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Fallen (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 1~

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           I sat up on the hood of Stiles’ jeep, holding my knees together up to my chest as Scott sat beside me, staring off at the full moon high above the night sky while the music softly played in the background. My lips curved slightly as I heard Stiles continue to work through his paperwork of the plan at my side. Taking in a deep breath, I turned to look at him and tried to ignore the echoes of thunder headed our way.

           “Alright, so I found some cool two bedrooms in the Mission district, but they’re pretty expensive. A couple in Heighten Asberry, also expensive—”

           “What about Berkley?” Scott asked. “Don’t a lot of students live around there?”

           “Yeah, yeah! We could try Nob Hill, but the jeep would probably burn through a lot of clutches,” Stiles muttered.

           “You’re bringing the jeep?” Scott asked.

           “Of course, he is, Roscoe comes with Stiles. It’s a package deal,” I chuckled as I shook my head toward Scott.

           “You know the plan, okay? No one—no one gets left behind. That’s the plan,” Stiles emphasized as he looked to the both of us. “Adelyn’s wanting to go to UCLA,” he glared slightly toward me, “Lydia won’t have a problem getting into Stanford, Kira’s thinking USF, Malia’s, uh, gonna—” He hesitated before continuing, “She’ll figure something out, okay? The plan is perfect.”

           “Or we could wait until we actually get into college and then figure out where to live,” Scott suggested with a half-smile.

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SOUTH VIETNAM. Trang Bang. June 8, 1972. Terror of War. South Vietnamese forces follow after frightened children, including 9-year-old Kim Phuc, centre, as they run down a road, after a South Vietnamese plane accidentally dropped flaming napalm on its own troops and civilians. The terrified girl had ripped off her burning clothes while fleeing. 

This photo, taken by Vietnamese-born war photographer Nick Ut, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1973 and the World Press Photo of the Year award in 1972.

Photograph: Nick Ut/AP 

This picture became one of the most haunting images of the Vietnam War. In an interview many years later, Kim Phúc recalled she was yelling, Nóng quá, nóng quá (“too hot, too hot”) in the picture. New York Times editors were at first hesitant to consider the photo for publication because of the nudity, but eventually approved it. A cropped version of the photo—with the press photographers to the right removed—was featured on the front page of the New York Times the next day.

After snapping the photograph, Ut took Kim Phúc and the other injured children to Barsky Hospital in Saigon, where it was determined that her burns were so severe that she probably would not survive (30% of her body). After a 14-month hospital stay and 17 surgical procedures, however, she was able to return home. Ut continued to visit Kim Phúc until he was evacuated during the fall of Saigon. (see this post on her later life)

Audio tapes of President Richard Nixon, in conversation with his chief of staff, H. R. Haldeman in 1972, reveal that Nixon mused “I’m wondering if that was fixed” after seeing the photograph. After the release of this tape, Út commented:

“Even though it has become one of the most memorable images of the twentieth century, President Nixon once doubted the authenticity of my photograph when he saw it in the papers on 12 June 1972…. The picture for me and unquestionably for many others could not have been more real. The photo was as authentic as the Vietnam War itself. The horror of the Vietnam War recorded by me did not have to be fixed. That terrified little girl is still alive today and has become an eloquent testimony to the authenticity of that photo. That moment thirty years ago will be one Kim Phúc and I will never forget. It has ultimately changed both our lives.”

So, apparently, there is a new Facebook “game” based on 13 Reasons Why. Basically how it goes is you comment your name and the poster replies to it with tape or no tape. If the poster comments “tape” ir means that you’ve done something wrong. If they reply with “no tape” you’ve done nothing wrong to them.

I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out why that’s wrong. I don’t think it takes a genius to figure out why that upsets people that have had struggles with suicidal thoughts.

Honestly, turning a show about suicide into a game is disgusting. Y'all that do stuff like that don’t realize how difficult it is to live with thoughts like that. So kindly stop.

ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds report: Kenny Takes Toronto

Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks had the Ted Reeve arena eating out of their hands. Will Ospreay makes people go heart-eyed. Naito throws the belt (again)

Dark match: Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara def The Fraternity (Trent Gibson and Channing Decker with Alexia Nicole)

A Fraternity member tried to get Cheeseburger to drink a beer, he started but spit it in the frat guy’s face.

Taped for VOD, commentators Kevin Kelly, Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni

1: Rebellion def MCMG with Rhett Titus frog splash

Shane Taylor interfered, after they cut a promo where they talked up Taylor and called out…

2. Hirooki Goto def Shane Taylor with GTR

Taylor looked good, crowd popped as Goto got him up for the ushigoroshi

3. Dalton Castle and the Boys def. Gedo and RPG Vice with Castle’s Bangarang

Lot of posing. Dalton and Trent were great

4. Bully Ray def. Punishment Martinez and Hangman Page in a three-way with a Bubba Bomb

Before, Bully cut a promo about how he appreciates ECW chants, but is currently about ROH. Mentions the Code of Honor and tries to get Page and Martinez to shake his hands, Page turns him down then jumps him. Later, Page did the Wassup headbutt with Bully but superkicked him when instructed to get the tables.

5. Cody defeats Will Ospreay with Cross Rhodes

Great match. It was Ospreay’s birthday. Ospreay did his posing spot; Cody did his spot where he teases a dive and flips off fans instead. Cody motioned that he’d be the next champ a lot. Personal match of the night.

6. Tetsuya Naito and BUSHI def. Matt Taven & Marseglia with Naito’s Destino

Taven cuts a promo where he claims to have beaten Los Ingobernables all over the world. Gets lots of heat, they just pose during a “shut the fuck up” chant. “We’re not even talking.” Naito plays babyface in peril for the first half then takes over. Finish was cool

7. Briscoes def. Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser and EVIL & SANADA in a three way with Mark’s Froggy Bow

Great match, action evenly displaced, Briscoes hit most of their big spots

8. KUSHIDA def. Jay Lethal with small package driver

Great match, built around counters to the Lethal Injection. KUSHIDA got cross-armbreakers off that and Hail to the King, and hit a Lethal Injection of his own. Lethal hit a crazy cutter counter, but KUSHIDA got the pin from nowhere.

9. Kenny Omega & Young Bucks def. Tanahashi, Kazarian and Daniels with Kenny’s One-Winged Angel

Crowd ate up Kenny and the Bucks. Their autograph line before the show stretched around the arena floor and dwarfed all others. Crowd chanted “ohh, Kenny Omega” to Seven Nation Army. Fun spot where everyone misses elbows. Tanahashi back raked Nick and they sold it huge, then back raked the other two. Ref Paul Turner was bumped and rolled to the outside where there were then multiple splashes, including Tana’s high fly flow to the outside, then Ref Todd Sinclair came out. Kenny picked up the ROH belt to clock Daniels. Sinclair eventually got superkicked, Daniels went to hit Kenny with the belt, but Cody interfered and pulled the belt away. Kenny and the Bucks hit a three way indytaker on Daniels that transfered to OWA for the win.

Kenny cut a promo where he said that there were supposed to be no unapproved promos, but that only applied to ROH talent. But after praising the crowd, he admitted that he was losing his voice, so he said the Bucks were the best tag team, he was the “highest-rated singles wrestler” in the world, then threw it to the Bucks to plug their merch before hitting his Good Bye and Good Night signoff. Great night overall.

cosmicapproach  asked:

hey there! in response to the last post about the eyeliner tape trick, it's really not safe to put tape right by your eye like that. it's not good for your skin to be pulled like that, right around your eye is super delicate and craft tape like that isn't meant to be good for skin. tho it's more difficult, using an eyeliner stencil is much safer and more accurate than taping your face.

(Comment is in response to this post)

Thanks for the additional information! I’ll edit the post to add in your commentary.

Part Three: Undercover Cops. (Pilot S01E01)

[ Prologue | Part One | Part Two ]

A/N: Here you go guys! Sorry for the wait, I decided to make this one longer because of my dumbness. This is much better than the one I posted. I hope you guys like it and tell me what you think!

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It’s Team Building

Request/Prompt: Okay so I was playing laser tag tonight and I was like lmao what if the avengers got together in Tony’s laser tag or paintball arena and all I could think was the line “who the HELL thought it was a good idea to invite Russian assassins to this” and I think I might beg u to write about this
Note: Omg this sounds fabulous and holy shit I LOVE LASER TAG BUT I HAVENT BEEN IN YEARS!!! SOMEONE TAKE ME!!!
Pairing: None
Characters: Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Tony Stark
Words: 927

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the signs as Yikes™ moments in the 5sos rolling stone article
  • Aries: female fans aren't as important as male fans
  • Taurus: Internet Influencer™
  • Gemini: only getting a paragraph of michael's current mental health issues while arzaylea got half a page
  • Cancer: any and all mention of arzaylea
  • Leo: zero mentions of the album
  • Virgo: "Hemmings Obsessed Females"
  • Libra: porn and fleshlight mentions
  • Scorpio: devilish grin
  • Sagittarius: arizona emo group
  • Capricorn: luke bragging about how many girls they've used
  • Aquarius: describing how drunk/hungover they were while they were being interviewed
  • Pisces: calum's sex tape comment

“our engineering team”

“I am doing them myself”

minor thing but I always find it funny when they say things like “our coders” or “our engineering team” or “the staff” or whatever because let’s be honest there are like two of them actually doing anything behind the scenes but they try to puff it up and pretend FR’s not just held up with dreams and tape

I can’t at people writing off the 2005 Trump tape saying “it was comments he made 11 years ago”. Okay, but, 11 years ago Donald trump was a 59 year old man. 59. These comments were not made by a middle school kid who’s now in college. Even worse, they were not just COMMENTS, he was describing things he ACTUALLY DID. It was not simply “locker room banter”, he clearly states that he’s sexually assaulted women. ON TAPE. A man who is married. A man who has two daughters. The fact that ANYONE could defend that seriously scares me.

Family Ties- Part 12

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

You walked mindlessly to the closet door, following the path that you had taken in your dream. You opened the closet door and flipped on the light. “Are you ok,” you heard as a furry Zepp ran around you legs in circles, he could tell something was up.

“Yeah,” you said slowly, “I just had another dream. It felt so real,” you spoke that last part more to yourself then to him.

“Why don’t we go back to bed babe,” his coaxing didn’t work as you instinctively stepped forward. You followed the path your dream had set you on and were soon standing in front of your father’s bookshelf of journals. Pushing them aside you felt around the wall until your fingers felt a slight crease. You felt Dean’s and Zepp’s presence on your right as you pushed on the wall. The wall gave way and left you looking at a dark hole in the wall. “How did you-?” “I don’t know,” you said cutting him off. You leaned in closer to the wall and, after a moment of hesitation, lowered your hand into the darkness. You felt Dean tense up as you did so. “Ahh!”

“What,” Dean jumped to your side! You started laughing, “Nothing I just walked to see what you would do,” you heard him groan and mumble a ‘Not funny.’ “There is something back here though, I just can’t tell what,” you felt around a little more and got a good hold on what was behind the wall. You pulled out the objects out. Tied together was a leather journal and a VHS tape.

“A VHS tape? That thing is ancient.”

“Dean…you still use cassette tapes…” He ignored your comment. “Let’s find out what’s on it,” you strutted out of the closet and made your way to the living room. You through the stuff on the couch and started rummaging around in the shelves near the TV.

“What are you looking for,” Sam was coming down the stairs rubbing his eyes.

“This,” you said pulling out a VHS player and hooking it up. As you did so you heard Dean catching Sammy up on what you had found. You cautiously popped the tape in and sat down in the chair closest to the TV, Zepp at your feet, the brothers sat on the couch beside you. The tape started play but all there was was a black screen. “Maybe it’s blank,” Dean said.

“Yeah maybe it-,” you stopped when the picture came up. It was your living room, our furniture, and your dad. Sitting in the same chair that you were sitting in now. Tears sprung into your eyes looking at him alive and breathing; your heart stopped when you heard his voice. “Is this thing on,” he leaned forward and tapped the camera. “Yeah, I think it is,” he settled back in his chair and looked at the lense…looked at you…and smiled.

“Hey Angel. I’m sorry if you’re watching this because it means that I am no longer with you. I regret having left you alone, but I know Zepp will be there to help you along. Don’t be sad that I’m gone. Be happy because it means that I’m with your momma again. Be happy because on the journey that my death has taken you on you’ve met your new family, Dean and Sam.”

You and the brothers quickly looked at each other. “Did he just say…,” Sam asked wide eyed. Dean was the one that answered,“I think he did.”

“I know, ‘How do you know that, Dad?’ Well that’s part of why I’m making you this tape. There have been things, things about your life, that I haven’t been able to tell you. Some for your own safety, some because I was asked not to tell you right away, and others because I just wasn’t ready. But I’m going to tell you everything starting from the beginning…starting with your mother and I.

“I loved your mother more than anything in this world, and she me, that’s why we got married as soon as we could. We were ready to give up this life. Settle down and have a family and hunt when we really need too. The first couple years of our marriage we traveled around hunting whatever we could and letting whatever may happen, happen, in the family department. It was after 3 years that we really started trying to get our family started. After the first year we went to doctors and nothing worked; you know they didn’t have all the technology and other things they do now back then. They said our best bet was to keep trying and hope that with their help something could happen. It never did, until we got the offer of a lifetime. Not even a lifetime- we got the offer of all eternity.” He shifted in his seat. “Have you ever noticed how you were always smarter, healthier, more athletic, that all the other kids? Or how you were always just a little quicker and stronger, and could heal faster than the other kids your age?” You looked down at the wound you got the night before. The deep cut that had already healed in hours. You looked at your arm, that had been hurt when you saved Sammy, that had healed in less than a week. The brothers saw you looking over your self and understood what you were thinking.

“Your mother and I had been trying for 18 years to have the family we always imagined. We had finally decided that ‘Hey, maybe this isn’t for us.’ We just finished working a case in Montana and decided to stay an extra day and hike the trails nearby. We were out in the woods when we heard this loud noise- so loud it brought us to our knees- and this light that was so bright that we had to cover our eyes as it zoomed by. Once it passed we got ready for whatever that thing was that could come back for us. 5 or 6 minutes later we heard footsteps in the forest and out stepped this older man with all this hunting gear on. He just studied us for a second and then he said, “I understand that you have a problem John and Amy.” Before we could attack he held up his hand and asked that we let him explain and we did.

“He explained that he was an angel and that he knew we weren’t able to get pregnant. He said he had seen the future and there was no chance in us having a child on our own; that’s when he told us he had an idea. He was 90% sure it would work but he didn’t know what the side effects could be. We asked him what he could possibly want in return for this incredible advice and he just said that one day he might not be around when the world needed him most and that this was what would help the world. He said that no angel would be know or be able to detect his help which also made his idea ideal. Most importantly we asked why he would help us. “Both your families are strong and loyal to this life and to helping others. And I’ve heard your prayers, you both truly only want to have a family together. Who better for this?” That’s what he said to us. We talked together for a while, trying to figure him out, and he finally got us to trust him.

“Your mother and I have always called you our Little Angel and that’s because you are. You’ve heard of the Archangel Michael…that’s who it was that came to us that night. Once we agreed to try this idea of his he produced a jar with this glowing blue essence in it.” ‘His grace,” Sam whispered on the couch. You were still lost though. “He released it and it went into your mom. He told us to try to conceive again and that we would have a child. A child of our DNA but a child that would be angelic. I know you know about angels but it’s hard to explain, sweetheart, but I’ll do my best.

“Angels have their own essence, their grace, but they must have vessels to take human shape . Humans essence is their spirit and their vessel equivalent is in their DNA, which makes their body. You have your mom and I’s DNA which gave you your own vessel; the sliver of grace that Michael gave to us had been purified, stripped of himself so it was like a new grace. That is the spirit that you have. You are an angel but you are still human. That’s why angel warding don’t work on you, because you aren’t in a vessel you are yourself. Your human DNA scatterers the effects the wardings have on you.

“Now going back to Dean and Sam. I’m very glad that you’ve become close with them. Maybe they’re watching this video; I’m sure if they are they freaked out when I mentioned them.” You saw Dean and Sam shrug their shoulders as if to reply to your dad. “I haven’t talked to Michael since that day but I knew he was always watching over us. That’s why I made this video, because I know that soon I’ll be gone. I had a dream, two nights ago, about my upcoming death. With it I saw flashes of you. What you were up to after my death, how you were doing, that’s how I saw the Winchesters. I know they’ll protect you- especially that Dean.” Your father smirked into the camera. Of course, only your dad would have the resources to know you and Dean would date before you two had even met. “You have so much more resources than you realize my Angel. Read the book. Ask the angel. Cas, I think I heard him called in my dream. I love you.” You saw your dad stand up and reach for the camera, then a black screen.  

You could feel your body going into sensory overload. You felt tears in your eyes as you stood up. “Y/N, where are you going,” Dean said as both brothers got off the couch. You went to talk but you found you couldn’t. You just stood there frozen. Noticing your state the brother’s started talking to themselves about what the video was saying. Their talking seemed to quickly turn into yelling back and forth and you felt yourself sway. Little by little you swayed faster, not being able to help it, until you fainted and fell back on the chair.

This may sound dark, but in my opinion: Hiccup and Toothless should go out with a bang, together, in How to Train Your Dragon 3. Their bond will remain strong till the end. It will be a much more powerful and memorable finale, and will deviate from repeating the first one’s ending.

Dark = adult and powerful. 

I hope not. I mean, I’m all for character death…but I’m hoping they get an ending like Hiccup in the books. Old man Hiccup is a thing I enjoy. 

GM Bear Teasers!

Sorry this one took me so long! I’m VERY VERY VERY excited about this episode and it was kinda hard to figure out what to tease because I WANNA TELL YOU EVERYTHING! But I can’t, so this will have to do for now.

Pre-Taping Talk:

In the pre-show talk Jacobs reiterated that it was never a triangle and essentially said he thinks we’ll like how it will ultimately turn out; possibly implying that it isn’t really finished or solved. (He implied something similar at the ACM taping too). He commented that everyone had seen the Ski Lodge spoilers, that this was never really a triangle, that a triangle would be way too simple and they don’t write things that easy or simple. It’s more nuanced. He’s pleased with how they did/are doing things. Then he went on to compare GM Bear to GM Game Night.


Maya takes tacos VERY SERIOUSLY. So much so that we get a Lucaya back jump.

Beary has gone missing. Riley thinks this is a huge emergency. Everyone else? Notsomuch.

At one point Zay has reason to ask Farkle and Lucas, “Why did you SWITCH?” 👀

Riley and Lucas finally have their first 100% alone scene! PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION. They get some more candy/pretty wrapper symbolism.

Riley hugs Lucas!

Josh appears with his laundry in tow, and he ain’t nearly as mature and grown as people think he is…but there’s a “long game” reference.

Farkle. Topanga. Who you were + who you are + who you’ll become.

Zay is grateful to Maya for something she did for him and he wants to return the favor.

We get a flashback to see Auggie’s side of the Beary story.

Little Riley and Maya also appear.

Riley and Lucas do something nice for Maya.


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