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Interactive sound art installation by vtol features a remote controlled robot with speaker playing sounds from canvases covered in cassette tape:

A wheeled remote-controlled robot roams around the horizontal black-striped canvas. These stripes are nothing else than audiocassette tapes. The robot is equipped with two tape heads to read off the magnetic tape. When the sound head crosses the tape or moves along it, it reads off the sound and forwards it over the radio to the computer and to the small loudspeaker placed on the robot. A customized remote control is used to operate the robot. A joystick is installed on the remote control to guide the robot; there are also buttons to manipulate the sound. This device can create music loops out of the sounds captured, control the sound processing and set up different parameters. Robot and sound transmission are controlled via Bluetooth.

Some of the tapes have several records of audiobooks by Stanislaw Lem. Others carry random records of unknown origin. 

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