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Deadpool watching the whole thing on tape and commenting on it to the reader while behind him everyone is waking up with a terrible hangover.

I’m not even gonna pretend I didn’t crack up when I read this. I love your idea, anon! Sadly I’m not very familiar with Deadpool but I imagine it would be hilarious. Also the team might have to kill him. Multiple times. He’ll simply know too much. (And he makes Tony blush.)

I can’t at people writing off the 2005 Trump tape saying “it was comments he made 11 years ago”. Okay, but, 11 years ago Donald trump was a 59 year old man. 59. These comments were not made by a middle school kid who’s now in college. Even worse, they were not just COMMENTS, he was describing things he ACTUALLY DID. It was not simply “locker room banter”, he clearly states that he’s sexually assaulted women. ON TAPE. A man who is married. A man who has two daughters. The fact that ANYONE could defend that seriously scares me.

This may sound dark, but in my opinion: Hiccup and Toothless should go out with a bang, together, in How to Train Your Dragon 3. Their bond will remain strong till the end. It will be a much more powerful and memorable finale, and will deviate from repeating the first one’s ending.

Dark = adult and powerful. 

I hope not. I mean, I’m all for character death…but I’m hoping they get an ending like Hiccup in the books. Old man Hiccup is a thing I enjoy. 

I hope that in How to Train Your Dragon 2, they focus more on the relationship between Hiccup, Toothless, Stoick and Astrid. This would be much better than having a lot of meaningless teen Viking jokes (Twins & Snotlout).

…No. They’re not meaningless. They help, not only to set up character but to diffuse tension. Even Hiccup, in moments of life or death will throw out a little snark. Because that’s what they do. They’re Vikings. Everyday is life or death for them. Also, let’s be real…the twins and Snotlout are hilarious. Crude Viking humor is awesome. It sets a tone. It especially helps to set Hiccup’s own sense of  humor apart from theirs, furthering the differences between him and the rest of his tribe. Also, let me just repeat, these movies were made and marketed as children’s movies. That’s not to say that they dumbed it down with the ‘meaningless teen Viking jokes. We need the moments of lightness to create a whole. Without them you’d find we’d be missing a big piece of the puzzle. I’m pretty sure they won’t skimp on the Toothless+Hiccup+Astrid+Stoick or whatever. 

I love this film, but I was mad that there weren’t any characters of color. I realize where it was set, but if we can accept flying dragons why not people of color?

I’m not trying to be insensitive in saying this so I hope you don’t take it that way. They were, I truly believe, simply trying to give a sense of place. Given, there was a person of color in the books, I really don’t think that Dreamworks was trying to cause offense. I mean, if this were a movie set in period China/Egypt/Africa/Spain/What is now the United States, ect. I would not expect there to be a white cast. That being said, HTTYD is hardly historically accurate but I don’t think this was ‘whitewashing’ done on a level to hurt or anger anyone. They simply wanted a sense of place. The dragons are a different story altogether. They’re found all over the world. Perhaps as Hiccup and Toothless’ world grows we’ll see some people of color. It would be really cool to see dragon riders from different cultures. 

The movie was okay, but it wasn’t loyal to the book at all. HTTYD was one of the first and most underrated books I have ever read and I will always, always prefer it over the movie. I wish people cared about it more.

They changed things to make it more cinematic…but that being said, the books are in my top five favorites of all time. They are truly little works of art. I don’t think people give them a chance because they see them as juvenile. But I’m with you. I wish people cared more as well. It’s a really good story if nothing else…though to some of us it’s so much more. :) But I love the movie too! There are wonderful little nods to the books in the television show.

The first show done in the United States was cancelled. (That was my show.) I stayed another day to watch and literally walked from the Marriott next to the Nassau Coliseum. I was quite literally the oldest “kid” I saw there. I spent most of the show laughing at the acting but still managed to sing along with Sticks & Stones at the end. Even though I had emergency oral surgery three days before, I still managed to dress my best and scored the seat right next to the technical booth - near enough to touch their fudge. I even got a free t-shirt for the whole ordeal.

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That is really cool!! Oral surgery is the worst thing ever and I bet this helped a little! ;D Free t-shirts aren’t bad either…I just have one, huge, major problem with you.

There was fudge there.

You didn’t ask for any! Or borrow some?! Don’t you tell me your teeth were hurting. You put that in your pocket and frame it or eat it.