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Đurđevića Tara bridge over the Tara River, Montenegro

BtVS S7 (Rewatch) - The Killer in Me

Give us all a chance for a breather from the constant pitter patter of clomping teenage girly feet.  -Spike 

Great episode. The whole turn into Warren is clever.

The Potentials are gone - at least for a little while: let’s be honest: their very presence are not missed…

Kennedy: bad, bad girl, skipping a most interesting mystical trip with Giles to hit on Wiĺlow… then she is adorable at the Bronze, then supportive of Willow, then brave by facing Amy. A forthright girl, who doesn’t fear going after who she fancies - I really don’t see her pushing Willow into anything. Willow: yeah, it feels like that if you are moving on, you are forgetting the loved person, you are betraying the person, you are asserting that you don’t love the person anymore - but that’s not true, much less about Willow and Tara. A very hard bridge that Willow has to cross, but she is lucky she is doing it with a girl like Kennedy, who helps her all the way.

I like Amy better this time, all mean and resentful, I’ve never cared much for the character…

Giles The First?

Buffy, Spike and the chip: it was about time for it to be gone. And Riley has sense of humor after all: “anything to help assface here.” Maybe the chip got damaged because it fired non stop when Spike was killing people (and Spike didn’t feel pain because he was brainwashed).

BtVS S7 - 7x13


“I shall long remember another scene as Vivien Leigh crouched in a ramshackle wagon on the road back to Tara–hiding under the bridge as the troops passed over her head. Dust and dirt sifted through the cracks of the bridge and the director called to Vivien to look up as the soldiers marched overhead. Without a word of protest, she squinted her eyes and turned her face upward. I shall never know why she didn’t lose her sight with that dust filling her eyes.” – Susan Myrick

Episode Breakdown – 7A

We got you a present today, buttercups! We gathered up the most pertinent information from the filming of the first part of the season. We thought we would package them up nicely for you in an easy to follow episode breakdown.  This is just the first half of the season. We will post what we have for the second half of the season at a later time. Keep in mind that this information is not confirmed. It’s based on thorough tracking and investigation.

Episode 7.1

Characters: Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Abe, Eugene, Rosita, Aaron, Sasha, Negan, Dwight, Simon (Steven Ogg), other Saviors.

Location: Mostly in the clearing where we last left off. There was also filming with Negan and Rick in the RV over where the burning logs from 6.16 were. One day of filming at Alexandria for a supposed dream sequence.


· We believe Abe and Glenn will both fall victim to Lucille

· Daryl gets taken prisoner by the Saviors

· Negan takes Rick on a mindfuck adventure in the RV

· There’s a rumored dream sequence which will feature the main characters including the Lucille victims. There’s also supposed to be a Gleggie baby in this scene

Episode 7.2

Characters:  Daryl, Negan, Dwight, Sherry, Saviors

Location: The majority of the episode takes place at the Sanctuary. There was also filming in different areas around Griffin for a car chase scene


· Seems to focus on the inner-workings of the Sanctuary

· Daryl is tortured as a prisoner. Might make a failed escape attempt.

· Dwight is involved in a chase scene where he and a few other Saviors chase down a rogue savior who has escaped the Sanctuary.

Episode 7.3

Characters: Carol, Morgan, Ezekiel, “Rogers” (Richard), other Kingdom people

Location: The majority of the episode takes place at the Kingdom. There was also some outside filming at an abandoned carwash and apartment complex. They also filmed at the creeptastic house for this episode.


· We meet Ezekiel and Shiva!

· The Kingdom people and Morgan take part in some sort of piggy roundup (pigs can be seen eating walkers in trailer)

· We learn about the Kingdom and check in with Morgan and Carol

· Carol seems to separate from Morgan and the Kingdom and end up at the creeptastic house with the graveyard.

Episode 7.4

Characters: Rick, Carl, Michonne, Daryl, Rosita, Aaron, Enid, Father G, Eugene, Negan, Dwight, Spencer, Olivia, Tobin, Judith(?)

Location: Alexandria. There was also some filming outside the walls at a farm location.


· Negan and his crew come knocking at Alexandria for Team Family’s first “offering”

· Negan totes around a captured Daryl, who is wearing a ridiculous prison suit

· Rick is forced to carry around Lucille while Negan and the Saviors take half their shit

· Rosita and Spencer seem to pair off and go outside the walls together. Michonne also goes off on her own for some unknown mission.

Episode 7.5

Characters: Rick, Michonne, Carl, Enid, Maggie, Sasha, Aaron, Jesus, Gregory, Simon (Steven Ogg)

Location: Alexandria and Hilltop. Also some filming with Carl and Enid outside the walls.


· Carl and Enid appear to journey to the Hilltop. Carl was seen driving a car over walkers.

· Maggie and Sasha are shown living at the Hilltop. We assume Maggie recovers.

· Judging by the trailer there is a fire and several walkers infiltrate the Hilltop gate.

· Simon and the Saviors visit the Hilltop for their offering. Carl and Jesus sneak into one of Negan’s trucks.

Episode 7.6

Characters: Tara, Heath, “Jennie” (Sydney Park), “Naomi” (Deborah May),

Location: Woods/River/ Old giftshop/ Jekyll Island?


· This appears to be a bottle episode showing what happened on Tara and Heath’s supply run that started last season

· Tara and Heath appear to get separated when they run into walkers on a bridge

· Tara encounters a small group of women and children who we think have been mostly wiped out by the Saviors

· Tara makes it back to Alexandria. However, Heath does not. This doesn’t necessarily mean he is dead. We just don’t know at this point.

Episode 7.7

Characters: Negan, Carl, Dwight, Sherry, Jesus, Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Eugene, Rosita, Aaron, Father G, Olivia, Judith

Location: Sanctuary, Alexandria, couple of locations outside of the walls


· Since Carl appeared to be filming inside of one of the Saviors’ trucks we feel confident that Carl will get his comic arc with Negan. We believe we’ll see several scenes from issues 104/105 in the comics. We will most likely meet Negan’s wives including Amber and her old boyfriend Mark, who will probably have an unfortunate encounter with an iron.

· Aaron and Rick seem to be on a supply run while Carl sneaks off to the Sanctuary

· Michonne also appears to be on a mission and encounters a mystery woman  who we believe is a Savior

· Rosita and Eugene make bullets

· Negan takes Carl back home to Alexandria. Judith was also filming on the day they come back. We speculate that Negan will encounter Judith.      

Episode 7.8

Characters: Rick, Carl, Michonne, Tara, Rosita, Eugene, Spencer, Father G, Aaron, Eric, Negan, Daryl, Maggie, Sasha, Jesus, Gregory, Enid, Carol, Morgan,

Location: Alexandria, Hilltop, the Sanctuary, Creeptastic House, the road


· Suspicious activity and a possible death dinner leads us to believe Spencer dies in this episode. We think he will get his famous guts scene from the comics

· There’s some whispers that Olivia might be a goner in this episode too

· Michonne was filming in a car with the unknown woman from episode 7.7

· Judging by photos that came out during episode 7.9, it looks like Aaron’s face got roughed up. We speculate he gets into some kind of altercation in this episode.

· Looks like we will briefly check in with Carol and Morgan at the creeptastic house

· Rick, Michonne, Carl, Tara,and Rosita go to the Hilltop

· Eugene might get captured or leave ASZ in this episode. He is at the Sanctuary by episode 11.

· We think this will be the episode where Daryl finally escapes the Sanctuary. He might receive assistance from Jesus as well as somebody from inside the Sanctuary. We think he will reunite with Rick and Co at the Hilltop.

7x06: First Analysis

Good morning Everyone! How did everyone like last night’s episode? I’m disappointed that we didn’t see Beth, but not at all discouraged. For why, check out my post HERE, or just keep reading. Tons of callbacks to Beth in this episode. I’m just gonna jump into my analysis.

***Remember that this post will be heavy on spoilers for 7x06 so don’t read if you haven’t watched.***

So, I said this before but Tara being found by a stranger who almost kills her but then realizes she’s alive is exactly what I think we’ll see happen with Beth. No way to confirm that yet, but it’s the first thing I Thought of when I first saw that opening sequence last week when it was released as a sneak peek.

Cyndie: She’s the character who was described as Beth 2.0 and man, they weren’t kidding. She was very heavily paralleled with Beth, not only through her strength, attitude and hope, but through her clothes. This girl wore green, green, and more green. Green back pack + green shoulder bag + green shirt + green jacket. And remember that in 4a and some of 4b, Beth was always in green. That didn’t change until she put on the iconic yellow polo in Still. That was important because yellow = escape, among other things, but putting her in green early on was to show that she was associated with that color. Now we have this girl, showing many traits of Beth and dressed all in green. Proxy much? She also has a bracelet with three seashell charms (rule of 3s) that’s not unlike jewelry Beth wore. In terms of plot, she helped someone else escape from a community they didn’t want to stay in (like Beth did for Noah).

And here’s the thing that makes me the most suspicious about this whole 2.0 business:

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The last of “the children” passed away tonight. Tara and her sisters were the best little group of ratties I’ve ever had and they’ve been a big part of my life for the last 2 and a half years. They helped build the friendship between my two best friends and me freshman year. I remember sneaking them into my dorm room in our sweatshirts, hiding the cage from the RA, and calling them “our kids.” Tara, you were the “evil mastermind,” always getting into trouble. I remember one time in my dorm room I was studying when all of a sudden I heard screaming coming from the bathroom. I run in there, and there you were running around, terrorizing all the girls! You had somehow escaped (like you always did) and managed to wander into the bathroom. In your older days, you were the biggest snuggler. You would sit on my lap and brux during late study nights. And you’re probably one of the few rats that has ever lived in the same cage as a ferret for several months. You were our sweet girl, and you will be missed. Now go play with your sisters. I’m sure they’ll be glad to see you again. “The children” are together again. Rest in peace, Tara.