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You know I might be reading into this picture too much, but I believe that this was a “foreshadowing” of events to happen.

Here we see at the top Clay preparing to punch Tig with his right arm. This signified Tig once being his right hand, his Sargeant-at-Arms, but no longer as he has his fists raised to him. Tig is leaning back and away, which could also signify the distance that grew between them.

Then there is Bobby who is in the middle of “the fight” trying to break it up, but not being able to. This could very well signify his role in trying to stop everything that happened during the series but being unable to do so. His hair is also spread out as if he would be laying on the ground (his death) because honestly why else would his hair be spread out in a standing up right position such as that.

Then down below them, we have Jax, Tara, Gemma, and Juice.

We can see that Jax is of course in the middle of Tara and Gemma, trying to stop them from each other (he was a constant go between in the show, even more so toward the end) and we can see Gemma clinging to Jax as he is trying to keep her away from Tara in an angry like manner. Trying to “keep her safe” if you’d say from his own mother.

But then we see Tara clearly clinging onto Gemma’s arm which might show that she was trying to hang on in the end. Something that Gemma caused, Tara was trying to hang in there. And then the way Tara’s face is turned it looks like she’s been attacked in some way (punched, smacked, stabbed maybe?) And her eyes are closed (death) all while trying to hold onto Gemma.

Not to mention that Jax, Tara and Gemma’s eyes are all closed which could have meant that the three of them caused each other’s deaths. Because they are the only ones with their eyes closed. (Bobby is looking down, but they’re not closed)

Now Juice. Being below Jax and yet his arm is between both Jax and Gemma, almost as if trying to pull Jax away from Gemma (protecting her). This could be showing that Juice (being on the bottom of the club) was going to be dropped by them, that they’d no longer care about him. And being below Jax showing that Jax was “above Juice” or “using him” in said manner.

And now Chibs, being in the top left corner being above everyone else, this could have signified his place as president at the end of the series. And what’s even more odd is the placement. Looking at the picture all three men who were once or is now president form a line down slightly sideways with their bodies.

Tig, also being to Chibs’s left could have meant that he was to become his VP (since the VP sits on the left of the Prez)

As far as Happy, Opie and Piney being in the picture, it could have meant that Piney and Opie were already dead. As far as Happy goes he wasn’t really an “important role” to the future events. Not saying that he isn’t important, but thinking about how this picture was taken and drawn up – Happy isn’t important here.

And as far as the black a deep white picture goes. Death, destruction, loss of hope, take your pick. It’s just as plain as day in black and white as the saying goes.

Of course I could be completely wrong but it’s just something that caught my attention. The more I looked at this picture the more I came to see.


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Author’s Note: This is a Jax Teller imagine based on Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne as requested by @thejulietfarciertlove  as well as imagine number 7 for MMW. This imagine is rated T+ Hope you all enjoy!


“You will not believe who is back in town,” Gemma’s voice comes from behind her and turning Scarlett presses a hand to her chest.

“Jesus Gemma, you can’t sneak up on me like that!” Scarlett says trying to catch her breath and with a roll of her eyes she turns back to look at what had her attention before.

“Jumpy, aren’t we?” Gemma asks staying behind her. “Aren’t you the least but curious about who’s in town?”

“Not right now Gemma,” she says and eyes focusing in front of her.

“I think you will be once you find out. It’s Tara…”

“Shit…” she hisses shaking her head. Now is not the time for ghosts of girlfriend’s past to come calling. Not with Abel needing so much care; and definitely not with the bright little plus sign showing up for her. The tears come quick, and though there is initial panic it’s quickly replaced by excitement. “Oh my God…oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…”

“Well it’s not that big of a deal really. Jax is good for you, and you’re good for him. But maybe you should go say hello, for old times’ sake. Nothing wrong with making known that he’s yours…” and turning Scarlett holds up the test for Gemma to see making the woman’s words trail off. “Well, shit…”

“Think this will do it?”


The elevator door slides open just outside of the NICU floor of St. Thomas and taking two steps out Scarlet pauses finding Tara and Jax huddled together in what looks to be a rather intimate conversation. Her stomach rolls, and she can’t tell how much of it is morning sickness, and how much is sheer panic at seeing Jax and the woman who once was his.

She and Tara couldn’t be more different. Tara, the educated doctor, Scarlett, the high school graduate who works two minimum wage jobs trying to make a go of things with the Prince of SAMCRO, they live on opposite ends of the spectrum, and while she doesn’t doubt what she and Jax has, she also remembers all too well what Tara and Jax had.

“Scarlet?” Jax’s voice draws her attention and smiling slowly she lifts a hand to wave. “You okay?”

“Yeah, uh, I need to talk to you,” she says stepping closer and she’s fully aware that Tara is studying her closely, sizing her up curiously.

“Scarlet, you remember Tara,” Jax says taking her hand, and the simple act does just enough to smooth some of her nerves.

“Of course, how could I forget?” her words are soft as she levels her gaze at Tara’s.

“I have to run actually,” Jax says and Scarlett opens her mouth to say something but is quickly silenced by him giving her a quick kiss before walking away. The silence that hangs between her and Tara is thick and finally when she can’t take it anymore she turns her gaze to Tara.

“Welcome home Tara,” she doesn’t know why she says it, it’s just the first thing that came to mind.

“Thanks Scarlet, I uh, I should get back to rounds,” Tara says and nodding Scarlet watches her walk away, and because her stomach feels dangerously weak she finds the closest chair and settles into it shaking her head over how bizarre her day has become.


The bizarre day stretched into a week as she kept just missing Jax whether it was at home or at the hospital, and when it was at the latter it always resulted in an awkward encounter with Tara, who was becoming more and more bold in her flirtations with Jax.

She pulls into TM and pressing a hand to her rolling stomach she takes a moment to try and settle it when she notices Jax and Tara standing just outside the clubhouse, and thinking nothing at first she continues to watch until she sees Tara reach up to brush at Jax’s hair, and something inside of her snaps.

She pushes out of her car slamming the door behind her and walking quickly she approaches them, and without thinking she shoves Tara gaining a sick sense of satisfaction when the other woman stumbles and nearly falls.

“What the fuck?” Tara’s voice is shrill when she turns with wide eyes to stare at her.

“I could ask the same thing,” she spits, “what the fuck Tara? Still going after guys, you can’t have?”

“Oh I don’t know, I had him before you did,” Tara’s words drip with a condescension that boils her blood. “I could have him again…”

“You bitch!” she lunges for her but Jax easily steps between them stopping what would promise to be one hell of a fight.

“She fucking started it!” Tara screams trying to find a way around Jax.

“Yeah well I’m ending it! Tara just go, and you,” Jax says a hand tightening on her arm, go inside and cool off!”

“Oh fuck you Jackson!” she screams and turning on her heel she stomps defiantly away, and she swears she would have felt triumphant about it, if she didn’t have to stop half way across the parking lot doubling over to brace hands on her knees and in front of the gathering crowd, she vomits.

“Scarlet?” Jax calls out in worry and she hears his footsteps on the pavement of the parking lot, “babe, are you sick?”

“No asshole,” she says as she pants and standing upright she wipes her mouth on the back of her hand. “I’m pregnant…”


She sits curled up in her oversized chair, her chin resting against her knees as she stares through the window. She hasn’t seen Jax since she dropped the pregnancy bombshell on him, and while there is a part of her that was glad that she could clean up and gather herself in privacy, another part of her wonders if this is Jax’s way of saying this is something he just can’t deal with.

She wouldn’t blame him. He’s under enough stress as it is with Abel, the club, and one can’t forget good ol’ Dr. Tara.

Her eyes slide closed on a well of emotion as she pictures the way they looked together in the parking lot of TM. Somehow they’ve always managed to fit, why she thought it would be different now, she doesn’t know. Just because she stuck with Jax through everything obviously doesn’t matter. Who cares if she was the one who picked up the pieces when Tara left the first time, or stood by and watched him marry Wendy knowing it was a mistake and she cleaned up the mess that left in his life too. Maybe that’s all she was good for; Jax Teller’s personal clean-up crew, and because the thought makes something inside of her ache viciously she shakes her head pushing it away.

“Babe?” Jax’s voice calls from downstairs, but she can’t bring herself to call back, instead she just stares, watching the night through the window. “Hey.”

She turns her head finding Jax standing in the door way behind her and though she tries to smile it just doesn’t come out the way she intends it too.

“Hi,” she whispers, turning away.

“You should have told me sooner…”

“I’ve been trying, for the last week. Everytime I tried we kept missing each other, you were either leaving just as I was getting somewhere or the other way around…besides, you’ve been busy getting cozy with Tara…”

“Hey, you have nothing to worry about…” he says coming to kneels beside her, his hands coming to rest warmly over hers.

“That’s easy for you to say Jax, you don’t see the way you two look together…”

“It doesn’t fucking matter what we look like…Tara isn’t the one I choose…”

“Does she know that?” she asks, voice wavering despite her efforts to keep it steady.

“She does now. Jesus Scarlet, do you really think I’d do that to you?” he asks and she shrugs her shoulder. “You’ve been here, all along. Tara left, remember? She left but you stayed, you always stay. I’m not going anywhere babe; besides, you’re carrying my kid.” He lays a hand over her stomach and letting out a watery sigh she wraps her arms around him, and closing her eyes she knows he’ll always be hers.


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Times ‘Sons of Anarchy’ legit made me cry, in chronological order (spoiler alert)

1. When Abel got taken. That scream of anguish Jax gave just broke my damn heart.

2. When Chibs was reunited with Kerrianne

3. When Opie found Piney’s body

4. Dawn’s death

5. Opie’s funeral

6. Tig crying at the docks after disposing of that porn producer douchebag’s body

7. When Nero found out Gemma killed Tara

8. Jax’s death

Guts over fear

Imagine you’re Jax’s unwanted daughter and you take a shot for Abel. 


Your mother used to be one of SAMCRO’s most famous crow eaters, but never good enough, or friendly enough or sane enough  to be one of SAMCRO’s Old Ladies; That’s why it never made sense when she took you to live with your father, Jax Teller. You remembered the cold night you and you mom stopped at TM, and you also remembered the long talk her, Gemma, Clay and Jax held, while you were on the picnic table, being stared at by Chibs and Bobby.

If she’s anything like her mother, it meas trouble.” You heard them whisper as you felt so insecure and tiny; Like a mouse. 

Your mother left the clubhouse stumbling and almost falling twice, you figured out it was  because she was a bit drunk, coming from work and all. She earned the bread as a stripper in the famous Jelly Bean, but now she had to go on a road tour with his boss, also, your step father. 

“Guess what?!” She said, never sounding so excited. “He said yes! Jax said it was okay for you to stay here!” She smiled at you and hugged you, rain dripping all over her body, standing taller than you because of her 10 inch heels, the smell of cheap perfume mixed with even cheaper vodka and the lowest of the lowest of weed. 

You may have been young, but not stupid. He didn’t wanted you there, and you were used to the idea. Your whole life your mother had been telling you that you’d have been the product of a crazy part in her life, and that your father knew about you, yet, he didn’t wanted anything to do with you. 

Jackson was staring at both of you, standing near the picnic table, Old Lady in hand and beer in another one. The cute brunette was holding a baby, maybe a four year old boy, looking a bit preoccupied and proud. Gemma, your grandmother, was looking at your mother like she had the plague, crossing her arms along her chest and puckering her lips with disdain. 

“Mom…” You said to your mother, looking up at her. “Just a week, right? Not more?” She smiled at you, playing with your hair and handing you your backpack. 

“Sure, sweetheart. You just wait!” She said already walking out of TM, you following close, your stepfather waiting for her on the car. “We’ll come back with tons and tons of money” She said sound excited. You faked a smile and waved her goodbye as your stepfather care drove into the street, under the rain. 

You turned around just to see Jackson and the woman, who later you’ve learned name was Tara, go back into the clubhouse, Clay and Gemma following close. 


When you went into the clubhouse, you could tell why your mother said she really liked SAMCRO. The whole place was so warm, they were like a really big family, caring for each other and loving each other. 

Except you.

And you understood that; You were never a part of it. Your mother was thrown away when they knew she was pregnant and Jax didn’t want to be a part of it. He was still young and he had been cheated on Tara, and Chibs and Bobby were right. Your mother was all troubles. 

As you walked in, a blonde, dumb looking kid, a few years older than you came closer to you, a kutte on his body but not fully patched in. A Prospect.

“Hey!” He said, gladly. “Can i help you with…”

“Prospect!” You heard Jax yell, sending shivers down your spine as you turned around. “She can do it alone.” A single death look from the VP and the Prospect was out of sight. You sighed and grabbed your bags, turning around, speaking to your father for the first time in your life. 

“Uhm. Where do i put my stuff?” He looked at you, disdain in his eyes, as the room went silent. 

“Second door to the right.” And it was all he said to you for the next few days. 

The week your mother said became a week and two days, then a week and a half, and before you knew it, three weeks had passed and she was nowhere to be seen. You were boiling with rage and at nights, you were crying yourself to sleep.

There you were, being throwned around like your mother did when she was SAMCROS sweet butt. Chibs bossed you around, Juice spilled things over just for you to clean, Bobby, Piney and Clay ignored the hell out you. Not a day went by without Happy telling you hurtful things and Opie just made faces at your presence. Jax still didn’t talked to you. 

They were ignoring you so hard you were starting to doubt if you still existed. 

Everyone was out at TM, having a good time, in the weekly BBQ your grandma offered. Feeling sick of being inside, reclusive in your room, you decided to walk out, book in hand and sit down next to Abel’s playground, secretly looking at him play with Opie’s kids; He was your baby brother after all. 

Everything happened so fast after that. The usual roar of engines started to arrive at TM and it was too late when they realized they were Mayans. Panicking you got up, looking for shelter as the bullets started flying around; Everyone screaming and running in different directions, people falling to the floor and the sound of childrens crying.

Childrens!” You thought to yourself dropping the book and going back on your steps to the playground.

“Abel!” You heard both, Tara and Jax scream. Following their gaze you saw Abel crying on the playground, too scared to even move; in the distance, a young Mayan running over to him. “Oh my god, Abel!”

“Abel!” you started screaming, running over to him and knocking him down between your arms, the second the young Mayan, probably a prospect shooted. You took 3 in your back as you fell to the ground, Abel still crying in your arms. 

“(Y/N)!” You heard someone yell but the stinging and pain was too much for you. The world went black in a matter of seconds.

You were gone. 


The sound of beeping woke you up, finally. Your head was a wreck and you were sure you couldn’t move. 

Maybe it was all a dream, you thought, but deep down you knew it wasnt true. You were in a hospital bed, with bands all over your chest and a killer headache, along with a double killer chest pain. You opened your eyes and closed them for a second before opening them again, to take in the sight. 

The complete white room had the TV on; Tom & Jerry re- runs on the screen, a bit loud for your condition.

“(Y/N)” you heard but no one was there. You look down to see Abel smiling up at you, a band around his tiny head and scratches all over his face. You smiled down at him, glad that he was safe.

“Hey, dude.” You whispered friendly, wanting to mess his hair but your arm couldn’t take the pain. 

“Daddy!” He screamed cheerfully. 

Jax came out of the bathroom running, gun in hand, looking everywhere and relaxing when he saw just the both of you. 

Tara came into the room seconds later, in full uniform and injures on her face and hand. She looked at you on the bed and flashed a small smile, looking at Abel and Jax; Your father couldn’t look you in the eyes. 

“A-Abel…” she stuttered, licking her lips. “Let’s get (Y/N) some cookies, i bet she’s hungry.” the doctor looked at you and smiled again. “Dr. Namid will be here in a few minutes”

You nodded, still confused. 

“She slept a lot.” The kid said, grabbing her mom’s hand and smiling as she lifted him up. “Goodbye big sister!” Abel said waving at you and exiting the room with Tara. Tears were starting to spill out of your eyes when you were left alone with your father. 

That’s when you took notice of the bouquets of flowers all over the room. All of them bright colors. Even a beautiful single rose, with a card saying: “From Gemma..” You stared at them, more confused than ever and looked at Jax.

“Jax, what is this?” You said grabbing the flower and placing it on your lap. 

“The flowers are from the club. Chibs, Juice and Happy stay the night every day. It’s me, Clay and Opie who stay during the day. I’m telling you, the parking lot looks like a freaking Harley Davidson festival.” You laughed a little. “ The rose is from my mom. She came by this morning. She’s been here all this time.”

“All this time?” you blinked.

“You’ve been in a coma for a week.” He said, suddenly feeling ashamed and sitting down on the chair next to your bed. It fell on you like a ton of bricks.

“I’m glad Abel is alright…” 

Jax nodded, biting his lip and looking at you, his face already red, a single tear falling down his cheek. You gasped and covered your mouth. That was new. 

“I’m sorry…” He whispered. “I’m sorry i walked away. I didn’t wanted to be a father, i was 17.” He shook his head. “I was scared to death and it was easier to blame it on your mom” You listened to every single one of his words. “When you showed up, i hated you. I hated you because you reminded me of all my weakness, how much of a coward i was to leave a pregnant woman. I hated you because you reminded me of the father i could have been.”


He grabbed your hand and kissed it. 

“Would you forgive me?” And you saw it. Right there, on the inside of his arm, opossite position to the memorial tattoo he had for John, it was your name in fresh ink. You gasped and slowly nodded your hand, letting your hands run free and feeling relieved for the first time in months. “You saved my son.  You saved this family, (Y/N). You’ll never be alone again.” He gulped and looked at both of your hands. “I don’t blame you if you think i’m an asshole. I don’t blame you if you think that any of us is an asshole, we acted like one. I’m trying to say…i’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you, (Y/N)” 

“Jax, I…” you wanted to say something when he stood up and kissed your forehead slowly.

“It’s Dad…” He whispered, caressing your head. “I’m your Dad, and you’re a Teller” you locked gazes and both of you softly smiled. “I love you kid.”

“I love you too, Dad.”