it’s a taro shiba goofy photo friday!


today, i’m looking super growly and fierce. so, why is this a goofy phto?


in reality, i wasn’t angry–i was just trying to get a piece of stick off of my tongue! my human caught this pic at *just* the right moment to get my ridiculously tough face.


need evidence to corroborate my story? this bonus goofy pic was taken roughly 2 seconds later.


taro shiba throwback thursday!


me, looking at humans with attentive curiosity, during shibapalooza 2011. (pics taken by jujeevu, who is the human of mika and kyuubi.)


bonus pic over on flickr wherein i stretch my neck with the hopes of acquiring treats.


shiba video monday! 


today, we’re sharing two videos of us shibas being semi-active in the living room. we hope you enjoy them!


in the first video, i slowly convince kiyomi to play. like me, you’ll have to be patient–she plays eventually!


the second video is kiyomi chewing on a bedrest/reading pillow. there’s something very zen about kiyomi’s enjoyment of chewing this piece of pillow.


what’s that? i’m on pack!

it’s still in private beta, so thanks to yuki the shiba inu for the invite.

as you can see in the above photo and in this photo on flickr, i’m pretty stoked to be on pack!

many thanks to Mika & Kyuubi’s humom for taking these two awesome pics of me.

(on flickr)


it’s a taro shiba goofy photo friday!


when i zoom, i like to pause to chew on blankets or paw them to make them comfy. it’s part-and-parcel of my personal shiba 500.


this week’s good photo is a pic of me after i finished zooming… i’m so happy!


(taro sleeps on his kong bed, on flickr)


it’s a taro shiba bad photo friday!


this shot may be heavy on ‘teh cute’ but it’s still rude to take photos of me a) when i’m sleeping and b) when my ears make me look like some i’m sort of bat-dog or an airplane ready for takeoff.


as for our 'taro shiba bad photo friday’ good photo, i’m sharing one of kai and i walking. over the stretch of this past sunday through thursday, kai and i have walked over 26 miles together–that’s more than 5 miles a day! maybe that’s why i’m so darn sleepy…


External image

(taro shiba love morning walks, on flickr)



want to see more of me? check out kai’s favorite photos of he and i walking! 



it’s a goofy photo friday!


kiyomi’s doing her human impression on the bed–taking up both the pillow (that’s prime bed real estate!) and the TV remote. 


eventually, she made herself more comfortable. i, too, made myself more comfortable–by forming a shiba donut with three separate bed coverings!


hudad’s been walking me more lately.


other than both of us feeling better, healthier and happier when we walk 3.5+ miles/day, there’s another benefit. 


no, it’s not that we have time to take walking pics that look like outtakes from an a-ha video.


the added benefit is that i tend to be cuddly after long walks. and, a cuddly taro shiba makes for both a happy shiba & a happy pair of humans.


(on flickr)


it’s one of those arizona winter cold spells–where the high is sub-50 and the low gets below freezing. usually we get these once or twice a year, but it’s rare to have four sub-freezing nights in a row, which is what we’ve currently got.


because of the cold, there’s been ice on much of the grass near our home. hudad says it’s due to sprinkler settings and their failure to reflect the weather. there’s even been ice on the sidewalk in front of my house for three days straight, which has led to some brief, but comical, shiba slippage on our walks.


kiyomi doesn’t have much of an undercoat this winter, so she wears her jacket. she’s had it for two weeks and has become totally used to it. she really does move around well in it and seems not to notice it at all.


i’d fault her for not supporting shibas-against-clothing, but i’d rather have my shiba sis stay warm. and, as long as i don’t have to wear any clothes, kiyomi’s free to wear whatever she likes–perhaps the more embarrassing the better!


bonus pic: kiyomi smiles with her jacket on, is pleased with how she looks.


(on flickr)


it’s shiba-mas eve! i can’t wait to open our secret shiba gift that came in the mail! 


the fact that it’s kiyomi’s first christmas outside of the puppy mill has added much to our holiday excitement. kiyomi and i keep discussing what we think our is in our USPS box. we have no idea, but it’s a fun topic of discussion:


know what the best part of secret shiba is? the donation that zuko’s pack made to the amazing, awesome animal guardian network for every gift that was delivered on time. those funds will certainly be put to good use!


(on flickr)


it’s a taro shiba goofy photo friday! i think this is the shiba equivalent of a little kid insisting that they can dress themselves. i let my human half-harness me, but then i stepped back. so, i was left like this.


at some point, i realized i would need help.


so, one of my humans helped get me all the way leashed up and went out for my walk.


bonus pic: i sure am dapper when harnessed and sporting a bandana


it’s a taro & kiyomi hipstamatic wednesday!


we apologize for missing our monday/tuesday posts this week. we’ve been off exploring this week.


we haven’t gone anywhere exciting, though. we’ve been exploring the new flickr layout. the new flickr update isn’t playing perfectly with google chrome yet… kinda like me when a dog tries to take my toy (note: this is a flickr video link. flickr videos aren’t working on chrome right now, so use another browser).


hopefully everything is fixed by next monday. if not, i’ll have to put the bite down on flickr–just like in this bonus hipstamatic pic!


even more than usual, kiyomi and i took hudad’s side of the bed last night.


why? because hudad took us to the vet yesterday for vaccines, bloodwork and a health check. what a jerk.


being displeased with our vet visit, kiyomi and i protested by occupying the bed. you can see a couple of pics of our vet visit below:


we did get good news, though. kiyomi’s heart rate is no longer slow! and, unlike last year, she’s able to put on weight now. unfortunately, kiyomi has helped herself to far too many noms and now has to lose a good chunk of weight. 


the vet also said that, while i’m in the normal weight range, i can lose a bit, too. i told my humans that i demand to see her credentials in triplicate before i’m willing to start a diet plan.


it’s a taro shiba goofy photo friday!


sorry for the lack of posts this week. hudad (my typist) found out on wednesday that he needed another surgery. it’s his third operating room surgery for this problem in twelve months (with another three surgical procedures in that same time span). because of that, he hasn’t been as motivated to post as he usually would be.


i’m putting on a brave, snaggletoothed smile for hudad. kiyomi’s being brave, too, and is batting her eyelashes. here’s hoping that this surgery is the last one for a long, long time–even though kiyomi and i like it when hudad hangs out on the couch all day while he recovers.