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Pretty sure Diana or a member of the team is getting killed next week and I'm not prepared at all for the heart ache for whatever happens

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FAB! - Turn Around (Official Music Video)

Whilst this track only charted at #69 back in 1998, it’s still vastly superior to the current crop of musical schlock that’s being released by The Saturdays and…*inhales*…Parade.

Whilst Edele and Keavy Lynch were enjoying massive success in B*Witched, their other sister Tara was headlining FAB! - which quite clearly is an anacronym for Funky and Bad - and the twinkling ballad ‘Turn Around’ was their debut single.

As one of the few who bought it, it’s always been a staple of my music playlist, but today I discovered something rather special. Something that, with all the random 90s pop trivia floating around in my brain, I should really have known.

Brace yourself. A second single was actually released called 'We Belong Together’. Yes. Perhaps it wasn’t Mariah’s own track that she sang to her new born twins, but instead the sophomore single from the Irish ladies themselves?! And I found it for a rather bargainous 49p in my local Barnados. It’s alright too but it’s not as good as this little gem.