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Criminal Minds Master List

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Spencer Reid/Matthew Gray Gubler

Dating Spencer Reid Would Include

Derek Morgan/Shemar Moore

What Took You So Long? 

Worth The Wait (Part 2 to WTYSL) - Coming Soon

Lay Down With Me

Figlia (Daughter)

Dating Derek Morgan Would Include

David Rossi/Joe Mantegna

Aaron Hotchner/Thomas Gibson

Luke Alvez/Adam Rodriguez

Paperwork and Dinner - Coming Soon

Jason Gideon/Mandy Patinkin

Kevin Lynch/Nicholas Brendon

Stephen Walker/Damon Gupton

Matt Simmons/Daniel Henney

William LaMontagne, Jr./Josh Stewart

Jennifer “JJ” Jareau/A.J. Cook

Girl Talk

Double Date (Part 2 to Girl Talk) - Coming Soon

Penelope Garcia/Kirsten Vangsness

Emily Prentiss/Paget Brewster

Elle Greenaway/Lola Glaudini

Alex Blake/Jeanne Tripplehorn

Kate Callahan/Jennifer Love Hewitt

Tara Lewis/Aisha Tyler


Being Part Of The BAU Would Include

Pretty sure Diana or a member of the team is getting killed next week and I'm not prepared at all for the heart ache for whatever happens

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I’ve been trying to think of how to sum up how I felt about the finale of Twin Peaks: The Return. Knowing what I know about Lynch and his body of work. How his non-linear story lines and camera work and hazy atmosphere make you feel like you’re being shoved from dream to nightmare back and forth with maybe a for minutes of time in between to barely wake up. Only to crash back into it. Watching his stuff can feel a lot like sleep paralysis tbh. But as a number of articles have mentioned so far is that the nostalgia of Twin Peaks is kinda the smallest part of it. Not the biggest part as it’s often reflected in the media.

I can just say that I don’t expect happy or sad endings from Lynch. It’s what the story plays out to be. For better or worse. And he doesn’t really troll people like he literally tells you what he has envisioned and what his goals are in film making. Point blank. The problem is that sometimes people don’t change their brain frequency when they go through different pieces of media. I am not going to watch fucking Gilmore Girls with the same eyes and ears and heart and head as I would with Twin Peaks. If that makes any sense. David Lynch doesn’t care about giving you what you want.

He cares about honoring his visions. That’s literally it. He wants to tell things the way the visions and the dreams feel like they should be told. It was a very gut wrenching ending when you finally process what happened and what that means for the Twin Peaks world and it’s characters. But the season nor the ending was without it’s tiny bits of closure. Though closure in life rarely ever means everything is done and fine. It just means there is an ending of sorts. Everything before, during and after that end is up to interpretation. And things still keep going anyway. Ending isn’t ultimate. No one can comprehend that sort of thing. So if anything be glad he stuck to what he does best. He didn’t twirl it to anyone’s needs or wants. It also didn’t fall flat. If I wasn’t on edge then I was at least mystified throughout the season. No rehashing or laziness. Like honestly fuck the ending that people wanted. Why would you want that kind of stagnation? Why do you want the characters to be paper dolls in a world to your liking? All of those characters were too multidimensional for that. The world of Twin Peaks is meant to keep ripping and pulling and stretching around time like rubber bands forming into a ball over and over never stopping. Just like real life. Only it’s sense of strangeness is something you can’t easily block out like you often can during your daily routine. 


FAB! - Turn Around (Official Music Video)

Whilst this track only charted at #69 back in 1998, it’s still vastly superior to the current crop of musical schlock that’s being released by The Saturdays and…*inhales*…Parade.

Whilst Edele and Keavy Lynch were enjoying massive success in B*Witched, their other sister Tara was headlining FAB! - which quite clearly is an anacronym for Funky and Bad - and the twinkling ballad ‘Turn Around’ was their debut single.

As one of the few who bought it, it’s always been a staple of my music playlist, but today I discovered something rather special. Something that, with all the random 90s pop trivia floating around in my brain, I should really have known.

Brace yourself. A second single was actually released called 'We Belong Together’. Yes. Perhaps it wasn’t Mariah’s own track that she sang to her new born twins, but instead the sophomore single from the Irish ladies themselves?! And I found it for a rather bargainous 49p in my local Barnados. It’s alright too but it’s not as good as this little gem.