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There’s so much info about tucking and gaffs (less so) but to all new trans girls.. just get some cotton panties like boyshorts style and push it back gently.

 Like you might have to do slightly (slightly) more for tighter clothes or different fabrics but like… ya don’t need to tape yourself every day… or ever… and gaffs are good but unless you’re wearing something tight n thin cotton boyshorts or some other strong underwear will do the trick.

 Like all this info pretending like you need special gaffs, tape, to shove ur testes up into your inguinal canal, etc. is classist, physically harmful, and preventatively daunting information to be spreading without disclaimers like this.

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Oooh can you write about the reader surprising Gabe with the news that she's pregnant ( I don't mind how you do it) ❤

((So….saw this figurine…and was like…I could see like gifting Gabe this and…it snowballed from there http://www.bowbrookstudios.co.uk/graphics/1375.jpg ))

‘I have a surprise for you. Our room, 6 PM sharp. Got it?’

‘Yea yeah. See you then.’

‘Love you, grumpy.’

‘Love you too, ditzy.’

Excited butterflies fluttered around in your stomach as you placed your phone down, fingers unconsciously settling onto your lower abdomen. A giddy grin tugged at your lips as your hands gently smoothed over the area, over the baby, your baby. Dr. Villeneuve had told you that you were seven weeks along after you had gone in requesting an antiemetic for the ‘stomach bug’ you thought you had picked up from a mission in Seoul. While the doctor had started the paperwork to have you transferred to administrative and desk duties, you asked for a short hold so that you could inform Gabriel of the information before the temporary transfer landed on his desk. That was yesterday.

Today you had taken a day of personal time and ventured into Geneva; picking up items for tonight’s special surprise for the man. Groceries for dinner, a pregnancy test, as well as a gift box and a special surprise you had stumbled upon on your way back to the headquarters. Reluctantly you pulled your hands away from the bulge that was beginning to distend from your lower stomach and ran them over the wrapped gift box. You had chosen to encase the surprise in his favorite colors; black wrapping paper, silver ribbons and a giant deep purple bow placed at the top right hand corner of the box. Was it a bit overdramatic? Maybe. But so were they and any good news deserved to be celebrated in a grandiose way. Especially this.

Glancing at your phone you stared at the numbers that blinked back at you. 4:12 PM. Nodding your head you rolled up the sleeves of your blouse as you began the prep work for the dinner.

“Ah! Gabe? Stop stop stop! Don’t move!”

You hurriedly picked up the bowl of hand tossed salad and placed it on the table next to the feta and spinach crusted salmon, turning on the heel of your foot and jogging towards the door. You couldn’t hide the giddy grin that spread across your face as you caught sight of Gabriel, the man sniffing the air slightly, brow furrowed. Stopping in front of him, you watched the expression on his face change as he caught sight of you, his mildly confused look shifting into a small, surprised smile. You had decided to spruce up your appearance while the salmon cooked; you had changed into a soft pink midi dress, an apron still tied loosely around your waist. You had even applied a bit of makeup, a sweep of gloss across your lips, eyeliner and mascara on your eyes, a naturally excited blush on your cheeks. Fishing your phone from the apron’s front pocket, you pulled it out and glanced at the time before giving a hearty nod. 5:46 PM.

“Good job”, you praised taking a half step forward and giggling softly when Gabriel opened his arms up for you.

You moved into his embrace, humming happily as you were enveloped by his warmth, your arms wrapping tight around him. It felt like you were practically buzzing with excitement, Gabriel dipping his head down and pressing a kiss to the top of your head. He still smelt like his cologne from this morning, dressed in his dark slacks and hoodie, the beanie pulled down over his head of loose curls.

“Dressed up and dinner”, Gabe murmured against the top of your head pulling back just enough so he could look down at you. Your heart melted as his eyes connected with yours, a tender sweetness in his gaze as he stared at you. These were the moments that you absolutely adored; the way the Gabe could look at you and make it feel like you were the center of the universe, mirthful warmth filling you from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, every part of you feeling completely enraptured by him. He would be such a good father. That thought made even more butterflies fill your insides. “What’s the occasion, cariño?”

“I have a surprise for you”, you practically hummed, standing on your tiptoes and placing a soft kiss against his jawline. Pulling away from his arms, you gently laced your hands with his and pulled Gabe further into the apartment. “Ta-da! My specialty salmon and freshly tossed salad. But surprise first!”

Glancing over your shoulder you watched Gabe’s brows shoot up in surprise before the dark skinned man’s expression morphed into one of pure adoration and curiosity. Walking in front of him, you moved to the other side of the dining room table and pulled out your chair for him. You waited until he was sitting to slide the black wrapped gift in front of him, your face burning darker as your heart began to speed up. You gnawed slightly on your bottom lip as he made a show of taking his time, his glance and smirk that he threw your way making that obvious. You pouted briefly before he assented, the soft, rich baritone of his chuckle sending shivers up and down your spine. Your hands laid against your lower abdomen again, whether to quell the explosion of butterflies or subconsciously touch where the true surprise laid, you didn’t know.

“A card”, Gabe questioned as he pulled off the lid, tissue paper hiding the other gifts that laid in wait. Your heart was thundering in your chest as you watched him pick up the handwritten card, the pregnancy test taped to the back of it. “Let’s see… ‘Owl bet you’ll be excited by this!’…really Y/N?”

“Keep reading!”

“So–oh my god–so have a hoot and rip the rest of this paper up”, Gabriel finished with a snicker, glancing at your blushing face from over the card. You motioned at the box, trying to contain your giddiness as he easily pulled the crinkling tissue paper away. “You really are something else querida…you know th—-”

It felt like your heart might burst as he finally tore through the black and purple tissue paper, his hands stilling as he looked from the gift back up to you and back. Your smile was practically splitting your face as you watched his reaction to the figurines you had purchased. He had only torn half the paper off, only revealing one of the finely sculpted and painted barn owls, the male. Gabriel’s love of owls was no secret to you, on missions he could name various species of the birds, securing dates at local sanctuaries and even having a picture of a snowy owl as the background to his cell phone. His hands quickly tore through the rest of the paper quickly, jaw going slack as he stared at the figurine you had given him. The base of the clay item was made to look like a three, the dips and hollows in the barks expertly sculpted and painted to look like an oak tree. Two adult barn owls stood on the left and right branch of the base; black eyes, tan and white feathered body and faces looking so lifelike that a slight nudge might make them take off. In between the adults sat one chick, feathers cream colored and fluffy, the clay baby bird somehow looking soft as its real world counterpart.

“You like it”, you questioned only to squeak as Gabe’s arms wrapped around your center, yanking you into his lap. He was grinning as he pressed multiple kisses against the back of your head and side of your cheek. You giggled breathily, arms resting over his as he nuzzled into the back of your neck, hand moving into the scraps of discarded paper and finding the small stick that had accidentally been tossed to the side.

“I love it”, Gabriel stated quickly, honestly, one of his hands lifting up and gently stroking the case. He was clearly enthralled by the statue, but with this one last piece it would pull the rest of this together.

“I…I have one last thing for you”, you stated quickly, the words tumbling out of your lips quickly. You grabbed his hand with your empty one before dropping the pregnancy test in his hand. He lifted it so that he could see it over your shoulder, freezing perfectly still as his eyes read the small digital display. Giddiness welled up in your chest as you felt him begin to turn you in his lap, his eyes meeting yours as you tried to resist the quiver that wanted to take over your vocal chords. “Surprise!”

“En serio”, he asked, voice breathless, dark eyes shimmering with unshed tears. You nodded, your own eyes prickling as tears threatened to fall from your own eyes, dipping your head forward to press against his.

He was shaking, his lips crashing into yours as emotions overcame him, his arms wrapping around you bruisingly tight before quickly releasing you, his hands moving to your abdomen. He pulled away from your lips, a few tears rolling down his cheeks as he stared and touched your stomach, thumbs moving in slow circles near your belly button. Your hands lifted to his cheeks, pushing his tears away as you nuzzled against him. Children were dreamy talk to the both of you, neither one of you genuinely knowing if you could get pregnant. The both of you had been exposed to acrid, volatile chemicals, various physical injuries and even slight radiation. Combined with Gabriel’s genetic modifications through SEP, there were so many unknowns that could possibly prevent it and yet…

“How many weeks”, Gabriel asked when he found his voice again, the rich baritone thick with emotion. His large hands still rested against your middle, the warmth of his skin easily bleeding through the fabric of the apron and dress.   

“Seven weeks”, you answered instantly, giving a watery giggle as his eyes lifted up to you in shock. You could see another question forming in his mind and answered it before he could ask. “I found out yesterday, the doc already has my paperwork ready to go…asked her to wait so I could surprise you with the news.”

Gabriel gave a slight bark of laughter as he leaned his head up and pressed a hard kiss to your lips once more.

“Best fucking surprise ever.”

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Dear Dr Ferox, Yesterday at Crufts I spoke to many dog owners, one of whom was vehemently against vaccinations. Obviously we had significantly different views, but it has made me consider a point; vets get patients to sign consent forms for even the shortest of anaesthesias and most most basic surgical procedures. The same forms are not used for things like vaccinations, which are safe the vast, vast majority of the time but still carry slight risk. Do you have any comments on this?

It’s ‘trendy’ for people to be anti-vaccination. It’s also ‘trendy’ to outright ignore what vets are currently advising re: 3 year vaccines and current protocols and quoting advice from 10 or 20 years ago, but that’s aside from the point.

Every single drug of the shelf in my pharmacy has the potential to cause harm. Every single procedure I do has the potential to cause harm. This is a fact of veterinary medicine. I could do a lot of damage if I set out to do it, or if I was just careless. I do these procedures and administer these drugs anyway because I believe with relative certainty that it is in the best interest of the patient for me to do so.

  • NSAIDS like rimadyl and metacam can cause anything from a single vomit through to acute kidney failure.
  • Antibiotics can cause anything from diarrhea to keratoconjunctivitis sicca, crystaluria and anaphylaxis
  • Putting a steel screw into a leg can cause osteosarcoma (malignant bone cancer)

Every single thing I can prescribe or do in a veterinary setting has a risk of harm. I would have to talk all week to explain every single one of them.

Anaesthesia and surgery are bigger risk factors than most. That’s why they routinely have consent forms, and those forms often come after a decent chat about relative pros, cons and other options.

I don’t get an owner to sign a consent form for every single drug I prescribe their dog. My doctor certainly doesn’t do it for me. There’s a discussion, and usually a pamphlet or information sheet. The risks of these treatments are so small, especially compared to anesthesia, that it is not widely considered necessary for them to have a consent form.

Let’s take a skin case as a hypothetical example. It’s not realistic for me to get a consent form signed for the skin tape test, the skin scrape test, the paraciticide, the antibiotic, the steroid and the topical treatment I might use. Oh, and a consent form for a nail trim, just in case a quick is made to bleed. I then have to print and store half a dozen consent forms, for seven years. This extra work and paperwork would paralyze me, and would only result in increased stress levels for vets and increased fees for the public.

If anyone has concerns about a treatment, it should be discussed directly with their vet at the time.

The risks of vaccines are largely overblown by breeders and anti-vaxxers. The likely side effects of vaccinating a dog or cat are:

  • Temporary itch at vaccine site (1-3 minutes)
  • Possible mild lethargy +/- fever within 24 hours
  • Anaphylaxis (swollen face/feet, like a insect sting, within 3 hours of vaccine and generally resolved with single dose of anti-histamine +/- corticosteroid)

And realistically even anaphylaxis from a vaccine (generally called a vaccine reaction) is so rare that I only see 1-3 per year. Some brands of vaccine seem to be worse than others, and bordatella seems to be the most common culprit.

But sure, there are other things a vaccine can cause, they’re just way rarer that vaccine opponents make them out to be. They’re also not exclusively caused by vaccines. 

  • Injection site sarcoma (not a vaccine site sarcoma as literally any injection can cause these), has a chance of less than 1 in 10,000 and that’s being pesimistic. It also seems to be associated with retroviral vaccines, not core vaccines.
  • Immune mediated haemolytic anaemia (IMHA). This is an odd one because about half of dogs that develop this condition also have a malignant tumor, and our understanding is that anything that stimulates the immune system in a certain way has a risk of causing this condition. Tumors can do it, antibiotics can do it, viral infections can do it and vaccines can do it. It’s just that in certain areas vaccines are the antigenic stimulation most likely to be encountered by the pet. I could talk for about 2 hours on this topic alone, but I’ll stop here for your sanity.

‘Cancer’ as a big nebulous bad thing, is not associated with vaccination. It’s probably associated with reduced genetic diversity in a breed, but that’s the last thing a bunch of dog breeders are going to want to address, because that means outcrossing and the lines not being ‘pure’ anymore.

TLDR: Everything has a risk. Every single thing. Some of those risks are greater than others and it’s not feasible or realistic to have a form signed for every single thing when a discussion would do.

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Hey what part of co are you from I just moved to western slope area, my roommate says it's bear and cougar country so I'm a bit nervous about nighttime lol

I’m living in Durango right now!  And yes, you are in bear/cougar country. So this essay’s going to sound real scary but consider: I’ve lived in CO for… 13 years now, and have seen exactly One(1) bear and evidence of a Cougar Once.  I’ve also never been attacked or even severely harassed by an animal, so this is mostly In Case of Emergency Advice.


1. ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS.  Really, traffic is going to be more dangerous, but being as aware as possible will help you more than anything else.  You know that thing you’re supposed to do when driving where you check all your mirrors every so often?  Do that while walking. Look up, to either side, down and behind you every so often.  Keep your ears open and if you think you hear something, stop and listen for a bit.  Take some deep breaths, and smell the air around you.

This is good for both your safety AND for enjoying the lovely country we have out here.  Once you get used to looking around, its really nice all the cool things you can discover!

2. DON’T PANIC.  Douglas Addams was spot-on with is advice.  if you do encounter something Dangerous, remain calm.  Odds are that if you hold still and just watch, it’ll keep going about its business and leave you alone. 

OK, now for bears and cougars:

1.  Cougars are really shy and almost never confront humans (the last fatal cougar attack was in 1997, so literally 20 years ago), but if you’re hiking in the back country and suddenly smell cat pee, TURN RIGHT THE FUCK AROUND and walk back the way you came.  Fresh piss means it’s in the area, and running makes you look like food.

2.  Bears also, tend to stay away from people, EXCEPT:  in March and September-October, bears get stupid hungry and go looking for food in all kinds of places.  Never leave pet food outside, and if you compost, stop during those months.  The bear that broke into my house did so under extenuating circumstances- there had just been a large wildfire that summer so he got pushed out of his usual foraging area.

3.  In general, you’re MOST likely to encounter bear and cougar in the far back country.  If you plan on doing back country hiking, wear LOTS of bug spray and bear-bells.  as long as you stink and make noise, they’ll sense you coming and leave you alone.  You can also sing!

4. if you DO encounter one either 1. Go back inside and call the Department of Wildlife, or if you’re not near a building, 2. Scream, make yourself look as big as possible and throw rocks or sticks at it.  99.99% of the time, that will scare it shitless and it will run off.


OK, now for the animals you ACTUALLY are likely to encounter:

COYOTES: Urbanized, come out at night and from January-late March, they’re all hyped up on sex hormones and can get super-aggressive, triple especially if you have a dog with you.  Carry mace, and if you see them, follow the Screaming-Shit-Throwing Maniac Model stated above.

TICKS:  we have brown dog ticks here that carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Deer ticks that carry Lyme disease.  if you’re in urban/suburban areas, they’re less of an issue, but if you go into the back country, do not skimp on the DEET (follow instructions carefully tho!) , tuck your pants into your socks and have a friend check you when you get home.  if you find one, make sure you remove the whole thing, keep the body sealed in some tape and get tested ASAP.

MOOSE, ELK AND DEER:  I’m not sure how far north you are, but the most dangerous wild animal in CO is Moose.  Really. Stay on designated trails and out of the back country from October-November to avoid rut, and exercise caution in spring when calving happens.  Do not approach, and if they put their heads down while Facing you, they are going to charge your best bet is to book it sideways and climb up a rock or large tree.

Deer and Elk tend to be less moody, but are still unpredictable, especially if they’ve become acclimated to humans, and during rut October-November.  Keep your distance, and if they’re on the move, give them the right-of-way. DO NOT attempt to feed or pet.

RATTLESNAKES: Mostly an issue in the southern half of the state.  They mostly want to be left alone and come with their own alarm system!  Though they sound less like maraccas and more like a vibrator set on high.  Stay ON the trail and OUT of tall grass from March-October, and you will very probably never see one.  If you DO see one, wait for it to leave or walk a good six feet around it.  they can only strike in a distance of 3-4 feet, so stay away and you’ll be fine!

If you do get bit, stay calm, sit down, call 911 and take off any rings, jewelry etc. that may get stuck if your extremities start to swell.  Let the wound bleed freely for a minute before cleaning.  About 8000 people get bit every year in the US, but only 8 die of it, mostly from not calling for help. 

LIGHTNING: not an animal, but the Most Dangerous Thing in CO after humans and cars.  If you can hear thunder, you are within striking distance and need to take cover.  Get inside a building or car if you can. If you can’t, squat down to keep your head low, and touch the ground as little as possible, and wait for it to pass.  DO NOT try to hide under trees, which tend to explode when struck.

So that probably sounded awful, but I promise that your chances of actually getting in a dangerous situation are very low as long as you stay alert and calm.

Happy hiking!


My Commodore PET 2001-32N doesn’t have terrible video any more!

I replaced the three smaller transistors and two larger transistors in the vertical deflection circuit, along with the two remaining common(ish) electrolytic capacitors.  The large 4700μF/25V power supply smoothing capacitor took forever to extract.  The video is linear now! Looks exactly as it should, after I adjusted the controls a bit.  I guess this now qualifies me as an authorized Commodore monitor repairman? Maybe?

After that, I decided to test the datasette port once again.  It wouldn’t spin the drive motors correctly, so I opened the case, and connected to the second internal cassette port.  Sure enough, it correctly played and rewound.  Then I noticed how tarnished the rear connector was.  A bit of isopropyl alcohol later, and the connector was shiny again.  My datasette now correctly works on that port, and a save/load test onto tape confirms its functionality.

Now all that’s left is to exercise or clean the keyboard, and this machine will be at 100% functionality.

Some synth!Shaun and X6 head canons

  • Shaun has heard people talking about how scary the Coursers are, but he doesn’t understand why. X6 has never been scary to Shaun and the boy both finds him awesome and fun, and even idolizes him a little - though he would never straight up say it. 
  • Shaun once walks up to X6 all bubbly and panicky and tells him that he found something and he needs help with it but makes X6 promise he won’t tell Sole. X6, after trying to convince Shaun that is a Bad Idea, agrees to follow and see this “thing” the kid found and its a litter of kittens not too far away from Sanctuary. X6 is hesitant but he cannot resist Shaun’s begging so they decide to smuggle the mother and all her kittens back in Sanctuary, hidden in X6′s coat. 
  • Sole asks X6 to watch over Shaun while he is swimming in radiation free water and having fun and X6 on several occasions states that he hates water but still sits nearby and makes sure Shaun is alright. At one point Shaun decides to mess with him a little, so he takes a deep breath and floats on the water face down. X6, despite his disdain for water still takes off his coat and dives in after Shaun, picking him up only to see the kid laughing and admitting he was just playing and was not in fact drowning. X6 is a little irritated he was made to go in the water, but he still carries Shaun out to shore and makes him promise to never do that again - to which he also adds he will never go in the water again himself.
  • Shaun is really amazed by X6 and sees him as a big brother, so he tries imitating his style. He begins wearing black oversized leather coats he takes from Sole and tries to act as serious as possible. One day X6 confronts him and tells him that they can no longer go on like this which for a second disappoints Shaun before X6 pulls out a pair of patrolman shades adjusted for Shaun’s head and puts them on the kid. Now they are both dressed in black leather with their shades on and stroll down Sanctuary in style. X6 can’t help but smile when he glances over at Shaun and sees him trying to be as serious as possible. 
  • Shaun tries climbing a tree and ends up getting stuck in it, afraid to climb down. X6 helps him get to the ground and Shaun holds tight to X6, telling him he is afraid of heights and he will never do that again. X6, instead of confirming to Shaun that climbing a tree was pointless and stupid, asks him if he can keep a secret and then tells him that he too doesn’t like heights. He adds that that’s the reason he despises travelling with a vertibird. Young Shaun’s eyes light up because his hero and idol, who he deeply admires is also afraid of heights just like him. Shaun now has no doubts that he too will be just as smart and strong as X6 when he grows older, and being afraid of heights won’t stop him.
  • X6 in his spare time decides to fix the movie projector at the Starlight Drive-In, since as he explained it would be good for a “large scale briefing”. Shaun is keeping him company and assists him by handing X6 the tools he needs and also shows great curiosity for electronics and machinery. Once they fix it, X6 uses one of the pre-war tapes to test the projector and they end up watching four movies and cartoons together. Shaun could swear for someone that insisted he has no need for such projections, X6 was quite enjoying the show, and they both ended up laughing few times. 
  • Shaun and X6 sit in Sanctuary together at night, before Shaun’s bedtime, and they look at the stars. Shaun asks X6 what was his childhood like and X6 is quiet for a moment, thinking about how it was such a genuine question that he could not answer. Just saying that he never had one was not the answer Shaun was looking for, but he was sure that the boy understood this before he even uttered a word. X6 knows that the memories young Shaun has are not his own, so he just tells him that he doesn’t remember. Shaun leans his head on X6′s arm and sleepily tells him that “It’s alright.” because right now they are making a lot of new memories that they will both remember, to which X6 turns away a little with a smile. A lot of memories he will remember and a lot of memories will deeply cherish. 

I started a new bullet journal in my old sketch book. my other one was way too small so this one is nice and oversized (9 x 12in)

this bujo is gonna be more simplified so I won’t feel the need to carry 283748 pens with me everywhere just to keep my theme nice.

May’s theme required three different pink brush pens, a green brush pen, a black pen, a white pen, a black brush pen, a pencil, and the various tools that I use to draw out my spreads (ruler, glue tape, test sheet, washi tape, sticky notes, etc) so I was carrying a bag for my bullet journal. which defeats the whole purpose of convenience that it offers.

June’s theme is just stars and planets and the color is a very pale blue.
it’s simple and only requires four pens (black pen, black brush pen, blue brush pen that I only have to use if my weekly spread isnt drawn yet, and the silver pen that I use for my night mood but that one usually stays at home since I use it once I’m getting ready for bed. so technically two pens that I need to carry.). My tools are all glued to the inside of my front cover so I don’t have to carry them separate (except for my big ruler because I can’t find it but my mini ruler is there), and I still kept my little pop out key thing. I’m really loving this one.

side note: i highly doubt that i’ll get more than 15k on here but I needed to fill the page lol. also, my brush pens bleed through this paper a lot and it’s annoying. the brush pens that I got from michaels do okay, they only bleed if you go over the same area several times (the black pen used for the calligraphy is from that set). but the ones from hobby lobby that are not only more expensive but also sold individually bleed like CRAZY. it doesn’t transfer to the next page but the backside of whatever page you wrote on will have it clear as day so I skipped using the backs of some of my pages. the lighter grey that was used on my tumblr tracker page is one of those, and the blue used for my whole june spread is as well. I have a purple one but haven’t used it yet. then I have crayola supertips and I used the dark grey one for the ‘tumblr’ on my tumblr tracker and it bleeds just as bad as the others. The crayola markers did fine in my other book so I’m sure that this paper is just too thin for them but the expensive pens even bled through the other book and its almost like card stock. it’s ridiculous.

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Hello!! I absolutely ADORE you twos' writing and it caused me to wonder, is there any way you could you write how the RFA members (as well as V and Saeran) would react to finding out MC's gift for them under the tree was a box with a (positive) pregnancy test in it? I hope you enjoy writing this when you get around to it (or if you decide to).

A/N: HOW CUTE IS THIS OMG!! No worries anon, we definitely decided to! (sorry it’s after Christmas though ;A;) Thank you for your kind words!!!!! ~Admin 404

Hi I adore you <3 ~ Admin 626


-He’s so excited for Christmas!!

-He knows he got you so many gifts! He really hopes you like all of them!

-You got him multiple gifts as well! But there’s one that you’re really nervous to give him…

-You decided to save it until the end! After all the presents and clean up from the wrapping paper, it was time

-”Hey, Yoosung? I um… I think there’s another present for you in the tree.”

-???? He looks in the tree to find a cute small box, wrapped up with a bow

-When he opens it, the first thing he sees is a piece of paper that says, “Player 3, joining the game.”

-Under it, he finds a pregnancy test.




-”MC, is…is this for real? Are you… are we going to….”

-The moment you assure him that yes, you are pregnant with his child, he hugs you so tightly you were worried for your health yoosungie pls let me go i cant breATHE

-He’s so hyper the rest of the night! Takes care of everything! Makes you rest!

-Constant reminders that he loves you, and that this is the absolute best present he’s ever gotten on Christmas


-If you’ve ever said something vague, like, “Oh, hey, that dress is kinda cute”

-Bam, it’s now under your tree

- you need a bigger tree to cover all the presents he’s gotten you

-You try SO HARD to get him gifts but he!! Never!!!! Lets you!!!!

-”It’s alright MC, all I’ve ever wanted is you. There’s no reason to give me anything. If I wanted something so material, I’d simply buy it for myself.”


-It’s time to play, Who’s the Most Spoiled: You or Elizabeth the Third?

-He didn’t expect any presents from you because he’s already told you a million times he needs nothing

-So when he finds one, he’s super confused?

-Why is this here? What could it be?

-Of course he didn’t wait for you to come back from the kitchen to open it

-When he saw the positive pregnancy test, he immediately felt like he was soaring flyyyyyin’

-Stared into the box with tears in his eyes, so when you walked in you immediately froze

-Was he upset??? Did you make a mistake???

-When you spoke his name, he looked up at you with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen him make in your time together

-”MC, this… this is the best news I’ve ever gotten. I… We…. You… a baby? All I’ve ever wanted was to have a child to call my own. Thank you. So much.”



-Y E S

- his longest yeah boy ever

-Not only bought you a TON of gifts, but also handmade you a lot of things!

-Wakes you up early by jumping on the bed like a little kid

-Since it was his first real Christmas, you decided to buy him as many gifts as you could!

-Though, there was one gift that you couldn’t figure out how to give him…

-Later that day, after all the gifts were opened, and you two had time to relax and unwind, you tell him you have to go do something

- okay that’s not vague at all MC???

-You were gone for a very long time, so he went to go find you

-When he got to the bedroom, the only thing he found was a small, wrapped box in the middle of the room

-He saw that it was labelled to him, and opened it

-”…Wait. Is… is this?”





-You came out from behind the door where you were hiding and call out to him

-You braced yourself for a tackle but it didn’t come?

-When you opened your eyes, you saw him drop to his knees in front of you and wrap his arms around your hips

-He laid his forehead against your stomach and through tears started to talk to your guy’s child

-”Hi there little man or princess. You’re gonna have the best Christmas’ from now on, I can promise you this. You’ll have the childhood I never got to have.”


-The two of you were more of a “Here’s a gift let’s just watch movies and nap the rest of the day” kind of couple

-So that’s what you did

-You exchanged gifts and cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie

-He sat cross legged, and you sat on his lap

-He reached for the remote but…. That… isn’t a remote?

-It was a rectangle box, with a bow on it

-But, you two already exchanged gifts? Was this one from another RFA member?

- lowkey gets a little jealous

-Until he notices it has his name on it?

-So he holds it up in front of you and asks about it

-”MC, what is this?”

-”I dunno maybe it’s from Santa”

-”Yeah, whatever”

-He keeps it in front of you and opens it to see the positive pregnancy test



-You keep quiet because you want to let it sink in, and wait for him to speak first

-He doesn’t though. No words come out. The only reason you know he moved was because he crossed his arms over your chest and grabbed your shoulders, pulling you closer

-After kissing the back of your head, you heard him sigh before resting his chin on his hand, lips close to your ear

-”MC, I love you. I really do. I’m so scared of being a terrible father. But knowing you, this kid’s going to have a fantastic mother, and I can’t imagine having a family with anyone else but you..”



-Omg this boy goes all out on christmas for you!!!

-Jewelry, books, video games, etc

-Anything you wanted, he got you

-He thinks he’s gonna beat you again this year


-He’s so confused when he sees only one box for him under the tree?

-Not that he’s ungrateful, he’ll love anything you got him! But last year you got him tons of gifts

But oh my god when he opens it, hE DROPS THE BOX AND PICKS YOU UP IN EXCITEMENT

“We’re gonna have a baby?! Like an actual baby?!” oh my god this poor boy is about to cry, he’s so excited

“Do we know the gender? How many months are you? When’s the next appointment?!” omg Zen pls calm down MC has a baby she needs to relax

-He’s so happy though

-He never thought he’d have a family

-But now he has you and a child on the way <3

-He vows to treat his child with all the love in the world; he will never make his child feel the way his parents made him feel

-The rest of the night he just can’t stop kissing you

-It’s either your lips or your tummy, but this boy will not stop attacking

-Hell, he does this the entire time you’re pregnant

-You’re going to have his child, of course he’ll treat you like a goddess


-Ever since you came into her life, this lil lady is always so hyped about Christmas!!!

-You two don’t really give each other presents because Jaehee sadly never has time to get gifts

-But you two snuggle and watch Christmas movies on Christmas day and nothing could beat that <3

-But Christmas morning, she sees that there’s a box underneath the tree? MC wtf you two didnt agree to gifts this year

-She knows you’re super excited for her to open it though because you even whipped out your camera

-When she opens it, she’s really confused…?

-It’s a bunch of baby items???

-But then she opens the card, and she sees the positive pregnancy test taped to the inside

-“We’re going to be Moms, Jaehee!!!”

-This girl loses it

-She’s crying so much and she’s hugging you so tightly

-You two have been trying for so long and it was taking a toll on you two because treatments were expensive

-But it finally happened!!!

-She’s going to have a family with you!!!

-She spends the rest of the night nuzzling to your stomach and talking to the baby <3


-Christmas with V is really chill

-You two agree to one gift, and one gift only

-And then there’s so much snuggling thisboydoesn’tletyougo

-Well since this lil boy can’t see, you can’t exactly place a box underneath the tree and hope he sees it

-So you hand him the pregnancy test and a card that’s in braille for him <3

-He has no idea what the stick is but he figures you’ll tell him?

-But in the card, you don’t tell him you’re pregnant

-Instead you tell him he should get the surgery

-“We’ve been over this MC, I’m not getting the surgery” he really doesn’t wanna have this argument today of all days


-“Fine, but when you don’t get to see your child when they’re born, don’t blame me”

-“That’s fine, but-”

-W A I T



-“You’re holding a positive pregnancy test in your hand. I think you’d hate it if that was the picture of our baby’s first ultra sound though and you didn’t get to see”


-V’s gentle though, he doesn’t pick u up, he doesn’t start sobbing

-He slowly strokes your stomach the entire night and comes up with an entire plan for your pregnancy

-Which includes getting the surgery because there’s now way he’s missing out on seeing his kid <3


The Hangman
Also known as Hear No Evil, The Deafening Mask

Type of Trap: Test

“Bobby enters a room on the second story of the building that is missing it’s floorboards, with the exception of a series of torn-apart beams, destroyed arches, and wooden planks. Bobby finds his closest friend, Cale, on the other end of the room, equipped with a mask that covers his eyes and ears so that he can’t see anything and it is difficult for him to hear. He also has a collar around his neck with a chain leading from the ceiling to the back of it, attached to a winch. If Cale were to fall, the winch would lift him off his feet and he would be hanged. When Bobby plays the tape for his test, he learns that he must grab a key located in the center of the room that is out of Cale’s reach, while guiding the disabled Cale to a close enough distance so that Bobby can toss him the key that would release his noose before a timer expires and Cale is hanged.”

Cale: Dead
Bobby: Failed

Source: Trap Description from Saw Wiki

dream-big-think-small  asked:

Hello! I'm currently finishing a 707 cosplay but I've ran into trouble with the glasses. I don't have contacts, but my glasses are black with the right shape. Is there any to put realistic yellow stripes on them that are temporary?

Hello there!

Anything you do to your own glasses is obviously at your own risk. If you can swing it, see if you can get some cheap prescription glasses online that you don’t mind painting the frames of to add the stripes.

As for modifying your own glasses, about the only thing that would be temporary that I can think of is tape, like washi tape. Be sure to test it ahead of time as to make sure it doesn’t leave residue, and be careful around any curves as to not buckle the tape. It won’t be as realistic as glasses already in the right color, but it’s probably about the best you can get under the circumstances that can be easily removed.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

“Passing the Bechdel Test: Vol. II”

Songs that  1. Include at least one female vocalist 2. Who sings to another woman (or implied female audience) 3. About something besides a man

Wildewoman - Lucius // Goodbye, Goodbye - Tegan and Sara // Let ‘Em Say - Lizzo and Caroline Smith // Dance Apocalyptic - Janelle Monae // Mary - Sarah McLachlan // That’s Alright - Laura Mvula // Paradise Girls - Deerhoof // Gimme Chocolate! - Babymetal // Bo$$ - Fifth Harmony // Heartbreak Dream - Betty Who // Teen Idle - Marina and the Diamonds // Breaveheart - Neon Jungle // Wide Open Spaces - Dixie Chicks // Wannabe - FEMM // We Got the World - Icona Pop // Power of Two - Indigo Girls // Anywhere - Naomi Wachira // Game Over - Female Takeover // Sobriety - SZA // Calling all Angels - MaMuse // When I’m Small - Phantogram // Somethin’ Bad - Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood // After You - Chastity Brown // 7/11 - Beyonce // A Different Beat - Little Mix

Total time = 1 hour 33 minutes

Click here to visit 8tracks and hear the mix. 

The original Bechdel mix can be found here


16.3.16 Short little shopping trip today! At the Royal Institute of British Architects bookshop and then to the London Graphics Centre to find that the pastel washi tapes are out!! These are going to be so cute and useful! Booked my driving test as well for the 13th of July too but my instructor says I’m already at test standard anyway 😁🚗 xxx emily


Some progress shots of my autumn Tauriel corset (full cosplay can be seen here (x))

Instead of using a pre-bought pattern, I made my own by wrapping my middle in duct tape to capture my body shape more accurately. For this cosplay I wanted something that would be aesthetically pleasing but wouldn’t restrict my movements (Tauriel’s a fighter after all).

After transferring the patterns to durable card and making adjustments, I made a test corset of cheap materials to see how the pattern worked out. After a few more adjustments to the pattern I cut out the pieces from vinyl and my lining fabric (the vinyl was thick enough that I did not need interfacing). 

I  did not want my corset to have a busk at the front (it seemed out of place for this elven outfit), so the corset has 3 separate sections, one large back piece and two smaller front pieces. All the pieces lace together

Since the vinyl could not be pressed, I had to stitch down the seam allowance when it was time to attach the lining to it. I then sewed the bone casings through both layers. For the middle casings I simply used plastic boning, but for the edges where the corset pieces would be laced together, I used steel boning for more durability. 

After finishing the edges with more vinyl, I put in the grommets, and then it was done!

anonymous asked:

hi :) i was wondering if you have the link to the footage of fassbender's audition for x-men? or know where i could find it? thanx

Hey stranger!

So sorry it took me so long to respond to this, its been a crazy few days!

The video you seek can be found here.

The many faces of Fassy