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LGBT+ books: Timekeeper by Tara Sim

“You’re everything. You’re… You’re chaos and order and everything between. Like sunshine kept back by clouds. Like the entire world’s imploded inside you, but all I see are the stars are sewn into your skin. You’re filled with soft, dark music. I hear it all the time. Your music.”

Between otherworldly Creatures II pt.2

Taehyung x reader, Jimin x reader

genre: smut, slight angst, sexting, bestfriends!vmin

word count: 11.6k

Jimin drove you crazy with his charming smile, his cuteness and tender personality, but what Taehyung did to you with some simple texts was on another level. The only thing holding you back: your friend’s vast crush on him.

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Already Occupied

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader where reader is Chibs’ niece and she really likes Jax even though he’s with Tara. Includes Tig x Reader friendship too :)

Originally posted by nikitassoul

“Do you think he’ll ever see me as more than just a kid?” You sip your glass of whiskey as you sit cross legged on Tig’s bed, one of your late night chats taking place.

Tig was one, maybe the only one, who knew of your gigantic crush on Jax. You could tell your best friend anything, and he knew you too well to be able to miss your feelings for the blonde biker. But all you seemed to be to Jax was Chibs’ kid niece, young and childish.

“I don’t know, sweetheart.” Tig says honestly as he leans against the head board, his legs outstretched as he nurses his own glass. “What I do know, though, is that you’ll never get your answer unless you tell him how you feel.”

You smile warmly in response, the gesture not meeting your eyes. Sighing deeply, you shake your head, taking a gulp of the amber liquid. “No point, Tiger. He’s loved Tara all his life.”

“Maybe, but the cracks are showing baby girl, and now is your time to shine if there was ever one.” You deliberate the statement in your mind as you’ve done many times before, even though deep down, you know you’ll never tell Jax how you feel.

The door to Tig’s room gets thrown open, the action catching you off guard as you jump. Your eyes widen as you see Tara standing there, the look on her face telling you she’s heard the whole conversation.

“I fucking knew it.” she seethes, you pushing yourself to stand up, ready just incase she tries to attack. She storms towards you, your empty glass dropping onto the bed. “I’ve been trying to warn him about you for months, but he just can’t see it.”

“Are you for real right now? If there’s anyone he needs to warned about its you.” You see Tig get up out of your peripheral vision, giving you space to stand up for yourself but also ready to stop the two of you from clawing each other to pieces.

Her anger turns to humour as she laughs in your face, the cocky smile on her lips something you’re just itching to scratch off. “I’m only gonna tell you once, so listen up. Jax is mine, he loves me. You’re just a desperate, worthless bitch.”

You don’t even realise you’ve slapped her until you feel the sting on your palm, her hand flying to her cheek to cradle her reddened skin. Your eyes flicker to Tig, a proud look on his face as he winks at you.

You can’t rest for long before Tara delivers a slap of her own, you swinging a punch in return as she falls to the floor. Before you know it, you’re both on the floor, the two of you shouting in anger as you fight.

You’re too busy seeing red to notice Tig come behind you, only realising he’s there when he drags you off of Tara, Jax pulling her roughly off the floor as you both try to escape from your captors. “What the fuck is going on?!”

You stop resisting Tig as Jax shouts, a stressed and confused expression on his face as he looks between you and your opponent. You place your hand on top of Tig’s as it rests on your waist, knowing you’re going to need his support before Tara even speaks.

“She’s fucking obsessed with you, that’s what!” Tara shouts, shoving Jax away from her. You feel like you might puke as you stand there, your big secret out in the open. “I questioned her about it and she attacked me!”

“I wouldn’t say calling me a worthless bitch is questioning me, but whatever floats your boat.” you spit sarcastically, ignoring Jax’s burning gaze. She lunges for you again, your clenching fist unneeded as Jax grabs her swiftly, yanking her backwards.

“Out, now!” he orders, leaving no room for refusal. Tara stares at him in shock, unable to comprehend that he’s talking to her. She scoffs, shrugging his grip on her away.

“Fuck you, Jax. I’m too good for this shit.” You look down at your feet at her words, feeling guilty for being partly to blame for their argument.

“Give us a minute, Tig.” You swallow nervously at Jax’s request, Tig removing himself from you. He looks at you for reassurance, not wanting to leave unless you’re okay with it. “I’m not mad, (Y/N).”

Relief floods you, your attention flickering to Jax’s pleading eyes before you nod at Tig, squeezing his arm as thanks before he leaves the room, shutting the door behind him.

“Is it true?” Jax asks, breaking the tense silence. You stare at your feet as you nod in confirmation, a sigh leaving Jax’s lips. You watch as he sits on the edge of the bed, his hands running over his face as he tries to take in the new found information.

You shuffle on your feet awkwardly as he stares at the wall, brow furrowed as he thinks deeply. He shuffles over, tapping the space next to him, you complying as you shuffle over and sit down.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You roll your eyes, chuckling humourlessly as you pick a loose thread on your jeans.

“What would’ve been the point?” you ask quietly, not being able to look at Jax as he sits so closely, his eyes watching you as he waits for you to continue. “All I am to you is Chibs’ niece. Plus, you have Tara.”

“Had. I had Tara. I ended it just before you went all Jackie Chan.” he teases, nudging your body with his. You smile, shaking your head as you nudge him back, enjoying the closeness.

“I hope you’re not expecting me to say that I’m sorry to hear that. No offence but I kinda hate her.” Jax laughs at your honesty, his sparkling eyes meeting yours, your lungs feeling empty at the little distance between the two of you.

You force yourself to be realistic, smiling sadly at the biker. “Don’t worry, you can save the whole ‘I wanna be friends’ speech. I wasn’t expecting you to return my feelings.”

You stand up quickly, walking over to Tig’s chair and retrieving your jacket, tears prickling at your eyes as you try to resist breaking down. “I should be going anyway.”

You spin around, your eyes wide in shock as you see Jax lean down, his hands grabbing your face as he kisses you. You don’t respond at first, not sure whether you’re dreaming, until you realise this is real life and oh my god Jax Teller is kissing you.

You let your eyes flutter shut as you kiss him back, his lips feeling nothing short of incredible as they move against your own. Your jacket is forgotten as you drop it to the floor, your hands moving to grip his biceps as his tongue slips into your mouth, your core tingling at the feeling.

Only when you’re completely breathless do you pull away, Jax resting his forehead against yours as the two of you struggle to breathe. You grip his shirt between your fingers, not wanting him to move and ruin the moment.

“We should do that more often.” you say, Jax smirking before he places his lips to your forehead, his arms wrapping around you as he hugs you.

“Sorry it took me so long.”

A/N - Wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about this but I’m pretty happy with how it came out!!! Thanks for reading, feedback is always appreciated ❤

Midnight Snack [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Words: 1,725

Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Language, Unprotected Sex (wrap it up)

A/N: I really struggled with this fic for some reason so I hope it’s not too terrible! Enjoy! BTW THIS IS PURE SMUT. YOU’RE WELCOME. 😎

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The Ideal Daughter-In Law-Jax Teller x Reader One Shot

Summary: After the kidnapping of Abel, Jax had a meltdown, his mind is too in shock to process anything around him. His oldest friend (Y/N), along with the rest of his family and the club, do everything they can to help him. However, his so-called girlfriend, Tara, isn’t doing her part. But for some reason, no one else can see that besides (Y/N).

Characters: Jax Teller x Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name



As I parked up in Teller Morrow, I turned off the engine and sat back for a few minutes. It had been an exhausting week. Some of the workers were outside fixing cars, there was not a Son in sight. No, they had much bigger problems on their hands. Abel had been kidnapped, no one had any idea where he could be, not even the police. He was so young, so fragile, so small; how could someone rip a baby from their parent’s arms? It was barbaric.

Breathing in and out slowly, I tried to remain calm. Everyone was under pressure, very stressed out. Although it was an extremely saddening time, some of us had to attempt to keep everyone sane. As I exited my car, Juice called out my name, jogging to my side. I hugged him as a greeting.

“Didn’t know you were swinging by today.” he commented.

“Well, I have nothing to do today, so I figured that I would come to help as much as I could.”

“Not sure what’s left to do. We’re at a dead end.”

We started to walk to the clubhouse.“Don’t speak like that! We are going to get him back.”

His eyes softened.“I know. I just can’t stand to see Jax like this.”

“No, me neither.”

Entering the clubhouse together, we saw some of the members sat around, looking fed up. Cautious with my words, I slid on a bar stool next to Opie.

“Hi guys.” I started, only receiving a few answers.“Any news?”

They all shook their heads. It was clear to see that everyone felt the same about Abel. We were all very close to each other, blood or not.

Instead of speaking to everyone, I turned to Opie.“Hey, you seen Jax recently?”

“Yeah, the other day. But he doesn’t even speak anymore or awknowlawdge that you’re there.”

“I want to see him. But that bitch won’t let me in the house anymore.”


“Who else? I get it, they’re together now, but he’s still my friend.”

“That was one of his biggest mistakes, choosing her over you.”

I had been the one to make a move on Jax. I wasn’t going to hide my feelings if they were there. Surprisingly he accepted it, and we were dating. Sort of. It wasn’t really official but we were always with each other, kissing, showing off with the PDA and also lots of sex. Having grown up with the club (my father was a mechanic before he passed away), I was already part of the family. Abel was also already born before any of this, making me his mother for those couple of months. I loved him, although he came out of a crackhead’s vagina, he was still perfect. But of course I couldn’t have this happy life for long.

Tara Knowles came sauntering back into town. She thought she could take back everything that used to be hers, including Jax; unfortunately for me, she was right. It was as if I no longer existed. As soon as she turned up at his house, he was practically on his knees begging her to come back. What happened to me? I wasn’t even sure myself. He just left me. Simple.

It took a few months for me to forgive him. I was a weak soul. I loved him too much to just kick him out my life. Opie and Gemma were the only ones who had the courage to tell me that I was an idiot. They had told me to stay and keep on fighting, as if I hadn’t already tried.

“Damn right it was.” Gemma appeared beside me, not waiting to give me a hug.

“Guys, this isn’t important right now.”

“That should be you in that house with him. Look, I’m going over later on, you wanna come?”

“I don’t-”

“I’ll make sure she lets you in. Come on, you haven’t seen him for ages.”

I sighed.“Thanks Gemma.”

As I drove Gemma and I to Jax’s house, my heart beat started to accelerate. It had been quite a few weeks since I saw him, only able to catch him once after Abel’s kidnapping. I prayed that Tara wouldn’t be there, I needed to see him, to comfort him. I almost hadn’t noticed that we were turning into his street, the route was engraved into my mind.

I trailed behind Gemma as she headed to the house, now feeling unsure of myself. What if Jax didn’t want to see me? What if Tara had convinced him not to see me anymore? Jax only ever listened to her now and he was vulnerable. Trying to push The negative thoughts away, I stood behind Gemma as she knocked on the door. When no one answered, she took out her spare key, calling out to her son as we entered.

Looking around the house, everything seemed clean, if Tara hadn’t been living there I knew it would look like a junkyard. I waited for Gemma to find Jax first, figuring that it would be better than bombarding him with people. Their voices were muffled and I didn’t want to eavesdrop. Slowly making my way to the kitchen, I peeked in slightly, my heart breaking over Jax’s appearance as he say at the table; he had got worse, the bags under his eyes now even bigger, hair greasy and his beard unkept. For a moment I lost it, rushing over and hugging him tightly. It felt great when he wrapped one of his arms around me too, the other occupied with a cigarette.

I sat on the seat opposite him, still holding onto his hand.“When was the last time you showered?”

He didn’t look at me, shrugging his shoulders.

I tugged on his hand “Jax, get up off your arse and shower. You stink, it’ll help you feel better.”

Just as I was about to pull him out of his chair, he surprised me by stunning out the cigarette and heading to the bathroom. Gemma and I glanced at each other, staying silent as we waited to hear the sound of running water. When we did, we shared a smile, relieved that he was doing something productive today.

“I couldn’t even get him out of bed, how the hell did you do that?” Gemma asked as she handed me a cup of coffee.

“I don’t even know myself. I was getting ready to drag him out of the room.”

“You two have something, I’m telling ya’.”

We made small talk as Jax showered, sometimes going quiet to listen out for him. He walked back in properly dress, no sweatpants and old shirt; he had his jeans and a SAMCRO hoodie, his hair still wet. He kissed his mom’s forhead before sitting beside me. As he went to speak, the front door opened and I tried not to groan as Tara appeared in the doorway.

She didn’t try to hide her disgust as she saw me.“Hi, I didn’t know you guys were coming.”

“Sorry, tried to book an appointment but your receptionist wasn’t picking up.” I mocked.

“I thought I told you to stay away.”

“I thought I told you to go fuck yourself.”

“Alright!” Gemma interrupted.“I brought (Y/N) with me. You can’t keep these guys apart.”

Tara said nothing, walking over to Jax and placing a long kiss to his lips, obviously trying to rub it in. I kept on staring at them, not showing any signs of weakness; if she thought I was going to back down, she had another thing coming. As she went to put her work things away, I rolled my eyes, already pissed off. How did Jax put up with her? Gemma decided to start up a conversation, wanting to forget what just happened.

Tara came back in, fixing herself a drink before sitting on the other side of Jax. We avoided each other’s gaze the whole time. Yes, we were very petty. The awkward tension was building up by the minute, everyone could feel it, so we were all secretly relieved when some of the Sons came walking through. Clay, Tig, Opie, Chibs and Juice made their presence known as they entered the house, knowing they needed to act like this in front of Jax.

“Jackie boy!” Chibs clapped him in the shoulders, shaking him slightly.“You’ve had a shower!”

“(Y/N) finally convinced him.” Gemma smiled.

“Nice one lass.” he came and kissed me on the forehead before doing the same with Gemma but completely missing Tara out. Ha.

“Hey Clay, can I speak to you please?” Tara asked. He nodded and walked out, leaving me to wonder.

Everyone helped themselves to anything they wanted, though that wasn’t unusual. I thought it was good for Jax to be surrounded by his family. He was starting to talk a little more now, I saw a hint of a smile coming through. However, the mood had to come to an end when Tig spoke up about the situation at hand.

“Jax, we’re heading to the docks today, see if we can get any more leads. You’re coming with us.” he said.

Jax didn’t respond for a second before slowly nodding.

“Great. We’re going now.”

As they started to discuss what was going to happen, I used the excuse to go to the bathroom when really I wanted to seek out Tara and Clay. They were stood in Abel’s room, the door slightly ajar, open enough for me to listen in.

“Tara, don’t worry. You’re doing a great job. It seems like he’s getting better.” I heard Clay say.

“You really think so?”

“Yeah. He’s lucky he’s got you right now. You’ve done so much for him, for all of us. I couldn’t imagine him with anyone else.”

My mouth hung open in shock. What the hell had she done?! Gemma had informed me that she was never there, always working and when Tara did come home, she was too tired to do anything. Her boyfriend’s son was kidnapped, surely she would be showing some sympathy? And what had she done for the club? Tara constantly bad mouthed the club, she had never liked it. It hurt that Clay had said that to her.

I walked away quickly, not wanting to be caught eavesdropping. Locking myself in the bathroom, I waited a few minutes before exiting. Rage filled my body, I couldn’t even hide it. As I snatched my handbag off the table, Gemma stood and followed me out of the room, trying to keep up as I stormed out of the house.

“(Y/N)! Where are you going?” she called out.

“Home. There was no point even coming here.” I unlocked my car and was about to get in when Gemma slammed the door shut.

“And why is that?”

Everyone was filing out of the house now. I usually didn’t want to cause scenes and have a huge outburst but today was an exception.

“I’m done with this Gemma. I can’t pussy foot around anymore.” I sternly said.

She waited for an explanation.

“I’ve been the one helping Jax. I was the one making sure he had enough food in the day, that he had company, a shoulder to cry on!”

“I know you and Tara don’t get along-”

“She’s getting all the praise! She’s not even comforting him anymore, he told me so.”

The Sons were at their bikes, Tara in the doorway. Clay decided to step in which was a bad mistake on his part.

“Now’s not the time for this. We’ve got more important matters.”

“No, now is the only time we’ll talk about this. I heard what you said to her. At first I thought they were all lies; you had always told me how much you hated her, only that she was useful when we got into major trouble. But you sounded so

“(Y/N) enough-”

“I just want Jax to get better! But nothing is going to change if he stays cooped up in that house with her.”

I was getting myself worked up and I hated crying in front of anyone. Slightly shoving Gemma out of the way, I got in the car, driving away as fast as I could before I changed my mind. Some family.

anger issues

based on @givemeyourpen’s request which you can find here. here is the prompt:  the reader and spencer are secretly dating and then they have a big argument while they are working a case, which leads to the team finding out about them being together?

i hope you love it, doll! gimme some feedback y’all!

The BAU team was currently in Phoenix, Arizona on the case. There was a serial abductor taking children from ages five to seven in the middle of the night. The case was stressing the whole team out, (Y/N) especially. Cases with children hit you hard, you’d lost your younger sibling in a car accident when you were a teenager and every time there was a case with children, you were reminded of the heart stopping fear you felt while at the hospital for your brother. Spencer didn’t help matters much, spitting out useless facts that you didn’t need to hear. “Why don’t you work the damn geographical profile instead of reminding us every five minutes that time is running out?” You growled at him as you were reading some of the missing kids’ diary entries.

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We All Fall Down - Seventeen

You didn’t sleep or at least you didn’t think you did. You spent most of the night laying face up on the guest bed, tears that you rarely let anyone see flowing down your face. Minutes blurred into hours as you questioned yourself over and over again, how had you let yourself end up here?

The things Will had told you had made your blood run cold, yet at the same time you found that you weren’t all that suprised. Not now that you thought about it. Spencer HAD been fixated on you, you’d figured that out long ago. So why should you have been the only one it had happened to. And why had you been the only one that had allowed themselves to get trapped by him?

You knew the answer really. Because you had been that low at that point that marrying someone you didn’t love but who’s child you’d been carrying, had seemed like the only option you had. And Spencer WASN’T a monster, or at least he wasn’t what you would consider one. He’d treated you right for the most part, provided for you even if that meant you having nothing to call your own, he’d left his position at the university and moved to New York for you. Although now you thought about the second incident Will had mentioned, that all made perfect sense. But even though you didn’t love Spencer Reid and you would never love him, not truly in the way he wanted you to or at least he used to want you to, you didn’t hate him. You were for the most part indifferent to him which was quite possibly worse. You hated yourself for ending up here though, but was that his fault?

Was it Derek’s?

Surely it had to be yours.

But now, with everything Will had said, the comments the others had made about him having issues, being obsessive and easily infatuated and that making someone dangerous. And the events of the evening, and him grabbing and bruising your wrists the day of the funeral.

You now didn’t know what to think.

At some point you must have dozed off a little, you could hear a knocking on the bedroom door and it took you a few befuddled seconds to react to it. Emily entered the room carrying two mugs with her. She held one out to you and motioned towards the mattress, sitting on it when you nodded. You took the drink, smelling strong coffee and you sipped on it gratefully, your eyes feeling like someone had rubbed crushed up glass in them and your banadaged hand still throbbing.

“How are you feeling this morning?” Emily asked you although you were fairly sure that your face gave it all away.

“I honestly don’t know how to feel about everything.” Your voice was hoarse and quiet.

“That’s fairly understandable. Well, you’re welcome here as long as you need it babe.”

You nodded, knowing that you didn’t have anywhere else to go. “Emily, did you know Spencer when he was younger?” From the things she’d told you you were under the impression that she was from around here.

“Not really. We went to the same high school but he and JJ were in a different year. I remember being aware of them because most people from this area are, it not often there’s two award winning writers in one family, especially one as young as Spencer was, but I didn’t really know them. My grandmother and I lived on the other side of town so it’s only since I moved back that I got to know the family.

“Your grandmother?”

Emily shifted on the bed, getting comfortable as she drank from her cup. “Yeah my grandmother bought me up. I lived with her until I left for college. She passed away a few years ago.”

“Where were your… erm, where were your parents?” It wasn’t an unwarranted question to ask but you felt awkward asking all the same.

Emily pushed a lock of her hair back before beginning. “Well my mom….. My mom’s an actress, quite well known in soap opera land actually…. Anyway, I came along at a rather inconvenient time for her I guess because when I was about four months old she decided she wasn’t cut out for motherhood and dropped me off with my Geema. She’d turn up once or twice a year and take me out for the day, buy me whatever the latest barbie doll was and then I wouldn’t see or hear from her again for months. Growing up, I saw my mother through the TV screen but rarely in person. And I don’t know who my father is. She won’t say but I suspect it was one of her co stars at the time, an actor called Jason Gideon.”

That name rang a bell in your head and you suddenly knew who her mother was. “Wait your mom’s Elizabeth Prentiss?” You could totally see the resemblance now.

Emily nodded. “I’m not totally sure I’d bestow the title of mother upon her though. I mean our relationship is better now that I’m older but I think it’s only a because she doesn’t have to take care of me.”

“Do you still see her then?”

“Not regularly. I didn’t see or hear from her for about six years in actual fact. When Tara and I first got together though, we were talking abouts families and our parents and I ended up slipping into about a three month long depression which we figured out was caused by wondering why she didn’t want me. So after some pushing and prodding from Tara, I tracked down her address and went and asked her outright.”

“And what did she say?” you were both intrigued and somewhat jealous. At least Emily had been able to speak to her mother.

“Pretty much that I was an inconvenience to her career. She was terribly apologetic about it to my face, it just wasn’t the right time for her to be a mommy and she regretted leaving me and all that. We do see each other occasionally now but I still can’t understand. Why have me if she didn’t want me? What kind of person abandons their child? Especially someone who was earning good money as well.”

“My mom left me,” you blurted out suddenly. Emily’s eyes widened at the realisation that you had this in common.

“She did?”

“Yeah. She left me and my dad when I was seven years old. Not even her sister knew where she’d gone. She didn’t leave a note or anything. I just came home from school one day and she wasn’t there.”

“Jesus Y/N. How did your dad take it?”

“Extremely poorly apparently. He drank himself into a bottle and died from cirrhosis when I was eleven. My Aunt bought me up, mom’s sister.”

“My God, parents suck sometimes.”

You nodded in agreement. “People suck sometimes.”

“This is also true,” Emily patted your leg through the comforter. “But I don’t suck…. At least not dick anyway,” she grinned at her own joke. “You wanna get up? Ill make pancakes? Then I could use your help. I gotta try some new recipes out and I need a guinea pig.”

Being Emily’s guinea pig sounded incredibly appealing and you told her so.

“Excellent. If you wanna shower there’s fresh towels. And Tara washed your clothes from yesterday, even managed to get the blood out too. Apparently she knows some formula for removing it that she learnt in medical school. I’ll see you downstairs in a few.”

After Emily left you hauled yourself off the bed and moved to the bathroom, finding a toothbrush in a wrapper set out for you. You didn’t want to risk wetting your bandage so you decided not to shower, just brushing your teeth and washing your face instead. Your eyes were puffy and red and your hair hung in rat tails, the results of the rainwater.

You looked a mess, which seemed incredibly fitting.

The rest of the day was spent in Emily’s huge kitchen, her feeding you dish after dish whilst her cat Sergio, sat purring on your lap. You got the distinct feeling she was holding back from you, she wanted to ask questions about what Will had referred to last night but she also wanted you to open up to her in your own time. And you decided that you would. Emily was quite possibly the first friend you’d had in years and her and Tara had opened their home to you. You just would do it slowly, you told yourself.

Tara arrived home later and the three of you sat down for a meal you’d like to say you helped prepare, but really you just sat watching Emily cook, amazed at how quickly she could turn a pile of ingredients into a meal fit for a queen. Just as you were about to begin eating, the doorbell sounded, the three of you pausing and looking at each other.

“I’ll go,” Tara put her cutlery down. “It’s probably Will checking up on you.”

She disappeared and minutes later she still wasn’t back. You and Emily listened carefully, your eyes widening when you realised you could hear your husband talking.


“I know. She won’t let him in though, not if you don’t want her to.”

You did want to hear what was being said though so you both moved to kitchen door.

“Spencer, she’s not here.”

“There’s nowhere else she could be though Tara. You’re the only people she knows in this town. I just want to speak to her, to find out what happened.” Spencer sounded desperate and you closed your eyes briefly knowing exactly how his face would look.

“If you’re that concerned Spencer, then perhaps you could speak to your brother in law,” you could hear a slight hint of venom in her voice as she continued. “I’m sure the police department would be very interested to hear how your wife just decided to go for a walk, in the middle of a storm without her phone, bag or keys and not come back. I’m sure they’d also be interested to know why you’re only looking for her now, 24 hours later.”

“She’s here, I know she’s here. Y/N?!” he began calling out loudly. “Y/N!!”

“Go home Spencer. If you’re really concerned about her, speak to Will. And tell him what actually happened rather than the bullshit story you just fed me.”

With that, she slammed the door in his face.



@wonderboygenius @captainreid @roselapin@marshmellowgems11@mrstheorossix3@original-criminal-fanfics
Nothin’ Else Matters

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Word Count: 2938

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Notes: This was a request and I loved writing it ^^ It was a really cute idea so thank you, sugar! I hope you like it! Xox

Ask: @aquivercactus :Hey, hun.. I see requests are open. 🤗🤗 Would you consider writing some Daryl x reader fic where she is a looot younger than him. She’s in love with him, and he likes her even tho he don’t want to.. but eventualy he caves, and they end up together. (Fluff smut) Thanks 💖

“That doesn’t go there,” you said absent-mindedly, your gaze focused on the comic Carl had leant you as you chewed on cherry twizzlers.

Tara paused and threw a glance at Denise, who bit back a smile and held her hands up in a way that told her girlfriend she wasn’t getting involved.

“Maybe if you helped instead of sitting on your ass like a lazy kid…” Tara scathed, throwing the bottle of tablets back into the box.

“I ain’t a kid!” You retorted angrily; if there was one thing she knew would get a rise out of you, it was calling you that. “Just ‘cause I’m eighteen doesn’t mean I’m any less adult than the rest of you.”

“You’re sat there reading a comic and eating twizzlers, Y/N… super adult…” Denise smirked, making Tara chuckle.

You opened your mouth to respond when the infirmary door was pushed open, Daryl entering and your cheeks flushing instantly. His muscles flexed deliciously as he lifted the box in Denise’s direction, letting her see the medical supplies he’d found her. He was hot and glistening with sweat from the run and you were finding it hard to focus.

“Thanks,” she smiled brightly, taking the box from him. “This is perfect. I hope it wasn’t too much trouble to get…”

“Nah,” the archer assured her, glancing over at you through his hair, a small smile playing on his lips. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Your eyes flew to the floor and you grinned bashfully.

“I got you somethin’,” he said quietly, your eyes finding his gorgeous sapphire ones, curious.

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out an unopened pack of cherry twizzlers and passed them to you silently. Denise and Tara giggled, making Daryl blush scarlet as he closed the door behind him quickly as he exited.

The women laughed loudly and you tossed the pack of twizzlers at them, giggling like a school girl as you covered your face with your hands, your heart pounding.

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“Dear Instagram trolls, body shamers, and the men and woman who think it’s ok to comment on my weight: I hope that you don’t have children. And if you do, I hope you teach them about kindness and acceptance. I hope they learn that it isn’t ok to make fun of people or call people names. I hope one day YOU learn what it takes to be a parent. A kind selfless parent. A working parent. A parent that puts themselves in someone else’s shoes. Maybe you can’t get it through your thick fucking skull, but nursing a baby for a year (and pumping in a van between takes, in the dead of summer in Georgia) is a lot of work, determination, and scheduling. So before you decide to make a comment about my chest being “too large” or how “fat” I’ve become, just know that this little girl got the best start to life. I wouldn’t have changed it for a second. I would’ve gladly continued to eat enough calories to produce milk for her little bones to grow. Also, grow the fuck up. Your mother should be ashamed for raising such a judgmental bully. I’m sure she knows how “courageous” you must be for trolling and hiding behind your Iphone and computers. P.s. I would LOVE to see any man or woman give birth to a baby, nurse the baby, and then work 17 hour days and NAIL their own stunts. P.s.s. Be kind to each other. We need it now more than ever. ❤️✌🏼️ ” - Alanna Masterson


Your breathing had just returned to normal when Jax’s phone rang violently on the nightstand.  He mumbled a heated ‘fuck’ against the skin of your neck before untangling himself from you enough to roll over.  “Fuck.”  He repeated, louder this time, before hitting the ‘decline call’ button on his phone and rolling off of your bed.

“Was that Tara?”  You questioned, too sedated after the activities you had just participated in to follow Jax up and off of the bed.

“I gotta go or else she’ll get suspicious.”  He yanked on his jeans and hurriedly buttoned them before grabbing his shirt and tearing it over his head.  He leaned over the mattress to press his lips against your forehead before stuffing his feet into his sneakers by your bedroom door.  “I’ll see you later, sweetheart.”  And just like that, he was gone.

You knew better than to ask him to stay.  You knew better than to ask him to choose one.  You or Tara.  It was enough to get this time with him.  Sheltered away from the rest of the world.  Your own little secret affair.

Inktober for Writers Day 11

11. Season

“Stiles,” Peter called right as he entered Stiles’ room through the window.

“Hrmpf,” Stiles managed from where he was slumped in his bed.

“How are you even still alive?” Peter asked as he wrinkled his nose.

“Teenage stamina,” Stiles answered and then grinned filthily at Peter. “You should know all about that.”

Peter rolled his eyes at him. “How long have you been doing this?”

“When was the last time you were over?”

“Four days ago.”

“That long,” Stiles said with a nod and Peter groaned.

“You cannot be serious. Did you have anything besides junk food and energy drinks?”

“Of course I am serious! This is serious business. The most serious business. You could even say the seriousest.”

“You are ridiculous. How many more are there to go?” Peter asked as he came over to stand besides Stiles’ bed.

“Well, I am in the middle of season four, so three more seasons.”

“Have you done anything but watch this? Sleep maybe? Shower?” Peter asked and took a deliberate sniff at Stiles.

“There is nothing more important than Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you would know that if you had any taste,” Stiles explained to him. “Besides. This is like self-discovery.”

Peter snorted at that. “I think you are pretty self-discovered, if I do say so myself.”

“Not that kind of discovered, you creep. I am Willow.”

“I sure hope not, I am rather fond of your lack of breasts,” Peter told him and eyed Stiles strangely.

“Oh my god, you are unbelievable. I didn’t mean that, I just mean. I run around with the dangerous people hunting even more dangerous things, and then I discover I have magic. So I go on to become a powerful witch and along the way I figure out that I am bisexual. Plus, I am so in love with a werewolf,” Stiles said with a little wink.

“Let’s just hope that you don’t end up skinning some poor guy alive, huh?” Peter asked and Stiles’ head snapped around to him.

“You know Buffy?”

“It was pretty hard to miss when it came out. Besides, shows about the supernatural tend to be a hit in a house full of werewolves, if only for the mockery,” Peter said with a sad little smile.

“You should have said. I can stop,” Stiles said as he was already scrambling into a sitting position to pause the episode but Peter caught his hand before he could press the button.

“Or we can finish it together,” Peter told him.

“You want to spend the next three to four days watching Buffy,” Stiles disbelievingly said.

“If you make it the next five days, so I can throw in a real meal and get you in the shower, then I absolutely want to spend that time with you,” Peter said with a very serious face and Stiles was reminded all over again why he fell in love with him.

“Okay, but standing by the bed is not how you do this,” he told Peter and then grabbed his hand to pull him down onto the bed.

Before Peter could get up, Stiles was already snuggled all up to him, and it wasn’t like Peter put up a fight anyway.

“You know I am pretty unkillable,” Peter lowly said a few episodes later. “If you do end up like Willow in season six, I am not only going to be your Oz, I will be your Xander too. If you go that dark, I will pull you back,” he whispered into Stiles’ hair and Stiles pressed a kiss to his heart.

“I know,” he said, just as quietly. “Let’s just hope you don’t become my Tara first, because then we’d all be fucked.”

“I died once. It didn’t take,” Peter reminded him and Stiles lifted his head to press a firm kiss to his lips.

“Good,” he said with vehemence. “See that it stays that way.”

“I will,” Peter promised and they both turned their attention back to the laptop. But not before Peter entwined their fingers, to give Stiles a reassuring squeeze.

Stiles had never seen Willow as someone evil, but it was only now that he truly understood. He would kill whoever harmed Peter too.

I’m still calling you Babe

Originally posted by redwood-orginals

Hi sons of anarchy imagine please? Could you do one were you’re a closet genderfluid and the guys find your binder (binders are compression tops that make your chest flat in case you didn’t know…) And they try to show that they don’t care and support you, but they end up being huge dorks about it. Thank you!

For Anon
No Pairing but lots of Tig and Kozik.

Words: 1,204
A/N: I have no prior experience with writing anything like this, as such I did a some research and I’m sincerely sorry if I upset/offend anyone as it was not my intention and I hope I did the dorks justice.

Friendship with the Sons provided a lot of good things in your life, they were a hardworking, loyal family that you could always turn too. That being said, you’d never told them that you were gender fluid – you’d seen friends in your position cast away from their families and you couldn’t bare the idea of losing your outlaw family.

You’d tell them one day, there just hadn’t been a right time.

It would never come though because of the downsides of The Sons was that they had no respect for personal property. You’d left them to redecorate your front room as punishment after Kozik and Tig had gotten drunk and starting fighting, the guys had laughed and cheered as they destroyed your front room in the process.

It was Tig that found your binder, he brought it downstairs to show the guys, “I always knew that Y/N was kinky, look at this weird ass corset.” He declared with a grin, wincing slightly as the movement pulled at his swollen cheek from Kozik’s fists.
Tara, who had come around to check that there guys weren’t breaking anything else, sighed. Though you’d started off on a bad footing as you didn’t want to see Jax hurt again, recently you had become friends and she had become your confidant – the one person who you poured your heart out too.

“Tig give me that!” she hissed and tried to snatch it from him but Tig lifted it high out of her reach.
“Woah, woah, woah.” He laughed, “I’m just going to put it on to tease her a bit.”
“Tig.” She hissed again in annoyance, “You can’t, put it back now!”

“What’s a matter lass? Y/N’s got a good sense of humour, she can take a joke.” Chibs butted in and gave her a curious look over the top of his sunglasses. Decorating hungover was not his idea of a good time, especially with these idiots. Tara had all eyes on her reddening face now.

“Tara what is it?” Jax asked.
Tara shook her head, “It’s not a corset, let’s leave it at that. Now put it back.”

Juice cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention, he read from his smart phone, “It’s something called a binder.”
Tig tutted, “So it’s not a sex thing?”
“No, says here it’s for chest compression.” Juice answered and Tara found herself the centre of attention again.

She bit her lip, the cat was already out of the bag and inwardly she hoped that you’d forgive her. She said simply, “Y/N is gender fluid.”

The boys looked confused.
“Pretty sure that she’s a solid.” Tig mumbled.
Tara rolled her eyes, “It means that she doesn’t identify as one gender all of the time.”
“But you just called her ‘she’?” Jax asked, his hangover was not helping him get his head around this.
“Yes, but Y/N is not always a she, sometimes Y/N is a he.” Tara tried to explain.

“So she’s not a boy or a girl..?” Tig asked before tilting his head, “She’s a birl?”
Kozik shook his head, “Honestly man.”
Tig gave him the finger, “You want round two asshole?”
Kozik threw down his paintbrush, “Bring it.”

Chibs stepped between them and put a hand on each of their shoulders to keep them separate.
“It can be hard to get your head around when it’s all new to you.” Tara said. The Sons where letting the information sink in when an upset Juice asked, “Why didn’t she – he – er Y/N just tell us?”

“Why does she have to?” Tara snapped, “it’s her business and no one else’s.”

“Y/N was worried that we’d reject them right?” Chibs asked with a soft sigh.
“The world is not as accepting as everyone thinks.” Tara summarised on your behalf.

You knew you were in trouble when Tig and Kozik cornered you at work.

You’d been cleaning the tables during the slow hours at the diner when one of the chefs had come to tell you that two of your ‘biker buddies’ had sat at one of your tables.
Taking your ordering pad out to the front, you eyed both of their bruised faces wearily, “Is Gemma really making you both apologise again?”

Tig waved his hand, “Nah, we finished your front room hours ago, we’ve been shopping.”
You raised a brow, “You two? Together? Without killing each other?”
Kozik gave you his usual grin, “Believe it babe, we’ve been working on a project together.”

“Oh god, I don’t even want to know.” You mumbled.
Tig hushed you before lifting a shopping bag from the seat beside him before passing it to you. Sceptically, you took the bag and opened it as though it could explode at any point. Gently you reached in and took the soft material in your hand and slowly pulled it out. You unfurled it and held out the men’s black shirt.

You glanced over it at Tig and Kozik’s anxious expressions and felt your own face fall, “So, Tara told you both.”
“Don’t be mad at her.” Kozik said and jutted his thumb towards Tig, “It was this idiots fault, he went upstairs and found your binder.”
“In my defence, I thought it was something kinky.” Tig argued.

As calm as you looked, your heart was thundering in your ears and you could feel heat flushing into you cheeks, “I feel sick.”
Kozik was up instantly, pulling you into the booth and handing you Tig’s water to help you calm down, he sat beside you and rubbed your back.

“I didn’t think the shirt was that bad.” Tig mumbled after your breathing had settled and you’d relaxed making your laugh into the glass of water.
“How could you think that anything would change?” Tig asked, “You’re our person.”
“I thought I was your girl.” You said.

“Yeah well you can be our girl, or boy, I don’t give a fuck, just don’t upset yourself hiding things from us again.” Kozik told you with his parent voice.
“Yeah, idiot.” Tig smirked at you before asking you, “So are you a symbol now, like Prince?”

Kozik leaned into your side, “He’s been planning that joke the whole time we were shopping.”
You covered your mouth so that you wouldn’t laugh too hard at work, these idiots always made you laugh until you snorted.

“Thank you, both. The shirt is lovely.” You told them and held it up to yourself; it actually would look amazing once your binder was on. Kozik blew a raspberry on the side of your head, “Boy or Girl, I’m still calling you babe.”
You grinned, “I wouldn’t expect anything different Kozik.”

Youth [Kyle Spencer x Reader]

Pairings: Pre-Death!Kyle Spencer x Reader

Warnings: I really want to say something dirty here but I won’t

A/N: I’m really sick right now and stuck in bed. Today, tomorrow, and probably the next day (Monday) I’ll be trying to pump out the stuff in my asks. It’s not my best though, sorry babes.

“can you do an imagine with pre death kyle and you meet at a frat party and it’s really cute” - Anon

As soon as you open the door, the smell of sweat and alcohol fill your senses. The loud music vibrates through the floors as your friend drags you into the house. Y/F/N is quickly pulled away from you by another girl, and some sort of drink is shoved in your hand by a boy you recognize as Archie Brenner. He was infamous for being a player, and was definitely someone you didn’t want to take anything from.

You sit the cup down on the table in the entry hall, quietly wandering forward. As you walk, something furry rubs against your leg. You look down, expecting to see the worst, but you’re relieved to see it’s just a cat. He stares at you, walking away. Shrugging, you follow.

Were you really following the frat cat? Was it even theirs? Why did they have a cat? Why were they even allowed to have a cat?

You push through the crowded hall, careful not to lose the animal. Before you know it, you’re in a quiet area in the back of the house. There were only three or four people in the small stairwell, and all of them were either too drunk or high to know their own names. Well, except for the redheaded girl. She looked like she had her wits.

“Yeah, I don’t like these parties that much, either. I only came because Y/F/N wants to get in Jay’s pants.” You smile, petting the cat. There was enough light in the room to see that he was dyed light purple. He let out a mewl, arching his back, sitting down on your knees. “What should we call you? I like Sammy.”

“Her name is Tara, actually.” A boy speaks up. You lift your head to look at him. “I’m K-.”

“Kyle Spencer, I know.” You laugh.

“She’s purple because… Well, I don’t know. It seemed like a good idea.” He laughs, sitting down next to you. He strokes the cat, newly recognized as Tara, and stays quiet. “Who are you here with?”

“Y/F/N L/N. She got some kind of flyer in her dorm and dragged me here.” You say, pulling the wrinkled piece of paper out of your purse. He unfolds it, carefully inspecting it. He mumbles under his breath, sighing.

“So, she wants to get with Jay?” Kyle smirks. “I could pull some strings.”

Tara purrs, walking away from the two of you. And honestly, that’s the last thing you remember. When you woke up, you were in a blue-sheeted bed, Kyle Spencer on the floor beside you. It didn’t take long for you to piece together the basics of what had happened, and that he didn’t take advantage of your drunken self, judging by your headache. That’s when you knew you liked him, and wanted to take things further.

Little did you know, he did too.

Chapter 20

Originally posted by sonsofanarchy-jaxteller

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged!

Where she went Masterlist 

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as a thank you to @mattweasly since you donated to me and were so sweet, as a thank you here is a one shot about your fave boys daryl and paul in the uni au :3

           “I’m sorry, I just don’t see how this is art.” Tara chuckled, chewing on her pizza as Paul looked at the photo he had just snapped of her on his camera. It was a nice one too, she was mid bite, her eyes crinkled from the laughter that was coming out from her as she tried to eat. Her short brown hair was tied up best it could be, but she had many flyaway strands falling from it.

           “That’s why you’re not an art student.” He mumbled, glancing up at her to grin, his eyes twinkling. Tara smiled back, shaking her head, moving over when Glenn walked over, moving his hat so it was backwards. “Hey, we should really start paying for our pizza.”

           Glenn shrugged. “What my boss doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” he nodded at Paul. “Hey, why are you even still working man? It’s spring break.” He undid his apron for his break that was just starting, leaning back into the booth and sighing in relaxation.

           Paul put his camera down and took a slice of his vegetarian pizza, taking a bite and chewing it on it softly. “Art isn’t work,” he said easily. “I like it.” He brought his hand up to rub it on his face, the beginnings of a beard starting to form. Paul was trying a new look, his hair was long enough to tuck behind his ears, and have the ends of it escape his beanie, but not enough to pull back yet.

           The door of the pizza place opened and making the bell sound, and Glenn and Tara looked over Paul’s head with interest. When Tara grinned, Paul frowned and followed their gaze, turning to look over his shoulder. Walking into the joint, looking like they owned the place, was Rick Grimes and company. Paul always looked at them with a little bit of awe in his eyes. It was like everything moved in slow motion when they walked forward. Paul went to high school with them as well, and though they were a little scattered over universities, since Rick and his crew were one year older, they still remained in the town.

           Rick’s group hadn’t changed since high school, they were something between the sports crew and the badasses, while Paul, Tara, and Glenn were somewhere between the art student squad and the ‘I don’t know what the hell I’m doing’ squad.

           Rick was in a school to become a cop, but you would never know by the way he was dressed or how he looked. He was rugged and handsome, dressed in fitting jeans and a leather jacket zipped up to his throat, his hair messy and a fuller scruff than Paul had. Considering all the trouble he and his best friend Daryl had cooked up when they were in high school, people thought Rick would purse something other than becoming a police officer.

           Maggie was Glenn’s girlfriend, and she alternated between groups, spending a lot of time with Paul’s group, and her time when Glenn was working with her own. Paul adored Maggie, she was the daughter of a farmer, and she, Sasha and Rosita had made a name for themselves as becoming their own very special kind of badasses. No one fucked around with those girls, not one boy sent a cat call their way, and not one girl tried to pick a fight with any of them. Paul admired Maggie, and since she was dating Glenn had become very close with her.  

           Mostly though, Paul couldn’t stop looking at them because of Daryl freaking Dixon.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Daryl Dixon x Reader)

Imagine after having a girls night, you get really drunk and Daryl has to take care of you.

“Okay Daryl I’m leaving, I’ll see you later!” You yelled to your boyfriend who was upstairs.

You heard him make his way downstairs and walk over toward you. “Alrigh’.” He said giving you a quick kiss on the cheek. You smiled at him then made your way to Maggie’s place.

It has been a while since you’ve had any since of normality. Now that your group has settled into Alexandria, Tara came up with the idea to have a girls night. It had been a while since you’ve had time to relax and let your hair down so you were very excited to see where the night would take you.

Once you got to Maggie and Glenn’s house you saw the two talking on their porch.

“Why can’t I stay for girls night? Where am I suppose to go?” Glenn asked.

“Because you weren’t invited, now go.” She said pointing down the street.

Glenn walked past you with his shoulders slumped and you waved to him. “Don’t worry Glenn, Daryl’s alone too. Maybe y'all could have a guys night.”

Glenn’s face brightened up and nodded his head. He took off toward Ricks house and you and Maggie laughed.

“Come on in Y/N. Everyone is here now.” Maggie said leading you into her house.

Carol and Rosita were putting all the food on the counter, Sasha and Michonne started to pour the drinks, and Tara was talking to Denise on the couch.

“Girls night is officially underway.” Maggie smiled at you.


A few games of never have I ever and about seven shots and three glasses of wine later you were officially wasted. You could feel the blood pumping through you as you danced on top of the coffee table.

“Okay Y/N, come on it’s time to go home.” Michonne said trying to get you off the table before you hurt yourself.

You weren’t the only one wasted, Maggie was already passed out upstairs and Tara was a little tipsy but still knew when to stop drinking unlike yourself.

Denise checked on Maggie then she started to help Tara out of the house giving everyone one a simple good luck nod.

Sasha, Carol, Michonne and Rosita weren’t drunk but they definitely had a few drinks in their system.

“Rosita help me take Y/N to her house. Sasha, you and Carol stay here with Maggie and then we will find Glenn once we drop her off.” Michonne said once you finally fell into her arms.

“Guys I don’t wanna go.” You said trying to get away from Michonne. Rosita grabbed your other arm and led you out of the house.

When they got to your house Rosita knocked on the door roughly. You were laying your head on Michonne’s shoulder when Daryl opened the door.

“Woah he is cute, don’t tell my boyfriend.” You giggled throwing your head back.

“Oh hell.” Daryl said once he saw how drunk you were.

The girls handed you to Daryl and you threw your arms around his neck.

“Good luck.” Rosita commented then shut the door.

Daryl took you upstairs and gently laid you down at the edge of the bed. “Daryl you are the best boyfriend.” You giggled making Daryl roll his eyes.

You start rolling around on the bed when Daryl gets one of his button up shirts. He goes over to you and takes your top off.

“You trying to take advantage of me?” You giggle taking your bra off and throwing it at him.

He sighs, “you can’t even sit yourself up.”

You giggle again and Daryl helps you put on his shirt. He starts to button it up but still admires your breasts that are on full display. All he is thinking about is how beautiful you are and how he got so lucky.

“Yer a giggly little shit when you’re drunk aren’t ya?” He smiles at you.

“I’m not drunk just a tiny bit tipsy.” You giggle again laying back down.

Daryl unbuttons your jeans and you wiggle out of them. “Daryl if you wanted me naked all you had to do was ask.”

Daryl just shakes his head and throws your pants on the floor, leaving you only in his shirt and panties.

Daryl moves you up to your pillow and tucks you in. He gets in and turns to you, “how much have you had to drink?”

“It’s Maggie’s fault, she said shots so I did shots. Baby you don’t understand girls just wanna have fun.”

Daryl laughed and shook his head moving a strand of hair out of your face.

“Baby next time we could both drink.” You smiled scooting closer to Daryl.

“No you are never drinking that much again.”

You giggled then got on top of him straddling his waist. You started placing kisses all over his face and he put his hands on your waist.

“Y/N you need to go to bed.”

You started kissing his neck and your hands went up under his shirt. “Y/N.” Daryl said sternly making you stop.

He gripped your chin making you look at him. “Go. To. Bed.”

You pouted and got off him laying back down. “Don’t you wanna have fun with me?” You asked sticking your bottom lip out.

“Not tonight darlin, get some rest,” he said kissing your nose. Daryl turned the lap off next to him then wrapped his arm around your waist.


The next morning you woke up with a pounding headache. You tried rubbing your temples to relieve some pain but it didn’t work. Daryl wasn’t next to you so you pulled the covers off you and stood up.

Once you did a wave of nausea hit and you covered your mouth running to the bathroom.

After puking into the toilet you washed your hands and face off. You walked down stairs and saw Daryl pouring a glass of orange juice.

He smirked when he saw you. “Mornin.”

“I don’t wanna hear it.” You said sitting up on the counter, the cold tile sending goosebumps on your thighs.

Daryl sat down a plate full of eggs, bacon, and fruit next to you. “Carol made you and Maggie this breakfast to help for that killer hangover ya got.”

He handed you two pain killers and the glass of orange juice. You took the pills then started eating when Daryl walked in between your legs that were dangling off the counter.

“Thank you for taking care of me last night, and letting me sleep in your very comfortable shirt.” You smiled sitting the plate of food down.

“No problem. I just didn’t know my girl was such a lightweight.” He smirked and you playfully hit his shoulder.

“Yeah ha ha very funny.” You said sarcastically, you leaned forward and laid your head on his shoulder. “I seriously feel like shit.”

Daryl ran his hands up and down your thighs, “I’ve got to go, going on a run with Rick today.”

You lifted your head, “fine tell your boyfriend I said hi.”

Daryl rolled his eyes and kissed you softly on your lips. “I love ya. Won’t be long.”

“Stay safe, I’ll be here when you come back.”

Daryl smiled then grabbed his crossbow walking out the door. You finished eating then went back upstairs to sleep, hoping to get rid of your girls night hangover.

Build Up: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Emily Prentiss x Female Reader

Warnings: SMUT

Requested by: Anonymous

“ Can you write a fic where Emily and her wife has sex in her office after the reader spent the day sexually teasing her? Thanks.💜💕”

Image from deadline.com

A/N: This got a little more domEmily than I intended…

Leaving for work before Emily was hard to do, she was so dedicated. She and the team had flown in late the night before, so she had given herself and the BAU the morning off. Watching her sleep was a peaceful start to your day, but when she rolled over the lace of her nightgown pinched her breasts in such a way. You had to, they were right there and beautiful, but you resisted. Em needed her sleep.

As you finished your morning routine, Emily dozed on. You left a little note by the fresh pot of coffee you made and headed in for a long day of spin classes and your regular trainee appointments.

I could barely keep my hands off of you this morning. You’re lucky I am a nice wife and let you sleep.

Texting Emily in between classes was habit, teasing her was a new endeavor. You cringed at how pushy you sounded, but prayed the tech gods would grant mystery to your words and somehow they would be sexy. Emily’s reply pointed to your requested blessings.

How do you think I felt walking in on you last night? I should make you wear something to bed once in a while. This sleeping nude is very distracting.

The speed of her reply jump started your confidence, but you knew how to keep her waiting. You texted a kissing emoji and continued to the next studio. Emily would have to wait for a solid retaliation.

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Obsessive - Part 29

Happy has seen the guy, but who is he?
*Mentions of extreme child abuse*

(This will be multi parts so check back for my next installment. As always, if you want to be notified of my updates just let me know and I will message you when I post new chapters)

**Disclaimer: I do not suffer from OCD so I cannot begin to imagine what it is like. Any and everything that I am writing is what I’ve learned from people I know and the internet as well as asking advice from friends who know more about it than me. If anything is wrong or inaccurate of someone with OCD, please excuse my ignorance, as I said I am asking questions to help with the descriptions but I’m sure I will get something wrong eventually.

Juice Ortiz x Reader

(GIF isn’t mine)


Happy’s revelation made something click in Juice’s head. The reason he recognized the guy in the photo, the reason he thought the guy looked familiar, was because he ran into him that day he took you to see Tara.

“Oh my God,” Juice gasped, “I’ve seen him too, at the hospital.” He let go of your hand as he ran his hands over the top of his head.

“Well now that we know where he lives, let’s go talk to the son of a bitch!” Tig growled, his fists slamming down on the table followed by a chorus of shouts and whoops.

You had been quiet, listening to everything and trying to take it in, but nothing made sense.

“Wait!” you shouted, looking over to your dad who was staring back at you, “I don’t understand, is he…” you trailed off, trying to make your mouth say the words as you fidgeted with your hands, “is he my… real dad?”

The room got quiet and you shifted your stare to Tig who looked at you sadly and then looked to Piney who caught your eye for a moment but then peered down at his lap. You felt Juice’s hand back on your knee and you intertwined your fingers with his as everyone looked from you back to Clay.

“No baby,” he said with a sigh, “I guess it’s time to tell you the real story of how you ended up here,” you felt your heart rate increase, as Clay looked around the table, “Tig, Jax, you two stay. Everyone else, clear out and get ready to go pay our apartment-dwelling creep a visit tonight.”

Piney, Opie, Chibs, Bobby and Happy stood to walk outside, but as Juice prepared to stand and join them, your grip tightened on his hand causing him to look at you pleadingly, the purple under his eyes and across his nose sending you the message that he didn’t want to anger Clay again. Without looking away from Juice you spoke to your father, “Dad, can Juice stay, please? I want him to know, too.”

Clay looked at you and back to Juice before nodding and allowing Juice to stay. Happy closed the door as he exited the room and Jax was the first to speak, “Why don’t I know about this?” he asked, his piercing eyes shooting daggers at Clay. The two were always at odds, but this time you understood why. Jax was the VP of the charter and knew nothing, same as you.

“This shit happened before you even had a license Jax,” Clay said defensively, “By the time you were a part of the club, it was old news. Until today I had no reason to believe he was a threat to SAMCRO or your sister.”

You could tell Clay was exhausted, and getting the third degree from Jax wasn’t making his mood any better.
“Who is he, dad?” you asked, trying to break up some of the tension that was coursing between Jax and Clay.
Clay looked at Tig who nodded to him reassuringly as they both took a deep breath and looked at you.

“(Y/N), your mom wasn’t a drug addicted porn star, she was a junkie and a whore,” he began and you looked down at the table, gently tapping the table top as you listened for the rest of the story to find out how John Howard fit into it all. Tig picked up where your father left off,  “She was turning tricks out of Oakland for this guy, John Howard. He was her pimp.”
Clay nodded in agreement and carried on talking, “According to your mom, she had a regular that she ended up falling in love with.”  
“Yeah. The only problem though, was that Howard wanted her for himself when she wasn’t working for him, so she had to keep her relationship with this guy a secret. Started seeing him without Howard knowing and not making him pay,” Tig added, “Big no-no in her line of work…”
You felt Juice’s grip on your hand tighten and you looked over to him, this story was getting crazier with every new sentence.

“So she ended up pregnant–”

“–with me?” you interrupted, and Clay and Tig both nodded.
Jax looked from you back to Clay, “Okay so what happened that caused (Y/N) to end up here?” he asked and you shifted your gaze between Tig and Clay again, waiting for one of them to answer.
“Well,” Clay began, “The pregnancy went well I guess. Howard went through it all believing you were his, got your mom to stop the drugs so you’d be healthy, he did everything right.”
“Yeah,” Tig agreed, “If it wasn’t for what happened after you were born we’d have thought he was the perfect guy to be your father, we wouldn’t have stepped in…”

“But how did you even know these people to feel the need to step in?” you asked, not understanding how the club could be tied to a pimp based in Oakland.

“Our paths crossed by accident,” Clay answered you. You could tell there was a long story ahead, “After you were born, Howard started getting suspicious. You didn’t look like him and the older you got the more he could tell you didn’t look like your mom either. I guess he started questioning his other whores and one of them talked because Howard beat your mom pretty bad. She told him who your father most likely was, the client she had been dating, and Howard found him, killed him, and dumped him in Charming.”

Your questioning expression was replaced with one of understanding as it all began to make sense.
“So you found out this pimp was who dumped the body and went to tell him he couldn’t do that in our town…” you guessed, looking at Tig who smiled approvingly and nodded, “Yep,” he answered, “took a little convincing, but he ended up seeing things our way.” Tig grinned again.

“So was her dad the dead guy in the photo that was sent to me?” Juice asked and Clay nodded, “That was (Y/N)’s real father, as far as we know.”

Jax blinked, looking from you back to Clay once again, shaking his head. “It still doesn’t add up,” he spoke, “Did you take (Y/N) to prove a point?”
Clay shook his head no and continued on with his story, “No. We left Oakland and a few hours after we made it back to Charming, a lady shows up looking for me. Turns out your mom heard our heart-to-heart with the pimp and decided to ask for the club’s help in getting you clear of it all… ‘cause…” Clay trailed off, you could tell whatever was coming next was hard for him to relive. Even Tig shifted in his seat from unease so you knew whatever was coming was about to be bad.

“Because John had given your mother a choice–”
“–A shitty fucking choice,” Tig scoffed, interrupting Clay and shaking his head with disgust.

“Either he’d kill your mom, and have you taken to an orphanage,” your dad spoke softly, “or he’d let her live and keep you, but he would use you to…” he trailed off, unable to make his mouth say the words as he hung his head. Tig reached over and patted his shoulder, taking a deep breath and looking at you, “He was gonna spare your mother’s life, but only if she willingly let him….” Tig took a deep breath, breaking eye contact with you as he looked away and his hand rubbed his face, “If she let him pimp you out.”

Your heart dropped and Jax cussed under his breath as Juice wrapped his arm around you and pulled you even closer to him. Your eyes began to water as you asked the only question you could think of, “And she said yes….?” your voice cracked, betraying you as you tried to remain strong, to show your dad, Tig, your brother, and Juice that you could handle the entire truth.

“Yeah,” was all Clay could say in response, he had aged ten years from the start of this conversation..

“She realized quickly that she had made a mistake which is why she came to us, doll.” Tig looked at you with sad eyes and nodded to let you know it was okay to be upset, “She knew she couldn’t save you alone, and as soon as we found out what would happen to you if we didn’t step in… It was a no-brainer.”

Clay looked up and began to speak again, having found his resolve once again, “Gemma made me swear that once I got you out of there, that I’d never allow you to go back to your birth-mother–”
“–but that didn’t end up being an issue,” Tig finished and you furrowed your brows at him questioningly.

Suddenly, all the dots connected for Juice and he looked up at Clay, “(Y/N)’s mom is Rachel Smith?” he half-asked, half-stated. Clay and Tig both nodded again.

“Yes.” Clay answered, “We came in and snuck you away when Howard was out. I brought you back up here, and Gemma took you home. A few days later we heard news that Rachel Smith was killed and John Howard had been charged with her murder.” Juice looked at you. “We paid a lawyer to draft some paperwork and forge some documents willing us custody of you should anything happen to your mother, and we followed the case until John was sentenced…”

“…and that’s pretty much where the story ended, until the sick bastard apparently got out of prison with a fixation on you.” Tig added, leaning back in his seat, relieved to finally have that story off his chest. Now you could see there was a fire in his eyes. Tig wanted to kill this man, the man that killed both of your biological parents and threatened to scar you for life. You wanted to kill John Howard, too.

While Prohyas and Nohyas deal with… some things I’ll tell you about this week’s Mighty Magiswords premiere!

Hoppus the Hunted & Transylbabies
MONDAY at 4:00 PM
The bunny sorceress, Danelda, has been on the search for Hoppus so she can take him back to their rabbit village, but Hoppus is too enamored by Kablammica and her broccoli soup to ever go back!

A mission to babysit Snowmanpire babies in Transylbiria leads Vambre and Prohyas to attack the local monster townsfolk in misguided attempts to keep the Snowbabies safe.

Kyle’s Notes: These were originally scheduled to air over the weekend, but instead, you get them as a Monday double shot! The way they used to air TV shows back when I was a child! In Hoppus the Hunted, not only do we get a glimpse into Hoppus’ backstory and meet Danelda, played by Steven Universe’s very own Michaela Dietz, but we get an incredible vocal performance by Dana Gould as Norman. You can cut the tension in act 1 with a knife! Then in Transylbabies, ever since the baby Snowmanpires showed up way back in “The Curse of Dummystein”, I wanted to do a story about them. This super cartoony episode shows us a lot of new Transylberian creatures plus some tributes to Big Daddy Roth and Bob Clampett.

Bureaucrophobia & Continue?

TUESDAY at 4:00 PM
Teri Gargantuan is in trouble and her spider kids hire the Warriors to save their mom from a mad mercenary spider hunter.

The Mysterious Hooded Woman hires the Warriors to retrieve the Orb of Sphericity from a temple in Galacton. The odd thing is, this temple has save points! When the Warriors are defeated, they respawn, but Vambre remembers what happened and Prohyas does not.

Kyle’s Notes: Another double shot! First, in Bureaucrophobia, we find out how annoying red tape can be in a futuristic world like Galacton. Also, the incredible Pete Holmes returns as Teri (last seen in “Stairways and Spiders” and Fred Stoller and Brian Posehn appear as Teri’s now-adult children. Please enjoy my Bobcat Goldthwait impression. Then in “Continue”, a story pitched to me by John Berry back in the 5-minute episode days– We have some real fun with our video game roots and see how our heroes deal with save points and respawning. I always think of VVVVVV when I watch this one. The effervescent Jack McBrayer returns in this one. You should’ve seen his reaction when I asked him to do a British accent…

Hunting for Scavengers
When an impish weather gnome sends the Warriors and friends on a competitive quest, the drive to win threatens the group’s fight against a conjured monster.

Kyle’s Notes: We see how the Warriors, Witch Way, and Neddy the Mallet all handle a situation differently, but it’s really Witch Way that gets to steal the spotlight. Victor Courtright (the same guy who storyboarded last week’s slime fight) joins the voice cast as Mister Flummocks: Student of Life.

Get That BORFL!

A restful chill day for the Warriors and Princess Zange in the Royal Spa gets upended when a cute little Borfl runs amok throughout Castle Rhyboflaven, with the Warriors resorting to Magiswords to thwart the critter.

Kyle’s Notes: This is basically our “Tom and Jerry” episode, and the good folks at Inspedia really turn up the squash and stretch adapting Mike & Gabe’s manic storyboard. The Borfl started as a little guy I would draw in my sketchbook from time to time. Rikki “Gir” Simons plays the Borfl because it’s funny when he screams things.

Unconventional Dolphinism
FRIDAY at 4:00 PM
Since Prohyas is taking Dolphin Magisword to the Dolphin Convention, Vambre asks Witchy Simone to join her on a search for the Narwhal Magisword, angering a deadly Sealdebeast guard that lures dolphins away from the convention in the process.

Kyle’s Notes: Another one of my favorites this season, and definitely one of our best-animated episodes. The adventures in the Dolphin Convention are only half the fun as we also get to see what it’s like when Vambre and Witchy Simone team up. There’s a song sequence in this one I’m very fond of. Also, Man Fish screams a fake French phrase that my grandfather made up,  and Bonnie Gordon of the Library Bards and Shield of Tomorrow joins our cast as some characters I don’t want to spoil here.

Letter Wronging Campaign

While Vambre takes a well-needed break, Prohyas and Noville try to solve a mystery involving letters disappearing from books! Can they get this done without calling Vambre and ruining her day off?

Kyle’s Notes: Prohyas and Noville team up and we get to spend some time with Biblia Tick and Monkey Chunks, too! It’s hard to talk about this particular episode without giving stuff away, so I’ll just say that it also introduces a character you’ll be seeing more of down the line.

The Saga of Robopiggeh!
SUNDAY at 4:00 PM

A botched rescue attempt damages their robot pal, RoboPiggeh, and Vambre and Prohyas must battle the evil cyborg, Tara-Byte, in Galacton, who is determined to dismantle their broken pal for being obsolete.​

Kyle’s Notes: This is it! Our first two-part special, and our first Legendary Magisword! Magimobile collectors, I think this may be your only chance to get this one! I’m proud of this special and I’m happy you’re all finally going to see it. It features Maria Bamford as Tara Byte because apparently, I like casting super nice people as villains. There’s another special guest star as well, but I don’t want to spoil it just yet.