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Oh!! Could I request the paladins + Allura reacting to when they find out their s/o has a journal where they write silly little quotes or limmericks they make up, some about thd other paladins? I have a friend who does it, it's so cute, like Lewis Caroll kinda stuff. Thank you for your hard work!!

!! oh this is such a sweet thing aww gosh.


  • Shiro thinks its really endearing how you keep track of stuff with it, and just have a little sentimental thing ya know? he likes it most when at night you’ll get an idea, and go to note it down, and he’ll ask you what kind of stuff you’d added lately, so he just loves to listen to you read to him. On your birthday, not long after you told him you’d filled it up completely, he gets you a new one, with a really cool cover! the small lock on it came with a matching rose gold necklace key! 
  • Keith thinks its sweet, but was kinda confused about it at first. it was a bit eccentric to him, and he never really was organized enough to keep a journal as a kid, though he did try once or twice. When he sees you search for it and quickly skrible something down he kinda gets worried your planning something big, some secret or something. he feels silly for being so paranoid when you tell him what it is.
  • Lance had probably really found out about it because he;’d seen you have it with you almost all the time, and so while youre away he gets nosy and looks through it. It puts a smile on his face, that you have such a thing, that you care for it so much, but he just loves to look at your handwriting, he just gets a weird feeling that he loves when he sees it. its such a simple piece of a person and he loves it. doesn’t really feel bad for snooping in your stuff either. lots of goofy compliments, and he’ll quote you every now and then like theyre inside jokes. 
  • Hunk has something similar in a way. he has a small old notebook that he has in his pocket almost all the time, that has recipes, or just small ideas, like for drinks or for new engineering projects he could make, or just thinks he wants to remember. its a mess, torn and crumpled pages, he wished he could be as professional with it as you were, and finds your “book keeping” cute. like Shiro, he likes when you read to him. Someday eh might ask you to help him into the practice of being organised with it, but it never really stays that way…
  • Pidge had one like you do! but in hers its mostly blueprints, or explanations, along with uneven journal entries where she just talks about how she’s been feeling. but she keeps it pretty clean and structured, formatted. has a few doodles and sketches in there too. probably has stickers in it, and taped cool trinkets from their adventures too, what she can fit anyway, like leaves and such. on the last page in the back she drew a detailed picture of Rover there are a few tear stains on it though, smearing it a bit;;;  every month or so she’ll exchange books with you and look at all the stuff youve both added ^^
  • Allura thinks is a cool idea!, but she tries to get you to just keep them all digitally, so its easier with the system and such, but you have to reminder her of how the journal itself is part of it. and its sentimentality and purpose of being on paper. She’s sweet and understanding, and still enjoys you sharing things with her. gets very defensive of your things, like if you leave your bag somewhere and Allura sees someone trying to peek at your book, she’ll actually hiss at them till they stop. you saw her once and so now you tease her about it all the time. 

so here’s a video of Zach Callison talking about his first audition for Steven! They play back the first audition tape too!


I’m at SMASH! in Sydney this weekend! My favourite convention of the year. :D I’ve got my brand heckin new washi tapes (they’re so cool!!) and my new pins. New stickers and prints, too! Come on by Table 145 if you’re there!

After this I’ll be at Madfest in Melbourne (in two weeks) then Sydney and Brisbane OzCC. The whole Aussie East Coast p much..!