tape 9

Want to win a trip for two to attend the Drag Race Season 9 finale taping? We’re asking all Little Monsters to show us their fiercest Gaga inspired lewks across social media! Post your entry with the hashtags #DragRaceGoesGaga and #sweepstakes on either Instagram or Twitter for a chance to win! Get going, and make Mother Monster proud!!

For complete sweepstakes rules and info, go here: http://www.logotv.com/shows/rupauls-drag-race/widget/sweepstakes

9/100 | Sunday 22 November 2015

  • Spent the morning planning next week using this year’s Hobonichi for rough to dos, sketches & notes. The orange sheet is Behance’s Action Method pad, which I use to plan small projects for either school or work.
  • Went over Japanese notes from the last two semesters.
  • Intend on finalizing some images for the next magazine issue later today.
  • About to get in a few episodes of Jessica Jones.

Halter Bralettes (x4) - $152
Racer Back Bralettes (x2) - $76
Blue and Black Bralette - $38
Tank Top - $30
TOTAL: $296

Free People Bra - $38
Calvin Klein Bra - $44
Marc Jacobs Wallet - $208
Mantra Bracelet - $35
TOTAL: $325

Blue Bath Bomb - $8.95
Orange and Purple Bath Bomb - $7.95
Gold Bath Bomb - $10.95
Multicolored Bath Bomb - $7.50
TOTAL: $35.35

Naked Palette - $54
Naked 2 Palette - $54
Naked 3 Palette - $54
Mini Luna Foreo - $99
Better Than Sex Mascara - $23
TOTAL: $284

Coffee Mug - $12
TOTAL: $12

Instax Mini Film (x2) - $50
Box of String - $27
Box for String - $3
Mini Scissors - $9
Duct Tape (x2) - $10
Individual String (x23) - $45
Plastic Bobbins (x4) - $8
TOTAL: $152

GRAND TOTAL: $1,104.35


FREE mainframe tape reels

I have several 9-track tapes from the 60s/70s that need to go. They’re new-old-stock but won’t unfortunately won’t read/write anymore due to age. Each tape comes with a twist-locking case and the original cardboard box.

They make great props and decoration. I’m planning on making one into a clock.

Free for cost of shipping/postage. I accept PayPal and post worldwide. (From England)

Things Ruined Forever by #SVU

1.) The names William, Lewis, Gregory, Lowell, and Harris. (See Surrender Benson, Psycho/Therapist, Beast’s Obsession, Her Negotiation, Undercover, Devils Dissections, Criminal Pathology, Nationwide Manhunt, Daydream Believer)

2.) Hymns (see Pattern Seventeen)

3.) Ice Cream (Surrender Benson)

4.) Vodka (Surrender Benson)

5.) Green Nail Polish (Daydream Believer)

6.) Dairy Queen (Surrender Benson)

7.) Beach houses (Surrender Benson)

8.) Duct tape (Surrender Benson)

9.) The song Daydream Believer (for obvious reasons)

10.) The song Aint We Got Fun (Surrender Benson)

11.) My life (See seasons 1-17)

Please feel free to add things as you think of them.

i’ve put together a masterlist of wjsn sources for anyone who wants to get to know them :) just in case you don’t feel like watching a reality show that promotes fanboys stalking female idols, or that first episode gave you too much anxiety, of if you’re like me and it’s both of those reasons and then some. (all of these are subbed by the way)

- #MyKiss

- Heart Attack Idol TV (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4)

-Weekly Idol (part 1, part 2) *volume warning on this one, folks

-1thek #Hashtag *this is a pretty good intro if you’re trying to learn names :^)

-1thek Let’s Dance

-Stardust 2 (part 1, part 2)

-Uzzu Tapes (1-9)

i’ve seen multiple people say that they want to stan wjsn, but are reluctant to b/c of that show, but if you watch these then you won’t even have to go through that mnet monstrosity, you can just act like it never happened :’^) and i think that’s beautiful

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The taping report comes out next week. Should I read it? Can I wait until September? What will happen with my poor little babies? I want them back together soon. No I want it to last for a while. I don't knowwww. I want them to be happy. But I also want me to be happy. For us all to be happy they have to be together. Take their feelings and relationship seriously! Shamy are endgame. Shamy are endgame. Shamy are endgame. Jim and Mayim are the ultimate cinnamon rolls. Angst angst angst angst angst angst. I NEED ANSWERS! Post more pictures. Spoil me. Help me.
  • *Reads fanfic and plays Shamy playlist *