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1.23.17 // Just a couple of bullet journal spreads from the past two weeks! Reminder: love trumps hate, and hope is essential 💕

Upon seeing the Oscar nominations this morning, I’m incredibly excited to watch the ceremony! I saw La La Land this weekend and that was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my life!! (haven’t seen Hidden Figures yet. going to fix that this weekend. I mean, Octavia Spencer? ‘nuff said)

Damien Chazelle’s movie musical is up for best picture, director, actor, actress, original screenplay, cinematography, costume design, film editing, original score, original song (twice, for both City of Stars and Audition), production design, sound editing and sound mixing. (x)

Friend slime

The past few weeks haven’t been the best for me, I’ve been really stressed and a lot of bad things keep popping up, and because I’m very sappy and miss all my friends a lot, I made slime based off of my best friends because I miss them and needed something to de-stress.

@sharksfood slime

Cactus is the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my life and I love them a lot, so this shiny pink slime filled with hearts reminded me of them. They’re filled with nothing but love and give some of the best hugs, I love them so much. They’re also really cute so I tend to associate cute/pretty things with them.

@cryptid-keith slime

So I made black sand filled slime with holo glitter in it, because Aiden is a very emo lil gay who I love very much. Couldn’t represent him better than black slime filled with rainbows. He’s really fun to be around and to talk to, and I’m really happy we’re friends. I tend to associate him with baddass things that are still tough and beautiful, so this slime reminds me of him a lot.

@jupiterstormdragon slime

This slime is filled with black holo glitter, little pink hearts, and shiny pearl beads. It reminds me of dragon scales with all the reflecting light and texture so obviously it had to go along with my dragon loving friend Jupiter. I tend to associate storms and dragons with him, and this kinda looked like a shiny storm cloud too. Jupiter is super talented at multiple things, so this slime has a lot going on in it, but it reminds me of him a lot and I love that kid with all my heart.

This is super sappy and long, but, I just sometimes need to express my appreciation for three of my closest friends in my life. I’m really lucky to have them around and I miss them a lot. 

I’m probably gonna make more slime of my other friends when I get a chance to go to Micheals again, because doing this made me feel a lot better :)

Rocket Attack USA (S02E05)

First things first: you can’t escape it, it’s in (nearly -ed.) every screencap and, honestly, it’s okay if you don’t like it. Tom Servo gets a haircut in this episode. Our sources seem to indicate that this is an experiment in response to complaints about the amount of screen space obscured by Servo’s big, round head. Unfortunately, this change will be with us next week, as well.

Whatever your opinion, we feel it is possible to at least appreciate the matching aesthetics of Servo’s new silhouette and the rockets featured heavily in this film. Servo looks all fueled and ready for launch, we love it. Next week (Ring of Terror -ed.), no such aesthetic link is possible, really. 

But, enough about haircuts. Regardless of how you feel about the look, the actual haircut scene itself is hilarious. Joel runs through a whole confusing array of hair products then, at the end, he does this whole cheesy accent and does a parody of your standard ‘90s hair product ad. Actually, there is one specific commercial he is doing here, and The Editor can personally attest to having seen it as a youngling. We regret that we don’t have a link for you, friends… we tried.

This episode consists of the second installment of The Phantom Creeps and the title feature. The Phantom Creeps is as slow and dreary as ever, as you’ll see. The film, however, is a real treat. In this case, your mileage may vary; and honest assessment must include a caveat about our bias. The Editor is a rather huge aficionado of anything even loosely related to the Cold War, and especially so things pertaining to the actual theoretical world-destroying nuclear war at the heart of the Cold War, like this film and its depiction of a Soviet nuclear strike on New York City. So, your mileage may vary, we admit, but this is a favorite. 

That’s not the only treat, though! There’s more here than just 20th century fear-mongering propaganda. Our host segments this week are all instant classics. Each is an unmissable delight. Not only that… maybe we shouldn’t spoil the surprise, but this week we get to post the first Stinger, without which things still don’t quite feel right. All in all, a very exciting week coming up. 

When Joel asks, Dr. Forrester points his finger right in the camera and insists that only he knows when it is time for the invention exchange. Of course, Joel was right, and it is, in fact, time for the invention exchange. Oh, also, TV’s Frank has a rubber duck. So… yeah. That’s a thing.

Clayton persists in his habit of foregoing any epithet and referring to Joel only as ‘Joel.’ For the second week in a row, our ‘Nicknames’ post is out of publication. The Editor’s notes indicate it will be back next week, my friends, so have faith.

Invention Exchange (S02E05)

Joel apologizes for being unable to present his intended invention, which was finished, but Gypsy ate his Mexican Jumping Beanbag Chair! It sounds like she’s regretting it, too.

Instead, Joel presents his unfinished adding machine which prints out those little candy ‘dots’ that come on a roll of paper. Dr. Forrester calls it a ‘candy adding machine’ but TV’s Frank is quick to point out the inaccuracy of that appellation, much to Clayton’s frustration. 

Frank and Clay are dressed in aquatic gear and ready to show off their invention. It’s fantastic, actually: table football with little Franks and Clays as the players, all sealed up and full of water, to simulate water polo. 

We note with some frustration that neither invention is given an overt and proper Title in this week’s exchange.  

Satan’s Cheerleaders (1977)
Paholaisen huutosakki (Nickes Sound City Ab, Oy / Walthers Video)
“Eräät huutosakkien johtajat pääsevät yhteyteen salaperäisten voimien kanssa palvomalla paholaista. He tajuavat, kuinka vaarallista voi olla vaikkapa koulun vahtimestarin pilkkaaminen, hän voi olla mahtavampi kuin kukaan voisi olettaa…Kaikkein viattominkin ulkonäkö voi pettää - sehän voi sisältää uinuvia voimia jotka voivat purkautua - ja juuri silloin kun sitä kaikkein vähiten voi odottaa…Jännittävää voi paholaisen palvominen olla, mutta kuinka vaarallista…”