Raimi and Tapert's 'Noir' At Starz Starts Taking Shape; Cue Fan Outrage In 3...2...1...

I never connected with Noir. I tried to. I watched it back in 2002 and then I tried watching it again in 2009 and it just never really did anything for me. I get, intellectually speaking, the importance of the show and what works, but I felt it to be too detached. If I wanted to watch an anime with women who have special and deep friendships I’d rather watch Bee Train’s other “girls with guns” show, El Cazador de Bruja, or the terribly named but really fantastic R.O.D. The TV.

So you’ll forgive me if I’m having a little difficulty mustering outrage over the significant changes to Noir in its live action adaptation.

If the character breakdowns are to be believed the show has been moved from the present day Europe back to the 1960s. This is presumably to ride the Mad Men style wave and to place these women hip deep in the Cold War. The more I think about this change the more I really, really like it.

Mireille is described as a “Bardot meets Deneuve” type with an “inner psychology” that will be “peel[ed] back like an onion.” The breakdown compares her to James Bond and makes allusions to them both being “sociopathic prick[s].” My memories of the show are distant but that seems about right. Same with Kirika being an amnesiac member of an ancient order of assassins.

So far so good.

Then I get to the new characters and three in particular stand out:

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You guys dont understand, you really don’t understand. My excitement/anticipation for this film and seeing the new extended trailer is orgasmic. Oh my…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!