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If you liked Netflix’s Stranger Things, here are some podcasts you might enjoy:
  • Welcome to Night Vale (the community news of a small city in the American Southwest where all conspiracy theories are true and a part of every day life; BONUS - canon interracial gay couple as the main couple)
  • The Message (70-year-old message from outer space, cryptology, things are not as they seem)
  • Limetown (everyone in small town disappears and no one knows what happened to them; follow an intrepid journalist as she investigates)
  • The Black Tapes (sister show to TANIS; demons, investigation into the unexplainable, asshole Alpha Skeptic, and the journalist who tries to sort this all out)
  • TANIS (sister show to The Black Tapes; conspiracy, truth, and the investigation of what Tanis really is, plus an “information specialist” named Meerkatnip)
  • Archive 81 (found footage audio series where nothing is quite as it seems and there’s a building that isn’t exactly right)
  • Alice Isn’t Dead (from the people behind WtNV, a truck driver tries to find her missing wife and she runs into a lot of conspiracies along the way)
  • Within the Wires (again, from the people who brought you WtNV, instructional audio guides that slowly reveal a personal story and the revelation that the world the podcast is set in is that great)
  • The Bright Session (imagine what it would be like if the X-Men went to therapy)
  • The Behemoth (a girl and her monster walk across America)
  • Wolf 359 (the absurd misadventures of a small band of eccentric characters on board the Hephaestus Station in orbit around the dwarf star, Wolf 359, where it’s all fun and games until it’s not and the Blessed Eternal just wants a night light)
just fictional podcast listener things
  • sees an aesthetic picture of a road: haha nice alice isn't dead reference
  • sees an aesthetic picture of a purple sky: haha nice nightvale reference
  • sees an aesthetic picture of space: haha nice wolf 359 reference
  • sees an aesthetic picture of a security camera: haha nice within the wires reference
  • sees an aesthetic picture of a computer: haha nice tanis reference
  • sees an aesthetic picture of the paranormal: haha nice black tapes reference

My list of recommended podcasts. If you’re looking for anything new to listen to, why not give one of these a shot. (knowing me this list will inevitably grow so lets call this recommendations 1/? for now)

Dear Podcast Enthusiasts,

I am hoping that you can give me some podcast recommendations. I’ve listened to many podcasts and looking for some more. Here is a list of podcasts I’ve listened to in no order off the top of my head. (I’ve probably forgotten some.) ○Welcome to Nightvale ○The Penumbra Podcast ○Alice isn’t dead ○Within the wires ○Mabel ○Rover Red ○Ars paradoxica ○The Alexandria Archives ○Lore ○The Bridge ○The orbiting human circus ○King Falls AM ○The Bright Sessions ○Wolf 359 ○Tanis ○The Black Tapes ○Kakos Industries ○Archive 81 ○The Deep Vault ○The Message ○EOS 10 ○Limetown ○Help Me ○Sabel ~ ~ Here is a list of podcasts that are on my “To Listen to” list ■Hello from the magic tavern ■Wooden overcoats ■Myths and legends ■The Lift ■The Magnus Achive ■Darkest Night ■Tales of Thattown ■Unexplained @iceboysinlove @roverredpodcast @thebridgepodcast @thebrightsessions @arsparadoxica

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- Harry Potter
- Buffy/Angel (+ other whedonverse things)
- WTNV (+ all night vale presents podcasts)
- Horror podcasts in general really
- Marvel (esp Jessica Jones + Luke Cage)
- Some DC stuff (I’m mostly a Superman and Supergirl kind of person)
- Stranger Things
- Musical Theater
- Music (I’m a flautist)
- Feminism
- Probably other stuff but its really hard to think of this stuff off the top of my head

how many artists from how many fandoms would be interested in  being a part of a podcast art book (pdf format) or free. It would be accessible online and since many podcasts ask us not to sell our fan works it wouldn’t be fair to make people pay or crowdfund something like this. It would take entries from any podcast and format them all into a pdf which can be viewed from wherever (a podcast wiki is in the talks so possibly there, the idea has only just been formulated by a few people and is still in the early planning stages). reblog this with a comment or send me a message if this is something you would submit art for (writing counts)!

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DIY: Patterned colored bowls —-> Totally cute. I want this.
DIY: Wire holders + washi tape
DIY: Storage Box Organizer.
DIY: Picture Frame Whiteboard.

Within The Wires is such a beautiful podcast. As with all other Night Vale Presents podcasts before it it’s super gay with amazing representation- and if you enjoyed Alice Isn’t Dead, you will absolutely love it. If you like dystopian stories and relaxation tapes, Within The Wires hits all those buttons and I highly recommend it.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I've been seeing a popularity in paper flowers for things like bridal bouquets - do these mix well aesthetically with actual flowers or nah?

Hello, Nonny. My first concern was actually about the practicality of mixing the flowers. Depending on the physical properties of the paper flowers, being mixed in with the fresh flowers could cause problems where water gets on the paper and ruins the look. Mod Jana and I discussed how it could be done, since neither of us have actually done this professionally, and we think that most likely the paper flowers would be wired and taped, or attached with some sort of plastic or metal pick (I’m suggesting that your character wouldn’t use wooden picks because the wood could still wick water up to the paper). For smaller arrangements, they could even be glued in. I know I’ve made some wrist corsages with spray rose buds that were individually hot glued on, so having some paper flowers glued in should work as well, again depending on how the paper reacts to the glue. If your character is using a flimsier paper, hot glue is going to mess it up or at best be visible through the paper and ruin the effect. 

That being said, bridal bouquets, corsages, even sympathy arrangements are really only expected to last for a day or so and aren’t usually stored for any real length of time where something could go wrong in the cooler. So while mixing paper and fresh flowers might not be something your character would want to do for premade arrangements they are trying to sell out of their cooler, if a customer asked them to add paper flowers in, or incorporate it in a special order like a bridal bouquet, we think it would be reasonable for your character to do so.

I did search for some examples of fresh and paper flowers being used in the same arrangement, and the examples I found seem to mostly be bridal bouquets. 

This person ordered the paper flowers from Etsy and added to the arrangement. Something your character might do if they aren’t cross-crafty.

This blog post talks about a bridal bouquet that incorporated sheet music special to the couple and shows how this interacts with the other arrangements in the wedding which were all fresh flowers. 

This one I found on Pintrest where the paper flowers are made from book pages. 

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways that the paper flowers can be made and whether they work aesthetically will be subjective. That could be a point of drama in your story. Perhaps the bride insists, but the florist thinks it looks bad, so they have to get over their prejudice to give the best bouquet they can for the bride.

Good luck!

~*Mod Den*~