tar ball


A Gaster and Toriel fusion B) AKA: Gastoriel I TOLD YA’LL I’D DO IT

So I like goopy Gaster. I also like the headcanon that he may be made of tar. Tar is quite flammable. And who is our resident pyro queen? Toriel or Tariel in this case amiright //SHOT

But yes; they’d leave a trail of tar-goop wherever they go, which can instantly combust into hot flames if they so desire. Tbh, I kind of prefer their purple fire because both Tori and Gaster are affiliated with that colour (Tori because of her clothing/royalty status, and gaster because I’ve seen people headcanon his magic colour as purple which is super cool). Also I see them chucking flaming tar balls, which is like throwing snowballs, but instead of snow it’s hot magma tar and would probably hurt a heck of a lot more