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CM food headcanons

Emily Prentiss: Queen of microwaveable meals. Has her favorite Chinese restaurant on speed dial. She has a special affection for Marmite. 

David Rossi: He makes spaghetti threaded through hot dogs whenever Kai visits. He flinches every time Kai asks for ketchup with his pasta, but relents anyway. 

Penelope Garcia: Garcia makes a kick-ass chili. Whenever a teammate is sick, Garcia turns up at their doorstep with homemade soup. Even if the sick teammate is Luke. 

Luke: Luke loves cooking, and eats healthy. Aside from his signature lasagna, he makes excellent paleo brownies. 

Tara: Tara insists on eating clean. She likes having a lot of color on her plate, to make sure she gets a variety of nutrients. Her go to recipe is a frittata loaded with all sorts of veggies and herbs. Her favorite comfort food is french fries.

 JJ : JJ and Will cook together. They love meal prepping on Sundays. Whenever their case keeps them close to home, JJ brings tupperware boxes of lunch for the team. 

Spencer: Cannot cook to save his life. Loves anything with sugar. He’s often part of family dinners at JJ’s place. She also has to frequently tell him to finish his green beans. 

Never Get Sick Soup 

Another never get sick soup this time with a little more color and a lot more spice!

You’ll Need

1 bell pepper

2 handfulls spinach

½ onion

1 teaspoon masala

1 teaspoon dijon 

1 cup coconut milk

4 cups water

olive oil

hot sauce

rice noodles


Now What

Simmer onions in medium sauce pan for a few minutes

Chop and add bell pepper & Spinach

Simmer for a few minutes

Add 4 cups water

Bring to a boil

Reduce heat and add spices and dijon

Simmer for 20 minutes

Add coconut milk

Simmer for 5 minutes

Prepare rice noodles

Add rice noodles to soup

Squeeze lemon


I’m not good at this...

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You had been Chibs old lady for a year now.  It’s 3 months until most of the Sons are out of County when Tara runs into the club house where you and Chibs are hanging out, her hair is in a mess and she holds Thomas in her arms and Abel trailing behind.
“Oh, thank god.  Look I need, I just need a break please, please watch them for a night.”  Tara looks near tears as Chibs stands up immediately and takes Thomas, you and Abel staring at each other.
“What’s wrong?”  You look up to Tara as she runs her fingers through her hair.
“Gemma is driving me crazy and I just.  Shit, I miss Jax.  Just, can you watch them for a night?  Please?”  Tara wipes away a tear and smiles shakily at the two of you.
“No problem Tara.”  Chibs answers and you try to hide the grimace.
“Thank you.  Mommy will get you tomorrow morning ok?  You’re going to have a sleep over with Chibs and (Y/N), ok?  I love you.”  Tara kisses the top of both boys’ heads and thanks you again for taking them.
“You keeping Mom up, little one?”  Chibs rubs Thomas’ back while you and Abel continue the stare off.  “Love?”
“I’m not good with kids.”  You whisper, keeping your voice down while not taking your eyes off of Abel.
“He not going to pounce.”  You can hear the smile in Chibs voice and look up quickly to glare at him.  Tara runs back in to drop off their bags and Thomas’ baby carrier, waving as she runs back out.  Thomas curls his head under Chibs chin and you can’t help but smile at the sight.  You pull up your sleeves and hear a gasp from Abel which causes you to jump.
“I like your arm.”  He whispers and hides behind Chibs leg.  You notice a giant giraffe being dragged behind him.
“Thanks, Abel.”  You look down at your black and white flower sleeve and nod towards the giraffe, “I like your stuffed animal.”  He quickly hides it behind Chibs.
“Alright, let’s go home, yeah?”  Chibs snickers as your face becomes red.  Chibs sets up the boys’ car seats while you put their stuff in the back of your car.  “What’s for dinner tonight, Love?”  
“Shit.  I mean shoot.”  You quickly correct yourself when you see Abel staring at you, “well your dad is Jax so I highly doubt you’ve never heard shit before.”
“My dad says Jesus Christ a lot.”  Abel says.
“That he does.”  You smirk down at the kid.  “I was just going to make salad and potatoes.  Are they going to eat that?”
“You and your vegan shit.”  Chibs snickers.  “Also, Thomas is still on milk.”
“Hey, you eat the vegan shit so you don’t have to cook for yourself.”  You push him as he comes closer, smiling down at you.
“If he doesn’t like it, we’ll order pizza, ok?”
“Mommy says pizza is bad for you.”  Abel says, getting into his car seat while Chibs buckles him and Thomas in.
“Well, let’s hope you like salad, huh?”
“SpongeBob doesn’t like salad.”  Abel mumbles.
“You’re right, but you are also not a sponge under the sea, are you?”  You raise your eyebrow at him and he giggles.  You turn in your seat and scrunch your eyebrows at Chibs.  “Was that funny?”
“Aye, love.  You’re doing just fine.  Can you handle them for the 10-minute ride home or do I need to save you from the scary youngins?”
“And let me drive your bike home?”  Your face blew up into a smile that quickly turned into a glare at his laugh.
“See you at home.”
“Asshole.”  You whisper.
“Mommy says that word a lot too.”
You bite your lip to keep from smiling, “I bet she does, Abel.”

You catch Abel looking at your arm again as he colors in his coloring book.  Thomas is playing in his floor jungle thing that Chibs had brought from the club house.  The fries are in the oven for another half hour while the three of you watch Toy Story.  You pull off your sweatshirt, leaving you in a tank top and sit down next to Abel, your arm with your tattoos closest to him.
“You wanna color them in?”  You ask, preparing to sit back and let the kid play.
“Really?”  His eyes start shining as you nod.
“As long as you understand that you can’t do this on random people.  Only if you ask and they say yes, ok?”  Chibs interferes quickly.  Abel nods and gets to work, your back resting against Chibs’ leg.  Soon his fingers start playing with your hair and you begin to relax.  

You answer your phone as you go through the grocery, stocking up on food for the week.  “Hello?”
“Hey, it’s Tara.”  
“What’s up?”  You say.  You stop your cart to give full attention to the call.
“Abel keeps asking me for salad the way (Y/N) makes it.  I’m not entirely sure what that means.”  Tara laughs over the phone.
“Oh.”  You smile.  “I just mashed up an avocado, added garlic powder, salt, pepper, jalapenos, and lime juice for the dressing and mixed it around a bunch of chopped up romaine.  Um, make sure it’s fully coating all of the leaves or else he may not like it anymore.”
“That’s all you fed him for dinner?”  Tara asks.
“No, we had fries.  Um, homemade fries.  I’m actually vegan so I didn’t really have anything in the house that was like chicken tenders or something but he seemed to like it.”  You chew at your nail, waiting for her to respond.
“Chibs eats vegan?”  Tara snorts.
“Only cause he’s too lazy to make his own food when he gets home.”  You laugh with her.
“Yeah, that I can believe.”  Tara says.


Red Soup

Red Soup

½ Red Onion

1 Tomato

3 Carrots

1 Red potato

1 Beet

1 ½ cup of coconut milk

1 Tablespoon of hot sauce

1 Teaspoon of chilly flakes

1 Teaspoon of red pepper flakes

1 Teaspoon of papirika

1 Teaspoon of curry powder

1 Teaspoon of salt

Now What

Chop everything

Simmer onion in medium sauce pan with olive oil

Add Potatoes and simmer for 3 mintues

Add 6 Cups of water or veggie broth

Add carrots, beet, and tomat

Bring to a boil.

Add spices and hot sauce

Simmer for 25 minutes

Add coconut milk

Simmer 15 minutes

Top with chopped parsley or spinach

Blend and Enjoy.


Spinach Alfredo. . with what’s in the house

You’ll Need

¼ onion

½ cup cashews

2 big handfuls of spinach

1 cup coconut milk

1 tablespoon nutritional yeast

drizzle of olive oil

1 teaspoon chilly powder

1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

Rice noodles

Now What

Blend cashews, onion, spices, coconut milk & olive oil until smooth

Prepare rice noodles

Combine & Enjoy

Easy Cheezy Mac

It’s a leftover moment gone gourmet

You’ll Need

1 ½ cups leftover pasta or new pasta if you’re fancy

1 avocado (don’t be afraid to go whole!)

1 teaspoon dijon

1 tablespoon nutritional yeast

½ tablespoon earth balance

1 teaspoon chilly powder

1 teaspoon red pepper flakes

Now What

Combine everything in medium sauce pan

Stir constantly until heated



*** After 19 days, I am back in the states WITH STABLE WIFI 😁😁***

You held the pack of ground meat in your hand, looking over the percentage when Jax came up behind you. “You figure out dinner yet?” “What about tacos?” “That sounds good. If it’s not too much work.” You shook your head and smiled lightly. Jax smiled back and leaned forward, his lips pressing against yours. Moving your lips against his, you giggled as you felt his hand go around your waist and rest right on the slope of your ass. You put a hand to his chest and pushed him away gently. “We’re standing in the middle of the meat isle of the store. Behave yourself.” Jax laughed and pulled back, looking you over and biting his lip. “I don’t know if I want to.”

You rolled your eyes but smiled, turning away from him and putting the pack in the basket. You walked together to the cashier, hand in hand and were about to begin paying when you heard a woman’s voice behind you. “Jax?” He turned around faster than you and you saw his eyes widen a little before you settled your own eyes on a brunette woman. You looked over at him, waiting to see what he would say but no words left his mouth. He stood silently for a moment before clearing his throat.

“Tara. What are you going back I’m Charming?” He asked the question nicely and to most people, it would’ve seemed like a regular question but you knew your Old Man well. He didn’t seem happy to see this lady. “I transferred back over. Got a job working the OR over in St. Thomas. It’s good to see you.” She smiled at him in a way that made you slightly uncomfortable but you decided to ignore it, until it sunk in that he had said Tara.

Tara. The girl you’d heard Gemma talking about in loathing. The girl that had abandoned Jax and broke his heart. Even though you didn’t know Jax back then, the thought made you a upset and you immediately felt the need to protect him. “Well it was nice meeting you. We have to get going.” Jax nodded at you and waved at Tara. “Good luck.” The both of you turned around without another word and Jax pulled out his wallet, paying for the food.


“So what? She just shows up out of nowhere after more than 10 years and thinks that shit is going to pick back up?” “That’s probably exactly what she thinks. I was obsessed with her before, bending over backwards and slaving over her. That shit is history. I slave over you now.” You laughed and kissed his cheek after placing the tacos on the dinner table. “You sure do. Don’t worry about her. I know that she just showed up to cause problems. I trust you.” “Good. Now let’s eat.”


“Tara I’m not going to tell you again. I’m with someone. She’s my Old Lady. I’m not getting back with you.” “I have your crow!” “Yeah, and I regret giving it to you. You took off and left me here, now you think you’re going to come back and I’ll start chasing after you like a puppy again? That’s not going to happen. Now stop calling me.” Jax hung up the phone and blew out a breath. Tara was really overstepping her boundaries now. She had somehow gotten the house number and was calling Jax at home. The home where he lived with you and Abel. He had no doubt that she’d gotten the number from a croweater and he made a mental note to talk to them later and let them know to keep their mouths shut when it came to his family.


Gemma pursed her lips in annoyance as her son explained to her what had been going on with Tara. “She better keep her ass away from you and my family. She already skipped out on you once. Plus you know Y/N isn’t going to take that. She better watch herself.” “I think she got the hint mom.” “I don’t think she did.” Gemma pointed a black painted fingernail over to the entrance of the clubhouse and Jax curse as he saw Tara walking in. She looked around and it was obvious that she was scanning for him. When she finally saw him, he made the mistake of making eye contact and she smiled, taking that as an invitation.

Jax looked over at his mother and she said nothing, glaring over at the ex with a scowl. Tara weaved through people and finally ended up right in front of Jax, looking down at him with a smile as he stayed seated. “What are you doing here Tara? We’ve been through this.” “I know but I think you’re making a mistake. I know I walked out on you but I’m back now. I’m a surgeon. I won’t leave you again. I’ve got everything I’ve wanted, all that’s left is you.”

Gemma couldn’t help the snort that left her mouth and Tara flinched a bit, not liking the thought that the Queen was laughing her. She chose to ignore Gemma and kept trying to convince Jax to take her back but Gem walked off, going into the kitchen where you were.

“Tara’s out there.” Your hands stilled and you stopped cutting the carrot in your hand. You turned around slowly, now officially pissed that she thought she could waltz into your turf. You dropped the knife down onto the counter with a clatter, walking out of the kitchen with a smirking Gemma following right behind you. As you got near the couch were Jax was, he came into view. So did Tara, who was sitting in his lap and trying to best down all her weight to keep him from pushing her off. “You just gonna let that happen?” Gemma looked at you and motioned to the scene.

Without a word, you walked up to the couch and stood in front of them, your feet already shoulder width apart, ready. “Now I know you’re an educated girl, you wouldn’t have made it through med school if you weren’t, but lately im begin to wonder if you have any common sense. That’s my Old Man that you keep calling and texting, and now sitting on. We’ve already made it clear that you’re not welcome here. Now you can take the hint, or you can take this ass whooping. Your choice.”

Tara stared at you for a moment before laughing. “Really? You think I’m scared of you?” You smiled and tilted your head slightly. “You should be. I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you 5 seconds to get off of him and leave the clubhouse before I wipe the floor with you.” Gemma’s smirk grew and she folded her arms over her chest, more than ready to see what would happen. Stubborn as ever, Tara rolled her eyes and turned away from you, looking back to Jax and putting her arms around his neck.

Gemma let out a loud laugh as a gasp left Tara’s mouth, her hair wound up in your fist and her knees slamming onto the floor. She grabbed up at your hands, tying to get you to release her hair but moved them away to protect herself as an uppercut landed right on her chin, a little trickle of blood coming down the side of her mouth where her tooth went into her lip. You dragged her a couple feet away from the couch, wanting to get some good leverage and delivered another blow to her cheek. You cocked your fist back ready to go again when Jax’s arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you away.

You kicked in his arms, not feeling like you did enough but he ignored you, carrying you off to his dorm. He tossed you down onto the bed and sat beside you. “Chill. You won. Everyone saw you beat her ass. It’s all good ok? Calm down.” He grabbed onto your hands and rubbed your knuckles lightly, trying to smooth the throbbing. “Is that bitch serious?” He chuckled and reached to push some hair behind your ear. “Yeah, she is. I’m sure she’s got the hint now though. I’m yours. She won’t be trying to take me from you anymore. Or anyone else for that matter.”

Udon Kale Curry

You’ll Need


½ red onion

½" fresh ginger

3 stalks kale

1 cup coconut milk

1 teaspoon curry powder

1 teaspoon red pepper flakes

½ tablespoon dijon

3 shakes hot sauce

Now What

Prepare Udon

Chop and simmer onion over olive oil in medium sauce pan

add 3 cups water

add spices and kale

add ginger

bring to boil and then lower to simmer for 10 minutes

add cooked udon

add coconut milk

add dijon

simmer 5 minutes

Remove from heat and enjoy!



*Request: you’re clay and Gemmas daughter so everyone is super protective, and you and juice have been flirting for a while, then your kidnapped and they have to rescue you, and juice gets really upset and eventually says that he loves you.*

“Mom, I’m pulling in the driveway with the groceries, can you please help me?” You said talking to Gemma. “Ugh, hey Juice. Go help Y/N!” You yelled at your mom, “No! Why can’t you ever help me? It’s not that hard.” “What the hell is going on with you today? It’s just groceries.” You rolled your eyes, “Okay mom, bye.” You ended the call and opened your car door. You were salty towards your mom because you had just got into an argument with Juice the night before. You and Juice had been doing some mild flirting here and there and even had sex 2x but of course it was on the low because Clay, Gemma, Jax, & Tara would murder you. You two couldn’t be serious so for now the arrangement was whatever happened between the two of you happened but nothing more could go on and you weren’t too happy about that. “What do you need help with.?” Juice said to you while you were grabbing some of the lighter bags. “All the heavy stuff Juan Carlos.” You said to him avoiding eye contact. He grabbed your arm. “Will you stop being that way? You know we can’t be more then what had happened already between us.” He said staring at you in the eye with a mere devastated look but you didn’t believe that he was upset over the situation as it seemed. “Please keep your hands to yourself.” You said and walked into the house.

 “You know beautiful mother of mine, it wouldn’t kill you to help me out with bringing the groceries in after you ask me to go to the store and get you some when I don’t even live here.” You said putting the cold food in the refrigerator. “You know, you got something stuck up that ass of yours ever since you started dating that rich guy.” You rolled your eyes. “Whaaat? Y/N got a rich guy to take care of her?” Juice said from around the corner. “Yup, someone to take care of her spoiled ass so Clay & I won’t have to anymore.” Gemma said. “When is your family gonna be able to meet Mr. Richy Rich? Or is he too good for your convicted felon daddy?” Clay said walking into the kitchen. “No daddy, we just aren’t that serious yet and I was dating another guy but now I’m all for Alan so you may just meet him sooner than you think.” You said avoiding eye contact with Juice. You could feel him burning a whole through your head with just his eyes. “Okay baby girl. Let that Alan kid know I want to meet him.” Clay said looking at you seriously. “Yes daddy.” You said walking to your car. Juice followed you outside. “So you gonna be with that rich guy now” He asked. “You made it clear that we weren’t and wouldn’t be anything.” With those last words you closed the door and pulled out of the drive way.


You were driving to go meet Tara for lunch when your phone rang. “Hey Tara, I’m almost there.” “We’re coming for you bitch.” A guy said to you. “Who is this?” You said nervously. “Tell your daddy to watch closely over his princess.” The man hung up after he said that. You looked in your rear view mirrors to check and see if anyone was following you every 2 minutes. That phone call scared the shit out of you but you didn’t want to tell Jax and your dad because they would put your ass on lock down and you had a big event to go to with Alan since his family were big socialites in the Los Angeles area. He knew nothing about your life, just that you were from a different part of California and you were studying psychology at USC. You didn’t plan on him finding out about your family and their business nor did you plan on your family finding out about him but Chibs, Jax, Opie, and Happy caught him walking out of my apartment on a Sunday afternoon. I had no choice but to explain to both of them but Alan is still in the dark about him because you said they were just in a biker club. You snapped out of your thoughts as you hugged Tara. “How’s your day going?” You asked her. “Stressed a little, we almost lost a 10 year old boy. He got beat up by his step dad and he’s in the ICU,” She said rubbing her temples. “What the hell. What kind of mom would allow her man to do that to her kid?” You exclaimed. 

“I don’t know but what’s going on with you and Alan?” She asked. You gladly fed into that subject because you didn’t want Tara to dwell on that fucked up situation. “well we have that benefit tonight with his parents. I’m kind of worried because what if they want to meet Mom and daddy.” You said looking worried. Tara instantly started laughing, “Well that is a sight I would love to see when they do because they aren’t what Alan’s parents would be expecting.” “Don’t I know.” You said. “You know it’s not the fact that I’m embarrassed, it’s just how they act! You know how my mom can be, especially when she feels some type of way and I’m not ready for his parents to get cussed out.” You said while Tara sat there laughing. “Come on, Gemma wouldn’t do that to you.” She said and you gave her a serious look. “Yeah, never mind. Maybe you should wait.” She said coming to her senses. “Thank you. Also, I got a weird phone call.” You said looking down. “What happened?” “Well some guy called me a bitch and that Clay should watch over his princess.” You said casually like it wasn’t a big deal. Tara stopped eating her salad, “What the hell Y/N?! Did you tell Jax or Clay? Or Gemma?!” “No! If I do then I won’t be able to go to the benefit and I have this amazing royal blue sparkly dress that Alan bought me and I will not miss out!” You said. “Are you hearing yourself right now? Do you know what it is liked to be kidnapped or ever stalked?” She said. You looked down because that all happened to her and even your mom got raped. You came to your senses, “Okay, I’ll tell Jax.” 


You were getting ready when you got a phone call from your brother. “Hello wonderful brother of mine.” You said answering the phone. “Hey, Tara said you needed to tell me something. I’ve been waiting on your call but haven’t got it so I called you.” He said. “ Yeah, I don’t want you to go crazy but today I got a really weird call from some random guy and he called me a bitch and said that Clay should keep a close eye on his princess.” You said quickly. “Why the hell are you barely telling me this?! You should be here so we can watch over you! You think I want my little sister in danger?” Jax yelled. “Listen Jax, I’ve been checking my surroundings every ten minutes and I can’t go with you guys today because I have that benefit. I promise I will come right after it’s over.” You said hoping he would agree to your deal. “You gt your ass over here now Y?N! That’s not a wait till after the big event with your rich ass boyfriend. You come now or I will show up to that benefit and drag you out.” Clay said to you. You got a text message from Alan saying that he was outside. You looked down and knew you were gonna regret what came out your mouth next. “Daddy I will see you soon. I love you.” You hung up. You put your phone on silent and walked out the door after taking one more glance at yourself. “You look beautiful.” Alan said staring at you in amazement. “Thank you.” He closed your door and drove off once he got in the car. 

The two of you were driving and you saw your phone going off, it was Juice. You ignored his call and saw that you had many missed calls from everyone and a few messages of your mom, dad, and Jax going off telling you to go to their house. Juice texted you saying, “Please answer the phone, I’m worried about you.” and “Look, you need to get over here. Fuck that guy, just please come now!” You put your phone away and looked out the window. “You okay?” Alan asked. “Of course I am.” You said smiling back. Just then, a car from behind you came to the side of Alan’s car and ran the two of you off the road. All you could remember was the car rolling to the side of the bridge. You crawled out the car window, dizzy and seeing blood on your hands. “Alan! Get up!” You said pulling Alan out the car. You felt someone pull your hair. “Didn’t I tell you that your daddy should keep a close on his princess?” You recognized his voice from the phone call. “Let her go!” Alan said struggling to get up. One of the guys in a mask shot Alan instantly. You screamed and the man who had you by your hair hit you over the head with his gun and shoved you into the truck.

Coconut Almond Creamed Rice Noodles 

A sort of new invention tonight. It’s a keeper.

You’ll Need

1 Handful of rice noodles

1 Tablespoon almond butter

¼ cup coconut milk

¼ red bell pepper

Chilly powder

Red pepper flakes

Now What

Boil water. toss rice noodles in. remove from heat after 5-8 minutes

Blend the rest of ingredients together

Drain rice noodles and combine with sauce

Combine in sauce pan and warm together for 3 minutes


My little Silicon Valley project! A bunch of fluffy, canon* facts I picked up about the main five characters while rewatching the show! These are very random facts, but great for developing ideas for fanfics, headcanons, background stories, prompts, etc. 

*The facts with multiple episodes as references are not always solidly canon, but are sometimes facts through assumption by consistent things that have been said or done by a character throughout the show.

*Facts with the reference ‘deleted scene’ can be canon or not, depending on what your view is.

P.S.: if anyone wants to do something like this for another character, or even one of the characters listed below, please feel free! I love to share and have ideas shared with me in return. Also, if I missed anything, tell me!

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the son you always had (III)

(four lives william scully didn’t have, and one he did)

this one got weird and over-long

tomorrow’s WON’T BE SAD. but it also might not be tomorrow, because I might not have internet tomorrow. we’ll find out!

part I, part II

III. 2008

It’s the last day of school before Christmas, and William is stuck in a red sweater with a snowman on it. It’s way too warm to wear a sweater and the nearest snowman is hundreds of miles away, but there’s no use arguing with Grandma about stuff like this.

His cousin Matty is also wearing a dumb Christmas sweater - his is green, with Rudolph on the front - and they walk to school in shared misery. Matty is in fourth grade, and he walks William to school every day. William is glad to have him. Most second-graders don’t have a big kid to protect them.

Not that Matty is very threatening in the Rudolph sweater.

They part ways when they get to the front door of the school. Today is a fake day, all songs and cookies and watching Disney movies on the whiteboard.

In the morning, Mrs. Marquez sort of pretends to teach. They do a math lesson where they add and subtract candy canes, and during art they make snowmen out of cotton balls. William is not the only kid in his class wearing a dumb snowman sweater.

William loves Mrs. Marquez, with her big eyes and her soft voice. A couple of the kids have accidentally called her Mom this year, and William is deeply glad that he isn’t one of them. It seems even worse, somehow, to do that when you don’t have a mom of your own.

(William doesn’t yet know the details of his parents’ deaths. He knows that it was a car accident, he knows that it was a tragedy. He doesn’t know his parents were fugitives on the run from the law. In a few years Matty will turn mean, as children tend to do, and he will be the one who tells William the truth, taunting him: you’re a criminal too, you’re gonna go to jail, you’re just like them. Years after that he’ll apologize, and William will barely remember that it ever happened - they’ll have been friends for so long, and there will be so much water under the bridge.)

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Chapter Thirty-Two Part-One

A/N: So here it is. Part One. Completely building up to the next part. Enjoy x

Emmy awoke early, so early that the sky was still pink, adorned with fluffy cotton wool clouds. She yawned, exhausted from an almost sleepless night, and rolled over, curling into a ball to try and prolong her time in bed. For when she slipped from the covers, when she stumbled through into the next room, the chaos would begin.

It was nice, just laying there. A huge king size bed all to herself, she stretched out and sighed, casting her eyes over the room as she ignored the sick feeling within her. If she didn’t think about the day ahead, she wouldn’t be scared. She focused on her beautiful suite.

On the wardrobe door, protected in a dress bag emblazoned with Ellis’ logo, hung her dress. Right now, hidden from sight and from the elements, it could just be any dress. It didn’t need to be a wedding dress, did it? Who was getting married, anyway?

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