tape on canvas


I have always liked abstract painting, but if you like me….. living in NYC you realize that it is not always easy to buy those amazing painting. so here is a project you can make for your self at home. and the best part is that you can do the painting to match your living room/bedroom or any room decor. so let us start.


Canvas…. canvas are easy to find and range in sizes. 

Paint Tape…the tape will help you determine the width of the line. if you want the stripes to be large you would buy a wide tape, if you ant the stripes to be thin, than you would buy a thin tape….and ect. 

Paint.. any color. any paint. 

Place the paint tape on the canvas they way you want to be, stripes, or over lay the stripes to make it more abstract, once you have the way you want the painting to be, you will paint the other areas with the paint that you picked. 

once the paint is dry, remove the tape, and you will have an amazing painting. 

if you try this please tag me or sent me a message

until next time Loves………



#DIY Washi Tape Monogram Canvas- makes a great decoration for your bedroom

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