tar 10


Turnbull TAR-10 rifle

Custom made from an Armalite AR-10 rifle by Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing Co. c.2010′s.
.223 Remington 10-round removable box magazine, semi automatic, chrome-lined barrel with muzzle brake, faux-wood furniture, frame case-hardened with bone charcoal for some reason.

This works for me, give this treatment to more black rifles.


Tar Heel 10 Miler Race Recap

Woke up at 6:15 naturally and got ready. The race didn’t start until 7:45 and the starting line was a 5 minute walk from my dorm so there wasn’t any rush. Ate half a clif bar, drank some water, out the door. Ran into a friend from my floor on my way out of my building who was also running it. We talked for a few and then split up so I could meet up with my marathon club people. It was nice to see everyone but also kinda weird since I haven’t been to practice basically this entire semester due to injury/I have class at night 3 days a week aka the same time as practice.

Miles 1&2:
Started out way too fast and ran sub-8s which wouldn’t have been a big deal a few months ago but was definitely a bad idea today. It’s much harder to slow it down when everyone around you is moving fast. Also tried to start listening to S-Town but wasn’t getting into it, probably because too much was happening for me to really devote attention to it.

Mile 3:
Realized I was fucked. Decided I definitely needed to try to slow it down or the next 7 miles were going to be looooooong. Also switched to the Runner’s World podcast which was a much better idea.

Miles 4-8:
Not much to say here. Just kept pushing on.

Mile 8.5:
About a mile before this I started to feel like I had to go to the bathroom and given my previous history with races and this feeling (re: shitting my pants during my first half marathon) I decided to look for a porta potty. I wasn’t running this race to break records, just to run 10 miles so I was okay with pausing for a few seconds even if that would mess up my “official” time.

Mile 8.5-9.5:
Laurel. Hill. If you are someone familiar to chapel hill (hi @musingsoflulu) you know this hill suuuucks. Again, in the fall I could run it no problem and was killing it, hills are actually one of my strengths, but today it was just not happening. I did something I never do (and never need to do) in a race and I walked. It was really brief, probably 15 seconds total, but I was okay with it. I went out there with the goal of doing the best I could and I knew in that brief moment walking was the best that I could do. That’s okay. Also- just to give you guys an idea of how impressive this hill is they literally set up a separate split for the mile that the hill encompasses and give out awards for just that portion of the race because getting up it fast is so impressive.

Mile 9.5-10
Finished it out. Felt strong. Glad it was over.

All in all it was tough. My pace was forty seconds slower than what I ran my (second) half at in the fall and at the time that felt easy whereas in this race I was feeling it. I kept thinking of what laura (you’re getting a lot of shoutouts in this post) said in response to a question yesterday about getting back into running post injury “be easy on yourself and bask in the wonder of running again for the first time in awhile.”

I was out there and I was running. That is good enough.


Nai tiruvantel ar varyuvantel i Valar tielyanna nu vilya.

– May God bless you with the journey in life.

(Elros line):

(1) I like their curls hair like this above ears, youthful and spunky, the Last Alliance ver.

(2) I think Elros always been more courage than Elrond, bold and robust, Not to stick at trifles.

(3) Elros likes sword, he has strong desire to protect his twin brother, the root cause is the secret can not be said – Elrond is his first love. for twins’s attraction,  or stick together and help each other in war, His feelings seems beyond the family love, he never denied when he was alone

(4) Maglor appeared in their life troughs and bring them into the bright, Elros learned fencing from him but almost always fail, In the days of growing and learning, In Maglor ’s smile, sword air scattered his pigtails, He think maybe he can give up the someone, who couldn’t give him a good respond

(5) Maglor’s emotion not all on Elros, And his ending is not good

(6) Until Gil-galad carry the twins back, Elrond was drawn to him. his expression of many language and action, Elros felt unfamiliar and stifled. He suddenly ask Elrond for testing sword several times. Knowing that Elrond worse than him, but he just want to do it, the Protective became the possessive, but at last he catch the nous, Love is want to touch but was withdrawn.

(7) [I want to burn the high-king.] […Elros can you put father Maglor’s harp down first of all? ]

(8) Give up eternal life is not terrible, devilishness is the inaction and loneliness. Jump out of the shackles of firstborn to accept God’s gift, Burns like a meteor, short-lived but shine. many years later I’m no longer young and beautiful in my memory the eternal you, Even for an instant, have you ever loved me?

(9) in Imladris’s reading room, except the high-king relics and other things, Elros’ long hair, being cherish by Elrond.

(10) When Tar-Minyatur died, ELrond went to his funeral, starry night and hardships.

–May Earendil light your way in darkness.

Wild Camp to Cold Foot - Day 3-4

Day 3: 
165 miles Total
I met Sara and Wayman from Texas today. They stopped to say hello. I had seen them my first day when they passed me on their way to Prudhoe Bay. We had both stopped to see the muskox. It was great to see them again and they gave me a couple of granola bars and a banana. Before we said goodbye, Sara said a prayer for me.

The road is gravel, have I mentioned that before? It’s pretty much all gravel. It looks like it was once tarred about 400 years ago and then the road washed away and a few strips of tar about 10’ long remained behind in sections about 10 miles apart. Hills are difficult to climb because of the gravel. It’s hard to get traction. Hills are difficult to descend because of the gravel. If I go too fast I fishtail and my back tire has spun away from me too many times to risk speed on downhill descents. So I’m moseying along at a glacial pace. Better safe than sorry…especially since I’m still over 350 miles from Fairbanks.

I found a rustic campsite along the road just before Atigun Pass.

Day 4 
240 miles total
I was up early and on the road by 0700. I wasn’t near water and needed to refill water bottles so I ate a granola bar and got on the bike right away. Another trucker gave me an apple today.

I pulled off the road 50 miles short of Coldfoot and made coffee and was able to clean up a little bit. It’s rustic out here. I’m on day 3 without a shower and I was pretty much willing to go in the freezing water of any one of the numerous rivers at this point. Fortunately, Coldfoot had showers.

I pulled into Coldfoot close to 6:30 pm. Camping is free but showers are $14 and I was able to do a load of laundry, since the laundry room was right next to the women’s bathroom. The laundry room isn’t open to the public and if anyone had seen me I might have been charged a fee for using it but everyone was busy and I was pretty desperate to get clean clothes. Nobody noticed and having everything clean again is really nice.

I ran into Rito and Lydia again in the diner. We’re traveling the same path down into Canada so I’m sure we’ll be crossing paths several times. It’s great to see a familiar face, even if it’s only someone I just met a few days ago. Rain is predicted for tonight but I have a good tent so I’ll stay dry.

sent to: Tar-Míriel

[10:12:14PM] between the two of us:
[10:12:27PM] you and i are the smartest, most attractive people in this city
[10:12:35PM] and if you’re as bored as me, i wouldn’t entertaining you
[10:12:39PM] if you know what I mean

received from: Tar-Míriel

[10:15:07PM] Between the two of us:
[10:15:11PM] I’d rather swallow glass.