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02.09.17 | i bought a succulent at the beginning of the week and it’s so pretty! i’m so happy to be a lil plant mom. i recently hit 1k followers over my hiatus, too! thank you so much and i never thought i’d even reach that amount in the first place. 

p.s. sorry for being inactive lately — school’s def doing a great job at stressing me out. and i’d like to show you my washi tape samples collection v v soon! 🙈

Lightsaber Battle - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 1358
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark
Warnings: swearing, maybe
Requested by anon
Pietro and the reader having a lightsaber battle in the middle of the toy section
Summary: What happens when you and Pietro are in the toy section and Pietro is pracitcally a toddler in a store? Chaos ensues.
Authors Note: this was so much fun omf

Pietro Maximoff / Full Masterlist


“Target could be my second home,” You marveled as you walked into the doors of the large store.

Pietro laughed. “Well, you do come here a lot.”

“Because I love it!” You squealed and walked to where the one-dollar section was.

With a roll of the eyes, he put his hand on your shoulder. “That, and Tony kicks us out of the base a lot.”

Shrugging, you picked up random things in the one-dollar bins. Tony does kick you two out of the base a lot, mainly because when you don’t have anything to do, you annoy someone until you are entertained and come up with something to do. He’s usually the easiest to annoy, not to mention that he gets annoyed really easily, and his reactions are typically the funniest.

You walked up to the nearest employee, doing like you and Pietro always do. “Excuse me, miss, where are the toasters?” You linked onto Pietro’s arm. “My husband is really worried about the fact that we do not have a toaster and I’m afraid he’s going to break down if he doesn’t see a toaster soon,” You told the girl who seemed to be a bit older.

She quickly directed you to where the toasters would be, and once she was out of sight, the two of you broke into a fit of laughter. “That was a good one. I’m really passionate about toasters,” He laughed. It was almost a tradition after the many times you two have been to Target recently, asking the staff random and strange questions. Sometimes he was your son, sometimes you were a random stranger, and today he was your husband. Of course, you two were only friends, which made it only funnier.

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hello, stunning people, I see a lot of new studyblrs, or new bullet journal users, that don’t know what to add on their new bullet journal, so I decided to give you some ideas.

-books to read

-films to watch



-road trips


-recipes to try

-music to listen

-tv shows


-diet/meal plan

-work out plan

-places to go


-favorite blogs

-bucket list




-handwriting practice

-planner routine

-blog ideas




-studyblr ideas

-waiting for list (if you order stuff form the internet)

-your own personal bullet key

-study tips

-washi tape collection





-habit tracker


-mood chart

-school notes

-study guides 


in my case I add my

-favorite spells

-wiccan studies

-pendulum techniques

Happiness Does Not Wait
Ólafur Arnalds
Happiness Does Not Wait


Mr. Arnalds is my artist of the year. His album, including the eponymous song “For Now I Am Winter”, is the single most heartfelt and  intriguing piece of music I had the honor of listening to in 2013.

This here is a new piece off the Erased Tapes Collection V, which holds quite a plethora of gems, including new tracks by Kiasmos, Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick, World’s End Girlfriend and many more. I highly recommend buying it!