tar pitch

sic semper tenebris

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If not to the war against Lucis, the Kingdom of Dis would have crumbled anyway, and that in response to Noctis’ own doing. The Starscourge had taken root in the kingdom, not just in the crown city, but also in the neighboring towns and cities as well, spread through the air and the waterways system, and of course, prior infected traveling to and fro. As no doubt the soldiers of Gordian’s army has noticed, particularly those who have raided the hospitals and infirmaries - there are bodies deformed and warped into monstrosities, dead in the morgues, or worse, upon the very streets. 

Since advancing, the Lucian ranks have also been picked at by the daemons here and there, and the Kingdom of Dis has been in eternal twilight since the Lucian forces have entered its borders. The King they slayed, Noctis’ ‘father’, was leaking thick, pitch-black tar when they killed him. 

When Noctis is ushered out of the palace and toward the Prince Ardyn’s tent, he could smell the bodies of burning daemons and infected. He casts his glance about - still masked under the sentiments of a prince saying goodbye to his kingdom - and the tell-tale smokes of massive pyres and fire pits dot the horizon. Dis was lost even before Lucis came knocking by its doors.

The tent is elaborate and considerable in size, and Noctis is ushered in a bit roughly by the guard closest to him. Once inside he stands, and the Prince Ardyn tries to win him over with niceties and pleasantries. How curious.

And yet Noctis remains standing, hands bound. If he wanted, he could kill him right here - a small and tiny call to his ancient Furvamors magic - boil the prince’s blood, or solidify it where it runs in his veins, red and thick. But that would cut the Plague’s amusement, and his sole occupation has always been destroying kingdoms like Dis. Lucis was next on the slate, and already, those which came in contact with the daemons and infected will be taking the Starscourge into their homes. Noctis need not even lift a finger.

Right now, however, he is an exhausted prince who has had everything taken from him, and he will not sit down, and he can care less for food nor drink.

I’m a little 😒😤 @ my local theater tbh… FOUR days after John Wick 2 was released it was already in the smaller theaters? (As in, the older movies that are on their way out usually get out in those theaters because less people wanna watch them?) But 50 shades of shit was still in the bigger theaters. Even a 5 hour long livestream of the Tar Pitch Drop experiment would be a better movie than that abusive, leather covered mayonnaise couple

A list I've found helpful while writing

Some alternatives for colors- keep your writing colorful!

Cocoa, hazel, amber, beige, cinnamon, mahogany,

Jade, lime, sage, grass, chartreuse, forest, olive, willow,

Sapphire, cobalt, sky, azure, indigo, teal, navy, turquoise

Coal, charcoal, night, darkness, ink, pitch, tar, ebony

Cream, snow, milky, cloud, chalky

Red- scarlet, blood, cherry, crimson, flaming, rosy, ruby

Yellow: sunny, gold, lemon,

Pink: blush, fuchsia, salmon, coral,

Purple: lilac, amethyst, lavender, periwinkle, pomegranate

Orange: apricot, carrot, tangerine