tapee river

Windy harbour

Even when the sky is grey and it looks like it’s about to rain, it can be a good decision to get out the house and go somewhere new. We recently went to a little harbour in Wiesbaden.
Walking at the water front while the wind blew through my hair made me feel like I was at the baltic sea again. The only thing missing were the cries of the seagulls.

On the right you can see another poor attempt of me trying to doodle something, lol.
The quote says: “Set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship.” - Omar N. Bradley

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Hello Detective (Chapter 21)

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By the time you arrived at the scene Anderson and his team were already examining the car. The area was taped off by the river with disheveled apartments.

“The car was hired yesterday morning by an Ian Monkford. Banker, city boy and he paid in cash. He told his wife he was going on a business trip and never arrived.” You told Lestrade and Sherlock, passing him the file. You stalked off to get a good look at the car when Donovan approached you.

“You’re still hanging around him? Opposites attract, I suppose.” She said rudely.

“We’re not together Sally.” You retorted.

“You should get yourself a hobby so you’re not hanging around him all the time outside of work. Stamps, maybe. Model trains, safer.” She suggested.

“Thanks but I think I’ll pass.”  You said, walking away to look at the car.

There was blood spewn all over the console.

“Does DNA check out?” You asked Anderson, who looked displeased to see Sherlock here.

“Yes, it’s Ian Monkfords.” He answered, You bent down into the car to open the glove compartment, when you glanced up to the mirror you could see Anderson looking at your ass. You rolled your eyes. You picked a business card out of the car and handed it to Sherlock as he asked Lestrade a question.

“No body?” He said.

“Not yet.” Sally answered.

“Get a sample sent to the lab.” Sherlock instructed and Sally rolled her eyes. What Sherlock did next really surprised you. He stalked off and approached a woman who could only be Ian Monkfords’ wife. Sally and Lestrade had already questioned the woman so you followed Sherlock to gain your own opinion of her.

“Mrs.Monkford?” Sherlock said, in a somber tone.

“Yes,” she looked up to Sherlock and sighed, “Sorry, but I’ve already spoken with two policemen.”

“Sherlock Holmes. Very old friend of your husband’s. We grew up together.” Sherlock said, shaking the woman’s hand. You looked up to him and swore you saw a tear slide down his cheek.

“I’m sorry. Who? I don’t think he ever mentioned you.” The wife said.

“Oh, he must have done. This is… This is horrible. I mean, I just can’t believe it. I only saw him the other day. Same old Ian. Not a care in the world.” Sherlock was really playing this one up. He was literally in tears and you couldn’t believe it.

“Sorry… My husband has been depressed for months.” The wife said, not believing Sherlock. Sherlock kept the surprised teary look on his face as he look to me at his side.

“Who are you?” The life asked him again.

“Pretty strange that he hired a car Why would he do that? It’s a bit suspicious, isn’t it?” Sherlock said, his voice trembling. You noticed his eyes were so bright and a tear slipped out of them, gliding down his cheek.

“No, it isn’t. He forgot to renew the tax on the car, that’s all.” She said, defending her husband.

“Ah, well! That was Ian. That was Ian all over.” Sherlock smiled, his face still wet with fake tears.

“No, it wasn’t.” The wife argued.

“Wasn’t it. Interesting.” Sherlock said now in his normal husky voice, his cold demeanor was now back. He turned suddenly and walked away from the wife.

Once you were far enough away from the wife you turned to Sherlock and wiped the fake tears off his face. He looked surprised at your actions.

“Are you high? Because that was crazy.” You said. He didn’t answer your question.

“Ok, I guess I don’t want to know. Anyway, you referred to her husband in the past tense. She joined it. It’s a bit premature, I mean we’ve only just found the car.” You rambled, but in the back of your mind you wanted Sherlock to answer your question. You wanted to know that he wasn’t using.

“That’s not a mistake a murderer would make.” He continued. You walked back closer to where Lestrade and Donovan were.

“Maybe scrapbooking.” Donovan added, although it didn’t tickle your fancy it was a step up from model trains.

“I’ll keep that in mind Sally.” you said facetiously. You turned to Lestrade and nodded towards Sherlock who was walking away from the crime.

Lestrade nodded, silently telling me to go with him. It was an unspoken truth now that you were Sherlock’s handler. You rejoined Sherlock just as he said the name “Janus Cars”. It was the rental car company on the business card you had handed him from the glove compartment.

As you arrived at Janus Cars you glanced at your watch. There were 6 hours left.

“Can’t see how I can help you.” The owner said as we were shown into his office.

“Mr. Monkford hired the car from you yesterday.” You confirmed.

“Yeah, lovely motor. Mazda Rx8. Wouldn’t mind one of them myself.” He said.

“Is that one?” Sherlock said pointing to a picture on the wall behind the owner. It was obvious Sherlock was trying to look at something without the owner knowing.

“Those are all Jags, honey.” You said to Sherlock, before the owner had a chance.

“You know your cars.” The owner said, impressed.

“I can see you’re not a car man, eh?” He said to Sherlock.

“But surely you can afford one. A Mazda, I mean.” Sherlock pointed out.

“Yeah, that’s a fair point. You know how it is. It’s like working in a sweetshop. Once you start picking at the licorice Allsorts, when does it all stop?” He said, scratching his arm.

“But you didn’t know Mr. Monkford.” You said, changing the subject.

“No, he was just a client. What do you think of this one? I’ve been thinking about getting one.” He said, also changing the subject and sliding a picture of a car over to you.

“Is this the new Porsche 718 Cayman. Beautiful car, though I prefer the Boxster myself.” You played along. He smirked and you could tell he was flirting with out, and he was impressed.

“Nice holiday Mr. Ewart?” Sherlock asked, a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Eh?” He asked.

“You’ve been away, haven’t you?” Sherlock pushed.

“Oh, the… No, it’s the sun beds, I’m afraid. Too busy to get away. My wife would love it though, bit of sun.” He stammered, he lied worse than John.

“Have you got any change for the cigarette machine. I’m gasping.” Sherlock said and you raised an eyebrow to him. Mr. Ewart opened his wallet and Sherlock looked inside questioningly.

“No, sorry.” He said.

“Oh, well! Thank you very much for your time, Mr. Ewart. You’ve been very helpful. Come on, Y/N.” Sherlock said, dashing out the door. You smiled to Mr. Ewart to followed Sherlock.

“What was so interesting inside his wallet?” You asked, once safely outside his office.

“Mr. Ewart’s a liar.” He smirked, not answering your question. You rolled your eyes and followed him.

In the cab Lestrade called you alerting you that the blood Sherlock had requested was sent to the lab. You thanked him and told him you would meet him back at the station after stopping off at the lab.

“Saint Barts Hospital, please.” You told the cabby.

At the lab Sherlock ran a few tests on the blood. In the middle of one, the pink phone rang again. He answered it carefully.

“Why would you be giving me a clue?” Sherlock said into the phone.

“Then talk to me in your own voice.” Sherlock then said, and you were curious as to what was being said on the other side. Sherlock hadn’t said a word since the phone call, even in the cab ride to the Yard. Now there were only three hours left.

The car had been brought in as evidence into the lower level of the Yard. It was surrounded by plastic walls, that’s where we met Lestrade.

“How much blood would you say there was?” Sherlock asked Lestrade.

“How much? About a pint.” He answered.

“Not about. Exactly a pint. That was their first mistake. The blood’s definitely Ian Monkfords’ but it’s been frozen. There are clear signs.” Sherlock said.

“So Ian Monkford gave a pint of his blood some time ago and that’s what they spread on the seats.” You followed.

“Who did?” Lestrade asked.

“Janus Cars.” Sherlock answered. “The clue is in the name.”

“The god with two faces.” You nodded.

“Exactly. They provide a very special service. If you’ve got any kind of a problem, money troubles, bad marriage, whatever, Janus Cars will help you disappear. Ian Monkford was up to his eyes in some sort of trouble. Financial at a guess. He’s a banker. Couldn’t see a way out. But if he were to vanish, if the car he hired was found abandoned with his blood all over the driver’s seat…” Sherlock rambled.

“So where is he?” Lestrade asked.

“Colombia.” Sherlock said, closing the door to the Mazda Rx-8. “Mr. Ewart of Janus Cars had a 20,000 Colombian peso note in his wallet. Quite a bit of change too. He told us he hadn’t been abroad recently, but when I asked him about the cars, I could see his tan line clearly. No one wears a shirt on a tan bed. That, plus his arm.” Sherlock said.

“His arm?” Lestrade asked.

“He kept scratching it. It was irritating him, and bleeding. He’d probably just had a booster shot.” You added.

“Conclusion. He’d probably just come back from settling Ian Monkford into his new life in Colombia. Mrs. Monkford cashes in the life insurance and she splits it with Janus Cars.” Sherlock said.

“The wife?” Lestrade asked.

“Oh yes, she’s in on it too. Now go and arrest them, Inspector, that’s what you do best. He need to let our friendly bombed know that the case is solved.” Sherlock said. You looked to Lestrade questioningly and he nodded for you to go with Sherlock, he clearly worked better with you there. Sherlock began to walk away and you followed him.

“I am on fire!” Sherlock shouted, clearly enjoying this way too much.

Once you got back to Baker St. Sherlock posted another post on his blog.

“Congratulations to Ian Monkford on his relocation to Colombia.” the post read, immediately as he hit post the pink phone rang. He put it on speaker.

“He says… You can come and fetch me. Help! Help me, please!” As soon as he told you where he was you called Lestrade to let him know. Thank God this bomb didn’t go off like the first one. This poor man was standing in the middle of what you like to call British Times Square. The Sanyo sign and monitors at Piccadilly Circus always reminded you of Manhattan.

Down on the Bottom
The New Basement Tapes
Down on the Bottom

Down on the Bottom // The New Basement Tapes

Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes is an album produced by T Bone Burnett featuring a collective of musicians recording under the moniker The New Basement Tapes—Elvis Costello, Rhiannon Giddens, Taylor Goldsmith, Jim James and Marcus Mumford. The album consists of a series of tracks based on recently uncovered lyrics handwritten by Bob Dylan in 1967.

Britannia and her Whole Family Making Lunch
  • Britannia: okay everyone, let's make the best lunch today! I'm starving!
  • England: how about we make scones-
  • America: how about we not? Let's make something more edible, yay!
  • England: shut up you idiot!
  • Britannia: Ire, honey, what would you like to make?
  • Ireland: well... how about something with potatoes?
  • North Ireland: yay, potatoes!
  • America: then we can at MEAT!!
  • Canada: ... can I make pancakes with ice cream for dessert?
  • Britannia: Of course, poppet~
  • Scotland: I'll make the sausages and meat.
  • Hong Kong: I'll just be watching from a safe distance over.... here.
  • Australia: Hey, Hong Kong, why are you holding your cell phone, and the cutting board as shield?
  • Hong Kong: I want to record family time...
  • New Zealand: Australia, help me cut the kiwis.
  • Australia: I thought you don't eat your national animal, New Zealand.
  • Hutt River: he meant the fruit, big brother.
  • Australia: ahhhhh.... Anyways, look what I found while driving to here, a KANGAROO!
  • Australia: .... yeah, so?
  • England: WE'RE GOING TO EAT THAT?!?!?
  • Britannia: Does it still have the fat and meat inside?
  • Australia: ... I think the meat is mixed with the oil from the car, but yeah, it still has meat.
  • Wy: There is no way I'M going to EAT a dead Kangaroo you crashed on the street!!!
  • Britannia: hmmmm... I think it's still edible though... if we wash the blood off, that is.
  • Wales: Mum, please think logically.
  • Molossia: erm... Hey you fuckers, I think the fucking oven is on fire.
  • America: we need to talk about your swearing- OH MY DEAR LORD, IT'S ON FIRE!!!
  • England: Someone get the fire hydrant, now!
  • Canada: ....where...?
  • Canada: OW! I'm not America!!
  • Wales: erm... everyone... I think something is moving...
  • England: is that.... the food...?
  • Everyone: ....?
  • Sealand: IT'S ALIVE!!!
  • Ireland: sorry, reflexes.
  • Britannia: Don't worry sweeties, I'll protect you from it!
  • England: mum, I don't think it will harm us- OH MY GOD, MOTHER!! DON'T USE AN AXE IN THE KITCHEN!!!
  • Ireland: someone call 911 or something!
  • America: 911 is only in my country.
  • England: ....my kitchen....
  • Hong Kong: this is glorious, I can't, like, believe I'm getting this on tape!
  • America: OH MY GOD, IT GREW TEETH!!! GAHHHH!!!
  • New Zealand: THAT'S NOT GOING TO HELP, MUM!!
  • Hong Kong: ... good thing I have the ambulance, the fire department, the CIA, people of area 51, and China sensei on speed-dial... I wonder if I should upload this on youtube....
Watch on mumfordandsonsblog.tumblr.com

Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons performs “Kansas City” from the Showtime documentary Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued and the album Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes.

Don’t miss the premiere Friday, November 21st at 9PM ET/PT on Showtime!

379: Whitey (White River Monster)

I am a bit annoyed how un-plausible people consider having an elephant seal get up the Mississippi on accident but then defend the concept of some monstrous ship knocking fish instead. Not impossible but I dunno.

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The Lost Tapes Episode

Back with a Vengeance

Penelope Glenn had spent all summer at a dance camp in New York, honing her skills with Broadway and Hollywood up-and-comers, music video dancers, ballerinas, and the rest of the US dancing elite. She honestly hadn’t thought she’d get in, but her audition tape featuring a River Vixen cheer routine alongside a performance in her dance company’s showcase had made her a great candidate for the camp.

But now she was back in Riverdale, back to school, and ready to conquer as a top-tier Vixen. She wasn’t best friends with Cheryl, but they were close enough, which was a pretty good place to be in the social hierarchy. This was going to be her year, she could feel it.


Marcus Mumford for Lost On The River: The New Basement Tapes

“One of the parts I enjoyed most was seeing someone like Marcus and you see how he’s struggling and he’s just sitting there with writer’s block and can see his confidence kind of spiral and I thought that was really, really interesting.” - Krista Smith, Vanity Fair 

“What I learned about Marcus and really respect about him is that he, he didn’t just go through trying to pick the best lyrics, the ones that seem like ‘oh this will be the hit because that’s such a great chorus or whatever.’ He looked for words he really could relate to and make his own and so when he finally did break through that writer’s block, he came out with something that sounded so personal and so immediately like a classic song.” - Sam Jones

Vanity Fair 

Documentary air this Friday (November 21) on Showtime. Luck me got showtime for free for 3 months and I only wanted 1 month:))) I am so ready to watch this. Should be great cause everything else so far has been. 

Elvis Costello, Marcus Mumford, Jim James Record ‘Lost’ Dylan Lyrics  

The project, 'Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes,’ will come out in the fall

From RollingStone.com:
March 25, 2014
Words: Kory Grow
Photo: Courtesy of Showtime

Producer T Bone Burnett has found a way to extend the legacy of Bob Dylan’s legendary “basement tapes,” recordings he made with members of the Band in the late Sixties in upstate New York that were heavily bootlegged until their official release in 1975.

With Dylan’s permission, he has enlisted the likes of Elvis CostelloMumford and Sons’ Marcus Mumford and My Morning Jacket’s Jim James to write and record their own songs using lyrics Dylan penned during his basement sojourn for a release titled Lost on the River: The New Basement Tapes, according to the Los Angeles Times. The release is due out this fall.

“These are not B-level Dylan lyrics,” Burnett told the Times. “They’re lyrics he just never got around to finishing.”

The original Basement Tapes sessions yielded at least 30 songs – 24 of which were issued as The Basement Tapes in the Seventies – that Dylan worked on with the Band in the foundation of a pink West Saugerties, New York house, affectionately called “Big Pink,” which also served as the springboard for the Band’s debut, Music From Big Pink. In addition to the music that made it out, Dylan wrote many lyrics during that time that were never recorded.

The Burnett-helmed sessions will produce an estimated 50 or so “new” Dylan songs. The rock and folk icon’s only involvement in the release has been allowing his lyrics to be used and giving the project his blessing. Each artist, which also includes Dawes’ Taylor Goldsmith and Carolina Chocolate Drops’ Rhiannon Giddens, has written their own music for the lyrics. They have recorded multiple versions of the same songs and each has worked with one another to record the music needed.

Song titles for the new project include “Florida Key,” “Card Shark,” “Hi-De-Ho” and “Lost on the River,” tough Burnett and his group have not yet decided how many songs will come out on the release.

The making of the new album will serve as the basis for a Showtime documentary dubbed Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued, by filmmaker Sam Jones. It is scheduled to premiere in the fall.

But that cinematic touch is not the only departing point from Dylan’s original sessions. “This is the exact opposite of The Basement Tapes,” Costello told the Times in Capitol Records Studio A. “We’re in the best recording studio in the world, and we’re not in a basement.”
Read this article at RollingStone.com.