but don’t think I will forget.”

With a satisfied grin, Adrianna walked away from her mother.


“Man, you’re still on that?” Kozik asked, as he leaned against the bar next to his brother. “It’s been weeks, I don’t think she’s interested brother.”

Happy raised an eyebrow, side eyeing Kozik. “And what would you know about women being interested?” He questioned, turning around to find Adrianna with his eyes.

Happy wasn’t a man of many words. But he knew what he wanted. And when he wanted something he usually always got it. No matter what it was. He didn’t hold many things close to him. No woman could take the place of his mother. And the only thing he seemed to care for was bikes, booze,legs and killing. But for quite some time now, only one set of legs plagued his mind. Only one thing took over his consciousness. And that was Adrianna. He needed her. 

He was going to have her.

All of her. 


“All I’m saying is, I know I’m not the only one to notice. You can’t be that blind.” Opie stated slinging the wrench around his fingers. Jax gave his best friend a confused look, before shaking his head. 

“Not even man….Adrianna is way too smart for that. Yeah she came back, but she won’t let herself be tied down by this club..kinda why she left in the first place isn’t it? And with Happy of all people? No offense to our brother he’s a good man…good, but crazy..” the VP of the club mumbled off.

Jax thought to himself for a moment. There was literally no chance in hell that Opie was right. His baby sister and the clubs resident killer were complete opposites. Everything about them would make them but heads, he was sure of that. But why did he get the feeling that Opie held some truth. He furrowed his brow and walked away from his best friend. 

“I’ll be right back..” he grumbled, causing Opie to chuckle softly to himself. As soon as he walked out the garage, he found his sister. Her small frame sitting at the picnic table by the playground. She was surrounded by books and papers, a familiar scene to him. He wiped his hands off on his jeans and slowly strutted over there. Jax didn’t want her to know that he was up to something. 

“There’s the little princess..” he called out as he got closer to her. 

Adrianna didn’t even bother to look up from her studies, she brought her pink highlighter to the pages of the book and highlighted a few words. 

Being ignored wasn’t going well for the Vice President, so he continued to talk, taking a seat next to her. “What are you reading about? Frogs that turn into princes?” He laughed, snatching the book from her view. His blue eyes scanned the pages, his eyes showing confusion. “Serial killers??? Is there something you need to let us know Adrianna?”

Her face broke out into a grin, before she finally paid her older brother any mind. “You’re gonna be my next victim if you don’t go away.." 

Chuckling Jax set the book down on the table. He was glad to see his sister still taking her studying very seriously. He took in a deep breath and watched her for a moment. "Look….I just wanted to see how you are doing….what’s going on… And-”

“Let me stop you right there…if you have something you wanna ask…go for it. Other wise get your pretty face going and travel far away from me.”

Jax continued to stare at his sis. She could be so fucking sassy. And honestly quite the bitch at times, even looking all nerdy. He raised an eyebrow coming to a realization. He didn’t need to ask her about happy because there was no way with her attitude and princess ways, that she would let the Tacoma Killer get near her like that. He felt a small weight rise off his shoulders, and quickly put his hands up in defense. “Alright,alright..can’t even check on my own damn sister.” He joked getting up.

“Don’t be studying too hard though darlin’, there’s no fun it that.”

Happy and Tigs walked into the almost empty church, save for Chibbs. Both geared up in their Kute. Clay was sending them both on a little job before the family dinner at his and mama Gemma’s place. 

As soon as he stepped inside the room though, it hit him, that fucking scent. It was flowery, warm. Could a scent even be warm? And it made him want to be somewhere tropical. It was her smell, her perfume. Adrianna’s. “Was the princess I’m here or something?” His rough voice asked. Chibbs raised an eyebrow, confused on why he would ask that before he gave a slight nod.

“Aye, she was showing me her books. Smart lass that one." 

Tigs looked at Happy, his head slightly tilted. He had a conversation with himself in his head, before he leaned against the table and crossed his arms over his chest. "How’d you know she was in here?” He asked his brother. With out thinking, words dived out of the Killer’s mouth. 

“I know the smell of her perfume.." 

His two brothers shared a look before Chibbs quickly got up and closed the church door so others didn’t hear the trio talking. "you what now?” Blue eyes asked. Happy realized his mistake,but the look of embarrassment never crossed his face. 

“I don’t repeat myself…..now are we gonna go get this done or not?” He turned and yanked opened the wood doors, walking out. 

Chibbs didn’t know what to say, his head was reeling and he knew his wasn’t the only one. He was a good detective, nothing went unnoticed by him. Nothing. 

“He knows her scent huh? What do you think that means?”

Looking at Tigs Chibbs only shook his head, many conclusions coming to mind. He decided to State the most innocent one. 

“I think our little killer has a crush on our little princess.”

“Jax is gonna flip…” Tigs added with a grin, ready for whatever shit storm may come their way in the near future. 


Adrianna gently pulled at the hair tie at the top of her head, letting her long brown hair fall victim to her shoulders. Her eyes pled with the book infront of her, begging her mind to latch on to its contents. But all she could focus on were the clanking and banging of pots and dishes as her mother ran around the kitchen making the dinner for the Son’s. 

“I give up.” She declared pushing her book away from her and getting up from her position on the floor. She sauntered into the kitchen, catching the eye of her mom. “There you are baby..aren’t you gonna get all dressed up for your man?’ she questioned,taking in her daughter’s sweatpants attire. "Happy’s gonna make it to dinner tonight, you guys can sit together.” Adrianna was completely dumfounded, staring at her mother like she was insane. 

“The what now?”

Gemma just chuckled softly, going back to stirring the pot, the literal one infront of her. “Oh nothing..you know just some mom mumbles…” She smirked. “You know, you can study all you want..but you’re gonna end up an old lady one way or the other.”

Adrianna’s confusion quickly turned into a glare. She let out a sigh, and looked around the kitchen. “If you think I’m gonna stare here for longer than needed you are out your mind…you guys may enjoy your town, but I’ve been out in the world. Charming isn’t charmin at all…no man is gonna keep me here….”

Gemma kept her knowing smile. Turning and beginning to chop up some vegetables. “Go get dressed baby, the club will start showing up soon.”

Adrianna wrapped her arms around her torso and walked out of the kitchen. There was something in the air tonight. It was her mother’s nosey mischief. And that definately was not good for Adrianna, nor the club. She sighed as she disappeared into her bedroom getting a few moments of silence to herself before dinner.


“Aye, that’s exactly what I’m saying Las…Juicey-boy here was talkin’ smack about ya. Claims he wants a rematch for your Nerf gun war!" 

Adrianna looked away from the Scottish man and down the other end of the table at her new pal Juice. She cocked her eyebrow in response, challenging him to say something. Juice couldn’t help but glare at his brother. He opened his mouth to speak, but Clay beat him to it. 

"I wouldn’t brother….Gemma is tough as nails, so you can only imagine how her daughter is. It’s a war you can’t win. Not with the princess of SAMCRO.”

Without a second thought Adrianna looked away from juice and continued to enjoy her food in silence. She always did enjoy when people would boost up her ego. She could admit that. So far the whole night Adrianna had tried to keep in conversation with others or stay to herself. Avoiding anything Happy related. But he made it quite difficult for her. 

As soon as Happy made it to the dinner he claimed a seat directly infront of the dark haired beauty. He spent the dinner nursing his beer, as usual, or staring at her, again as usual. And that ofcourse didn’t go unnoticed by the queen of SAMCRO herself. Gemma sat at the table, plotting. One part of her knew that she shouldn’t meddle. But she also knew that this could be the only chance to have her babygirl stay in Charming. She needed this. Seflish? Yes. But she was a needy mother. 

Gemma just needed to figure out how she was going to succeed in this. Her daughter was hard-headed, a pain in the ass at best. Something she may have passed down to her. It was going to be a tough job, but someone had to do it.



Chapter 19

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged!

This chapter was longer than I planned! I hope you like it! 

Warnings: Mentions of rape, swearing.

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#11 She’s been missing since Friday and you aren’t even worried? Part one

The fight had been the same since she showed up again. Not to sound like a child but he was with you and you couldn’t understand why he didn’t tell her to leave.
“We have kids together Y/N.”
“I know Jackson, but she can see them not you.”
“Stop being so damn jealous and grow up.” He yelled back.
“When you stop playing house with her.” You said walking into the other room.
The last thing you remember was hearing his bike start and leave. Sitting on the floor in front of the bed. You start to cry and the more you cried the more you started thinking that maybe Jax was right and you were being horrible about this. Figuring he went to the clubhouse you went to talk to him.
It was dark and very quite. Parking your car you saw his bike. If you had looked harder you would have seen the other car there to. Walking in you saw something that hit you in the gut. There stood Jax kissing Tara. This couldn’t be real. He chose her again. Turning around you went back to your car. If he wants her. He could have her. You wouldn’t be second best.

What you didn’t see was that Jax had just told Tara he was in love with you. Tara hadn’t believed it and said if he could kiss her and feel nothing then she would leave. You just happened to walk in at the wrong time.

“I felt nothing Tara. You need to stop using the boys to see me. I love Y/N.”

You don’t remember how you got home. You couldn’t even tell you what you had threw in your suitcase. You just wanted to leave. Usually your more carful but this time you walked right out into a trap.

It had been three days since Jax had seen you. He had called but since you didn’t answer he figured you still need time. Walking into the club Jax could feel the tension.
“What’s going on?” He asked walking in
“She’s been missing since Friday and you aren’t worried?” Lyla said
“What do you mean she’s been missing since Friday and who are we talking about?” Jax asked not wanting to play this game.
“This was dropped off this morning.” Chibs said from behind the bar

We have your little girlfriend. Bring the cash if you want her back. We will be calling soon.

“What the fuck. Why wasn’t I called.”
“I tried calling you. Even went by Y/N’s house and there is a suitcase and clothes all over the place. Don’t you even care about her?”
“I have my phone. I’ll be back. Don’t make a move without me, and don’t ever say I don’t fucking love her.” He said turning and running out

We are uncomfortable because everything in our life keeps changing – our inner moods, our bodies, our work, the people we love, the world we live in. We can’t hold on to anything – a beautiful sunset, a sweet taste, an intimate moment with a lover, our very existence as the body/mind we call self – because all things come and go. Lacking any permanent satisfaction, we continuously need another injection of fuel, stimulation, reassurance from loved ones, medicine, exercise, and meditation. We are continually driven to become something more, to experience something else.

Tara Brach


“Let’s get married. Today. I don’t want to wait anymore. Whatever happens, Tara I want you to be my wife. I always have.”

“Here? In a brothel, wanted for murder?”

“Hey, I’m all about the fairytale baby. I killed a fed for you - Nothing says “endless love” like capital murder.”


Originally posted by psicomana

Author’s Note: This is a Jax Teller imagine based on Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne as requested by @thejulietfarciertlove  as well as imagine number 7 for MMW. This imagine is rated T+ Hope you all enjoy!


“You will not believe who is back in town,” Gemma’s voice comes from behind her and turning Scarlett presses a hand to her chest.

“Jesus Gemma, you can’t sneak up on me like that!” Scarlett says trying to catch her breath and with a roll of her eyes she turns back to look at what had her attention before.

“Jumpy, aren’t we?” Gemma asks staying behind her. “Aren’t you the least but curious about who’s in town?”

“Not right now Gemma,” she says and eyes focusing in front of her.

“I think you will be once you find out. It’s Tara…”

“Shit…” she hisses shaking her head. Now is not the time for ghosts of girlfriend’s past to come calling. Not with Abel needing so much care; and definitely not with the bright little plus sign showing up for her. The tears come quick, and though there is initial panic it’s quickly replaced by excitement. “Oh my God…oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…”

“Well it’s not that big of a deal really. Jax is good for you, and you’re good for him. But maybe you should go say hello, for old times’ sake. Nothing wrong with making known that he’s yours…” and turning Scarlett holds up the test for Gemma to see making the woman’s words trail off. “Well, shit…”

“Think this will do it?”


The elevator door slides open just outside of the NICU floor of St. Thomas and taking two steps out Scarlet pauses finding Tara and Jax huddled together in what looks to be a rather intimate conversation. Her stomach rolls, and she can’t tell how much of it is morning sickness, and how much is sheer panic at seeing Jax and the woman who once was his.

She and Tara couldn’t be more different. Tara, the educated doctor, Scarlett, the high school graduate who works two minimum wage jobs trying to make a go of things with the Prince of SAMCRO, they live on opposite ends of the spectrum, and while she doesn’t doubt what she and Jax has, she also remembers all too well what Tara and Jax had.

“Scarlet?” Jax’s voice draws her attention and smiling slowly she lifts a hand to wave. “You okay?”

“Yeah, uh, I need to talk to you,” she says stepping closer and she’s fully aware that Tara is studying her closely, sizing her up curiously.

“Scarlet, you remember Tara,” Jax says taking her hand, and the simple act does just enough to smooth some of her nerves.

“Of course, how could I forget?” her words are soft as she levels her gaze at Tara’s.

“I have to run actually,” Jax says and Scarlett opens her mouth to say something but is quickly silenced by him giving her a quick kiss before walking away. The silence that hangs between her and Tara is thick and finally when she can’t take it anymore she turns her gaze to Tara.

“Welcome home Tara,” she doesn’t know why she says it, it’s just the first thing that came to mind.

“Thanks Scarlet, I uh, I should get back to rounds,” Tara says and nodding Scarlet watches her walk away, and because her stomach feels dangerously weak she finds the closest chair and settles into it shaking her head over how bizarre her day has become.


The bizarre day stretched into a week as she kept just missing Jax whether it was at home or at the hospital, and when it was at the latter it always resulted in an awkward encounter with Tara, who was becoming more and more bold in her flirtations with Jax.

She pulls into TM and pressing a hand to her rolling stomach she takes a moment to try and settle it when she notices Jax and Tara standing just outside the clubhouse, and thinking nothing at first she continues to watch until she sees Tara reach up to brush at Jax’s hair, and something inside of her snaps.

She pushes out of her car slamming the door behind her and walking quickly she approaches them, and without thinking she shoves Tara gaining a sick sense of satisfaction when the other woman stumbles and nearly falls.

“What the fuck?” Tara’s voice is shrill when she turns with wide eyes to stare at her.

“I could ask the same thing,” she spits, “what the fuck Tara? Still going after guys, you can’t have?”

“Oh I don’t know, I had him before you did,” Tara’s words drip with a condescension that boils her blood. “I could have him again…”

“You bitch!” she lunges for her but Jax easily steps between them stopping what would promise to be one hell of a fight.

“She fucking started it!” Tara screams trying to find a way around Jax.

“Yeah well I’m ending it! Tara just go, and you,” Jax says a hand tightening on her arm, go inside and cool off!”

“Oh fuck you Jackson!” she screams and turning on her heel she stomps defiantly away, and she swears she would have felt triumphant about it, if she didn’t have to stop half way across the parking lot doubling over to brace hands on her knees and in front of the gathering crowd, she vomits.

“Scarlet?” Jax calls out in worry and she hears his footsteps on the pavement of the parking lot, “babe, are you sick?”

“No asshole,” she says as she pants and standing upright she wipes her mouth on the back of her hand. “I’m pregnant…”


She sits curled up in her oversized chair, her chin resting against her knees as she stares through the window. She hasn’t seen Jax since she dropped the pregnancy bombshell on him, and while there is a part of her that was glad that she could clean up and gather herself in privacy, another part of her wonders if this is Jax’s way of saying this is something he just can’t deal with.

She wouldn’t blame him. He’s under enough stress as it is with Abel, the club, and one can’t forget good ol’ Dr. Tara.

Her eyes slide closed on a well of emotion as she pictures the way they looked together in the parking lot of TM. Somehow they’ve always managed to fit, why she thought it would be different now, she doesn’t know. Just because she stuck with Jax through everything obviously doesn’t matter. Who cares if she was the one who picked up the pieces when Tara left the first time, or stood by and watched him marry Wendy knowing it was a mistake and she cleaned up the mess that left in his life too. Maybe that’s all she was good for; Jax Teller’s personal clean-up crew, and because the thought makes something inside of her ache viciously she shakes her head pushing it away.

“Babe?” Jax’s voice calls from downstairs, but she can’t bring herself to call back, instead she just stares, watching the night through the window. “Hey.”

She turns her head finding Jax standing in the door way behind her and though she tries to smile it just doesn’t come out the way she intends it too.

“Hi,” she whispers, turning away.

“You should have told me sooner…”

“I’ve been trying, for the last week. Everytime I tried we kept missing each other, you were either leaving just as I was getting somewhere or the other way around…besides, you’ve been busy getting cozy with Tara…”

“Hey, you have nothing to worry about…” he says coming to kneels beside her, his hands coming to rest warmly over hers.

“That’s easy for you to say Jax, you don’t see the way you two look together…”

“It doesn’t fucking matter what we look like…Tara isn’t the one I choose…”

“Does she know that?” she asks, voice wavering despite her efforts to keep it steady.

“She does now. Jesus Scarlet, do you really think I’d do that to you?” he asks and she shrugs her shoulder. “You’ve been here, all along. Tara left, remember? She left but you stayed, you always stay. I’m not going anywhere babe; besides, you’re carrying my kid.” He lays a hand over her stomach and letting out a watery sigh she wraps her arms around him, and closing her eyes she knows he’ll always be hers.


“It kills me to say this, but you’re actually a tiny bit gifted.”
“How would you like it if I said to you, ‘It kills me to say this, but you’re actually a tiny bit beautiful’?” he had asked, pissed off.
She hadn’t said anything then, which was rare for her.
“Would you have been lying?” she said after a long silence.
“Lying about what?”
More quiet.
“About me being a tiny bit beautiful.”
“Shit, yeah.” 

But later that night, he had sent her a message on MSN.
Of course I was lying. The “tiny bit” part, anyway.