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Can I request the second school prompt for Jared x Evan?

“I have no one to sit with at lunch so I sat at your table and now your friends are not-so subtly kicking you under the table. Now they’re very loudly whispering that your crush has shown up and oh my god. I have never seen you this red by the way.” AU with Jared/Evan by @neglectedrainbow 

Evan stands, completely petrified, in front of the library, staring at a red piece of paper taped to the door. “LIBRARY CLOSED DURING PERIODS 5 AND 6” it reads, in large, borderline aggressive letters. He continues staring at the note, trying to will himself not to panic-or-or run or cry or-

Evan doesn’t normally go to the cafeteria; he much prefers to huddle into a corner of the library and secretly eat his lunch in serenity. The lunch room is too much, full of yelling voices and spilled food and-and it’s just too much, it’s always been too much, and now where is he supposed to go? He can’t go to the writing lab, because it’s already full, and-and, he could just eat his food in the bathroom, bent in a stall. He almost accepts that level of defeat until a hand claps down on his shoulder. “Evan?”

He flinches backwards, and Jared raises both of his hands in a symbol of peace, his expression flashing in regret. “Sorry, sorry, I know better than to jump up on you like that.”

When Evan doesn’t respond, too busy trying to calm his heartrate down to an acceptable level, Jared continues, “What’re you doing, though?”

“Oh,” Evan begins to pull at one of the straps of his backpack. “Um… Just… Noticing that-that the library’s closed.”

“Huh,” Jared looks at the sign, squinting as he reads it. “What class are you in now? Maybe the teacher mixed up where you’re meeting?”

“No, no, um…” Earlier this year, Evan had convinced Jared that he had European History this period, trying desperately to avoid either offending Jared by not sitting with him at lunch or appearing to be an even bigger mess by admitting to being unable to sit in the lunchroom for 45 minutes. “I have…” He bites his tongue, looking into Jared’s eyes for a moment, and they’re too trusting; he can’t lie. “Lunch, actually.”

“Really? How come-” Jared’s face falls for a moment, his eyebrows pulling in as he surveys his friend. “Who do you sit with?” There’s a hit of-of sadness, or maybe anger, in his voice.

“I don’t really-I do homework in the library, normally, so-I don’t really, um, sit with anyone?”

“Oh,” Jared’s looking at him again, intensely, and Evan can feel his cheeks heat up in embarrassment. “Well, if you don’t have anywhere else to go, you can come sit with me?” To any casual listener, that question would sound off-handed, like a second thought, but Evan knows Jared, knows how this isn’t some flippant remark.

“Um, I can-I can try? But if it-”

Jared nods, “If it gets too loud or whatever, we can leave.” He says “we,” not “you,” which makes Evan’s chest grow tight in a way he can’t quite explain.

“Sure, sure, that’s-that’s fine.”

And off they go, their strides evening out quickly, calmly. The roaring noise from the cafeteria grows louder and louder as they approach, and Evan takes a few deep, relaxing breaths.

The table seems engrossed in a conversation when they arrive, full of hand gestures and laughing and tossing chips at each other, until Alana sees them both. Immediately, her face lights up, and she tugs on Zoe’s arm, not-so-surreptitiously nodding towards Evan. Soon enough, the enter table is desperately trying not to stare at them all at the same time and simultaneously failing miserably.

Jared leads him over, pulling out a chair next to him, and motioning for Evan to sit. Slowly, sending another glance around the table, he complies. “Hey, Jared…” Zoe starts, leaning forward and waggling her eyebrows up and down. “And Evan.” She drags out the last vowel dramatically, grinning at Jared.

“Hey Evan,” the rest of the table choruses.

He swallows drily. “Hey.”

Immediately, Alana begins hurriedly whispering in Zoe’s ear, just as two other kids (both of whom Evan vaguely recognizes from Jared’s birthday “get-together”) do the same. Jared begins to have a silent conversation with Zoe, comprised solely of exaggerated facial expressions and eye movement.  

The entire table keeps glancing at Evan, who very quickly becomes more and more uncomfortable.

“So! Evan!” Alana begins, placing her elbows neatly on the tabletop. “How have you been? Jared’s told us all so much!”

“Um…nothing big, really, just… School and stuff.”

“Oh yeah!” Alana smiles like that’s the most fascinating thing she ever heard, as Jared tries to kick her underneath the table. “What about your dating life?”

“Oh come on!” Jared huffs, but he’s quickly silenced by Zoe.

“Let him speak, J! Gosh!”

Evan looks between the three of them, trying not to laugh. “I’m not dating anyone, so-”

“Really!” Alana exclaims, pursing her lips at Jared. “Well, it seems as though Zoe and I know just who you’d do fantastically with!”

Jared’s face is roughly the color of a tomato as he sputters various protests. Evan turns to his friend, leaning over, pushing away the giggle threatening at his throat, “Are you okay?”

“I’m-I’m just suffering greatly, but it’s-it’s fine,” Jared chokes, pressing a thumb into his forehead and waving vaguely. “It’s all good.”

Evan watches Jared for a few more moments, “I don’t mind them asking me questions, it’s alright.”

“No, it’s just-” Jared pushes himself up, sending a glare towards his two other friends. “Yeah.”

“You’re the color of a strawberry right now,” Evan replies.

“Oh God.”

“No, no,” Evan rushes to correct himself. “But, I mean, in-in like a good way. It’s-you’re cute.” Jared almost chokes on his own saliva.


“You’re cute,” Evan repeats, slowly, carefully, being sure to meet his friend’s eyes.

Jared’s smiling bigger than Evan’s ever before seen. “You-you’re not so bad yourself, Hansen.”

Zoe and Alana hoot and holler encouragement as the two boys smile, their hands linking together underneath the table.

THE LIGHT YOU STOLE: An Abby Griffin AU, Told Through Music.

Abby Griffin has always been a woman of fire - but take away her Northern Stars, and she might just burn you alive.

In a post-ALIE world where Polis and Arkadia exist with all of the glory and tension they would have without the added threat of radiation, Skaikru send their two best diplomats on what should have been a standard peacekeeping mission.

But Marcus Kane and Clarke Griffin never come home.

On top of the deaths of both daughter and husband, Abby Griffin has one more death to mourn: her faith in humanity. She is consumed by the conviction that, in the end, it doesn’t matter how good you are, how just - this world is built for war, and it will take whatever you aren’t willing to kill for. So, in her power as the de facto Chancellor, she kills: villages are burned. clan leaders found dead… and Arkadia thrives in a way it never has before.  

But, of course, those who really know Chancellor Griffin know that this isn’t who she is or what they stand for. So, a secret society is formed to organize an intervention - relegated to the shadows, lest any of their heads be next on the chopping block.

They never give up, and their efforts are finally rewarded - Abby comes back to herself. But she knows all too well that the damage has been done, to both enemy and friend alike; and so she follows in her daughter’s footsteps and quietly slips away into exile. A tentative peace is struck with Arkadia, and stories of the dark Skaikru Queen - who brought fire and fear to Trishanakru, who could keep a man alive and bleeding for weeks before he died - slowly fade to legend. But it isn’t long before another legend arises from the excited whispers of Grounder children: that of a kindly forest spirit, ethereal and beautiful and sad, who tends to the trees in silence, and offers magic potions to those brave enough to seek her out, and pure enough to be worthy.

As the stories go, the spirit can most readily be found tending to “the tree that fell from the sky”. It’s this tale, along with increasing reports of visits to Niylah’s stead, that finally reunites Abby with those who fought to bring her back in the first place. She says she won’t ever return - and there’s some debate on how much she means that - but she’s at peace, and she knows that she has love to lift her up out of any darkness, no matter how deep.

Perhaps that could be enough.


Follow the cut for the track-by-track breakdown of how these songs tell this tale.

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xf fic: date of birth

Summary: Five of William Van de Kamp’s birthdays.

hey i’m only a month late, right? this has literally been in my drafts forever. also m/s are barely in the damn thing yet i still managed to make it all about them. show-stealers.


His mother bounces him on her hip as his family sings “Happy Birthday”. She sets him down in what they almost exclusively refer to as a “big boy chair” while everyone claps. William reaches for the slab of chocolate cake, and smears icing along the surface of the table. He giggles as he stuffs a chunk in his mouth. “What a messy boy,” his mother says affectionately as she wipes a brown stain off the tip of his nose.

“I am messy,” he agrees. He holds up three fingers to display how many he is.

“How do you know his real birthday?” his grandmother wants to know. Secretly, William hates her presents - mostly uncomfortable clothes. He doesn’t her voice, either - she sounds like his mom when he does something bad, right before he’s put in time-out.

“It was on his birth certificate,” his father says uncomfortably, brushing a hand over his son’s hair.

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Secret: when finals season draws closer, I set up a portable “revision kit” - because I tend to always study at the library. So far, this included an extra large pen pouch with my staedtler fineliners, some highlighters, pens, pencils etc. Now, my “travel pouch” from eBay has finally arrived and I spent some time organizing the rest of my kit. This part includes post-its, page flags, some stickers, some washi tapes, paper clips and -of course- my brand new mildliners! These came in their own little carrying cases, but I’d rather have just these two pouches as it makes switching between bags easier (hence my staedtlers are in the pen pouch and not their case, too).


Decker Library is proud to announce that previously unreleased recordings from MICA lectures and events are now available digitally to the public through Internet Archive!

Spanning the 1960s through the late 1990s, the recordings, which consist of over 700 audio cassette tapes, document literature and poetry readings, fine art and design lectures, race and culture discussions, and MICA events such as graduation ceremonies that took place at the College.

Highlights from the collection include readings by Amiri Baraka, Allen Ginsberg, Eileen Myles, Charles Bukowski, and a symposium on the Black Mountain Poets. The collection also has a large selection of talks and lectures by visual artists, such as Elaine de Kooning, Alice Neel, Gordon Parks, Ad Reinhardt and Ben Shahn. There are also several recordings of distinguished MICA faculty members Grace Hartigan, Raoul Middleman, and Joe Cardarelli.

The collection, known as MICA Mades, is available online at archive.org/details/micadeckerlibrary

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Headcanons on the music they all listen to?? Also, do you headcanon any of the kids as having any kind of musical talent (or lack thereof)??


♫ Doesn’t really have a preference on the music he listens to, as long as it’s not 1) country or 2) contain a lot of profanities, then he doesn’t really mind. He occasionally  keeps up with popular pop songs here and there, but if you look on his phone, you’d see  a lot  of Alternative music ( Panic! At the disco, Arctic Monkeys, The Neighbourhood, etc. )

♫ He tried and failed at the recorder at elementary  school, but he kill it at the Ukulele, and he only really sings in the shower, since he’s too embarrassed to do it anywhere else .


♫  Despite her being a energetic, burst of emotion type of person, she really likes mellow and slow music, but they still have a happy undertone to it. So usually instrumentals or piano covers of popular songs, and especially some of the music featured in Wes Anderson movies ( here or here )  it really helps her calm down and relax from her  very busy peculiar life style.

♫She’s not really great at the traditional instruments that Miss Peregrine tried to teach her, but  once Jacob tried to teach her how to play the drums and she’s a natural at it!. I can see her try to start a band in the near future.


♫ She really likes empowering and deep music!, the ones that make her think she can do anything!, so some people like Florence and the Machine, Sia, and maybe some 90’s or 80’s music.

♫ Bronwyn doesn’t really play an instrument, but she’s really, really good at singing! She uses her voice to sing to the little ones when they have nightmares or trouble sleeping. She sings them lullabies her voice is Mezzo-soprano and very melodic.


♫ Millard listens to classical music when he’s revising and editing the new Tales of Peculiar, he”s also fond  of Soft Rock., but is very particular about it. He likes to use it at background noise for when he reads or spending sometime by himself.

♫ He’s really good at the violin!!, and knows a couple of pieces here and there.

♫ doesn’t really sing, but hums a great deal of a lot! And it usually scares the crap out of the person next to him, if he’s not wearing clothes then.


♫ Avid pop lover, loves bands/singers like : Beyonce, DNCE, Troye Sivan, Lukas Graham, etc.)

♫ If him and everyone else is in the car, and his favorite song is on, he will bellow every single word, syllable by syllable because he know it all by heart.

♫ never let Horace sing, his voice always cracks when he sings, especially during the high notes, it could break glass if not controlled.

♫ very very very + good on the piano!, it’s mostly because of the fact that he stared at a really young age, like before he met Miss Peregrine,  that now he’s a pro.


♫ Likes Halloweenish or creepy like music.( bands like Dead Man’s Bones is a good example) also listens to a little bit of P!atd or the Kooks, but only a few of the songs. Sometimes listens to classical ( mostly just the cello) when he’s making his clay men

♫ He sings sometimes, but only every 2 blue moons, but even then it’s hard to catch him. Since he only sings when he’s 100% sure one is around ( the only who has ever caught him is Millard) when he sings it’s mostly to himself and very quiet , it’s kind of like Bronwyn’s, very Melodic


♫ Likes to listens to quieter music from the 40’s ( like here or here ) or Florence and the Machine, Library Tapes, etc.

♫ she likes to listen to it while tending to her plants, and is very good at playing the violin, and likes to play it outside near her plants, or while Hugh is  listening with his head on her lap.

♫ not much of a singer, but likes to hum from time to time, but it sounds better than most singers, it could bring even the most energetic people to sleep.


♫ doesn’t really listen to music much , but when he does it’s usually bands like: Foster the People, Mother Mother etc. he really likes to listen to Fiona play the violin and tries to make lyrics to her songs.

♫ I feel like he’s kind of like a conductor, but to like, bees. Like he can make them move in a way that makes a very pleasant humming noise, it’s really cool to watch and see.it’s very mesmerizing.

Claire and Olive

♫ I’m these two together because their taste is very similar in the music they listen to.They really like things that get you up and moving, and jumping! They listen to Bands and singers like : Cake by The Ocean by DNCE, Electric Feel by MTMG, Mystery Skulls etc.) Olive really likes Disney songs too

♫ their voices when they sing kind of sound like the kids in choir in elementary schools, loud and young, but still really pleasant!! I’m pretty sure they love to go caroling during Christmas time.
♫ Claire also has the ability to sing duets with her back mouth.

Tales From the Library

May 7th 2017,

Today at the library I am checking in returned items when I see one of the items is a VHS tape. Yes, some libraries still have VHS’s.
As this comes across my path, a little girl about seven comes up with her dad.
An overwhelming urge to ask comes upon me and I ask her “Do you know what this is?”
She shakes her head “No-” and she looks up at her dad for the answer.
“It’s a movie!” Says the father.
“What?! But how?! It’s a movie?!”

Her utter surprise makes me feel so old.


Wrestling Territories before Vince McMahon bought everyone out.  Look at all these.  The tape library will eventually be available on the WWE Network.

The territories were like mobs and unfortunately most of these went down due to a lack of financial forethought, terrible management, and refusal to push younger stars.

Ironically enough, Titan Sports (WWE) wasn’t highly regarded and was considered a small start up.  However, through luck and ruthless business, McMahon managed to reign supreme at the end.

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"I talked to someone who had to watch the library tape for police training and he said it made HIM cry. Dylan was kneeling and saw Eric kill himself and cried hysterically and uncontrollably - his whole body was shaking, his head was back, etc...." (1/2)

2/2 “…He either slapped or shook Eric and then put his hands together like he’d pray but just covered his face, cried more and then killed himself. He died crying because his friend left him to die alone. Patrick Ireland may have heard him sobbing, not coughing.” IS THIS TRUE?!

A few things here stand out as questionable to me:

1.  “I talked to someone who…”   

Who exactly did you talk to? More importantly, how did anon even reach the point in the conversation with said someone to even broach such a conversation with the supposed someone?  The problem I have with this is that anyone could make a random claim like this without giving the specific details. It’s all very vague and sensational sounding.

2. How in the world is it that after sixteen years beyond Columbine not even one employee from the police force has leaked the library tape to anyone? The Basement Tapes were sealed so tight that only a select few people got to see it and yet they would allow an allegedly existing library tape to be freely distributed for police force training across the country?   What? You gotta be kidding me, right?  And how is it over this decade and a half we haven’t heard from multiple people leaking information about what they saw on these tapes during their police training?  Wouldn’t we hear at least a few officers, not just this one finally in the year 2015, tempted to tell their story of what they saw on the tape?  Wouldn’t a few other people’s stories get out on the internet with dovetailing information by now?  I would definitely think so.  Seems fishy to me. 

3. Why would Dylan be ‘slapping’ or ‘shaking’ a dead Eric with his head blown off completely unrecognizable? Does that even make some semblance of sense?   There wouldn’t be anything to slap or shake to bring him back to life. Dylan would’ve known the moment he glanced at Eric that it would’ve been exercise in futility since Eric’s head was visibly blown apart with blood seeping out onto the carpet.  Plus, Dylan was also expecting to die. Of course he’d react shaken to Eric shooting himself so suddenly and before himself but Dylan was also planning on dying too and dying was the icing on the cake to NBK for him.  This scenario reads to me like someone who had no plan in place and was completely and utterly surprised that suicide was in even in the plan at all for either Eric or himself.  Given that Eric and Dylan had just killed people,  watched a bunch of people die, I doubt Dylan would’ve been that ‘hysterical’ that stage of the game.  Dylan having experienced Eric die right beside him would’ve wanted to leave too and as quickly as possible.  He would not be trying to shake and revive his dead friend nor praying.  This is my feeling on how this thing reads compare to my own sense of things.

Lastly, we need to remember that the so-called ‘Library Tapes’ are not confirmed by authorities as evidence that even exists.  According to Jeffco, the official record is that there was nothing filmed in the library. I can’t recall off hand whether their official statement was that there was cameras in the library but they just weren’t on that day or whether they claimed their were no cameras in the library. In any case, they stated there are no such tapes in existence. Now, of course, it’s highlly possible they’re stating this for the record purely because they believe such content being made public would be very damaging to the victims’ and perpetrators families to be floating around on tv or the web, etc.  Imo, even lending copies for police training is highly risky because someone is bound to be tempted to make a copy for themselves and it would’ve surfaced somewhere on the webs by now, after all these many years.

Is this true, you ask? This story sound very melodramatic and it makes for a good rumor, one of many easily started and spread on the internet. I mean, it makes everyone picture it visually in their minds and react emotionally to Dylan praying and crying, but on the other hand, you’ve got to look at the fact that there is absolutely no source to back up this claim. It is told from an anonymous ‘source’ who claims to have talked to a ‘someone’ and this is supposed to somehow be credible enough.  Well, it’s not honestly.  So, my suggestion is to take it with a grain of salt. :)

  D O W N,  D O W N,  G O N E: a mix for orpheus, descending

somewhere a man is standing at a dark gate, lyre in hand. he is not weeping; he has wept so long that he is emptied out, and the spirits of the woods wept with him. now his eyes are dry as stones, and his heart as hard. he knows where he must go; he knows what he must do he knows where this grey road leads. his foot is on the path. he is setting out. he is gone.

you are my sunshine peter broderick | ashes hauschka & hilary hahn | bow to string iii: air to breath daniel bjarnason | Þú ert sólin olafur arnalds | elegia jacaszek | feelings for something lost in two parts (pt. 2) library tapes | they being dead yet speaketh johann johannsson | words melt away rothko

Space Case- a playlist for kids made of space

Gateway Galaxy- Super Mario Galaxy OST|Overgrowth- Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories|Respit- Erik Scheele|Far- C418|Voidkidnaptime- Voidcore Productions|Jem- K0YN|Lapis’ Tower- Aivi & Surrashu|Fragment Vi- Library Tapes|NIGHT NIGHT- SECRET SPACE|white light- et aliae|Im Fernblau- die Nachtsunde|Slow Waltz- Lullatone


Val Schnurr must also grieve the murder of a friend she’s had since preschool. Fight through lapses in her ability to concentrate. Awaken each morning to a body riddled with 40 scars. And pray for moral guidance as the terror she experienced in the Columbine High School library continues to haunt her in different ways. Please do not refer to her, she asked, as the other girl who might have said “yes.” She said she knows what she said that day, bleeding as she crouched on her hands and knees. The rest of the world knows Cassie Bernall as the girl killed after affirming her faith. It’s now unclear if she did. Val, who was shot before she answered yes to believing in God, doesn’t know. And that is why she hasn’t said much more.

“I don’t have anything to clear up,” Val said in her living room over Columbine’s homecoming weekend. “I don’t want to be famous or deemed anything. I said I believed in God out of respect for myself and respect for God. That’s it.”

After considering her response silently for a few moments, “frustrated” is how 18-year-old Val describes her reaction to the legend of Cassie’s last moments. In the days following the shooting, Cassie’s story was repeated around the world, the label “martyr” soon a part of it.

During those same days, Val lay in a hospital bed, ravaged by sawed-off shotgun pellets that had entered and exited her body 34 times. Mark and Shari Schnurr held vigil by their daughter’s bedside, and she told them what had happened. How she and Lauren Townsend and three other friends were studying before AP English. How she saw the boots and heard the voices of two boys who pointed weapons under the library tables and fired. How she’d been praying silently when a blast hit her, propelling her out from under the table. How she was saying “Oh, my God, oh, my God, don’t let me die” when one of the shooters asked her if she believed in God.

Val said yes. He asked her why. She said, “Because I believe and my parents brought me up that way.” She said she crawled away as he reloaded.

Investigators say Val’s account has remained consistent and was corroborated by others. Investigators told Mark Schnurr that a student who helped authorities retrace the events in the library got physically sick when he realized it was Val’s table, not Cassie’s, that he was pointing out to authorities. “In the end it doesn’t really matter who said what,” Mark Schnurr said. “What matters to me is my daughter.”

Complex emotions

A father’s simple declaration belies the complex emotions and decisions that have faced the Schnurrs for months.

The Bernalls, though told by investigators of the conflicting accounts, wrote a book titled “She Said Yes: The Unlikely Martyrdom of Cassie Bernall.” Shari Schnurr said she asked the book’s editor not to rush the publication and to wait for more details.

But Misty Bernall was eager to share Cassie’s other story, her transformation from a troubled teenager who threatened suicide to a Christ-loving girl eager to share her faith. Editor Chris Zimmerman said he had resolved any inconsistencies to their satisfaction. And so less than five months after the shooting, the book - with an introductory acknowledgement that the “exact details of Cassie’s death may never be known” - was released, marketed and titled on the premise that Cassie was shot after affirming her faith.

“Plough gets an A in marketing, an F in research,” said Mark Schnurr. “Cassie’s story (of transformation) would have been wonderful on its own.”

The book is a best-seller. A copy sent to the Schnurrs remains in its wrapper. They don’t plan to read it because they know well Val’s own account of the massacre.

Like several students affected by the nation’s worst school shooting, Val has been asked to speak about her ordeal and has felt compelled to do so. But because her experiences have been less publicized than Cassie’s, Val said she’s been accused of being a copycat and her “real” relationship with God has been challenged, once at a evangelical youth rally honoring Cassie and shooting victim Rachel Scott. That’s where her frustration was born.

“It’s hard to know what I experienced, to know what I know is real and then have it questioned - that’s hurtful,’’ Val said. "But you just give it up to God. You move on.

"The reason I’m saying anything about it now is that it’s hard to keep quiet when everyone is talking. So one last time, this is what happened to me. … I just don’t want anything I say to hurt the Bernalls.”

“Sincerely apologize’

On Saturday the Bernalls released a statement saying that "if any of our actions have hurt or offended anyone, we sincerely apologize.”

Mark and Shari Schnurr, knowing more details of the investigation than Val and having heard the 911 tape of the library carnage, have their own hurdles. They are proud of a brave, strong, God-loving child. They don’t want her to feel victimized yet again. “We thank God every day we still have her,” said Shari Schnurr, who still wears a Columbine ribbon. “Val should be able to tell her story without people doubting her. The issue shouldn’t be about who said what, it should be about kids and their faith.”

The Schnurrs discussed their concerns for Val and the Bernalls with close friends and clergy.

“Staying quiet isn’t taking the high road, it’s the right road,” said Mark Schnurr. “It keeps our focus on our family.”

The book is not foremost on Val’s mind. But the shooting, and childhood friend Lauren Townsend, who she tried to wake by rubbing her cheek, rarely leave her thoughts. She was too weak from her own wounds to carry Lauren out of the library.

“I feel survivor’s guilt every day,” she said. “It could have been me. She was a good person. … There’s got to be something to why I’m still here. … So I’m looking for it.”

Her eyes appear moist, but she does not cry. Val is too overwhelmed to say much more about her friend’s death. She e-mails and talks to the Townsend family regularly.