Astronauts: They’re just like us. 

Even on the Moon, duct tape comes to the rescue. It went to the Moon as part of the official supply list for Apollo missions 11 through 17, and helped astronauts out of a few sticky situations.

In 1970, the Apollo 13 team used duct tape and surplus materials to make air filtration canisters to keep them alive for the whole trip home. In the Apollo 17 mission, duct tape was a vital piece of the fender fix (shown here) that almost rendered their Lunar Rover Vehicle — or ‘Moon buggy’ — useless.

Read more about the power of duct tape in this blog post from Air and Space.

Mix Tape

I know some of you remember carefully queuing up your double cassette recorder and copying your fave songs into a mix tape. Waiting all day for that top 10 hit only to have the fucking DJ talk through the intro…
You made mix tapes for your bestie at Christmas, or for the boy you were dating. Sometimes they were themed…

I need a new running playlist and I want you to help me make a “mix tape”!

Reblog or reply to this post and help me make the most epic running mix tape ever!

I will compile all the songs into a list, and if I can figure out 8-tracks properly, I’ll build a playlist on 8-tracks too!


When the trolls “removed the memories but kept the fun”, they put the fun in a roll of duct tape.

That roll of duct tape is now REAL and you can now use it for yourself! Give all the birthday and holiday gifts you wrap the “fun” that the trolls have given!

- Disney PR