tapes are cool too!

It’s odd but I wish I was better at emoting irl

Idk I know I make some good faces but I almost always have to consciously think about it and sometimes I can’t manage anything even though I’m definitely feeling something and everything feels forced anyway and–

Yay anxiety


#479 Rotom

I didn’t know what to do for the electric aura Rotom’s got, so I ended up doing this crisscross thing around the back. I think I like it? Not sure. I do like that it’s a foot tall, which would be the actual size if Rotom were real.


so here’s a video of Zach Callison talking about his first audition for Steven! They play back the first audition tape too!


I’m at SMASH! in Sydney this weekend! My favourite convention of the year. :D I’ve got my brand heckin new washi tapes (they’re so cool!!) and my new pins. New stickers and prints, too! Come on by Table 145 if you’re there!

After this I’ll be at Madfest in Melbourne (in two weeks) then Sydney and Brisbane OzCC. The whole Aussie East Coast p much..!