I just rewatched The Body, and I really can’t get over the contrast between how well Joyce’s death and the follow on was depicted, and how poorly Tara’s was. The Body is just amazing, one of the best bits of TV or Film I’ve ever seen, incredibly well done, going through the initial shock and the start of the mourning process. Tara’s death at the end of Season 6 is just cheap shock, with only a few bits that really deal with that loss. No depth to it, almost no real mourning, just an excuse to push Willow over the edge. Not really anything about Tara herself except for Dawn’s reaction.

Tara smiled a bit, taking her mind back to those early days.

“I had a wonderful childhood back then. Being supported by all the other mons in the pack, loved by my siblings and my father…You should know that I was just a normal Eevee back then, no strange fur colours or anything. Until something happened…“

Her smile vanished, pictures of a blizzard passing through her mind. The pictures which caused her nightmares for so many times.

“..noone seemed to recognize me anymore. After I finally got back to the others..the pack wanted me to run off. A ‘stranger’ like me could be someone to put the others in danger..”

"I lost my home, my family…that’s how I got to travel around like I do now…“

The Umbreon took a deep breath. „This might also answer you other question. I evolved overnight and after waking up the next morning I looked like this. It’s nothing I could have from Dad, he’s a normal looking umbreon. And for Mom…I don’t even know what she looked or even was like in character…so I don’t know if it does have anything to do with genetics.“

“A-ah sorry, it’s nothing..just some old feelings that came back. Please don’t mind me.”

//Tara put’s on a faked smile while trying to hold back some tears. Seems like this has been the first time in a while for her to actually talk about her past.

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Following the Footsteps of the High Kings of Ireland at the Sacred Hill of Tara

The Hill of Tara is comprised of numerous features, believed to have been constructed separately and arbitrarily before the space was combined into one large complex by the High Kings of Ireland. This site echoes with the footsteps of the High Kings as they combined the powers of the mortal and the divine. Where did their sacred journey lead them? :

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