taro the shiba chasing prince zuko the shiba on a beach in san francisco.


from my humans, a brief description of what it was like to watch us there:

  • shibas running. 
  • shibas smiling. 
  • shibas getting into the water before remembering that it’s (mostly) a bad idea.
  • shiba sniffing around.
  • shibas barking at surfers.
  • shibas coming back for treats.
  • shibas having a great time.
  • shibas sleeping through the rest of the afternoon.


see this pic on flickr.


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today, i’m sharing photos of me engaging in one of my favorite pastimes: sock tug-of-war. 



i’m great at it, too. i’ve got a low center of gravity, i’m focused, and i don’t know the word quit. also, i have a secret weapon: unlimited quantities of cute.


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spoiler alert: i’m gonna win. and, after i do, i’m going to stand above your vanquished tug-of-war team and laugh in your face.


(on flickr)



bonus tug-of-war victory celebration photo available here.



(on flickr)


a taro shiba philosophical quote: “attack mondays as you would a stick; chase it down and chomp into small pieces and into submission." 


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bonus pics



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it’s a taro shiba goofy photo friday!


above, i make a funny face after chomping a stick in the dog park.


i’ve added some new photos to my collection of taro and sticks in flickr. among them is this week’s good photo. in it, i communicate, “this is my stick. you forget that at your own peril.”


(on flickr)



and a bonus stick chomp action shot:


(on flickr)


(on flickr)


my home has three redheads: me, kiyomi, and my hudad kai. we are also the three members of my pack most likely to spend multiple hours on the couch. coincidence…?


bonus pic:


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happy valentine’s day to all, including to my forever valentine, kicho.


this year, i’m sending a special happy valentine’s day to those who are denied the right to marry the ones they love. i’d happily play tug of war with kai’s human rights campaign hat all day if it would help advance the cause. [you can see more pics of me playing with this HRC hat over on flickr]



it’s a taro shiba goofy photo friday!


today, i’m looking super growly and fierce. so, why is this a goofy phto?


in reality, i wasn’t angry–i was just trying to get a piece of stick off of my tongue! my human caught this pic at *just* the right moment to get my ridiculously tough face.


need evidence to corroborate my story? this bonus goofy pic was taken roughly 2 seconds later.


(on flickr)


“psst. you. yeah, you. feed me.”


this pic was taken by my human, tra, at a new year’s day mini-meetup in papago park/dog park in tempe, az. in the photo, i’m talking to @tokyoshiba’s humom. some great photos can seen of the meetup in @shiba_rinji’s humom’s flickr.



bonus pics!

i concentrate and rinji smiles.

taro shiba, from the dangerous end.



adding a shiba to your pack

This post is a reply to this previous post from FYEAHSHIBAINU.




If you’re looking to add a shiba to your family, in addition to using services like petfinder.com, we strongly urge you to check out shiba rescues. There are a lot of shibas out there that need new homes. In addition, wanting a puppy is not a good excuse for not looking through shiba rescues: it’s not uncommon for a rescue to have dogs under a year old that are available for adoption.


Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of shiba rescues on the web:


If you do decide to use a breeder, it is very important that you go to a reputable breeder. On the internet, it’s really easy to be duped into thinking a backyard breeder or a puppy mill is a quality breeder. Here’s a recent story from tumblr blog A Panicky Shiba about problems with a non-reputable Shiba breeder: my dealings with RightPuppy Kennel. [Note: while it may be surprising, it’s not uncommon for reputable breeders to be cheaper than irresponsible breeders, puppy mills, & pet stores].


So, how do you make sure your breeder is reputable? The first thing you need to do is read the checklist How to Spot a Responsible Breeder from Jenna & Snickers. It’s full of great tips and warnings, as well as ways to find a responsible breeder. [Update: Also see the House of Two Bows’ ’A Hypothetical Puppy Search in Seven Steps: Internet Tools to Evaluate a Breeder’. It’s an excellent resource!]


After reading that, you’ll most likely want to start searching at the National Shiba Club of America, which is the shiba club for the AKC. The website has a list of regional clubs (which you can call to find reputable breeders), as well as a directory of breeders that have agreed to abide by the clubs’s code of ethics. This list, National Shiba Club of America Breeder Directory, is likely the safest breeder directory that you can find.


So, if you decide a shiba is the right dog for you and you’re looking to add one to your pack, we sincerely hope you’ll look at rescues first (after all, taro the shiba is a rescue alumnus of SIRA). However, if you do go with a breeder, please be careful and responsible in choosing a quality breeder.




Great post on From the House of the Fox Dogs: ’You Get What You Pay For (A Lesson on Choosing a Dog Breeder)’. It’s a lesson on how to choose a breeder, how to educate yourself, and how a ‘bargain dog’ can cost you more down the road. 


Also via From the House of the Fox Dogsthis post on DogPlay.com provides a pretty definitive checklist you need to go through before buying a dog. This will help ensure the breeder you are choosing is humane and responsible, as well as help protect you from the negative aspects of adopting a dog from an irresponsible breeder.


Via Masakado Shiba Inu/Too Naughty Shibas:What Constitutes a Puppy Mill?' This post provides a very helpful list of signs of an unethical breeder/puppy mill/dog farm.


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it’s a taro shiba hipstamatic wednesday… and potential adopted shiba sisfur update!


since yesterday’s post about potentially adopting cherry blossom the shiba, here’s what’s happened:

  • landlord confirmed that it’s okay to have another dog.
  • personal recommendations were sent in. thank you to zuko’s and rinji’s respective packs for their assistance–your recommendations were so good that they made the foster mom cry happy tears!
  • and, the big one: notification by cherry blossom’s foster mom that she “will be more than happy to allow cherry blossom to become part of our caring family." 


so, we’ve been selected to be cherry blossom’s new pack! HOORAY!


my house is full of joy and nervous excitement about cherry blossom’s arrival. however, my humans still have to figure out to get her to arizona.


cherry blossom was a puppy mill dog in missouri and was rescued during an auction there. she’s currently with the rescue group "paws and hooves rescue” (see their facebook page here). my pack will discuss with cherry blossom’s foster mom about what we options we have to get her. i will let you know when and how my pack makes progress in this area. 


thanks for all your warm wishes for good luck. hopefully we can continue that good luck now that we’ve moved into the logistical phase of adoption! thanks again, all!


bonus pics:

taro shiba’s toothy grin

cherry blossom’s toothy grin



(on flickr)


i am exhausted after walking 10+ miles yesterday (5.5 of those during my hike to fat man’s pass. see tweet 1 and tweet 2 for pics). in the pic above, i’m napping on a blanket my awesome secret shiba got me.


i’ll be sleeping all day, so here are so more sleepy taro shiba pics:



(on flickr)


it’s a taro shiba bad goofy photo friday! this week, it’s a photo capturing kai’s activation of the secret button which controls my mouth.


didn’t know shibas had this button on the back of their head? well, we do. we’re advanced creatures. kai said this picture was taken while i was chewing a treat and being scratched, but that’s just a cover-up to save you from the truth: shibas are a far more advanced, technological species than we are given credit for. humans don’t stand a chance.


here’s a non-goofy photo for the week: a photo of me being extra-handsome at the park.




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it’s taro shiba vs. angry birds!


my super awesome human mom, tra, bought an angry bird plush bat in china for me and brought it home. (what a good humom! i’ll try extra hard not to get dog cookies in the bed this week.)


kai and i tried it out last night while tra took pics. as you can see above, i had lots of fun. the fight, unfortunately, didn’t last very long. once i got the tag off, the angry bird had an inoperable side wound. i can still play with the angry bird, but i’m not allowed to have it by myself.


anyway, i think it’s pretty clear that, based on my fierce awesomeness, i should be the main character in the next game rovio (makers of angry birds) produces. what say you?


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humom’s traveling again. above is a pic of her petting me.


sigh. i just want to let my humom know that i would run through tunnels, and i would jump through hoops, and then i’d run back through tunnels to see her again.