tapioca films


fried chicken and bubble tea by darren elliott



my animated short film, TAPIOCA is now online

please enjoy and thank you so much for watching!


a LOT happened this year.
 super wonderful things like releasing my first apparel line in the summer and other new products! collaborating with one of my best friends, @slimegirlsmusic. making a small comic with my favourite @ghostspaces. i’ve also started working on my thesis film, Tapioca this year. (deadline for it is in may) please look forward to that! :)

it’s also been a painful year for me as well. but i’m trying to learn from everything that’s happened. i really feel like a grew a ton this year in different ways. i’m learning to communicate better with friends!

2016 is gonna be amazing! i just know it! i have new stuff planned for my shop, I’ll be graduating school next year too so that’s really crazy! i want to experiment more with my art too and keep developing!!

happy new year everyone~ thanks for sticking with me! i’m gonna try my best and work hard and always share my progress with you.