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(On the new cycle of taplands)

Listen here, all you young whipper-snappers. These lands are just fine. I played a lot of Invasion limited back in the day, one of the most multicolor-centric sets ever printed. Outside of green, all the fixing we had were a cycle of lands identical to these, some uncommon “cameos” which were strictly worse allied Cluestones, a rare strictly worse Manalith you had to pay a life to get a mana from, and a bunch of stuff you could only get mana out of by sacrificing. You prayed for a tapland. And those were probably some of the only dual lands kids like me could get our hands on back then, too. I played my Elfhame Palaces and I liked it. You’re all spoiled brats.


Magic: the Gathering - Khans of Tarkir Land Cycle

Khans of Tarkir common-rarity tapland cycle: Ten lands that enter the battlefield tapped and tap for one of two allied or enemy colors. These are functional reprints of the Zendikar ‘Refuge’ taplands but have been expanded to inlcude enemy colour pairs.  Theey all provide a gain of 1 life when they enter the battlefield.
• Bloodfell Caves - B/R
• Blossoming Sands - G/W
• Dismal Backwater - U/B
• Jungle Hollow - B/G
• Rugged Higlands - R/G
• Scoured Barrens - W/B
• Swiftwater Cliffs - U/R
• Thornwood Falls - G/U
• Tranquil Cove - W/U
• Wind-Scarre Crag - R/W


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