historyofashitpost  asked:

What are your favorite podcasts?

hi there i’ll make you a list.


  • the penumbra podcast: twilight zone-style episodic trope bending & frankly the best thing in the universe
  • wolf 359: the (mis)adventures of a crew of people working on a station orbiting the star wolf 359
  • eos 10: scrubs meets deep space nine - the adventures of the medical crew on a  space station
  • homecoming: psychological thriller (feat. oscar isaac!!!!)
  • limetown: audio drama about a reporter investigating the disappearance of a town full of people
  • the black tapes podcast: a reporter profiles a skeptic determined to disprove the supernatural. demons galore. these people also make tanis & rabbits which i like less.
  • ars paradoxica: time travel!
  • alice isn’t dead: a truck driver searches for her missing wife

nonfiction / politics ( i got a bit into the ‘npr shows that didn’t used to be podcasts but now are because that’s how i listen to the radio now’ genre but.)

  • s-town: recent & by the folks who produce serial & this american life (both of which you should listen to also) about hidden treasure, family history, the south. so good. 
  • & related this american life: dare i say the original podcast-style in-depth slice-of-life storytelling show. the best forever (i have a pillow with ira glass’s face on it)
  • dan carlin’s hardcore history: hardcore dives into the past.
  • call your girlfriend: two best friends discuss pop culture, feminism, politics, race & everything in between
  • pod save america / crooked media anything: i linked to pod save america but everything these absolute idiots produce is great & interesting & hysterical. four of obama’s former political aides talk politics post-trump. 
  • radiolab presents more perfect: in-depth reporting about interesting cases in the supreme court. also, listen to radiolab. 
  • death sex and money: discussions about the things we don’t like to talk about in polite conversation
  • astonishing legends: looks at strange & unusual events through history, based in real-world evidence
  • 2 dope queens: phoebe robinson & jessica williams are the funniest people in the whole world!
09/10/11 - Post Fourteen

As you know by now, I have been on THE COLBERT REPORT, so I feel it is my duty to explain the experience in detail to all you poor unfortunates who have never been, and probably never will.

First of all, Stephen Colbert is the funniest man alive. He can not be stopped. Fine, I got that out of the way.

Now about the show.

So we arrived about 5PM, most people got there around 4, and we waited about an hour and a half in the steaming heat of a stuffy alley they converted into a queue. At 6PM they close the line off and anyone just arriving, even with ticket is turned away. We thought we were lucky that we made it and 90 minutes of waiting was well worth it.

Then at 6:30 they file us in to the building through security and into this little memorabilia room, inside are the Colbert portraits, some cool Colbert art, a life size replica of Colbert on the wall to take a picture with, and that pod that he came up in from beneath the stage in KEEP THE FEAR ALIVE. Finally some producer comes out and tells us the rules and how to please Stephen. The producer gives this big spiel about how Colbert wants our applause and laughter, he feeds on it, how much the Daily Show sucks, etc. all of which are true. I remember sitting in the Ed Sullivan theater and the Letterman producers saying the same thing basically, but Letterman doesn’t feed on anything other than money. So we get to walk into the studio and the way they have it set up is like we are coming through the back / side of the studio so there are all these great artifacts and props from older episodes laying around and we get to see the cast lockers, and a little dressing room and the backstage control room. But then we turn a corner and bam, there it is. The set is tiny… even smaller than Letterman and I can’t believe my eyes. It was fucking nuts because you walk into the studio and it is literally like two feet to where Stephen Interviews people at his table. I look to the right and there is his portrait and mantle over the fireplace with his Peabody and Emmies within reach. We walk down a few feet and are standing right in front of his desk, I look up and see the Captain America shield and a bookshelf with a thick collection of Cliffs Notes. This was for real.

So they seat us and the studio audience is about 130 people, super small, and we have a really comfortable seat and are nestled between a bunch of exited, sexy fans. It is totally intense. Now you have to remember, these shows are recorded live and in real time, meaning that when they go to a commercial…everyone on the set is scrapping to get the next bit set-up.
It is really archaic and weird but I love it.

So a warm-up comedian comes out and roasts a few people in the audience. I guess he didn’t say anything to me because I have this look like I might fucking stomp his ass into the ground, it comes in handy. But in all fairness this comedian was pretty funny and then after about 15 minutes, which seemed like a long time, he announced that Stephen Colbert was coming out in a few SECONDS and was going to do a Q&A for a few minutes, OUT OF CHARACTER, before they started taping. Just as he finished saying this Stephen Colbert comes running from back stage and he is running around high-fiving people, running up and down the steps, shaking hands, jumping up and down, going fucking nuts! He quickly composes himself and tries to catch his breath and then introduces himself and begins the Q&A. 

Now I had two questions in my mind that I had raised my hand for but was not called. The two questions were: 1) What do you really do with all that SUPER PAC money, and can I have five dollars?
2) Are you planning on buying STAR WARS on Blu-Ray?

But that didn’t happen so we listened to some incredibly lucky people talk to Colbert. The first person was this twenty something black chick who challenged Colbert to a duel of Rock, Paper, Scissors. He explained how to play the game in a really humiliating way: 1..2..3.. shoot. Over and over he repeated and then they played and he immediately lost, paper to rock, he threw his arm up, ran off and said “FUCK YOU!”

So the questions started pouring in, most of them were pretty lame… but a few were good, and even the really bad ones were turned around by either the look on Colbert’s face or how he responded… a couple times he pretty much just said “What the fuck is wrong with you?" 

One person asked "What is the funniest thing you have ever heard?” Colbert responded by telling two jokes that his kids made up and that Colbert himself subsequently stole from them. 
The first: 
Colbert’s Daughter: what did the cow say?
Colbert: Moo.
Colbert’s Daughter: No.. it said woof!
Colbert: Why did it say woof?
Colbert’s Daughter: Because it had a dog in it’s mouth.
–this is when Colbert explained that that joke was the funniest thing he had ever heard. He went on to explain that this business, what he does, is really rubbing off on his kids. He was riding his son to school one day and was talking to his wife about Mitch McConnell, and Colbert’s son interjected “Wait, is that the same Mitch McConnell I’ve never heard of?”
Colbert said “this shit is really rubbing off on my kids.”

Then someone asked about doing the character in public and Colbert just said it doesn’t work anywhere outside of the studio, but on occasion he  slips up and will be in character all day at work and bring it home with him. One time he walked in his front door and his wife instantly picked up on the way he was walking and talking and said “I know what this is, get the fuck out of my house and come back as my husband!”

So then the Q&A was over and the producer said he was on in 10, even though Colbert wasn’t even behind the desk. He turned around and said “everyone have a good time” he sat down they touched up his makeup in about two seconds and then the camera was rolling and Colbert ripped into the opening “Table of Contents,” the three joke lead-in for the show. Now we were in it, we were on the COLBERT REPORT, it was happening all around me and Colbert was ripping away fifteen feet from my face.

After the intro the show began and the first segment was about the recent Republican debate and then a lengthy rant on Rick Parry with an “A.” A really interesting observation about Colbert is that anytime there is a cut-away he is quickly going over what to say next, I could see he him mouthing words to himself, scrambling in his head to think of the funniest sentence possible. Colbert is a perfectionist and doesn’t waste a single second of the thirty minute taping. During the commercials his writers and producers flood to his desk and they are shooting ideas back and forth, talking about what was good, what could have been better. But what is really funny about commercial time on the Report is that they turn the music up really loud so that Colbert can jam a little bit between segments, I am not kidding. But the best part is that even though Colbert is listening to the writers and producers, and talking to them back and forth, he was also singing along with the songs and interacting with the audience at the same time. It was nuts. During the first commercial break they were playing “FUCK YOU” by Cee Lo Green, and Colbert knew every word. People were trying to talk to him but he was singing along and he hit every beat of the chorus: 
I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn’t enough i’m like,
Fuck you!
And fuck her too! 
and as Colbert was singing the FUCK YOU parts he would raise a middle finger to his producers and the audience, which all amounts to one of the craziest things I have ever seen.

Here is one more little inside tidbit you might be interested in. The prop gags that Colbert peppers throughout the show are a complete surprise. During commercials a big fat beefy guy carries out heavy white boxes and places them under Colbert’s desk. all of the props are in these boxes and we as the audience have no idea what he is going to pull out.

During one break Colbert stood up with WRIST-STRONG BRACELETS and started shooting them to the audience. About five seconds before we were back from a commercial Colbert noticed Rachel’s neon Orange shirt, pointed to her and shot her a bracelet, but it bounced off a hanging monitor and some asshole below us got it. 

The last thing I need to mention is about the guests. We all know that on Colbert the guests are already seated when Colbert runs over for the interview, but I guess I never really thought about how it worked until I was in the studio. Now for our show the guest was Tom Brokaw, who is an elderly legend of the news. I assumed that Colbert would lead him out and shake his hand and it would be super professional, but it wasn’t. Colbert was sitting at his desk singing the words to “Machine Head” by Bush! and this little Asian assistant to Brokaw, walks Brokaw out and the music is blaring, you can’t even think it is so loud, maybe they turned it up on purpose? So Brokaw comes out and everyone is standing and clapping but Colbert doesn’t even notice, he just keeps singing every word: BREATH IN, BREATH OUT, BREATH IN, BREATH OUT…
and not once does he look over. Tom Brokaw just sits down and this fat stagehand walks up and pours water into is Colbert cup. Tom Brokaw is sitting there listening to Colbert rock out to Bush and looks like he doesn’t know what the hell is going on, hands in his lap, a look of bored professionalism. The show starts again and Colbert introduces Brokaw and runs over for the interview. this was when the show kind of turned into another show. You see we recorded Thursday, and Sunday is the tenth anniversary of 9/11. So the interview was completely serious and kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. 

So the show wraps up, Colbert says goodbye and drinks his Old Milwaukee beer and it’s a wrap. 

Colbert walks over to us, tells us how awesome we were and says, “wasn’t it amazing to listen to Tom Brokaw speak? It’s like someone pouring warm milk all over your body.” Then takes one more question. This time the question went to this fifty year old burn out, hippie loser sitting right below me and he asks:
“If you could appear on any talk show real or unreal, what would it be?”
Colbert drops down to his knees laughing because you can tell it’s really the dumbest question anyone had ever asked him. His response:
“The Jesus Chirst Hour, starring myself.”

Colbert walked out of the studio and that was that. 
Hands down one of the greatest experiences of my life.

- Columbine Conspiracy #2: Multiple Shooter Theory

The multiple-shooter conspiracy ‘theory,’ is not a theory so much as it is a collection of pieces to a puzzle that have been suppressed. Beginning the day of the shootings, law enforcement and media have pushed an anti-bullying, anti-gun, and mental health awareness narrative to forward preexisting and enduring agendas. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are by no means innocent; however, they were victimized as patsies to one lie: the two were not the sole perpetrators of the event. This is irrefutable and obvious when examining evidence and witness testimony outside of the scope of the mainstream media and official government statements. I ask that you please read all of the following; feel free to reference any of the evidence cited for yourself. The evidence presented comes directly from the Jefferson County Final Report on Columbine High School released in May 2000, local publications, and more.

This ‘theory’ would be more appropriately named the ‘multiple-perpetrator theory’ because although there were more than two shooters, some of the personnel that carried out the attacks on Columbine did so with explosives or other improvised means. Before covering any of the shootings, there are multiple incongruent facts that prove Harris and Klebold were not alone. Between 11:14 am to 11:22 am, when a janitor ‘coincidentally’ forgot to change the cafeteria surveillance tapes, Jefferson County reports the two boys placed their explosives to denote them at the start of ‘A-Lunch,’ (Jefferson County, Narrative Time Line of Events). A minimum of 95 undetonated bombs were found throughout the cafeteria after the events, some weighing more than either Harris or Klebold could individually carry. It is physically impossible for two teenage boys to carry that many explosives in one trip and strategically place them throughout a cafeteria large enough to accommodate hundreds in the span of eight minutes (Denver Post), let alone do so unnoticed. Federal and independent investigators also noticed many of these explosives featured military-grade mercury detonating systems, far too sophisticated for some experts to construct, let alone two boys who could hardly put together ‘crickets.’ There are many more irregularities that precede the shootings. The week before the shootings, CHS was simulating active-shooter drills (where much of the footage released to the public on the ‘shootings’ was filmed (more on this later)). Before first period even began the day of, students Jessica Gertz, Stephanie Hane, Ann Marie Kelly, and Nathan Vanderoff reported men wearing three-piece black suits with clipboards surveying the perimeter of the school, and similarly dressed “federal agents” inside the school. Many students noted that they thought there was a drug bust. Student Crystal Aguilara reported a brown pick-up truck circling the campus with similarly dressed personnel inside before the start of classes (Jefferson County, Witness Testimony).    

Again, before covering the shootings themselves, I would next like to cover events following the official timeline that prove Harris and Klebold were patsies. The boys are said to have committed suicide between 12:05 pm to 12:08 pm (Jefferson County, Narrative Time Line of Events). There were consistent shots heard by law enforcement, students, staff, and faculty alike up to nearly four hours after 12:08 pm (Brandi Wiseman, JCSCO, 4753; Patti Neilson, JCSCO 77, etc.). The double suicide official ruling was initially treated as a murder-suicide because the positioning of the corpses and guns of the two boys make it impossible for them to have both committed suicide. The blood spatter report shows that the boys were already lying down next to each other when shot. Klebold was shot through the left temple, which is a subject of incongruent controversy. The Hi-Point model 995 carbine rifle used could not be held in such a way to have produced this shot by Klebold himself, with an elevated exit would from the back of the right skull. The wound suggests that Klebold was left-handed, while the gun’s location suggests that he was right-handed. The rifle was a newer model of the gun and was only a .22 caliber shot (Jefferson County, What equipment Klebold and Harris carried with them). .22 caliber weapons are notorious for failing in suicide attempts, even considering headshots. This firearm could not produce the ¼" through-wound present, especially at such a close range. Also, in virtually every suicide by firearm, the guns used fall several meters away from the corpses because of the recoil. In Klebold’s case, the gun allegedly fell right beside him opposite from the side it was used, another physical impossibility. The partial autopsy released for Klebold explains the irregularities in this wound and adds that an abrasive powder present makes determining critical details of the wound difficult. Consequently, Klebold’s full autopsy report has not been released. In fact, most victims lack a full autopsy report currently (more on that later). In 2007, a local judge ordered that the Columbine records shall remain sealed for another twenty years (until 2027), when the parents of victims, law enforcement officials, and school personnel would average 80-90 years of age, if they are still living (Denver Post). The most damning evidence, by way of the infamous “Basement Tapes,” have already been destroyed. Similar methods to suppress documents have been used in other conspiracies, such as the JFK assassination, the files of which have yet to be released.      

Lastly, before getting to the shootings, the evidence recovered by investigators at the scene of the crime irrefutably establishes more than two shooters. Jefferson County reports that a total of 329 shots were fired: 141 by law enforcement and 188 by the attackers (Jefferson County, Critical Incident Debriefings). However, even media sources like CNN and the New York times reported over 900 shots, and independent investigations by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation reported over 1,000 rounds of spent ammunition found at the scene. This means there were at least 571 rounds of ammunition that were incompatible with any firearm used by Harris and Klebold or law enforcement officials. John Stone, the official from Jefferson County that became its spokesperson for the event, confirmed at least 17 people had died during the attacks (Denver Post). In a phone call that can be found online with President Bill Clinton, Jeff Co officials inform the president that at least 25 victims had died. In that same phone call, President Clinton alludes to the use of technology such as RFID microchips to prevent such tragedies, and that crises like this could not be wasted (more of this agenda later). All of the weapons used by Harris and Klebold were ‘coincidentally’ already up for legislative bans. The agendas behind this psychological operation are painfully obvious.

There are at least 10 bodies, and at least 571 rounds that remain unaccounted for today that Harris and Klebold absolutely were not involved with.

For the sake of brevity and time, I could not scan all pieces of evidence or fully cite some, if you would like any specific piece of evidence, please message an inquiry. The next post will cover the over half-dozen perpetrators involved in the shootings and explosions on April 20, 1999. Feel free to ask any questions, share your opinions, etc.

Intro to the Series

Columbine Conspiracy Post #1

**Again this is not my work. Not claiming these are true either, just theories**

Revelation: Part 2

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.3K
Warnings: Angst, swearing, fluff, Tony being an all round good guy

A/N: A part 2 was requested! Unfortunately, I’ll be leaving this fic/request here, as I am going to explore this storyline as part of a fic series in the future.

I really feel good about this fic, maybe it’s because I finished writing this at 5am and I’m super tired, but I’m really proud of this

Part 1

Your bare feet slap against the cold tiles as you move from the kitchen to the balcony, a cup of steaming tea in your hands. The weather was starting to warm up, so you decide to drag a blanket onto the balcony and watch the sunrise. With all the New York City traffic bustling hundreds of meters below you, it was louder on the balcony than it was inside. You spent a lot of your time on the balcony, just looking out over the city and trying to lose yourself in imagining what it was like to be normal. At first, the silence and seclusion had been nice, but it quickly led to days of overthinking and moments of insanity.

You’d been living in the Stark Tower for 2 weeks, you had never really asked Tony’s permission, but he hadn’t told you to leave yet. You were planning on finding your own place, but you weren’t in the right mind set to start looking for apartments at the moment. You were still an emotional mess from finding out the truth about your parents’ deaths.

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all I want is for you to keep smiling

dear Ollie,

it’s been exactly
one thousand
eight hundred
twenty five days
since your smile
clung to my heart
through my dirty
windows on your birthday
someone told me
that waves don’t die
I am an ocean
with no moon
no ships
no hurricanes
I am a sheet
of unsalted glass
no fish
no land
no purpose
I am a dying wave
I watch you grow up
through a glass house
I think I can make a
skip a stone across the
I write poems that hit hearts
like fucking rocks
I crack eyes of strangers
like the walls I wish to shatter
watching you
but these poems
just bounce off those glass walls
fracture my heart instead
I’m a fucking loser, kid
I’ve accepted it
your mother
are squirrels and I’m
just an owl with no nest
a hunger for anything
a hunger for everything
if we were together it would
eventually consume you both
so I keep my distance as best
I can, but any dad knows
you can’t help but get a closer look
especially when you are states away
I have always tried my best
It’s never been good enough
It never will be
don’t you see that this is
the best for you and for me?
I keep lying to myself that it is
maybe one day
I’ll actually believe it
in another universe
a universe where the stars
are kinder to tongues
where the wells don’t care
what side the coin lands on
where the bubbles burst forth
flowers in your favorite colors
that never wither
I am with you
you wake me up too early
on Saturday mornings
you are never out of your
favorite cereal
your mother never stops
smiling and her demons
don’t exist, my demons don’t
exist, your dimples eclipse
your chin
you come home from school
I tape report cards, finger paintings
and perfect pictures to the fridge
I think that nothing could be any
better than this just like I’m
thinking now as I’m trying to write
out this demon but I know
he’ll still be there waiting when
the pen stops

maybe one day
the moon will rise
this ocean will salt
produce life instead
of a nonchanging reflection
maybe one day
these words will become
a big enough rock
that will capture attention
unlock the door or at least
invite me to sit on the porch
maybe I’ve just wished on the
wrong stars, maybe if I keep
tracing constellations with
my tongue, pick up every coin
I’ll eventually find a second of
peace, maybe I can fix myself
before I break my brain completely
it’s fun to think of other universes
right? I imagine I would dance around
your logic and give you an idea
to make you smile

and son
that’s all I’ve ever wanted
I’ve just wanted to be a reason
for you

to never stop smiling


I guess you probably know why I’m posting this. In a few days or hours, some of us will get to know what Uncle Steve New Steve has in store for our beloved shamy and the rest of the gang. And this is great, for all of you that enjoy the rite of the taping reveal. It’s slightly less cool for the ones (like me) that have confidence in their resistance to ulcer and try to wait for episode airings. Here’s the point: we don’t want to have to disappear from the Internet to achieve this. We miss you guys. We want to be able to share our contents or just our fangirl feelings with you all the time! So, I’m trying to put together a few useful suggestions to all of us - either thirsty tapings reader or sweet summer unspoiled children.


  • Use some keyword in your posts, like ‘spoiler’ or ‘taping’.
    The ideal is in tags, but most keywords-based filters actually work on the whole post.
  • Read more.
    Just to be sure, put all your spoiled content after a read more. Are you on mobile and you don’t know how to do? Write on a single line:
  • Don’t write spoilers in tags or captions when you reblog someone’s creations.
    Some unspoiled kids are creators. They write stories, draw fanarts or makes gifs. To them, comments on captions or tags are important. They read those!  
  • Clearly tell if your work (es. fanfiction) is based on spoilers, and have people chose if go ahead with it or not.
    Bonus: consider to reblog it again after the episode aired to share with the unspoiled kids. They’ll appreciate it!
  • Don’t send prompts and requests based on spoilers.
    Unless you are 110% sure the author/creator is spoiled too. If you are not sure about it, don’t send it, or ask the author/creator first. 
  • This is not relevant right now, but it will be later. Lately promotional pictures and especially press releases have become spoilerish as hell. Some still like to read/look at those, but as a general rule it’s better to tag these as well.
  • Don’t be a jerk. Respect others choices.


  • Use xkit or tumblr savior.
    They are browser extensions for both chrome and firefox. Their main feature is keywords filtering. Once the blacklist is set, all the post that contains the listed words are blocked or hidden. Bonus: you can also use this to avoid posts over your notp, shows you’re not interested in or Eurovision in May. Bonus 2: xkit has dozens of other useful functionalities. 
  • Use washboard from mobile or work.
    Washboard is actually a site (h t t p s : washboard.ws) which works as an intermediate between you and your dashboard. You can create your blacklist there or import it from xkit/tumblr savior. Bonus: since it actually simplifies the interface, your navigation will be much lighter and fast.
  • Examples of blacklists -
    xkit: “tbbt spoilers”,“taping*”,“taped*”,“tapping*”,“report* ”,“spoiler*”,“promotional photos*”,“promo*”
    ts: “tbbt spoilers”, “taping”, “report”, “spoiler”, “taped”, “tapping”, “promotional photos”, “promo”
    I also have whitelisted (i.e. posts are shown anyway if they contains these words):  “tbbtedit”,“review”,“tbbt gifs ” (to avoid some false positive after the episodes air) 
  • If you are an author/creator and you accept requests, you may want to specify in your ask/FAQ page you are not spoiled.
    This way people will know to not send requests based on spoilers.
  • Still, don’t be here on taping day.
    Suppose your filters are all correctly set. All the people you follow behave politely. No one reblogs adding spoilers. Still, the loading of the page maybe is too slow (filtering is applied after first load), or you may enter from the app, or your hand will just move on his own over that read more. Tapings are on Tuesdays. First news are usually out around 9-10 pm PT. If you live in Europe, around 7 AM. So, as a rule of thumb, think that Wednesdays are dark and full of spoilers.

This is more or less all I could think of. I really hope this could be useful to make everyone experience in the fandom more enjoyable. Now, time to return to our praying circles…

Grizzly Bears : 5 [Fungi]


Summary: So exactly how does one go about pursuing a relationship with a gorgeous, temperamental, half demon who could also rip the world asunder just by thinking about it? Beast Boy sure as heck wasn’t going to find a copy of that particular self help book, but by always being in such close proximity to her, he figures he’ll just have to learn by doing. Future!BBRae.

“I could really use some pants, Dick.”

The changeling was stark naked, and with plenty of cameras and reporters on site, it was a little embarrassing being so exposed for the whole world to see.

Beast Boy’s clothes were currently left behind somewhere in the rubble of the bank, buried beneath the carnage of the battle. His Teen Titans uniform had been something he’d stopped wearing a while back, and Garfield could still recall the painful memory of the day he’d made the decision to forgo the tired thing altogether.

Nightwing scratched at the back of his head and graced his former teammate with a tight-lipped frown. “One of the EMTs can provide you with a blanket or something,” he choked out, obviously trying not to stare too long at the very naked green man in front of him. Richard was not a prude in any sense, however, with the flock of cameras and media attention on them, he was probably only trying to avoid giving the tabloids any ammunition for their ridiculous accusations. Also, he personally hated making the front page of a gossip magazine.

The Justice League, as had been expected, was far too busy to deal with such small-time crime in a city like Jump. Yet, once it had been determined that Beast Boy was on scene, they managed to dispatch a few of the former Titans to help ‘investigate’, as they would have called it. One of which happened to be the man in the black, skin tight suit, and the infamous, emblazoned blue bird on his chest.

“Uh…right,” Beast Boy blushed, keeping his hands over his more private bits while wearing a sheepish smile.

[follow the cut fore more!]

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anonymous asked:

Can i has tim+damian brother bonding happy fun fun times pwees? (( i haven't slept a complete 2 hours for 4 days only power naps i hate life and exams and screw grammar i need mah happy babies to go on T^T )

Sooo this is not all fun times, but it is Dami and Tim bonding and sweet. Please please please try to get some sleep. I hope exams go well, and know things will get better!

Please enjoy! 

As Tim slipped in through the window of his University’s art building he’d never been more thankful for standard emergency lights. They were always on, and gave him enough to see the art by, without having to risk turning all the lights on. He considered pulling off his domino mask but left it, in case he ran into any unwelcome visitors.  

As he roamed the room he told himself, that technically he wasn’t trespassing. The art building was open twenty-four hours. Most visitors chose to come at normal hours, not 3 A.M. or in the middle of patrol. Plus, he was welcome to an exhibit where one of his own pieces was being shown. Still, his heart raced as he searched the walls for his picture.

A shadow darted out from behind a corner and halted first his heart, then his feet. Who would be at a university art showroom in the middle of a night beside himself? A frat boy? No, they usually travelled in packs and initiation season was long past. A thief then, except student artwork wasn’t the most valuable of works.

Caution eased his steps forward until he was at the edge, his back pressed against a wall, just under a framed picture. He peered around the corner, and his mouth dropped open. Inching his way forward was Robin. His attention was focused away from Tim, instead scanning the walls and artwork around him.

“No.” The word was out of his mouth before he realized what he was saying. He noticed that his feet, too, had taken him around the corner and towards his brother. “There is no way you should be here.”

He’d gone from being confused to angry. The jump came with the realization that Damian could be in the art building for one of two reasons. The first, and most likely was that the Bat Brat was stalking Tim. The second had to be that something in the building was tied to a criminal. That was the last thing Tim wanted.

He wanted the picture he’d taken to be remembered for its own merit. Not because it was in the same building a crime took place in. He hadn’t known what to do with himself when he’d gotten the news that one of his pictures had been selected for the semester end show. He’d been out of practice with his hobby, so his confidence was low when submitting the piece so the honor came as a shock to him.

There hadn’t been time to see it during normal show hours, not with his work at Wayne Enterprises or his nightly patrols. Which is why he’d carved out some time to see it in the middle of patrol. At least once he wanted to see something he’d taken framed, hanging on a wall, and not put there by Alfred. He loved the man, but there was a difference in having his piece in the manor and having it hang in the halls of a university.

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The Voice Report

Reports from tapings from audience members. If you hear or see anything posted about a taping let me know so I can link it! Thanks :)

Season One

Season Two


  • Auditions (x)
  • Blake trying to get a lady to name her baby “Blake Adam”
  • Blake waiting for Adam to get done taping (where Adam can’t see him)

Season Three



  • The huuuuugggggg (x)

Season Four


  • Knockouts (x)
  • Coffee Date/First Kiss (x)
  • Kisses (x)


  • “Oh Mann..” (x)
  • “Here We Go” (x)
  • Adam “I hate this country” debacle (x)(x)
  • Superhero (Confessions) Video (x)(x)
  • Amount of shevine (x)
  • Do Usher/Shakira notice (x)(x)
  • “Forced” shevine (x)

Season Five


  • “Blinds & Knockouts” (x)

Season Six


  • Blinds (x)
  • “Playoffs Day 1″ (x)
  • Princess foot pop hug (x)
  • Brovorce and hugs (x)(x) 
  • Blake downtalking himself, Adam not liking it (x)(x)(x)
  • Blake “coming home” with puke on him/Blake dating his cousins (x)(x)
  • Adam singing in spanish (x)
  • Break time (x)
  • “I love you” (x)
  • Shakira (x)(x)(x)(x)
  • Coaches on phones? (x)
  • jealous!adam (x)
  • Adam being a fool (x)(x)
  • Adam and Blake update (x)
  • Adam sitting in Blake’s chair (x)
  • Blake talking to Carson “I wasn’t done talking to you asshole” (x)
  • Adam being obstinate while getting make-up done (x)
  • A handful of questions (x)
  • Gary laying down the law (x)


  • “So the show” (x)
  • Hair jokes/Mad Adam (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)
  • Adam drinking from Blake’s cup/Adam eating (x)
  • Blake/Usher (x)
  • Special shevine moments from the show (x)(x)
  • Jealousy (x)
  • “Forced shevine” (x)
  • “6x23″ (x)
  • Monday (x)
  • Blake and Jake’s performance (x)(x)
  • Adam singing “Every Breath You Take” (x)(x)(x)
  • Intros. (x)
  • Shakira/Adam playing with Milan (x)(x)(x)
  • Eyesex (x)(x)(x)
  • Adam singing “Medicine” (x)(x)
  • Usher (x)(x)
  • Going backstage (x)
  • Adam with his team (x)

Season Seven


  • “More to come, but just so you know..” (x)
  • “Oy vey..” (x)
  • “I forgot a few things…” (x)
  • “…what the hell?” (x)
  • Adam’s hair/clothes (x)(x)
  • How do the coaches get along? (x)(x)(x)
  • Shevine moments (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)
  • Adam….. and his knowledge of Oklahoma (x)
  • Adam eating (x)(x)(x)
  • Gary (x)(x)
  • Pharrell (x)
  • Adam smoking (x)
  • Pharrell and Gwen’s clothes (x)
  • “Season Seven is going to be amazing.. A summary:” (x)
  • “There was something I forgot..” (x)
  • Blake singing “Maps” (x)(x)
  • Adam/Behati (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)
  • Adam’s clothes/hair (x)(x)(x)
  • Blake’s clothes (x)
  • Pharrell (x)(x)
  • Married? (x)
  • Shevine moments (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)
  • Questions about Gwen and Pharrell (x)
  • “Fml” (x)
  • Knockout rounds outfits (x)
  • Fanboy!Blake (x)
  • How are Blake and Adam? (x)(x)
  • Kiss (x)


  • “Just Like Animals!” (x)
  • Momma Levine and Blake Shelton (x)(x)
  • Adam wants to be like Chris Evans (x)(x)(x)
  • Blake, aka Maroon 5′s biggest fan (x)(x)(x)(x)
  • Pharrell high? (x)
  • M5 questions (x)(x)
  • Pet names (x)
  • Clothes questions (x)
  • My dad is actually a shipper (x)
  • Adam and Blake antics (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)
  • Pharrell (x)
  • “Roomie went to a taping” (x)
  • “The ending is bittersweet… But we have next season!” (x)
  • “I think I’ll grab a bottle of Patron..” (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)(x)
  • Hugging/Kisses/Nuzzling/Etc (x)(x)(x)(x)
  • Poor sport? (x)
  • Behati (x)(x)
  • Pharrell (x)
  • Singing “Hanukkah” (x)
  • Blake wearing a suit!!! (x)
  • Blake sitting by Adam’s feet (x)
  • Adam hugging Blake after he won (x)

Season Eight


  • “Here’s a quickie…”(x)
  • “This is why we have such great ratings” (x)
  • Forgot some stuff (x)
  • Wank (x)(x)
  • Adamtina moments? (x)
  • Inappropriate Adam and Blake and Carson with his son (x)(x)
  • Adam complimenting Blake and Blake loving his job (x)
  • Blake copping a feel (x)
  • What was everyone wearing? (x)
  • Good Pharrell moments (x)(x)
  • “Battles did NOT let me down” (x)
  • “Some moments I forgot to add” (x)
  • Blake kissing Pharrell and Adam (x)(x)
  • The 45 min round (X)
  • Blake making fun of Adam’s shirt (x)
  • Blake on Adam losing season 7 (x)(x)
  • “I hope Adam changes” (x)(x)
  • Almost kisses (x)
  • Adam’s hickey (x)(x)
  • Adam singing Franki Valli (x)
  • Hugs (x)(x)
  • Pharrell cute moments (x)


  • “Another great night” (x)
  • “The Forgotten” (x)
  • Blake singing Sam Smith (x)
  • Pharrell “That’s all Adam” (x)


  • “Not too much happened tonight but still… Hallelujah (x)
  • Blake kissing Adam (x)
  • Meghan’s performance (x)


  • “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart Now Baby” (x)
  • Adam fangirling over John Fogerty, Blake leaning on Adam (x)
  • Bluke moments? Jealous Adam? (x) (x)
  • Adam trying to get Blake’s attention (x) (x)
  • Blake hugging Adam from behind (x)
  • Actual Marron 5 fan club leader, Blake Shelton (x)(x)
  • 222 Jersey (x)
  • Guitar porn during “The Thrill Is Gone” (x)
  • Blake passing Adam off to Behati (x) (x)

Season Nine


  • “Feels Like the First Time” (x)

Season Ten


  • “A Jar of Honey” (x)
  • Lip-biting, Showing some skin (x)
  • Pantsing Adam (x)


  • “Biggest Idiots” (x)
  • Inappropriate video (x)
  • Inappropriate jokes (x)
  • Super straight Blake Shelton (x) (x)
  • Long handshake (x)
  • Zipper (x)
  • Shevine moments (x)

Random Questions

  • Boundaries (x)
  • Eating (x)
  • Drinking/Smoking (x)
  • Long hours, delirium (x)
  • Best Moments (x)(x)(x)
  • Cursing (x)
  • Other people coming to the show (x)
  • How do blind auditions work? (x)
  • How do you get tickets to the show? (x)
  • When are battles taped? (x)
  • Length of tapings (x)
  • Do they show the videos? (x)(x)
  • Cellphones? (x)
  • Season 11? (x)
  • Perception (x) (x)

What reporters know about Cassandra Cain-Wayne 

(Aka: Giuli has no photoshop and I had this idea since yesterday)

-She’s Bruce Wayne’s adopted daughter.

-She likes bats and lived in Gotham City ( actual location: unclear–goes from Bludhaven, Gotham City and Hong Kong)

-Has an egyptian mau for a pet

-Gave self defense lessons for free when living in Bludhaven.

-Is learning ballet.

-People say she is a good listener (there wasnt more clarification on this.)


anonymous asked:

Can you tell us more about ribbon alters and the Morse code? I don’t quite understand how putting something in to a internal computer would do anything? We have a internal computer and went through programming, and we have written Morse looking pictures when we were little. I’m trying to find out more about Morse code and what it means to us trauma wise.

Ribbon alters are also reporting alters. They report to the internal programmer and external handler to tell them what the front alter is doing. Ribbon alters are very unemotional and serve as tape recorders which mechanically report any developments that might threaten the discovery of the programming to their handler. They are communication alters that also assists with keeping the system on schedule.

Due to their programming Ribbon alters are color coded and can travel between levels to report what is occurring. They can also communicate with the internal computer to relay information to sections of the system to influence the alters in that area.

Morse code is how they relay information.  Zener Morse isn’t typically used as the possibility for error is higher.


I was listening to “[Best Of?]” again and I was struck by Leonard’s words at the very end. He says: 

Listeners, have you ever forgotten where you put your keys? You were certain they were on the mantel but they were not? Have you ever missed an appointment because you were sure it was on Wednesday at noon, not Tuesday at ten? Have you ever remembered a life you did not lead? Has a carefully collated series of words ever made you uncertain? Unconfident? Or un, just un? Un, as an adjective unto itself?

This is his immediate reaction to hearing the tape which reports on his own death. I think what he’s implying here is that, sometimes, when we remember things that don’t match reality, it’s not that we’re simply remembering wrong. It’s reality that has changed. We have slipped into an alternate universe that is almost exactly like our old one, but not quite. That’s why we can be so sure of something that never happened here. And what he means by “un” as an adjective by itself is this realization. It’s the ultimate negative: negating the entire reality you find yourself in. It means “I am not a part of this world. I do not belong here.” This passage struck me because I’ve wondered about this sort of thing my whole life. Pretty much every time I misremember something, really.

Anyway, this is why I believe all the tapes we hear are from alternate timelines. None of them are our Cecil, the one we’ve followed since 2012, and neither is the one from “Cassette”. They are lives he could have led, had he been born at a different time. They do not belong here.