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What Up Hollywood: Tequila Mockingbird Interview

Not only is Tequila Mockingbird one of the busiest women in Hollywood, she is also one of the most creative, eclectic, and diverse. A singer, songwriter, music critic, poet, actress, entrepreneur, former model, you name it she’s done it. In fact, “Busy” may as well be her middle name.

She recently opened up the Punk Museum near downtown L.A., a colossal tribute to the music scene she has been intimately involved in since the late 1970s. According to Tequila, the motivation behind creating the museum was based upon a promise with former Germs vocalist, Darby Crash, “to keep punk rock alive,” an exchange they had just days before he died from a heroin overdose in December, 1980.

Never one to shy away from controversy and downright shaking things up, Tequila is in the process of writing an autobiography which, if she has the final say, will be titled ROCK AND ROLL NIGGER. By all indications it will be an excitingly salacious read, chock-full of true to life stories from the never ending stream of Tequila’s memories involving her wild child lifestyle in the Hollywood underground and beyond. And yes, Tequila admits even Robert Plant tried to hit on her during their 1971 tour in support of Led Zeppelin III, when she was just a sweet youth thing living in Cleveland.

What Up Hollywood recently got a chance to talk with Hollywood’s very own Punk Princess at the foot of Johnny Ramone’s memorial about her upcoming appearance in her third Batman flick and a whole lot more.

So my best friend, roommate, life-inspiration, muse, and goddess of my life, @taquilamockingbird, started making youtube videos. They’re the good kind. I’m calling them gritty realness with an optimistic spin. I miss watching youtube videos that are just people talking about something important that’s on their mind and not vlogs or something (not knocking vlogs, just that I pretty much always watch vlogs now and I miss these videos). Anyway, if you want to check them out (and you should), start here :) https://youtu.be/EH8dPFxypuY