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LGBT+ books: Timekeeper by Tara Sim

“You’re everything. You’re… You’re chaos and order and everything between. Like sunshine kept back by clouds. Like the entire world’s imploded inside you, but all I see are the stars are sewn into your skin. You’re filled with soft, dark music. I hear it all the time. Your music.”

Already Occupied

Request from anon for a Jax x Reader where reader is Chibs’ niece and she really likes Jax even though he’s with Tara. Includes Tig x Reader friendship too :)

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“Do you think he’ll ever see me as more than just a kid?” You sip your glass of whiskey as you sit cross legged on Tig’s bed, one of your late night chats taking place.

Tig was one, maybe the only one, who knew of your gigantic crush on Jax. You could tell your best friend anything, and he knew you too well to be able to miss your feelings for the blonde biker. But all you seemed to be to Jax was Chibs’ kid niece, young and childish.

“I don’t know, sweetheart.” Tig says honestly as he leans against the head board, his legs outstretched as he nurses his own glass. “What I do know, though, is that you’ll never get your answer unless you tell him how you feel.”

You smile warmly in response, the gesture not meeting your eyes. Sighing deeply, you shake your head, taking a gulp of the amber liquid. “No point, Tiger. He’s loved Tara all his life.”

“Maybe, but the cracks are showing baby girl, and now is your time to shine if there was ever one.” You deliberate the statement in your mind as you’ve done many times before, even though deep down, you know you’ll never tell Jax how you feel.

The door to Tig’s room gets thrown open, the action catching you off guard as you jump. Your eyes widen as you see Tara standing there, the look on her face telling you she’s heard the whole conversation.

“I fucking knew it.” she seethes, you pushing yourself to stand up, ready just incase she tries to attack. She storms towards you, your empty glass dropping onto the bed. “I’ve been trying to warn him about you for months, but he just can’t see it.”

“Are you for real right now? If there’s anyone he needs to warned about its you.” You see Tig get up out of your peripheral vision, giving you space to stand up for yourself but also ready to stop the two of you from clawing each other to pieces.

Her anger turns to humour as she laughs in your face, the cocky smile on her lips something you’re just itching to scratch off. “I’m only gonna tell you once, so listen up. Jax is mine, he loves me. You’re just a desperate, worthless bitch.”

You don’t even realise you’ve slapped her until you feel the sting on your palm, her hand flying to her cheek to cradle her reddened skin. Your eyes flicker to Tig, a proud look on his face as he winks at you.

You can’t rest for long before Tara delivers a slap of her own, you swinging a punch in return as she falls to the floor. Before you know it, you’re both on the floor, the two of you shouting in anger as you fight.

You’re too busy seeing red to notice Tig come behind you, only realising he’s there when he drags you off of Tara, Jax pulling her roughly off the floor as you both try to escape from your captors. “What the fuck is going on?!”

You stop resisting Tig as Jax shouts, a stressed and confused expression on his face as he looks between you and your opponent. You place your hand on top of Tig’s as it rests on your waist, knowing you’re going to need his support before Tara even speaks.

“She’s fucking obsessed with you, that’s what!” Tara shouts, shoving Jax away from her. You feel like you might puke as you stand there, your big secret out in the open. “I questioned her about it and she attacked me!”

“I wouldn’t say calling me a worthless bitch is questioning me, but whatever floats your boat.” you spit sarcastically, ignoring Jax’s burning gaze. She lunges for you again, your clenching fist unneeded as Jax grabs her swiftly, yanking her backwards.

“Out, now!” he orders, leaving no room for refusal. Tara stares at him in shock, unable to comprehend that he’s talking to her. She scoffs, shrugging his grip on her away.

“Fuck you, Jax. I’m too good for this shit.” You look down at your feet at her words, feeling guilty for being partly to blame for their argument.

“Give us a minute, Tig.” You swallow nervously at Jax’s request, Tig removing himself from you. He looks at you for reassurance, not wanting to leave unless you’re okay with it. “I’m not mad, (Y/N).”

Relief floods you, your attention flickering to Jax’s pleading eyes before you nod at Tig, squeezing his arm as thanks before he leaves the room, shutting the door behind him.

“Is it true?” Jax asks, breaking the tense silence. You stare at your feet as you nod in confirmation, a sigh leaving Jax’s lips. You watch as he sits on the edge of the bed, his hands running over his face as he tries to take in the new found information.

You shuffle on your feet awkwardly as he stares at the wall, brow furrowed as he thinks deeply. He shuffles over, tapping the space next to him, you complying as you shuffle over and sit down.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You roll your eyes, chuckling humourlessly as you pick a loose thread on your jeans.

“What would’ve been the point?” you ask quietly, not being able to look at Jax as he sits so closely, his eyes watching you as he waits for you to continue. “All I am to you is Chibs’ niece. Plus, you have Tara.”

“Had. I had Tara. I ended it just before you went all Jackie Chan.” he teases, nudging your body with his. You smile, shaking your head as you nudge him back, enjoying the closeness.

“I hope you’re not expecting me to say that I’m sorry to hear that. No offence but I kinda hate her.” Jax laughs at your honesty, his sparkling eyes meeting yours, your lungs feeling empty at the little distance between the two of you.

You force yourself to be realistic, smiling sadly at the biker. “Don’t worry, you can save the whole ‘I wanna be friends’ speech. I wasn’t expecting you to return my feelings.”

You stand up quickly, walking over to Tig’s chair and retrieving your jacket, tears prickling at your eyes as you try to resist breaking down. “I should be going anyway.”

You spin around, your eyes wide in shock as you see Jax lean down, his hands grabbing your face as he kisses you. You don’t respond at first, not sure whether you’re dreaming, until you realise this is real life and oh my god Jax Teller is kissing you.

You let your eyes flutter shut as you kiss him back, his lips feeling nothing short of incredible as they move against your own. Your jacket is forgotten as you drop it to the floor, your hands moving to grip his biceps as his tongue slips into your mouth, your core tingling at the feeling.

Only when you’re completely breathless do you pull away, Jax resting his forehead against yours as the two of you struggle to breathe. You grip his shirt between your fingers, not wanting him to move and ruin the moment.

“We should do that more often.” you say, Jax smirking before he places his lips to your forehead, his arms wrapping around you as he hugs you.

“Sorry it took me so long.”

A/N - Wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about this but I’m pretty happy with how it came out!!! Thanks for reading, feedback is always appreciated ❤

“Dear Instagram trolls, body shamers, and the men and woman who think it’s ok to comment on my weight: I hope that you don’t have children. And if you do, I hope you teach them about kindness and acceptance. I hope they learn that it isn’t ok to make fun of people or call people names. I hope one day YOU learn what it takes to be a parent. A kind selfless parent. A working parent. A parent that puts themselves in someone else’s shoes. Maybe you can’t get it through your thick fucking skull, but nursing a baby for a year (and pumping in a van between takes, in the dead of summer in Georgia) is a lot of work, determination, and scheduling. So before you decide to make a comment about my chest being “too large” or how “fat” I’ve become, just know that this little girl got the best start to life. I wouldn’t have changed it for a second. I would’ve gladly continued to eat enough calories to produce milk for her little bones to grow. Also, grow the fuck up. Your mother should be ashamed for raising such a judgmental bully. I’m sure she knows how “courageous” you must be for trolling and hiding behind your Iphone and computers. P.s. I would LOVE to see any man or woman give birth to a baby, nurse the baby, and then work 17 hour days and NAIL their own stunts. P.s.s. Be kind to each other. We need it now more than ever. ❤️✌🏼️ ” - Alanna Masterson

as a thank you to @mattweasly since you donated to me and were so sweet, as a thank you here is a one shot about your fave boys daryl and paul in the uni au :3

           “I’m sorry, I just don’t see how this is art.” Tara chuckled, chewing on her pizza as Paul looked at the photo he had just snapped of her on his camera. It was a nice one too, she was mid bite, her eyes crinkled from the laughter that was coming out from her as she tried to eat. Her short brown hair was tied up best it could be, but she had many flyaway strands falling from it.

           “That’s why you’re not an art student.” He mumbled, glancing up at her to grin, his eyes twinkling. Tara smiled back, shaking her head, moving over when Glenn walked over, moving his hat so it was backwards. “Hey, we should really start paying for our pizza.”

           Glenn shrugged. “What my boss doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” he nodded at Paul. “Hey, why are you even still working man? It’s spring break.” He undid his apron for his break that was just starting, leaning back into the booth and sighing in relaxation.

           Paul put his camera down and took a slice of his vegetarian pizza, taking a bite and chewing it on it softly. “Art isn’t work,” he said easily. “I like it.” He brought his hand up to rub it on his face, the beginnings of a beard starting to form. Paul was trying a new look, his hair was long enough to tuck behind his ears, and have the ends of it escape his beanie, but not enough to pull back yet.

           The door of the pizza place opened and making the bell sound, and Glenn and Tara looked over Paul’s head with interest. When Tara grinned, Paul frowned and followed their gaze, turning to look over his shoulder. Walking into the joint, looking like they owned the place, was Rick Grimes and company. Paul always looked at them with a little bit of awe in his eyes. It was like everything moved in slow motion when they walked forward. Paul went to high school with them as well, and though they were a little scattered over universities, since Rick and his crew were one year older, they still remained in the town.

           Rick’s group hadn’t changed since high school, they were something between the sports crew and the badasses, while Paul, Tara, and Glenn were somewhere between the art student squad and the ‘I don’t know what the hell I’m doing’ squad.

           Rick was in a school to become a cop, but you would never know by the way he was dressed or how he looked. He was rugged and handsome, dressed in fitting jeans and a leather jacket zipped up to his throat, his hair messy and a fuller scruff than Paul had. Considering all the trouble he and his best friend Daryl had cooked up when they were in high school, people thought Rick would purse something other than becoming a police officer.

           Maggie was Glenn’s girlfriend, and she alternated between groups, spending a lot of time with Paul’s group, and her time when Glenn was working with her own. Paul adored Maggie, she was the daughter of a farmer, and she, Sasha and Rosita had made a name for themselves as becoming their own very special kind of badasses. No one fucked around with those girls, not one boy sent a cat call their way, and not one girl tried to pick a fight with any of them. Paul admired Maggie, and since she was dating Glenn had become very close with her.  

           Mostly though, Paul couldn’t stop looking at them because of Daryl freaking Dixon.

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Youth [Kyle Spencer x Reader]

Pairings: Pre-Death!Kyle Spencer x Reader

Warnings: I really want to say something dirty here but I won’t

A/N: I’m really sick right now and stuck in bed. Today, tomorrow, and probably the next day (Monday) I’ll be trying to pump out the stuff in my asks. It’s not my best though, sorry babes.

“can you do an imagine with pre death kyle and you meet at a frat party and it’s really cute” - Anon

As soon as you open the door, the smell of sweat and alcohol fill your senses. The loud music vibrates through the floors as your friend drags you into the house. Y/F/N is quickly pulled away from you by another girl, and some sort of drink is shoved in your hand by a boy you recognize as Archie Brenner. He was infamous for being a player, and was definitely someone you didn’t want to take anything from.

You sit the cup down on the table in the entry hall, quietly wandering forward. As you walk, something furry rubs against your leg. You look down, expecting to see the worst, but you’re relieved to see it’s just a cat. He stares at you, walking away. Shrugging, you follow.

Were you really following the frat cat? Was it even theirs? Why did they have a cat? Why were they even allowed to have a cat?

You push through the crowded hall, careful not to lose the animal. Before you know it, you’re in a quiet area in the back of the house. There were only three or four people in the small stairwell, and all of them were either too drunk or high to know their own names. Well, except for the redheaded girl. She looked like she had her wits.

“Yeah, I don’t like these parties that much, either. I only came because Y/F/N wants to get in Jay’s pants.” You smile, petting the cat. There was enough light in the room to see that he was dyed light purple. He let out a mewl, arching his back, sitting down on your knees. “What should we call you? I like Sammy.”

“Her name is Tara, actually.” A boy speaks up. You lift your head to look at him. “I’m K-.”

“Kyle Spencer, I know.” You laugh.

“She’s purple because… Well, I don’t know. It seemed like a good idea.” He laughs, sitting down next to you. He strokes the cat, newly recognized as Tara, and stays quiet. “Who are you here with?”

“Y/F/N L/N. She got some kind of flyer in her dorm and dragged me here.” You say, pulling the wrinkled piece of paper out of your purse. He unfolds it, carefully inspecting it. He mumbles under his breath, sighing.

“So, she wants to get with Jay?” Kyle smirks. “I could pull some strings.”

Tara purrs, walking away from the two of you. And honestly, that’s the last thing you remember. When you woke up, you were in a blue-sheeted bed, Kyle Spencer on the floor beside you. It didn’t take long for you to piece together the basics of what had happened, and that he didn’t take advantage of your drunken self, judging by your headache. That’s when you knew you liked him, and wanted to take things further.

Little did you know, he did too.

I’m still calling you Babe

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Hi sons of anarchy imagine please? Could you do one were you’re a closet genderfluid and the guys find your binder (binders are compression tops that make your chest flat in case you didn’t know…) And they try to show that they don’t care and support you, but they end up being huge dorks about it. Thank you!

For Anon
No Pairing but lots of Tig and Kozik.

Words: 1,204
A/N: I have no prior experience with writing anything like this, as such I did a some research and I’m sincerely sorry if I upset/offend anyone as it was not my intention and I hope I did the dorks justice.

Friendship with the Sons provided a lot of good things in your life, they were a hardworking, loyal family that you could always turn too. That being said, you’d never told them that you were gender fluid – you’d seen friends in your position cast away from their families and you couldn’t bare the idea of losing your outlaw family.

You’d tell them one day, there just hadn’t been a right time.

It would never come though because of the downsides of The Sons was that they had no respect for personal property. You’d left them to redecorate your front room as punishment after Kozik and Tig had gotten drunk and starting fighting, the guys had laughed and cheered as they destroyed your front room in the process.

It was Tig that found your binder, he brought it downstairs to show the guys, “I always knew that Y/N was kinky, look at this weird ass corset.” He declared with a grin, wincing slightly as the movement pulled at his swollen cheek from Kozik’s fists.
Tara, who had come around to check that there guys weren’t breaking anything else, sighed. Though you’d started off on a bad footing as you didn’t want to see Jax hurt again, recently you had become friends and she had become your confidant – the one person who you poured your heart out too.

“Tig give me that!” she hissed and tried to snatch it from him but Tig lifted it high out of her reach.
“Woah, woah, woah.” He laughed, “I’m just going to put it on to tease her a bit.”
“Tig.” She hissed again in annoyance, “You can’t, put it back now!”

“What’s a matter lass? Y/N’s got a good sense of humour, she can take a joke.” Chibs butted in and gave her a curious look over the top of his sunglasses. Decorating hungover was not his idea of a good time, especially with these idiots. Tara had all eyes on her reddening face now.

“Tara what is it?” Jax asked.
Tara shook her head, “It’s not a corset, let’s leave it at that. Now put it back.”

Juice cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention, he read from his smart phone, “It’s something called a binder.”
Tig tutted, “So it’s not a sex thing?”
“No, says here it’s for chest compression.” Juice answered and Tara found herself the centre of attention again.

She bit her lip, the cat was already out of the bag and inwardly she hoped that you’d forgive her. She said simply, “Y/N is gender fluid.”

The boys looked confused.
“Pretty sure that she’s a solid.” Tig mumbled.
Tara rolled her eyes, “It means that she doesn’t identify as one gender all of the time.”
“But you just called her ‘she’?” Jax asked, his hangover was not helping him get his head around this.
“Yes, but Y/N is not always a she, sometimes Y/N is a he.” Tara tried to explain.

“So she’s not a boy or a girl..?” Tig asked before tilting his head, “She’s a birl?”
Kozik shook his head, “Honestly man.”
Tig gave him the finger, “You want round two asshole?”
Kozik threw down his paintbrush, “Bring it.”

Chibs stepped between them and put a hand on each of their shoulders to keep them separate.
“It can be hard to get your head around when it’s all new to you.” Tara said. The Sons where letting the information sink in when an upset Juice asked, “Why didn’t she – he – er Y/N just tell us?”

“Why does she have to?” Tara snapped, “it’s her business and no one else’s.”

“Y/N was worried that we’d reject them right?” Chibs asked with a soft sigh.
“The world is not as accepting as everyone thinks.” Tara summarised on your behalf.

You knew you were in trouble when Tig and Kozik cornered you at work.

You’d been cleaning the tables during the slow hours at the diner when one of the chefs had come to tell you that two of your ‘biker buddies’ had sat at one of your tables.
Taking your ordering pad out to the front, you eyed both of their bruised faces wearily, “Is Gemma really making you both apologise again?”

Tig waved his hand, “Nah, we finished your front room hours ago, we’ve been shopping.”
You raised a brow, “You two? Together? Without killing each other?”
Kozik gave you his usual grin, “Believe it babe, we’ve been working on a project together.”

“Oh god, I don’t even want to know.” You mumbled.
Tig hushed you before lifting a shopping bag from the seat beside him before passing it to you. Sceptically, you took the bag and opened it as though it could explode at any point. Gently you reached in and took the soft material in your hand and slowly pulled it out. You unfurled it and held out the men’s black shirt.

You glanced over it at Tig and Kozik’s anxious expressions and felt your own face fall, “So, Tara told you both.”
“Don’t be mad at her.” Kozik said and jutted his thumb towards Tig, “It was this idiots fault, he went upstairs and found your binder.”
“In my defence, I thought it was something kinky.” Tig argued.

As calm as you looked, your heart was thundering in your ears and you could feel heat flushing into you cheeks, “I feel sick.”
Kozik was up instantly, pulling you into the booth and handing you Tig’s water to help you calm down, he sat beside you and rubbed your back.

“I didn’t think the shirt was that bad.” Tig mumbled after your breathing had settled and you’d relaxed making your laugh into the glass of water.
“How could you think that anything would change?” Tig asked, “You’re our person.”
“I thought I was your girl.” You said.

“Yeah well you can be our girl, or boy, I don’t give a fuck, just don’t upset yourself hiding things from us again.” Kozik told you with his parent voice.
“Yeah, idiot.” Tig smirked at you before asking you, “So are you a symbol now, like Prince?”

Kozik leaned into your side, “He’s been planning that joke the whole time we were shopping.”
You covered your mouth so that you wouldn’t laugh too hard at work, these idiots always made you laugh until you snorted.

“Thank you, both. The shirt is lovely.” You told them and held it up to yourself; it actually would look amazing once your binder was on. Kozik blew a raspberry on the side of your head, “Boy or Girl, I’m still calling you babe.”
You grinned, “I wouldn’t expect anything different Kozik.”

It's Time To Go (part two)

Warnings: no warnings really, talk about scars (very minimal) fluff (I think this counts sometimes I just don’t know.

The gif doesn’t match the story but the other one I wanted to use is going to be for the third part because it makes the most sense

Originally posted by imagine-samcro

~Two months earlier, the day Y/N left~

Eli placed a hand on your shoulder as you finished telling him what little you had wanted to disclose, you hated the cops but knew happy would come to them at some point.

“I wish you would tell me more, I would be able to help.” You shook your head.

“All I need is some time to get away and figure everything out.” Eli sighed heavily knowing only what he had heard about happy, but then again all of it was true.

“I’m just glad you’re getting away from that psycho.” You growled at the insult but kept your composure as Nero grabbed your arm.

“Eli, while I appreciate your help, keep your opinions to yourself. You are to tell him that I haven’t used my cards anywhere not even any ATMs and there is nothing for you to go off of, so he should just drop it.” You sighed as Nero pulled you closer to the door as the sound of Harley’s filled your ears. “I’ll be back eventually.” You smiled lightly as Nero rushed you out the back door as happy yelled for Eli.

“Wait mamma, wait.” You had rushed in front of him, hoping to get into the car before anyone noticed, but he grabbed your arm just in time. Jax and your father Chibs had spotted Neros truck and had come over to investigate. Before they were to close Nero pushed you into a bush, yes a bush, luckily there were enough around that they covered you nicely.

“Hey man,” jax and Nero did that bro hug thing men always do before pulling back.

“What’s going on?” Nero asked trying his best to play it cool.

“Y/N’s missing,” Jax sighed, your father not saying a word as he stared almost knowingly at the bush you were hiding behind. “Happy went to check on her at lunch time and all her stuff was gone.”

“What?” Nero faked shock. “What can I do?”

“She hasn’t contacted you?” He sounded dumbfounded.

“No I haven’t heard from her sense last night after diner.” Jax nodded lighting a cigarette and walking away while your father stood his ground.

“Is there something you aren’t telling me.” They stared at each other for a few minutes before you decided not to put your father through the madness of all of this and pulled yourself up and out of the bushes.

“Y/N! Oh god Ja-”

“Dad no!” You covered his mouth before he could yell for the guys. “Please you can’t tell them I was here. Please” You pleaded with him.

“What’s wrong love” the concern in his voice was thick and overwhelming.

“I can’t tell you, not right now, I just need time to process things daddy. Please don’t tell happy you saw me, I can’t. I can’t do this right now, but I promise in time I’ll tell you what happened. Just please trust me daddy” he pulled you into a tight hug before kissing your cheek.

“I will always trust you, now get out of here before they see you.” You kissed his cheek this time as you whispered “I love you” before hoping into Neros truck as he sped off.

~nine months later~

You wattled around Nero’s farm house picking up various items the best you could with a stomach the size of Pluto. Having twins was not on your agenda, but here you were nine months pregnant, due any day and a dad who was none the wiser because of your stupid pride. Nero was supposed to be being happy and your father up here today to finally see you, you had written to your dad multiple times back and forth as well as happy but left no address for him to reply to.

You grew nervous at the sound of neros truck followed by Harley’s, and you looked out the front window to see the whole club was with him, including Gemma and Tara. Gemma, Nero and Tara were the only people who knew you were pregnant and exactly where you were at all times. You watched as everyone followed Nero up to the porch, where they sat down as he came inside.

“Hey mamma.” He smiled brightly and kissed your cheek.

“Hey.” You sighed lightly feeling more relaxed than usual now that you were back so close to the club. “They all came huh?”

“Yeah, every single one of them.” He smiled “you got a great family here girl.” You rolled your eyes playfully as you watched silently from the window (they couldn’t see you but you could see them) as some of the prospects rough housed.

“So, you want me to bring them in?” You shook your head.

“Grab Gemma and Tara for me first, I want them here to kind of soften the blow if happy doesn’t take this,” you pointed to your belly “well.” and wattled back into the living room as Nero chuckled at you but waited until you were out of view to open the door and call for gem and Tara.

“There’s our mamma to be.” Gemma smiled and hugged you before kissing your cheek.

“I’m glad you guys came too. I hope you don’t mind, but I want you guys in here when happy finds out.” You sat down slowly on the couch, with the help of Nero, with your pillow propped behind you for extra support like normal.

“Of course.” Gemma and Tara said in unison.

“I told you, you should have told him sooner.” Gemma scolded

“Yeah yeah yeah” you jokingly waved her off gaining an eye roll and a chuckle from her. You hadn’t noticed that Nero had gone to the door until he called for happy and your father. Your nerves grew and your anxiety caused you to shake slightly, but Tara and Gemma blocked you from view as happy and chibs entered the living room.

“Where is she?” Happys voice was gruff and hard like normal.

“There’s something that you two don’t know,” Gemma sighed lightly. “And I want you to not to freak out or I’ll have to beat your ass.” They both nodded in agreement and Gemma and Tara stepped aside to reveal you. Both of them looked like deer caught in headlights and you could feel the waterworks starting.

“You’re pregnant?” Your father was by your side in an instant, tears of joy streaming down his face as he smiled at you.

“Yeah.” You smiled with a small chuckle. “I know I should have told you, both of you,” you looked at happy who was still stuck in his spot. “But I was afraid.” Tears were running down your cheeks as happy made his way over to you in a few strides, cupping your face in his hands and pulled your lips to his. You melted into him like it was the first time he had ever kissed you, he broke off the kiss too soon for your liking but he sat down next to you holding your small hand in his.

“Can we have a moment?” He asked not even bothering to take his eyes off you. Everyone nodded and started to walk out of the room.

“Wait” you called out and they all stopped and turned back to you. “Don’t tell anyone else yet, I want to see there reaction, especially clays.” Tara and Gemmas smiles matched yours and they all agreed and continued out of the room and out onto the porch.

“Baby.” You held up your hand and cut happy off.

“I know I should have told you, I know that, and I’m sorry, I am so so so sorry.” You began to cry, your hormones were everywhere and you couldn’t help it. “But I didn’t know what else to do, I stopped at the hospital before I left to make sure I was okay and that’s when I found out about the boys. I was going to come back sooner but I-.”

“Boys?” Happy was the one to cut you off this time, a smile as wide as the sun plastered on his face.

“Yes” you nodded still crying. “The boys.”

“What are their names?” Happy was taking this a lot better than expected considering he had flat out told you he didn’t want kids 3 years ago on your two years anniversary.

“Well I wanted your opinion, but I do have one name. Maddox” (or insert whatever baby names you want but I like these so *sticks tongue out and crosses eyes*)

“Zander.” He smiled wiping your tears away. It was needless to say you were in shock at the way happy was acting in this moment, he was never one for showing to much affection or love, even though you knew he did in fact love you.

“What has gotten into you.” You couldn’t stop yourself from asking, but you wanted to know.

“I’ve missed you baby, these past nine months have shown me just how much you mean to me and I can’t be away from you, nor my boys,” he chuckled. “Any longer.” He slowly and lightly pulled you into his lap. “I know I’m not good with emotions and shit, but im gonna try my best baby” he whispered in your ear and you turned to face him.

“Don’t change yourself for me hap,” you kissed his cheek. “I fell in love with you and I don’t need you to change.” He kissed your forehead.

“I love you baby” you smiled contently at him as it was the first time you had heard him say that in a year.

“I love you too.” You kissed him one last time before slowly getting up and grabbing his hand.

“I have some good news first.” You looked up at him.

“And what’s that.” He wrapped his arm around you.

“The night terrors aren’t bad anymore, I still have them,” he shrugged. “But not as bad as when” he pulled your shirt up to reveal the scar from the wound he created nine months before. “That happened.” You could tell he resented himself for it. Even hated himself for ever hurting you. You turned to him and cupped his face in your hands making him look at you.

“It’s okay, that’s in the past baby,” you kissed him hard and he returned it before pulling back.

“I really am sorry baby.” He kissed your forehead.

“It’s a conversation for another time.” You grabbed his hand again before pulling him to the door. “Now let’s tell the rest of the family.” Happy pointed for you to stay inside for a moment leaving the front door open but you were out of view from anyone.

“Now I know all of you are excited to see Y/N again” Gemma started. “But we have a surprise for you, I’m going to need everyone to be careful with her, because if you break my god baby,”

“You’ll kick our ass’s, we know mom.” Jax said and you could hear his eye roll from where you stood. Nero and happy came back into view and held one of your arms as they helped you outside.

“I can walk on my own you know.” They both chuckled at your stubbornness, once again Gemma kept you shielded from the front and happy and Nero from the sides.

“Would you all get out of the way!” Clay was growing impatient which gained a giggle from you. “I want to see my niece already.”

As if it were rehearsed everyone stepped away and revealed you to the rest of the club, for a moment it was silent, everyone shocked and trying to process seeing you with such a big belly.

“Oh my god!” Jax was the first to actually speak as he came over and hugged you, congratulating both you and happy. Everyone else soon followed as they yelled and cheered for the new additions to the club family.


Everyone had made there way inside once the excitement died down some, you all somehow managed to fit into the living room as happy felt his sons kick for the first time.

“They’ve been very feisty today.” You sighed another pain coming on, this one worse than all the others you had been having through out the day. “Oh god.” You cried out as it coursed through you. “Oh no.” Your water had broke and once again your nerves were in overdrive. What if you couldn’t do this, what if happy didn’t want to do this? Your mind was running a million miles an hours.

“What’s wrong.” Tara and your father were next to you instantly, Tara checking your vitals and chibs holding your hand.

“They’re coming!” Everyone jumped into a blind panic, rushing around as you and happy made it out to Neros truck while you breathed through the contraction.

“I’ve got your bag.” Happy hopped in the back as Nero got into the driver seat and pulled out of the lane like a bat out of hell with the club following close behind you.

~3 days later~

You took your time packing up what little you had taken out of your bag as happy trained with one of the nurses on how to change a diaper. You couldn’t help but giggle when he cursed or groaned from making a mistake.

“This is impossible you know.” He called out to you making you smile.

“It’s not, you can do it. I’ve seen you do a lot of things you said were impossible, but you eventually did them right?”

“Yeah” he groaned, he hated when you were right.

“Gemma said the boys room is all set up so we don’t have to worry about anything once we get there.” You grumbled out, you had nested at neros farm home and not your own due to obvious reasons. But you were uneasy about how the room would be, you knew the second you were able to move things and lift things again, you would be changing the room around.

“I’m sure it will be up to your standards baby, they did use everything you bought from the farm house.” Happy snuck up behind you and hugged you, kissing your cheek. “Lets take our boys home.” He grabbed the bag from you and you sat down in the wheelchair as happy led the way. Zander and Maddox were sound asleep in the carriers and you watched them like a hawk the whole way to your car.


Happy carried the boys and your bag into the house as you slowly followed, something was askew but you couldn’t place it. As you closed the front door you looked up and saw the club.

“Surprise!” They whisper yelled and you couldn’t help the smile on your face.

“Come here las.” Your father hugged you tightly actually able to give you a proper one now that you weren’t the size of Texas.

The night was filled with laughs and smiles as everyone welcomed home their newest members and for the first time in a long time you knew that this was exactly how you were supposed to end up. Your old man by your side with the little bundles in your arms. As everyone was gathering to leave and the boys had just gone down for the night, happy pulled you outside where everyone was still waiting.

“Now I know this is strange, it’s strange for me too, but I love you more than anything on this entire earth. Well besides our sons” he smirked at you. “But I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Who are you and what have you done with happy.” You joked gaining a laugh from everyone else.

“Marry me.” His words to your breath away, you knew your answer but you were so in shock that he had even asked you, you couldn’t speak. This wasn’t the happy you had fell in love with, he was never the man to share his feelings, thoughts nor show any affection when others were around and it was very seldom at home. You had accepted that, but this man that stood before you today was changed.

“Yes.” You breathed after what felt like years to the both of you. He engulfed you in a hug as everyone cheered for the both of you.

“It just keeps getting better and better.” Gemma exclaimed and after another 20 minutes outside with the extended family, happy carried you inside and into your bedroom for the night.

—– Should I make a third part? Hmmmm…..

northernsongspeels  asked:

Hi <3 upon reading one of your recent posts I'm wondering if there is any source to the conjecture that Paul may have had an affair with Tara Browne (if anyone, Bob Fraser is a more commonly considered a 'suspect' :) I do think John's jealousy and distress was caused by the fact that this circle of friends made Paul drift further away from him, which he might have felt as even worse than 'an affair'.. anyway I'd be interested to know what makes you think so. thanks for your reply!

To be honest, this is another one of those things that I believe but the only evidence I have is very vague. But I’ll try to explain why I think it’s possible that Paul and Tara had an affair!

By all accounts, Tara was very charismatic and attractive, some saying he “looked like he’d just fallen from the roof of the Sistine Chapel” (x). Nicholas Gormanston suspects that Paul would not have been oblivious to Tara’s beauty, either, saying “I think he would have been absolutely fascinated by Tara’s accent and his appearance.” (x) Tara was also very upper-class, which Paul has admitted he’s always been attracted to, “I’m not ashamed of it, I’m attracted by that. I think it’s a rich world, the world of Varsity, the Racquet Club sort of thing.” (Many Years From Now). Not to mention, Tara was very artsy and cultured and bohemian, as well as being a socialite, all things that Paul was very attracted to, especially in the mid 60s.

I think it might be possible Tara was bisexual, as well. He dated Amanda Lear, who was heavily rumored to be transsexual (not that dating someone who’s trans means that you’re bi, but of course the attitude was different in the 60s and dating a trans woman back then may indicate that he was not completely straight, no offense intended of course). The source here is questionable, but he may have dated Brian Jones, “Drugs with Paul McCartney, John Lennon and the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones was a boyfriend, all of that” (x), and Amanda Lear said, “In the meantime, [Tara] left for London, where he was living with Brian Jones while he tried to escape his divorce” (”Persistence of Memory” by Amanda Lear). In Mike McCartney’s book, ‘The Macs,’ he talks about being invited on a trip to Paris with Tara, “'Shall we share bedrooms?’ [Tara] asked. ‘Oops!’ I thought. We didn’t know each other that well, and here is a gay young titled gentleman asking me to go to bed with him.” Also in the book, Mike says that he and Tara went to “gay Paris nightclubs.” And there’s also this bit from Amanda Lear’s book, from a conversation with Salvador Dali, “’All girls have a bit of lesbian in them, just as all boys have a little of the homosexual. I bet your friend here likes boys, like all well-bred young Englishmen.’ Tara laughed nervously.”

They both seem very fond of each other. Paul called Tara “a very sensitive bloke” (Anthology), and Tara openly admired Paul in return, “David Vaughan met Paul through the Guinness heir Тага Browne, who offered to take him round to Paul’s and introduce him. ‘What’s he like as a person?’ asked David. 'He’s the most intelligent man I’ve ever met,’ Тага told him” (Many Years From Now). Also, Paul took Tara with him to Liverpool to meet his family, which indicates a pretty close relationship. And the fact that Paul chose Tara to first take acid with implies a lot of trust, and Paul comes off as someone who has a very hard time trusting people. Also, the fact that Tara secretly didn’t take acid during Paul’s first time shows that Tara was very protective of Paul and genuinely cared about him a lot, “he felt it was important for him to stay lucid just in case Paul had a bad trip” (x). 

I’ve talked about this before, but John’s intense dislike of Tara is definitely more than a little suspicious. You make a good point that John would have been hurt alone by Paul drifting away and spending more time with his ‘artsy’ friends. But, and this is just an impression, John’s hatred towards Tara seemed very focused, rather than it just being a general dislike for Paul’s London friends. He was directly cruel towards Tara in a way that he wasn’t really towards Paul’s other friends. “Paul was the only Beatle who showed up regularly at Tara and Nicki [Browne]’s place.[…] But John was still too class-conscious to ever warm to Tara, or even to let his guard down around him, according to Nicki” “John didn’t say much. He was quite aggressive. He was bloody angry. I don’t think he would have allowed himself to be impressed by someone like Tara” (x) And there are two songs, both from 1965, about Paul being with someone else. John was singing Run For Your Life, “Well I’d rather see you dead than to be with another man” “Catch you with another man, that’s the end” while Paul was singing “I don’t wanna say that I’ve been unhappy with you, but as from today well I’ve seen somebody that’s new. I ain’t no fool an I don’t take what I don’t want, for I have got another girl.” 

Of course, Paul and Tara may have just been good friends and I’m reading into nothing. But idk, I think it’s possible. And if they were just friends, then I don’t understand why Paul always seems very uncomfortable while talking about Tara. Because they were obviously very close, yet Paul is very reluctant to talk about him. 


Be My Lifeline

*Not requested, but something I have been working on.

Summary: The reader goes off to explore the world only to come back and find out her father has passed.

WARNINGS: Death of a loved one, swearing

Word Count: 2,572 

The gifs are not mine, I found them on Google.

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Wounds to Mend

Alrighty then. So, this scene is part of a larger WIP fic of mine called ‘A Search for Sanctuary’ involving pre-Savior Negan and inspired heavily by ‘Here’s Negan’. For this scene, I got really inspired by the latest ‘Here’s Negan’ (14) and ended up going, of course, the smut-route with it.

Brief scene setter - The scene starts after Negan is injured. The group has dispersed for the night after nobody challenges Negan to any further fights and they say they will figure out what to do in the morning (whether the Rapey-Guy’s group wants to go their separate ways and etc.) Dwight gets in an argument with Sherry over Negan. Negan and Sherry at this point have been having a secret affair. (Word Count: 4,644 Warnings: Smut.)

‘A Search for Sanctuary’

Chapter unknown – Wounds to Mend

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High Women Tell No Tales-Sons of Anarchy Imagine

Requested: Yes

Warnings: some swearing and violence

A/N: it’s going to be another general imagine since not enough people voted for a particular pairing.

Originally posted by karladahmer

 All Y/N could feel was pain, a deep throbbing, annoying ache that reverberated throughout her entire body. For a second, she thought it hurt to blink, but she realized it was just her imagination. She glanced around her surroundings for a second before recognizing that the white walls and the monitor beeping next to her signaled that she was, indeed, in the local Charming hospital.

   “Crap,” she muttered.

   “Sleeping Beauty finally woke up.” Y/N winced as she turned her head slightly to see Jax sitting in the chair next to her bed. His shoulder length blonde hair was messy and his eyes had bags underneath them.

   “You look like sh-t,” Y/N said.

   “Well, I was up most of the night worrying about you, like the rest of SAMCRO,” Jax said.

    “Where are they?”

    “In the waiting room. Tara is making us take turns to see you.”

    “Sounds like her.” 

   Jax stood up, walked to Y/N, and ran a hand over her head. “What happened to you?”

   Y/N swallowed as she tried to remember what exactly had landed her in the hospital. “Me and Y/B/F/N and her roommate went to this bar near the strip. There were a lot of drinks and bikers around.”

   “Did someone in particular catch your attention?” Jax asked.

   Y/N closed her eyes and remembered a hazy, red-colored view of a large man in a biker jacket. He had stereotypical biker tattoos and he wore a dark scarf around his hair. 

    “All I know is that he smelled like Miller Light and had a deep voice.”

    “We’re gonna catch this guy, Y/N, I swear,” Jax said, anger seeping into his voice.

    “If I can remember anything. You talked to the guys in Vegas, yet?”

    “We’re waiting for an update.”

    Y/N tried to relax against the pillows but hissed in pain. “Where’s the doc with my pain meds?”
    Right at that moment, Tara walked in, hands shoved into the pockets of her scrubs pants. “I’m right here and I’m guessing you are not feeling well.”

    “I want all the painkillers you have: morphine, Vicodin, whatever,” Y/N groaned.

     Tara walked over to the other side of Y/N and she examined her wounds. “Well, it looks like you’re healing up nicely but you’ll have to stay here for the next couple of days for observation.”

    “That makes me a virtual sitting duck,” Y/N said.

    “No, we have adequate security to keep you safe,” Tara said in an attempt to be comforting.

    “Whoever did this to her will probably be able to get past your security, Tara,” Jax said. “I’ll have a couple of guys stick around here to watch her.”

   “Or, someone could just give me a gun or bat and I’d be equipped to protect myself,” Y/N said.

    “No way. You are not in any condition to wield any sort of weapon let alone stand up,” Tara said.

   Y/N grumbled. “I hate hospitals.”

  “We know,” Jax said.

  “I’ll have a nurse come in with your meds, okay?” Tara said.

  “They better be strong enough to knock me out,” Y/N said.

  “We’ll see.”
  Jax leaned down to Y/N. “I gotta go now. Try not to get too high off of your meds.”

   “No promises.”

   Tara pursed her lips as Jax kissed the top of Y/N’s head before walking out of the room with him. “So, you haven’t had any updates on who could’ve done this to her?”

    “We’re working on it. You just have to focus on getting her better and keeping Unser and the other cops away from her. They’ll screw everything up investigating this,” Jax said.

   “I’ll do my best, but I don’t know how much I can do to keep them from seeing her,” Tara said. 

   Jax simply nodded and they continued walking back to the waiting room. Juice was passed out in his seat; Tig was fiddling with his thumbs; Chibs was fake reading some magazine; and Opie looked worried. Gemma and Clay were no where to be seen.

   “Hey, where’d my mom and Clay go?” Jax asked Opie.

   Opie blinked and looked up at Jax. “Your mom’s outside smoking and Clay left to call around. How is she?”
   “She’s awake but she doesn’t remember much,” Jax said.

    “Poor lass. We’re gonna have to teach whoever did this a lesson,” Chibs said.

    “Yeah, if we can find them.” Tig elbowed Juice and he jumped up.

    “Wh-what happened?” Juice asked.

    “She’s awake but Tara’s about to give her some meds to get rid of the pain so there’s no use in anyone else going to talk to her right now,” Jax said.

    “Oh, that’s convenient: Y/N gets drugged up only after you see her.” 

   “I didn’t make the call, Tara did. Don’t get your panties in a twist, Juice.”

   “Too late,” Tig muttered.

    The other guys burst out laughing while Juice chose to punch Tig in the arm.

    “Anyway, we have to have some of the guys stay here just in case whoever attacked Y/N tries to come back. I don’t think she saw anything she wasn’t supposed to but she also doesn’t remember much.”

    “I’ll stay,” Juice said.

    “I might as well too,” Opie said.

    “Great, the rest of us’ll help Clay and the others find the son of a b-tch who tried to mess with our Y/N,” Jax said.

    The other men nodded.

    “The only other thing we have to worry about is the cops. Even though they hate us, they’re obligated to investigate something like this. When they come in, try not to bust their balls too much. Besides, Y/N knows how to handle them anyway. The main priority is to keep her safe and to catch the people who landed her in here. Understood?” Jax asked.


    Back in her room, Y/N couldn’t feel any pain. She felt numb and light thanks to the morphine. She would’ve tried escaping from the hospital then, but the numbness and cords attached to her helped keep her down. Though she was fully conscious, she felt the meds lead her into some sort of dreamlike haze. Soon, she was no longer in the hospital but back in that dimly lit bar in Vegas.

    “Y/N, what are you doing?” Y/B/F/N asked through a laugh.

    The music was loud and Y/N couldn’t tell whether it was country or rap. The people in the small bar were dancing and it was hot and sweaty. Y/N was standing on the bar, dancing and waving her hands above her head.

    “Living!” Y/N shouted.

   She tossed back another shot of tequila, grinning at the burning sensation as it ran down her throat. She spun around on the bar, men and women yelled at her and she couldn’t tell whether it was out of praise or drunken belligerence.It had been years since Y/N had danced on a bar without trying to get tips from drunken bikers. She felt calm and free.

    “Nice moves, little lady,” some man with dark hair and piercing gray eyes said.

    “I know,” Y/N said.

    “Why don’t you come down here and be my partner.” He had a thick southern accent and he wasn’t terrible looking at all. Then again, tequila made everyone look good to Y/N.

    “Make me,” she teased.

    Swiftly, the man grabbed her and pulled her down from the bar, ignoring the playful swats Y/N gave him. He set her on her feet and they began dancing. He wore all black and some sort of black leather vest. 

    “You’re not too bad yourself,” Y/N called over the music. 


    Suddenly, Y/N was out in the parking lot, her two friends trailing behind her. The guy she had danced with was gone and she was ready to go back to her hotel. Y/N bumped into someone and shoved them away.

    “Watch where you’re going!” she snapped.

    “Y/N, shut up,” Y/B/F/N’s roommate warned.

    But her warning fell on deaf ears. Y/N hadn’t picked a fight since she came to Vegas and she was itching to punch someone, anyone. The man turned around but Y/N couldn’t make out his face or anything.

    “What did you say, b-tch?” 

    And then, Y/N’s eyes snapped open and she jumped a little when she realized Juice was standing by her door. 

    “Hey, Y/N,” Juice said. “How are you feeling?”

    “Great, Nurse Ratchet gave me some drugs.” Y/N lifted the hand that had the IV in it and beckoned to Juice. “Come closer.”

    Juice hesitated before walking closer to Y/N. He looked worried and angry at the same time. “I’m not really supposed to be in here, you know. I just wanted to see how you were holding up.”

    “I’m great,” Y/N said with a laugh. 

    “You look good, you always look good,” Juice said.

    “Don’t flirt with me right now, I’m hideous.” Y/N covered her face with her hands.

   “No, you’re not. Listen to me, Jax, Clay, and Tig are looking for the bastard that did this to you. Opie and I are staying here in case they come back. The cops might come to interview you but hopefully you won’t be as high as you are right now if that happens,” Juice said.

   However, he knew his words were falling on deaf ears as Y/N cocked her head at him in confusion. This was definitely going well.

   “Redneck,” Y/N said.

   “They’re looking for a redneck,” Y/N said slowly, sounding more sleepy.  

   Juice’s eyes widened and he leaned forward. “Are you sure, Y/N?”

   “I got into a fight with a redneck at…at the bar.”
   “Do you remember what he looked like?”

    “Bigger than Opie,” Y/N said with a giggle. “I’m gonna go to sleep now.”

    “Y/N,” Juice hissed.

    However, Y/N had already drifted back to sleep. Juice sighed as he stood. Hopefully, Y/N really had realized something in her high state because this information did help narrow down suspects. Juice walked into the hallway and ran right into Tara.

   “Why are you just leaving Y/N’s room?” Tara demanded quietly.

   “Don’t worry about it, doc, it’s all under control,” he said.

   Tara stopped him from getting past her. “Look, Y/N’s my friend too and I’m trying to help her get better. You trying to talk to her while she needs rest is not helping. I’ll let you know when you can talk to her again.”

   “Whatever you say, doc.” Juice smirked at her as he continued walking into the waiting room.

   Opie stood. “Did she say anything?”

  “She said that it was a redneck and I think she might be telling the truth. She is on morphine after all.”

   “Alright, I’ll call Clay. Hopefully, it’s a solid lead,” Opie said.

   “Yeah,” Juice said, “hopefully.”

As soon as you become aware of thoughts and feelings of fear, pause for a moment and take a few full breaths. With each out-breath, see if it is possible to relax areas of obvious tension, softening through your face, letting your shoulders drop back and down, and releasing tension in your arms and hands. Now, silently offer these words to yourself:
This is the suffering of fear.
Fear is a part of being alive.
Other people experience this too … I am not alone.
May I be kind to myself … may I give myself the compassion I need.

Tara Brach  

From a meditation on fear in Tara’s book, “True Refuge”

The Fender - Carl Grimes Imagine

While on a run for supplies, you and Tara found a house that looked untouched by walkers or survivors. The interior was nice, only covered in a thin layer of dust. You and Tara walked through the house, knives drawn, making sure everything was clear. As you made your way upstairs, you found a room filled with beautiful guitars, ukuleles, and even a piano.

One guitar, a Fender that hung from the wall, caught your eye. You picked up the guitar and strummed it. It was out of tune, but you merely remembered how to tune it. It’d been years since you’d played—hell—even seen a guitar.

“(Y/n)! We gotta go!” Tara yelled from downstairs, snapping you out of your daydream. You grabbed the guitar and bolted down the stairs, following Tara into the car.

“Find anything?” you asked.

“Yeah, some canned food. They had a garden too. Maybe we can go back soon and get some seeds,” Tara said, eyeing the road. “I see you got something, though.”

You ran your fingertips along the neck of the guitar, feeling the glossy wood. It was weird to feel something so…fake. In a world where everything came from nature, it was odd to have something so unnatural.

“Dude, look what I found!” you said to Carl when he greeted you from your run.

“How the hell is it in such good shape?” he asked, his eyes wide.

“It was in a really nice house Tara and I found. There were tons of them,” you said.

You went back to the house you lived in with Carol, Carl walking with you. The two of you sat on your bed, and you began to tune the guitar. Carl watched your hands play with the strings and tighten them until all six sounded right.

“I haven’t played in forever,” you warned, but he didn’t seem to care. He was probably in awe. You began to play a few chords you remembered. You couldn’t remember a full song, so you just jumped from chord to chord, going between strumming and plucking.

“This is so weird,” Carl remarked.

“What do you mean?” you chuckled.

“I never thought I’d see something from the old world that wasn’t completely destroyed. Just us in a nice bedroom in a nice neighborhood playing a nice guitar,” he thought aloud.

You understood exactly what he meant. You knew not to get attached to things that were so unnecessary, but it was hard. Especially when it reminded you so much of someone you once loved. Your father would have loved to see you in such a peaceful setting in a world so awful, playing the same instrument he had loved years ago.

Two Days

A/N: I’m on a fucking roll! This is another anonymous request I had! I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to tell me what you think!


It had only been two days since Hope Weatherly had gone missing. The team worked the profile as hard as they could, but it was too late. Seven months pregnant, 28-years-old and gone too soon. They had determined that the unsub was targeting pregnant women. Likely because of a pregnant woman in his life that disappointed or hurt him in some perceived way. Spencer had seen some horrible cases in his 10 years with the Bureau, but this one was particularly gruesome and his wife, Y/N, was eight months pregnant - so unfortunately it hit very close to home.

Over the course of two days, Hope had been strategically cut, waterboarded and electrocuted until she had begged to die, which they wouldn’t have found out except for the fact that the unsub taped the whole thing. The only good thing about that was that it informed a new part of their profile. It was a new development, which meant he wanted to be seen. He was getting cocky.

They were extremely pressed for time. It had only been two days since Hope had disappeared, and only three days before that the first victim had gone missing. The unsub was picking up speed, or at least he had found a comfortable and consistent speed.

After wrapping up with the coroner’s office, Spencer and the rest of the team returned to the BAU to go over the evidence they had thus far. As JJ and Spencer were going over victimology once more, while Tara and Rossi went over the last dump site, Hotch walked into the conference room. Almost warily. As if he didn’t want to.

“Spencer,” he said, with a hint of trepidation in his voice. 

Not realizing that anything was wrong, Spencer didn’t even look up - fully expecting his boss to just say what he needed to say. Hotch repeated, almost resigned, “Spencer?”

With that, he looked up, “What, Hotch?”

He opened his mouth, but at first nothing came out. It was on his second attempt that he uttered the scariest phrase Spencer had ever heard. “Spencer, Y/N has been missing for two hours.”


Y/N was a professor at the local university and despite Spencer’s pleading, she had insisted on teaching until she went into labor. She loved what she did, as did he, so he understood, however unhappy he was about the situation. It was 4:00 PM and she had been scheduled to teach a 90-minute class at 2:00, but she hadn’t showed up. As soon as she missed class, the professor in the neighboring classroom had called to ask if she’d gone into labor. When Y/N didn’t answer, she called one of their mutual friends to ask the same question, and was told no, she hadn’t gone into labor yet. That’s when she was reported missing.

The entire team was gathered in the conference room trying to calm Spencer down.

“Spence,” JJ said, combing her hair back in worry, “It might not be what you think.”

Hotch, ever the steadying force, spoke after, “We can’t jump to conclusions Spencer. We have no idea…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the TV in the conference room turned itself on, showing a live feed of Y/N, tied to a chair, with various shallow cuts across her arms and legs, covered in sweat and shaking uncontrollably. Muffled, but still clear to Spencer’s heightened senses, he heard her, “Please! Don’t hurt my baby! I’ll do what whatever you want! I’ll give you whatever you want! Just don’t hurt my little girl. Please.” 

Her pleading did nothing to stop him as he approached her once more, face covered, and made a small, shallow cut on the top of her protruding stomach. As her screaming and pleading filled the conference room, he turned toward the camera and cut the feed. 

Spencer’s face was covered in tears, the ability to speak had been ripped from his throat and without even realizing it, he had fallen to the ground in panic. Garcia was sobbing and JJ was pacing the floor. Hotch and Tara hadn’t even moved.

The next thing he heard was Morgan, “Kid. Kid? We’re gonna find her. She’s gonna be okay.” Rossi had placed both his hands on Spencer’s shoulder, desperately trying to give him something to hold on to.

Without being told, everyone knew what they needed to do. Garcia went back to her office to see if she could trace where the feed came from. Hotch, Rossi and Derek went back to their respective offices to gather what information they needed, and JJ and Tara went to examine every inch of the scene behind Y/N for any indication of where she might be.

Hours later, nearly 2:00 AM, and they had next to nothing. Garcia hadn’t been able to get an exact location, just an estimate of the area where Y/N was being held. 

“If he broadcasts anything again, I will be able to get a precise location, Spencer. I promise,” she said, determination filling her words.

Spencer had been left alone in the conference, where he had been sitting for nearly 12 hours, as the rest of the team was making phone calls and grabbing coffee. No one intended to sleep until Y/N was home and safe in Spencer’s arms. His head fell into his hands, and again he began sobbing, “Garcia, what if he does tap into the feed again? What will she look like this time? What will he have done to her? What if the something happens to the baby? I won’t be able to live with myself - I can’t live without her!” His voice cracked - he had never felt so low in all his life. There was nothing he could remember than hurt this much - not the torture he had gone through as a child prodigy, not the physical torture he had endured at the hands of Tobias Henkel, not putting his mother in Bennington against her will - nothing hurt as much as possibly not being able to tell his wife he loved her one more time. Or never seeing the face of his daughter.

With almost no more leads regarding who the unsub could be, they had to rely on Garcia’s tracking skills, and Y/N’s possible whereabouts. JJ and Tara reentered the room. 

“We think she’s being kept in an abandoned warehouse in the packing district,” Tara stated. “Garcia, can you find out what abandoned buildings are in the radius of the crime scene?”

Garcia sat at the computer, which she had situated in the conference room next to Spencer, “Of course. I’m on it.”

Once more, the TV turned on. Spencer’s eyes were fixed to the screen - speech escaping him. Y/N was covered in more cuts than before, some of them deeper; her breathing was shallow and she was covered in what they thought was sweat, until they looked to the floor beneath her feet - it was a puddle of water. She was being waterboarded. 

His whole body was shaking in fear. “Garcia!” Spencer screamed, “do you have anything?”

Her fingers were flying at the speed of light. “One second, I’m almost there. Just give me one second!”

He begged, barely able to hold himself upright. “Garcia, please!”

“I got it,” she shrieked, “4048 Walton Street, Bethesda!”

Spencer barely heard the address as he had run out of the room before she could finish. Following behind him was his team, his brothers and sisters in arms, his family - he could only hope they didn’t see another Hope Weatherly when they arrived.


“Stop!” Morgan screamed, as he kicked down the door. Without hesitation, the unsub tried to run, with Morgan, Tara and Hotch in pursuit. Spencer, JJ and Rossi gravitated towards Y/N’s side.

“Y/N,” Spencer cried, “I’m here! You’re gonna be okay.”

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” she gurgled, the water from the latest round of torture still lodged in her throat. She grabbed her stomach, desperate to feel some signs of life. 

She stood, trying to bear some weight on her fragile frame. But as she did, a sob broke from her throat and fluid ran down her leg. “No!” she cried, collapsing onto the stretcher that had just arrived, “Not yet, it’s too soon! Spencer, she can’t come yet!” Her screams would plague his dreams for years to come. He just hoped she and the baby would come out of it ok, so they could be together.

The ambulance had been dispatched to the scene the moment they left the BAU, and as she was wheeled away - bruised, battered, sore and now in labor - they heard a round of shots. He would never be able to exact revenge on the man that nearly stole his heart and soul. He was dead.


Olivia Jennifer Reid was born nearly fifteen hours after the ordeal that almost took her mother’s life and her father’s as well. One month premature - she was 5 pounds 4 ounces and 19 inches long. Despite everything, her vitals were strong. A fighter - just like her parents.

After the lengthy labor, Y/N had been checked out by the doctors, despite her desire to stay with her daughter, and she too, would be okay. The psychological aspects of her capture would linger more than the physical.

“I thought I was never going to see you,” he cracked, holding his newborn daughter in his arms. “I thought I was never going to meet her. She’s so beautiful - just like her mother.” He bent his head down to kiss his daughter’s forehead, his team filing into the room behind him.

“I love you so much, Spencer,” she breathed, exhausted after more than 24 hours of torture and labor.

He looked up from Olivia’s face, a tear falling down his right cheek. “I love you, too. So much. And you,” he spoke, looking down at the new love of his life.

Y/N could see the pain and guilt on his face. “Spencer, this had nothing to do with you. It wasn’t your fault. I don’t care why this guy did what he did - all I care about is that we’re gonna be okay. We can all go home.”

cordeliataras  asked:

So I'm curious what your Buffyverse sexuality headcanons are because I feel you'd have great ones.

okok let’s see what i’ve got !!!

  • tara, willow, faith, and kennedy are lesbians!! 
  • (i see a lot of evidence for compulsory heterosexuality in faith and while i’m fine with bi faith i personally see her as a lesbian!!) 
  • i’m a little unsure about kendra but i really love the idea of her being a lesbian too!!! especially considering she didn’t really have strong relationships with people before meeting buffy, and then this beautiful blonde girl comes into her life challenging that…. i’d fall in love with buffy too …
  • buffy, faith, fred, drusilla, darla, and anya are bisexual!! 
  • i think it would’ve been really cool if (in an au where faith is in the later seasons instead of spike), anya had slept with faith after her breakup with xander 
  • with buffy, i like to think that as she matures she realises that her relationships with girls are a little stronger, so she mostly dates women
  • fred starts realising she’s bi a little after willow’s visit,, wink wonk. also, evidence that she’s a wlw? she dies :))
  • cordy is kind of a puzzle for me, because while she does date boys and girls, a lot of her relationships with boys are .. kind of lacking, and done on her part for status. ultimately i love the bi cordelia hc, but i’m 100% down for lesbian cordy too!!
  • jenny?? bisexual mentor to a lovely troop of wlw who look up to her
  • i’m also really really attached to the idea of dawn being a lesbian. there’s no way she wouldn’t have a crush on at least one of the slayerettes. (i’m ignoring the dawn/xander thing bc that’s… a disaster)
  • uhhh glory is gay and thought that buffy was hot checkmate 

*** Again, I do not advocate marital infidelity. Don’t be getting any ideas my loves ;) ***

Part 1

You smiled as you heard Abel laugh from the living room, his favorite cartoon was on. You were at the stove mixing some scrambled eggs and ham around in the pan when you felt Jax come up behind you, his arms snaking around your waist. “That looks good.” “You son asked for it.” “Kids just like his Old man.” You laughed and nodded, Jax’s beard tickling against the front of your shoulder as he rested his head there, pressing gentle kisses behind your ear and on the side of your neck. He stood there for a minute, watching you cook. He loved to see you cook. You looked so natural. You were a giver and a nurturing person, domestic life coming naturally to you.

Jax loved to see you do anything really but his favorite was to see you with his sons. You had such a motherly instinct, at times he saw it was greater than Tara’s. Tara was good with taking care of the boys but she rarely ever played with them anymore. Hell, she never even gave Jax a hug anymore. Something as simple as a hug and she couldn’t do it, never mind taking time out of her day to just play with the boys. She’d become so distant lately, he often questioned why he was even with her anymore. She didn’t treat him like a husband, she treated him like a nuisance. You were different.

You gave him all the affection you could without overstepping any boundaries. You had serious feelings for Jax and you knew he did too but you weren’t married, he was. Everything had been simple. You were his friend and would be there for him and the boys when they needed you. Nothing more, nothing less. Then he had gone and kissed you in the parking lot. Everything had changed since then. Since then, Jax and the boys had been spending more and more time at your house. Jax didn’t like going home and he didn’t trust Tara enough to leave Abel and Thomas alone with her. He rather sleep at your place than to sleep at the clubhouse where all he could smell was cigarettes and shitty perfume.

When he slept at your house, the smell of home cooked meals and your natural scent put him to sleep. He hadn’t realized how attached he had gotten to you until you had given him a brand new pillow case to use, still not sleeping in the same bed as him. It had taken him forever to fall asleep because he couldn’t smell you and in that moment he had realized hat he’d fallen for you. His whole life, he could only see his future with Tara. He couldn’t see himself without her. Now he couldn’t see a future without you. He barely even thought about Tara anymore and she knew. He didn’t call her as often anymore. Didn’t get as upset hen she had to work late at the hospital. It barely even phased him when she would pull away from him at night.

Before, he would reach for her, try to hold her and she would brush him off. It used to affect him so much that he would either leave and sleep at the clubhouse or they would get into a fight right there in the middle of the night. Now he didn’t even try to touch her. He didn’t vent to her about club business anymore but it was obvious that he had gotten it off his chest. He used to lay awake at night, worrying about what was happening to his marriage and his club. Now he went straight to sleep, not a worry in the world and Tara knew it was because of you. She had thought that if she pushed him away, it would make him seek her out more. She thought he would cave and leave Charming and the club behind to be with her but that didn’t happen.

Instead, he was replacing her with you and you were already being a better wife and mother than she had been lately. Tara wasn’t about to let that happen. If she couldn’t have him, nobody could.


“Jax, I need to talk to you.” “Mom I’m bu-” “I think Tara is taking a deal.” Jax’s eyes snapped up towards his mother. “What are you talking about?” “I went in to St. Thomas today, wanted to ask her something. I got to her office and I heard talking so I waited outside. About 15 minutes later, that Patterson bitch and some ATF agents left her office. I asked her about it and she wouldn’t answer me. She’s up to something Jackson.” Jax let out a deep sigh and rubbed his hands over his face. “I’ll call Lowen, see if she knows anything.”

Jax was sitting at the picnic table with Chibs when he saw Lowen’s car pull up. His eye brows scrunched together and he stood up, waiting for her to come to him. He had asked her over the phone but she had said that it would be better if they spoke in person and now he was worried. What if she tried to rat on the club?

Ally walked up and Jax held the door open for her, leading her into the clubhouse. They sat at the bar both Jax and Chibs looked at her while she folded her hands together. “I think Tara is taking a deal with the ATF. She won’t answer any of my calls and I called them to speak with them, they’re also being very secretive. I can’t tell exactly what she’s planning but I checked the records and the file on Luann Delaney is missing. I don’t know what she could possibly want with that but I think that’s got something to do with it. I requested the file and they denied it, saying that the file had been confiscated for investigation of a current case.”

Jax couldn’t remember a time he had been so confused. Why would Tara be doing anything with the ATF about Luann? His head was hurting and all he wanted to do was go and see you. “Ok thanks Lowen. You find anything else, let me now.” “I will Jax.” With that, she got up and left the clubhouse, Jax turning to Chibs. “I’m gonna head out too. Clear my head.” Chibs nodded and said goodbye, pressing a kiss to Jax’s cheek and telling him to be careful.

Pulling up to your house, he saw that you car was missing and called you but got no answer. He called you a couple more times and was starting to get worried when you finally answered. “Hey where are you?” “I’m down at the police station. They’re questioning me about Luann’s murder.”


“So you didn’t know Luann personally?” “For the 5th time, no. I didn’t know Luann. She was killed before I even moved to Charming.” “But you know that she was killed?” “All of Charming knows that she was killed. It’s a small town.“ "And do you have any information that would like to provide us with? We know that you’re in with the Sons. You must know something." You stared at the agent bored. "Can I go now?” “What can you tell us about Bobby Munson?” “I can tell you that he didn’t have shit to do with Luann’s murder.” The agent smiled and looked to his colleague. “Thank you, that’s all we needed to know.” You stood up getting ready to leave when a cop came up behind you and bent you over the table, handcuffing your hands behind your back.

“You have to right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney-” “What am I being arrested for!?”  "Obstruction of justice and impeding a criminal investigation. We found Mr. Munson’s DNA in Luann. That would mean that he very well could be her murderer and you’ve been withholding that information.“ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

The agent lead you out of the interrogation room and down the hall where someone caught your eye. Tara was sitting in the corner with a cup of coffee in her hands. When she saw you, an evil smile spread across her face and you knew then that she had ratted and stuck it to you. You shook your head and stared her in her eyes. "You’ll regret this, bitch.” “I doubt that." As she smiled at you, other cop stepped up to her.

"Mrs. Teller?” “Yes?” The man grabbed the coffee from her hand and put the cup on the table beside her before grabbed her arm and spinning her around just as they had done to you. “You’re under arrest." Her eyes widened twice the size. "What?" "We looked over the entire case and we are charging you with accessory to the murder of Pamela Torric. We gathered more surveillance video. It shows you bringing the rosary into the room. We also looked over the reports which said that Mr. Delaney’s right arm was not secured, which means that you released him.”

Tara began sputtering as the cop handcuffed her and walked her over right next to you. She looked over at you with wide eyes and you couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh. Jax busted through the doors just as you had quieted down and walked up to Roosevelt. “Why are you arresting her?” “It was found that Tara particip-” “Not her.”

You had to admit, you were really shocked that he didn’t care what was happening to Tara. He only wanted to know about you. Jax looked over at you and made his way over. He stopped in front of you and held your head in his hands. “I’ll get you out. Don’t worry. I’ll make some calls, keep you safe inside. I promise I’ll get you out.” “What about me!?” Jax slowly looked over at Tara, a look of murder in his eyes. "Trust me, you don’t want me to get you out. If you’re as smart as you seem to think you are, you’ll try to stay inside for as long as possible.“ Tara swallowed loudly and she began to shake. She knew she was fucked. She had just burned all her bridges and she knew the club wouldn’t get anyone to protect her inside. The opposite would happen.

Jax looked back over to you and rested his forehead against yours as they lead Tara away. "You’ll be ok. I promise. I won’t let anything happen to you. I love you.” You’re eyes widened and you looked at him before smiling lightly. “I love you too.” The guard cleared his throat when Jax kissed you. “Alright, that’s enough.” The cop pulled on your arms and lead you away right behind Tara. Jax starred after you, seeing red. Tara had made the biggest mistake of her life.

Imagine being Chib’s daughter and having a baby with Juice

Originally posted by sandm1827

You were sitting on the wooden table top of the picnic table, the baby carrier sat on the section of bench between your feet as the 7 month old baby boy slept peacefully, as you waited anxiously for his father to be back in your arms. 

“Baby, are you here?” He called through the house as you held the papers Tara had just given you no less then two hours ago. They read as follows… 

            [Y/N] Telford 

           Pregnancy blood test results- positive 

            Come in monthly for check ups and begin a prenatal vitamin supplement. 

              Estimation of fetus development- two and a half months. 

 Attached to the paper was a black and white photograph of your baby… The baby you had and were still making with one Mr. Ortiz 

 "Babe, there you are.“ His smile lit up the room as you lifted your head from the ultrasound and smiled at him. 

"Hey, you’re home early." 

"Listen I gotta tell ya something.” He knelt in front of you and placed his tan hands on both knees, “I gotta tell ya something too." 

"Ok you go first.” Juice always did this, he would always want to hear about your day, or your news first, and he would listen to every word, and then you would do the same to him. 

“I’m pregnant.” You whispered and turned the ultrasound to him, and watched as his normally tan face became pale. 

“What’s wrong Babe?” You asked as his eyes grew and he looked at you, “I’m going to Stockton, along with half the club." 

"Aunt [Y/N]!” Abel shouted as he bolted from the car as his mother collected Thomas, who was the same age as your son. 

“Shhhh Abel, Jensen is asleep still.” You responded as the small toddler went on his tip toes to peer into the baby carrier at the little sleeping boy who wore a tattoo sleeved motorcycle onesie and the charter’s baby hat that Gemma had specially made for all the redwood original babies. 

“Sorry.” He mumbled out as he pulled himself onto the bench and then on to your lap. 

“It’s ok, are you excited for Daddy to be home?" 

"Yessssss.” He exclaimed with a giggle as Tara set Thomas on the bench next to your foot and son. 

“Hey mama.” You said, trying to imitate Gemma the best you could. 

“What are you now Gemma?” She asked with a smile as the queen herself pulled in. 

“I sure as hell hope not, and if I ever do I want you to put two in my head okay?” She chuckled softly as she sat next to you on the table and slung an arm around your shoulder, “Honey, you are never gonna be that type of old lady, now if I become like her, then I want you to put two to the back of the head, agreed?" 

"Agreed.” You whispered as the queen’s heels clucked against the pavement. 

“You’re what?” You asked, your smile fading as his words sunk in. 

“I’m sorry baby. It is club business, but I want you at the club house when all the shit goes down." 

"How long?” You asked as he reached up and brushed a piece of hair behind your ear. 

“Jax said the deal he signed was for 14 months. I’m going to get out baby, and then the three of us will be a family." 


"Jax will be back with the bitch soon, we gotta go. I parked my bike in the garage already, when we get out someone will come by with the van to load it up okay?" 

"Yea.” You said as he took your hand and headed towards disaster. 

“You ratted?” He asked Jax as you all stood there in shock, the whole team was there, transporting van, cop cars, the ATF bitch and her two guards, and the whole club. 

“I’m sorry brother. I had no choice.” Jax yelled as he made eye contact with you, causing you to run at him and hug him before anyone could move. 

“You keep him safe you hear me?” You whispered as you felt a pair of hands grab your forearm. 

“Yea [Y/N]” He whispered back as Dirty Phil pulled you back, causing you to attach to Juice’s side.

 "Oh Jax, you had a choice, you just made the right one. Unfortunately for you though you also just labeled yourself as a rat. Cuff him.“ The bitch ordered, "and everyone else on the warrant." 

Juice pulled you closer, knowing his name was on that paper and kissed your temple. 

"I love you, both of you. I’ll call once I get the chance.” He whispered as your eyes welled with tears. 

“I love you too.” You muttered out right before the police ripped him away and throw him against the car, and patted him down. 

 Afterwards you sat at the bar, a cold glass of water sat in front of you as you thought of the next year. And then Chucky looked at you and started to hand you the phone, “It’s Chibs." 

"Hey Pops.” You said as you wiped your cheeks. 

“They’re dead, Jimmy and Stahl. Are they…" 

"Yea, I’ll have Chucky call…" 

"Nah lass we will, it will be alright though. No need to worry about Juicy Boy." 

"Daddy… I’m pregnant.” You whispered into the silence of the phone. 

“Has he seen Jensen yet?” Tara asked as the crowd slowly grew. 

“No, he told me that Stockton was no place to be bringing a baby, and that he would see him once he was out." 

"So this is a big day for three reasons.” Tara smiled as Lyla walked towards you, leaving Ellie, Kenny, and Piper to mingle with one another. 

“How are you two?” Lyla asked, she knew you and Tara had a ounce of jealousy towards the blonde bombshell, for she had her man for the last 14 months, even though he was with the others when they got caught, and she was getting married. 

“Good.” You and Tara answered in unison as Lyla sat on the table on the other side of you and looked at the small boys in both your’s and Tara’s arms. 

“I wish I could have a baby that small again, I give you both a lot of credit, I know how tough it is being a single mom these days." 

"Well Lyla you could have a baby too if you didn’t…” Tara started, you knew the direction she was trying to go. 

“Well Lyla thankfully we had a lot of help from each other, the club and you. I don’t think I could ever thank any of you enough.” You interjected, as she smiled at you, thankful that you stopped Tara. 

“Honey just you accepting my maid of Honor request is thanks enough.” She said as she held her hands out, triggering you to place your son in them, as his godmother stared at her. 

 "Do you mind if I walk around with him?“ Lyla asked 

"No, I am sure he will love it, but when the boys get back, I’ll need him back.” You smiled as she walked towards her own children, no doubt to let them all spoil Jensen. 

“I know you don’t like her much Tara, but she is becoming a part of this family." 

"I bet the marriage won’t even last that long, I give it a month before she cheats on Ope." 

"I was hoping for three.” You laughed as Thomas smiled at you. 

 As he smiled you heard the rumble, to others it could be mistaken for thunder rolls, but not you, or anyone else at this club house right now, those were motorcycles of all different kinds. Each belonging to a different member of the Redwood Original charter of SAMCRO. You stood on the bench and watched as each black beauty entered the lot, greeted by the cheers of the crowd. 

One bike caught your eye though, it was near the back of the group. Before you could even think you leapt down onto the concrete floor and dashed towards the party, searching for the man who caught your eye. When you finally saw him in the developing crowd of crow eaters, old ladies, friends, family and members, you went running and collided into his chest. His arms immediately wrapped around you and placed a kiss on your hair. The scent you missed so much overwhelmed your nose; leather and generic manly body wash scent. You lifted your head and looked at his face, his eyes were covered by his sunglasses but you knew they were shining, a huge smile spread across his face as you smiled back. 

“I missed you.” You whispered into his kutte. 

“I missed you too babe. I missed my son too." 

 And then it registered, Lyla still had Jensen, you turned to see that she was hugging Opie, no baby in hand, your head whipped towards Tara or Gemma but neither had him either, you were about to race to Lyla and ask who had him, but then you saw your father, who was pointing at you both. 

"Aye laddy, there is your father.” His Scottish voice said to the small child, who looked so much like his father. 

“Now I can only imagine that you are excited to met him, so here he is.” Your father came closer and handed Jensen to him. 

“Look Jensen it is Daddy.” You cooed as Juice took Jensen , a tear running down his face as he held his son for the first time. 

“Hey Jensen.” He whispered as held him close, you were now standing with your father, whose arm was thrown over your shoulder, “I think he will make a fine father.” Chibs whispered to you as you smiled at the sight before you. 

“Yea. I think he will, if not he has a kick ass motorcycle club who can teach him the ropes.” You joked as Chibs smiled also. 

“And kick Juicy boys ass if need be." 

"I think he will do fine daddy.” Your father pulled you a bit closer as Tig came over to ya, “There’s my favorite old lady!" 

"Uncle Tiggy!” You cheered as you embraced the man with the crazy blue eyes and curls, “Didn’t bring some butt buddy back from Stockton I see." 

"Now girly, you know I am not the kind of man to make some one think we are more then sex.” Tig smiled as you laughed. 

“That doesn’t explain though why you have one ex wife and two crazy kiddos.” You smiled, knowing that behind his glasses he was rolling his eyes. 

“So where is my godkid? Figured you or Juicy would have him." 

"Juice has got him, he…” When you turned though Juice was no where to be seen, “not again.” You muttered as you looked at your father, hoping he saw the duo leave. 

“Jensen started to fuss, he is inside now I think, or at the table.” Chibs smiled as you huffed. 

“Jesus I am being an awful mother today.” You exclaimed as you started towards the bar, leaving Chibs and Tig to talk. Sure enough Juice was seated at the bar, you leaned against the beam and watched as Juice spoke to him as Jensen tried to hold his own bottle. 

“Listen Jensen, I know I have been gone a few months, and that I left mommy all alone to take care of you. But I promise, I am not going to go anywhere, for the next 18 years I am all yours, for you and Mommy and my club are my number ones and nothing will make me leave you again little man. I love you both so much, and one day I will maybe ask mommy to marry me, but for now I will just focus on you, and being a better daddy then mine was." 

"So this is where you took our son?” You pushed off of the beam and walked behind the bar and stood across from him and your son. 

“Yea, he was fussing a bit so I figured I would try feeding him." 

"Well I must say this kid can eat. Got his father’s appetite, or Bobby’s." 

 "He is pretty perfect babe.” He said as the bottle emptied and was taken away from Jensen. 

“I am shocked he hasn’t cried yet just because you are holding him. Normally he wails if anyone new goes near him." 

"Maybe that was why he was fussing, because of the…" 

"Oh no he would be like loudly sobbing if it was that. He was probably hungry, he ate before I left the house like two hours ago." 

"Really?” He exclaimed as you chuckled 

“I’m telling ya the kid can eat." 

"So I was thinking.” Juice said after a few minutes of silence, “that we head home, get some family time in before we have to go to a wedding." 

"I like the way you think, I got your gifts too, they are at home for ‘em." 

"I really did miss you, and your awesomeness.” Juice smiled as he slipped out of the stool and carefully carried Jensen to the car seat, which was still on the bench. 

 Before getting in the car your arms wrapped around Juice again, who returned the action. 

“I love you.” He said as you looked at him, his sunglasses back over his eyes, he leaned down a bit and kissed you for the first time in months. It was a tender kiss, but even in it’s tenderness showed just how much he needed you. 

“I love you too, and I can’t wait for nap time.”

  Part Two

Parenthood (Daryl Dixon imagine)

imagine: when it is revealed that your son was put in extreme danger, daryl’s paternal instincts kick in. (2,164 words)

an: someone requested a part 2 to fatherhood and i also really wanted to write it so here it is!!!! (PART ONE HERE) hope u enjoy daddy!daryl and angry!daryl all in one ;))) - gabby

Originally posted by reedusgif

I’m sure the last thing Daryl expected when he arrived at Alexandria Safe Zone was to be awkwardly reunited with an ex-girlfriend and his nine-year-old biological son. At first I thought he’d run away again, the same way he did all those years ago, but I was surprised to find that in actuality, he was more than willing and almost excited to take on his fatherly role.

He’d never verbally admitted it to me, but he really wanted to be a good dad. This was evident in the way he beat himself up over every small mistake he made, like when Nathan broke his bike and he raised his voice at him. He’d only ever spoken to Nathan in soft tones since then, terrified of making his son cry again.

Every parent makes mistakes, though, and for the most part, Daryl was an amazing father to Nathan. Occasionally I’d catch him giving Nathan piggyback rides around Alexandria early in the morning, my son’s gleeful squeals ringing out and reaching my open bedroom window from where I watched, still dressed in pyjamas past 9:00 AM for the first time in nine years. Then, if I was lucky, I’d catch sight of them playing with action figures as they ate breakfast, Daryl trying to hide his crimson face as he poured a bowl of cereal for me, mortified that I’d caught him putting on funny little voices for each character.

It had taken multiple nights of accidentally falling asleep together on my couch to realise that Daryl may as well move in with us. And similarly, it had taken multiple nights of accidentally falling asleep together in my bed to realise that Daryl didn’t need to be sleeping on the couch. Nathan accepted Daryl’s new presence in our daily routine as though it had always been the norm, even to the extent where he wouldn’t brush his teeth unless Daryl brushed his alongside him. They’d both stand in front of the mirror, baring their teeth as much as they could, and I’d watch and shake my head in amusement. I’d wipe the toothpaste out of Daryl’s beard as he made his way out to meet Aaron, and couldn’t help but feel elated at how normal our relationship was. We weren’t just putting it on for Nathan, either; it was totally natural. 

Daryl went recruiting with Aaron and I had a daily two hour shift on watch now that Sasha had taught me to shoot. I enjoyed sitting alone, watching over the scenery that lay outside the gates; Jessie watched Nathan for the duration of my shift, allowing me a couple of hours of serenity. It was as though we were ordinary parents, and I loved it.

Nathan had been acting strange since I picked him up from Jessie’s. Usually the two of us would kick a soccer ball around Alexandria or play a board game, but all Nathan wanted to do was take a nap. So, I read a book in silence before getting started on preparing dinner, something Nathan and I did together while we waited for Daryl to get home. The absence of Nathan meant that I couldn’t shake the idea of Daryl never returning; the thought always prodded the back of my mind but today it was more intrusive than ever. I knew Daryl loved recruiting and it was the perfect job for him, but I couldn’t help wishing he could remain safe inside the walls every day. That way he would always be there and his introduction into our lives wouldn’t be a waste. Of course I hadn’t admitted it to him yet, but each time I looked at Daryl I regressed back into that naive nineteen year old girl who had fallen in love with him all those years ago.

“Hey,” a familiar voice called out, accompanying the slamming of the front door. “Y’alright, Y/N? Where’s Nate?”

“I’m okay; he’s upstairs,” I replied, chewing on my lip as Daryl pulled me in for a limp hug. “Something’s up with him, but he won’t tell me.”

“I’ll ask him,” Daryl replied with a small yawn, placing a gentle hand on my shoulder. I smiled anxiously and glanced at his slightly parted mouth for a second, somehow still tempted despite the dry blood ground into the cracks in his lips. The beeping of the oven distracted us, and Daryl made his way upstairs to find Nathan.

“You’re quiet tonight, lil’ man,” Daryl asked Nathan as we sat at the dinner table; he had been uninterestedly pushing his food around his plate for the past ten minutes, listening silently as Daryl and I discussed our days. “Got somethin’ you wanna talk ‘bout?”

The unnecessary scraping of silverware on Nathan’s full plate was the only response to Daryl’s question. I watched closely as Nathan reached underneath the sleeve of his shirt to scratch his arm, and even more closely as I noticed a small trickle of blood making its way towards his elbow.

“Nathan, why are you bleeding?” I asked, throwing down my cutlery and grabbing his hand in mine. Pushing his sleeve up, I revealed a small but deep cut on the soft skin of his upper arm, and a lump formed in my throat.

“Where’d ya get this, buddy?” Daryl asked, his tone of voice soft and encouraging, although there was an hint of alarm in the way his voice wavered. “You ain’t gotta keep secrets from us.”

“I went outside and cut it on a wire,” Nathan replied timidly, his gaze avoiding ours and focusing on his nervous hands which lay on his restless legs. Our confused expressions encouraged him to keep talking. “Outside of the gates.”

“You what?” I exclaimed, shuffling closer to the edge of my chair and closer towards a terrified Nathan. “Why would you do that, Nathan?”

“Ron and Mikey made me,” Nathan sobbed; upon switching my attention to Daryl briefly I noticed his face was reddening. “There was a walker and it… it almost got me, and they laughed at me.”

The legs of Daryl’s chair scraped loudly across the floor, the harsh noise enhancing the livid look on Daryl’s face as he stormed out of the door and towards the Andersons’ house.

“Daryl, wait!” I yelled, the whole of Alexandria surely hearing me as I dragged Nathan out of the house. “Daryl, stop!”

“What’s going on?” Aaron asked from his porch, but I ignored his question and chased Daryl down the road, a bewildered Nathan in tow.

Daryl’s furious knocking on Jessie and Pete’s door lured pretty much everyone out of their houses, and they joined me and Nathan in watching from the sidewalk. Denise came up beside me and rested her hand on my shoulder; her presence calming me only slightly. Tara ruffled Nate’s hair in an attempt to cheer him up, but I was too focused on Jessie finally opening her door to thank her.

“Daryl, what’s happening?” Jessie asked, nervously glancing around at the waiting crowd. 

“What’s happenin’?” Daryl exclaimed, throwing his arms up in the air. “Your prick of a son has scared the shit outta Nate, that’s what.”

“Excuse me? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jessie replied, her voice barely audible from this distance. 

“Maybe you should ask this little shit here,” Daryl spat, gesturing bitterly towards Ron who had come to see what all the commotion was about. “Wanna tell your mom what you did to Nate today?”

“Daryl, calm down,” Jessie urged, taking a step closer to Daryl, who was quickly shuffling his weight between his feet as if he were stood on hot coals. 

“Nah, I ain’t gonna calm down,” Daryl hissed; I squeezed Nathan closer to me as I realised he was clinging onto my waist. “Nathan ain’t ever seen a walker before, an’ today your kid almost got him bit by one.”

Jessie went to open her mouth to reply, but Daryl took a step closer to her, his face threateningly close to hers. 

“I ain’t ever trustin’ you with my son again, you hear me?” 

Daryl practically flew down the porch steps and towards us, battling through the crowd of people asking him ‘what’s happened?’ and ‘are you alright?’. Once he reached us, he exhaled deeply before grabbing me by the back of my head, hastily kissing my forehead and scooping Nathan up into his arms.

“Come on buddy, let’s get outta here.”

Although I was facing away from Daryl, I was sure of the fact that he lay awake staring at the ceiling, the same way I was vacantly boring my eyes into the wall. Just as I was about to turn to face him, he threw the covers off and got up, sneaking quietly down the hallway towards Nathan’s room to check on him for the umpteenth time. I switched the light on and propped myself up, groggily rubbing at my eyes and waiting for Daryl to return. 

Once he did, he flopped lazily onto my chest, draping one arm across my torso. I ran my fingers comfortingly down his spine and rubbed his back; something I recalled as always calming him down during the numerous teenage fights with Merle. He grumbled incoherent words and I shushed him gently, smiling to myself at the small romantic gestures we’d been using more frequently.

“You’re an awesome dad, Daryl,” I whispered, and he exhaled in amusement, slowly turning to lay on his back and look up at me. “You are.”

“Awesome dads don’t go yellin’ at other people’s kids,” he scoffed, rubbing excessively at his face with the rough palms of his hands. 

“Awesome dads stick up for their kids, and that’s what you did,” I replied, daring to run a hand through his slick, long hair. “Even if you did get a little angry.”

“He coulda died, Y/N,” Daryl whispered, his voice a little choked. “They shoulda kept a closer eye on him.”

“I know; we’re lucky he’s safe now,” I breathed, letting my thumb roam over his cheek and towards his lips. “I’m so glad you’re a part of Nathan’s life.”

“Really? Seemed to do fine without me for nine years,” Daryl murmured, sitting up and yawning. 

“I spent so long hating your guts,” I laughed, letting my head roll back and rest against the headboard. “I always thought you’d be useless and I was better off without you. You’ve proved me wrong.”

Daryl abruptly sat up and clumsily pressed his lips against mine; the kiss was slow and passionate, distinct from the rushed, lustful kisses we’d shared so far. His hands settled on my hips and mine reached for his neck, a squeal of a laugh escaping my lips as he unexpectedly pulled me closer and onto his lap. 

Of course, one obstacle of parenthood is never being able to share a moment without being interrupted by your kid. A knock on our bedroom door disrupted the intimacy; I was virtually thrown from Daryl’s lap as he darted towards his side of the bed.

Nathan poked his head around the door and I gestured for him to come and sit between us. He clambered over Daryl, giggling when Daryl pretended to shove him back off. He lay between us and pulled the covers up over his small body.

“D’ya have a nightmare or somethin’ lil man?” Daryl asked; I admired how similar they looked. Glenn was right, Nathan really was a mini-Daryl. 

“Walkers are scary,” Nathan whispered, flinching as I dimmed the light.

“Tell me ‘bout it,” Daryl replied. “Almost as scary as your mom when she first wakes up in the mornin’.”

I rolled my eyes and couldn’t help but grin at Nathan and Daryl’s laughter. I grabbed a pillow and threw it at Daryl, which soon proved to be a bad move as I now had two immature boys ganging up on me. Once the pillow fight came to an end, Nathan boldly snuggled into Daryl’s chest, something very new for all of us. Daryl’s body went visibly rigid, and he shot me a panicked look, his hands awkwardly floating in the air. I widened my eyes and nodded, prompting Daryl to cuddle him back. 

Daryl hesitantly wrapped his strong arms around Nathan and he almost immediately relaxed, resting his chin on Nate’s head and closing his eyes. I lay on my side and admired the pair of them, the image before me being one that, nine years ago, I never thought I’d see. I was reluctant to turn off the light, never wanting to stop witnessing the moment. 

We were all slowly drifting into sleep when Nathan’s quiet voice broke the nighttime silence. 

“Daryl?” he asked, to which Daryl jumped back into full consciousness with a sleepy grunt. 


“Can I call you dad?” Nathan asked, and Daryl happily exhaled, a smirk visible on his dimly lit face as he protectively wrapped his arms tighter around his son.

“’Course you can, Nate.”