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It’s 4.23 am and I was going through all the Secret Tapes I’ve made the past two years without ever posting them on here and decided to make a tiny exception. Here’s the last one I made. Covering the kittens is always so much fun. I’m drunk and all that, so I’ll probably delete this tomorrow. But you know, I’ve got a fire for a heart…


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Adhesive Measuring Tape

Have you ever tried doing repairs at home all by yourself? If so, you know just how difficult it can be to measure something while attempting to hold the tape as you mark down the spot. The adhesive measuring tape will finally solve this problem once and for all.


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anonymous asked:

Hi Kelsey, I had a question about your work. I noticed with your "Pink" piece that you do the initial sketch in a moleskin, and then of course on the board itself. Do you just draw your figures directly onto the canvas/board or do you use a transfer process (ie. project image onto board)? However you do it, it seems effortless with no rubbings or eraser marks to be seen!

Hey! Good question!
When I finished a sketch in my book, I immediately scan it to my computer. a really high quality scan, like 600 DPI. I then print that sketch to whatever size I need ((the high resolution means you can print for a huge canvas)). Sometimes that requires multiple pieces of paper taped together. I then cover the back of the paper in vine charcoal, place that side down on the canvas and tape it down. I then use a fine tipped something or other ((typically the metal part of a mechanical pencil)) to trace the image on to the canvas. Once it’s been transferred, I touch up the line work with graphite, and wipe the vine charcoal away. Hope this helps : )


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Imagine Chanyeol...

It’s annoying you, even though there’s really no reason it should be. The way he twirls one drum stick for a moment, before tapping out two quick beats on his snare. Then starting all over again.

Chanyeol’s been doing this for the past ten minutes now as the other band members prepare for another practice, making sure this stand is in the right place, and the criss-cross of wires across the floor won’t trip anyone, among dozens of other details you’re not very well-versed on.

You’re not even quite sure why you’re here again, having been dragged along before by a friend who was currently dating one of the lead singers. Something about meeting new people and broadening horizons along a bunch of other nice words that are really starting to sound like crap right now. Because as nice as it would be to talk, everyone else is obviously busy, even your friend who’s helping tape down some more wires.

And that leaves only Chanyeol.

He always sets out his kit first, making sure he’s got the space he needs for his setup. And the others swarm around him in their own haste. Chanyeol will track their preparations, sometimes too wide eyes narrowing in thought as he taps on his snare again. It keeps beat with everyone else’s movements, strangely enough. And maybe it would be rather interesting to watch if you weren’t so annoyed.

Trying to approach Chanyeol had proven pointless, only enough to result in a tiny quirk of his brow as a smirk stole across his lips before dropping his headphones back in place to practice before the setup had started.

With nothing better to do, you sit on a nearby stool to just watch this time around. And it’s annoying how quickly you find yourself watching him.

Chanyeol’s hair is an obnoxious shade of red that had really surprised you at first, making you question his sanity for just a bit. But it’s quite fitting you decide, somehow. Offset nicely by lightly tanned skin and the dark greys he currently wears. But you think it looks better next to the ink that crawls across Chanyeol’s body. Lines, letters weaving across his forearm, and dabbled on the inside of his wrist. And most especially beside the larger designs that span his bicep, flecked just barely across his shoulder and spidering up his throat to disappear behind his ear and into his hairline.

Chanyeol drops his sticks for a moment, twisting and turning, stretching his waist and back. And then settling to bounce his leg as they wait. But you see where Chanyeol’s hands rest on his snare, fingers tracing over the lines inked into his wrist.

Maybe they’re only meant to be impressive, you think, because they certainly are. But you can’t help but wonder the meaning behind them, because as beautiful as they are, they’re not easily understood, if at all. Maybe they’re only meant to remain secrets, reminders to their barer. Of someone, something, sometime.

He looks down at them, and you feel as if you might be intruding on something as Chanyeol’s face relaxes. It’s difficult to see but it’s there, along the ridge of his brow, the curve of his cheek. Smiling at the lines, this Chanyeol is different from the one who’d brushed you off.

Softer. More real, you think.

He must feel you watching when he turns and blinks at having been caught in that moment. And the embarrassment at having been caught staring is evident in the heat that rises into your cheeks, the start of an apology you’re not sure is necessary wavering on the back of your tongue.

Then Chanyeol laughs, holding your gaze a moment longer before lifting his drum sticks again and tapping two quick beats on his snare. You chuckle as well, shaking your head.

Definitely different.

i started writing a short story a while ago and idk if i’m gonna finish it but here’s the beginning, i never post writing anymore (because i never…write…anymore) and it’s bumming meowt.

it’s first person and about a horrible gay spy and contains violence, strong language, and no sexual situations bc it’s not anywhere near done. it’s also not edited or anything so Welcome To My Twisted Grammar.

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sparkandsmile asked:

Is Eiffel's desk ridiculously crowded with all kinds of junk, and if so, is he one of those people who can never find anything, or who can always find everything despite it being buried under three feet of trash?

It’s actually not that messy, largely due to the fact that, since there’s no gravity on the Hephaestus, if he just kept his workspace totally cluttered and messy eventually things would just start floating into his face. There’s definitely been mentions of him just leaving stuff floating at random places in the station - and I’m sure there’s a few weird knick-knacks taped down on his desk just ‘cause - but I think that necessity has forced him to be a more organized person. Relatively speaking.  

… then again, thinking about it, there’s probably a drawer somewhere in the Comms Room where he just sticks whatever he doesn’t need and doesn’t want to put back in its proper place. And by now it’s gotten so full that he has to open and close it really quickly because otherwise there would just be this cloud of junk that would come out and spread out all over the room. So really it’s the drawer of no return by this point. And one time Minkowski asked him for a notepad she’d lent him and he was like, “Sorry Commander, it’s in the black hole drawer,” and she was just like

 “I don’t even want to know.” 


This DIY is super simple and inexpensive! There’s no better way to beautify your room then with glitter!! Follow this DIY to decorate your room with some cute glitter design art.


  • Glue - any kind should good
  • Cardboard/canvas 
    • I am upcycling a black cardboard box I happen to find lying around the office!! <3
  • Scissors
  • Paper/Cardstock/Freeze paper
    • I used paper, but recommended to use freeze paper


  1. Print or draw the design you want on your canvas to the paper
  2. Cut the design from the paper to create a stencil and place it on to the canvas. Tape down the paper if it helps.
  3. Spread the glue within the paper stencil. 
    1. Note if regular paper is being used, it may get stuck to the canvas. Be careful or follow “touch up” steps mentioned below.
    2. For big designs like the heart, you can use a paint brush or another piece of paper to spread it. For text or small designs, you can use the glue nozzle to be more precise.
  4. Sprinkle the glitter over the glue areas - this is the messy part!
  5. Wait about five to ten minutes for the glue to dry - depending on how big the design is.
  6. Dust the extra glitter off into the trash - this is messy too!
  7. Touch up - for parts that didn’t get glittered completely, use the glue nozzle to precisely glue those areas and place glitter over, repeating steps 4-6. I used black marker for my case to cover up some of the places where paper accidentally got stuck OR you can use more glue to cover those areas with glitter.
  8. Hang them up once satisfied! Post pics and #jewelbots !! <3 

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