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{I have trouble reading long things where I don’t know what will happen. @theunitofcaring, who is great, wrote this summary of in color. I appreciate it a lot and would like it to be available to more people who might have my or other things} ((edited by Alicorn to have paragraphs and a cut and fix a couple small errors))

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Back in have ten kids & teach them to dream, there's a mention of the Tapai ambassador "interrupting herself before launching into what is no doubt a well-rehearsed list of some virtues Calado arguably has." I really wanted to hear the list, because I am completely unable to imagine anything that might go on it. Also, I like the Tapai ambassador.

The Tapai amabassador to Calado really likes the weather there.  She can also make “flexibility” and “creativity” and “passionately motivated citizens” sound like compliments.

This day in History

The battle of the green mountain was Won! by the forces of the shining blue aliance leading for Tapai ethenic domanice of what is now Voa for a year before we realized their food was horrible and that introducing real food would fail because their stomaghes are incapable of handling acutal Flavor.  Thus we reformed their legal system then allowed them to be independetish protectoarates.

Dire que j'ai cru en toi. Que j'étais encore prête à tout arranger. À passer au dessus de tout parce que t'es mon âme sœur. Mais tu m'a encore menti. Je suis tellement conne. Tellement naïve. “Trop bonne trop conne”. Je t'ai tout donné mais ce n'est pas grave garde tout. Parce que tu sais je ne t'ai jamais menti. Je t'ai toujours aimée. J'ai toujours essayé d'être la personne que tu voulais que je sois. Ouais j'ai un caractère de merde. Ouais je tapais des crises. Mais c'est parce que tu compte pour moi. Parce que je t'aime que je suis comme ça. Parce que je voulais pas que tu tombe. Parce que je voulais le meilleur pour toi. Mais t'es allé trop loin. Je t'en voudrais jamais. Je te porterai toujours dans mon cœur.

So, canonically Tapa jams radio and internet in Voa for a bit during the war while there’s a ceasefire.  How long is not specified.  There would be ways around it mostly by cooperating with invading Tapai et al for it, but Voan policy is not to evade the block lest this damage ceasefire terms.  I can make this very brief in real time for the convenience of our Voan members of Amenta Shadow Tumblr.  Anyone have any other input?


it is absolutely critical you get enough food, starvation in pregnancy has been shown to affect intelligence, executive function, and growth down the line.It is worth spending all the money you have to get enough safe food. It is more important than paying your rent. It is more important than anything except I guess paying your credit off if you’re leasing it and Tapai. I don’t mean to panic anyone but I’m sure some people might be thinking “well, the whole thing put me off my appetite anyway” and - you can’t do that. You can’t. You have got to find a way to get clean food and eat it, enough, regularly, for the rest of your pregnancy. 

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Wait a minute did you just say reds don't all get vaccinated? But what if you get sick? What if a sick plumber sneezes on my uncleanable, irreplaceable belongings? What if a sick red sneezes on me? That's completely unacceptable! Is there any way I can help you vaccinate all the reds so you don't spread filth?

I’m glad you want to help, whatever your motives. Here are some charities aimed at funding and supporting red doctors in providing adequate healthcare, including one specifically for vaccinations. All donations are welcome. 

  • [link to a Doetar charity specifically aimed at funding prescription medication, prioritizing antibiotics and treatments for infectious diseases over treatment for congenital or chronic conditions]
  • [link to a Doetar fundraising campaign for getting red children vaccinated]
  • [link to a Tapai charity]
  • [Voan charity]
  • [Anitami charity]

I don’t know as much about provision in other countries. Those that do, please feel free to add to this post with charities you know about.

I’m going to have to go dark soon. Things I’m downloading:

  • recipes
  • current prices for goods
  • weather reports (we should be good for the next year)
  • emergency medical information
  • Voan martial law codes and curfews and rules
  • Tapai martial law, same
  • Tapai regular law, especially wrt purples – I’m probably just going to download their whole website
  • Information on credits in Tapa
  • Information on what internationally constitutes a war crime
  • Information on martial conduct for Tapa, Voa, Anitam
  • Maps
  • information for fixing our appliances should we need to
  • natural disaster information
  • so much music, you have no idea
  • porn, although magically I didn’t spring this year. but that means next year’s going to be really bad, apparently? and not everyone I know is lucky enough to be so young
  • pictures of babies

is there anything else I’m missing?

Wanted: Tapai Purple or Gray Female

Did you think you could endure a childless spring only to realize you couldn’t? Me too. I am a Tapai blue with enough money for a purple or gray aftermarket credit. Not seeking marriage, but will pay for your credit as long as I get to hold the baby whenever I want. Email me at made-up-throwaway-email@emailprovider.com and we’ll get together. I am not interested in introducing someone to my family right now and not looking for a long-term commitment. I just want a child, and if you want to give me a child without asking for anything except credit money, please contact me.

Lol pollution doesn’t work that way

“Voan Food Turned My Son Red* - from a Tapai equivalent of the Weekly World News. A poor mother fed her child tainted food, trusting official assurances that it was gross but safe. Her son’s hair turned red and he started rolling around in trash and drinking out of the toilet, just like reds do. He has now been removed to the red district to live among his own disgusting kind.”

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'We're starving.' And we're fucking not? Do you think we're eating anything at this stage? I get being mad at our government, but goddamn, this war's going to fuck us over so much it's unbelievable.

I can only imagine. :( I hope that you are safe and that Voa is not too badly delayed by the war in securing supply lines and that Voan farms are not too badly damaged in the fighting to provide food for everyone currently going hungry, no matter where we’re from.

Your government super mishandled all this but the war will not mean fewer people going hungry and I’m not even convinced it’ll mean fewer Tapai and Anitami people going hungry.

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[@some random purple blog:] Talking about movies! Good idea! What sort of movies do you like? Do blues even watch movies about the other castes?

We watch the same movies as everyone else! I guess there are probably genre differences in what blues like on average but they aren’t that pronounced and actually I’d expect them to go the opposite way from ‘not watching movies about the other castes’ - I personally don’t like movies that prominently feature blues, because they’re not very convincingly written and they‘re sometimes kind of embarrassing to watch. (Do you feel that way about movies starring purples, too?)

Anyway, recently I watched and liked You and Me, which is an adorable Tapai drama-comedy-ish thing about a sad single yellow who swaps to some backwards country (it’s Ecthav with the serial numbers filed off but they name it something fake) where she can afford a credit for a kid, and then the person she swapped with doesn’t swap back and adventures ensue and she ends up preventing some absurd intrigue plot to overthrow the government of not-Ecthav and finding true love and getting lots more babies, surprising no one who has ever watched a movie. Lots of fun, though.

In school they periodically feel the need to remind us about the Oahk Empire, probably so we don’t start feeling like it’s reasonable to expect to live out our natural lifespans or something. I can therefore review every historical dramatization ever: Empire has the greens-can’t-write-blues problem and should have spent some of their period costumes budget on special effects less distractingly faked, Live to Serve has okay blues (their dialogue is things I could  imagine anyone ever saying!) but they’ve refused to let anybody dub it for artistic reasons (it’s in like six languages but if you know Oahkar and Anitami you can pretty much follow), End of An Age is realistic and historically accurate at the cost of being well, super boring as television.

@alchemicalsilver said

Those of you living in territory which may be occupied by the enemy


  • They will sterilize you
  • If you are pregnant they will abort the baby

I’m not saying you should grab a gun and fight back if some goon tries to- wait, no, I am saying that!

Fuck transnational bureaucracies who would never lift a finger to help you and fuck doing what they say.  Nobody ever saved themselves from extinction by following laws against defending themselves.  If you’re going to die either way, better to take one of those babysnatchers with you

Be strong, Voa prevails

Membangun Keluarga Generasi Qur'ani

Ustadz Budi Dharmawan, S.Psi

Bila kita bicara tentang membangun generasi, maka harusnya kita mengambil contoh dari generasi terbaik yang pernah ada: generasi sahabat Rasulullah SAW. Generasi sahabat itu seperti bintang-bintang yang terang, dan tidak saling meredupkan satu sama lain. Umar bin Khattab itu bersinar sangat terang, tapi terangnya tidak meredupkan sinarnya Abu Bakar. Begitu pun sahabat yang lainnya. Maka merekalah generasi terbaik, dan role model terbaik untuk membina generasi.

Untuk membentuk generasi Qur’ani, tidak dimulai dari mencari seorang istri atau suami, tapi mencari ibu atau ayah. Bedanya mungkin tipis, tapi signifikan. Kalau mencari istri/suami, yang dikedepankan adalah idealita pribadi (apa yang disukai oleh dirinya). Tapai kalau mencari ayah/ibu, yang dikedepankan adalah idealita generasi; Anak-anak seperti apa yang ingin dibentuk, maka carilah ibu atau ayahnya yang bisa menyiapkan anak-anak seperti ini.

Ustadzah Dra. Aan Rohanah, Lc, M.Ag
Motivasi menjadikan anak-anak hafal Qur’an sebenarnya sangat banyak. Salah satunya adalah sebuah hadits “Yang terbaik di antaramu adalah yang mengajarkan Qur’an dan mempelajarinya”. Untuk membina generasi Qur’ani, harus bisa mengkondisikan lingkungan. Kalau orang tua sibuk, mungkin gak bisa mengkondisikan anak untuk tahfizh di rumah, jadi bisa dimasukkan ke pesantren tahfizh. Tapi orang tua harus tetap momotivasi. Kalau anak gak betah di pesantren, kalau orang tua visinya beda, mungkin akan dibiarin aja anak itu keluar dari pesantrennya. Tapi kalau visi membangun generasi Qur’ani-nya udah sama, maka anak itu akan dipertahankan, akan dimotivasi terus. Jangan lupa berdo’a, kalau perlu shalat hajat untuk mendo’akan anak yang susah menghafal Qur’an.

Faris Jihady (hafizh, putra Ust Mutamimul Ula & Ustzh Wirianingsih)
Sebenarnya dulu menghafal Qur’an sejak kecil, karena disuruh orang tua. Ada perbedaan kalau kita menghafal sejak kecil dan setelah baligh. Kalau menghafal setelah baligh, keuntungannya itu punya motivasi sendiri,menghafal karena kemauan dan kesadaran sendiri , jadi bisa mengarahkan diri sendiri. Kalau sejak kecil, sangat tergantung arahan orang tua. Untuk membangun keluarga Qur’ani, yang harus dibangun di rumah adalah kebiasaan untuk mencintai Al-Qur’an. Selain itu, perlu memotivasi anak untuk menghafal, dengan memberikan contoh-contoh orang sukses yang hafal Qur’an. Hal ini agar dapat menunjukkan keuntungan hafal Qur’an yang lebih masuk ke logika anak, dibandingkan menunjukkan keuntungan yang abstrak seperti pahala.

Wirda Salamah Ulya (hafizhah, putri Ust Yusuf Mansur)
Wirda sekarang berusia 11 tahun dan sudah hafal Qur’an. Dulu, Wirda berpikir hanya mau menghafal 15 juz aja karena susah menghafal. Tapi pada usia 8 tahun Wirda bermimpi bertemu dengan Rasulullah SAW. Untuk yang penasaran dengan mimpinya Wirda bisa nonton video chatting dengan YM ini yaa.. Intinya, di akhir mimpinya Wirda, Rasulullah SAW bilang, kalau kamu sungguh-sungguh menghafal Qur’an maka akan Allah mudahkan.

Umar Al Faruq (hafizh, putera Ust Budi Dharmawan dan Ustzh Yoyoh Yusroh)
Semangat Qur’an dibawa ke Indonesia oleh ibunya Umar setelah berkunjung ke Gaza, Palestina. Di Gaza, saat perkenalan dengan ummahat di sana, semuanya menyebutkan nama, jumlah anak, dan pernyataan “saya hafizh Qur’an” atau “saya hafal Qur’an 30 juz”.  Perdana menteri Palestina, Ismail Haniya pun hafal Qur’an 30 juz. Tentara Izzudin Al Qossam, setiap hari saat berjaga di perbatasan gak pernah lepas dari Qur’an. Setiap regu berjaga terdiri dari 10 orang, dan masing-masing membaca 3 juz per hari. Jadi setiap hari 30 juz Al-Qur’an dibacakan. Nggak ketinggalan anak-anak, setiap tahunnya ribuan anak-anak diwisuda hafal Qur’an.

Nugraha (hafizh, alumni FE 2006)
Waktu kecil, ia dipaksa masuk pesantren oleh orang tuanya. Karena memang ada kewajiban menghafal Qur’an di pesantren, jadi saat akan lulus SMP ia sudah hafal 16 juz. Masuk SMA, pas kelas 1 ia sengaja ngebut menghafal Qur’annya karena kelas 2 dan 3 ingin fokus persiapan masuk PTN. Perlu diketahui, pas SMA itu dia masih di pesantren yang jumlah mata pelajarannya itu ada 25. Waktu untuk menghafal hanya ba’da maghrib sampai Isya. Karena dirasa nggak cukup, akhirnya Nugraha merelakan waktu mainnya dari ba’da Ashar sampai jam setengah lima untuk menghafal. Setiap ba’da Subuh setor hafalan ke gurunya. Akhirnya, dia bisa menyelesaikan hafalan Qur’annya dalam waktu 4 tahun (3 th SMP dan 1 th SMA).

Menurut Nugraha, hafal Qur’an sangat menguntungkan. Saat kuliah, menghafal pelajaran jadi lebih mudah karena terbiasa menghafal. Dan hafal Qur’an juga menjaga diri dari melakukan tindakan buruk. Masa hafal Qur’an, tapi kelakuan buruk. Jadi, hafal Qur’an jadi benteng juga. Untuk menghafal, sediakan waktu khusus, yang waktunya untuk tiap orang bisa beda-beda.

Sesi tanya jawab
1. Apa yang harus dilakukan orang tua saat membesarkan anak usia 0-5th?
5 tahun pertama adalah golden age. 50% dari diri kita sekarang, dibentuk di 5 tahun pertama itu. Anak pada masa itu punya ingatan sangat kuat dan detail, dan seperti mesin fotokopi (mudah menirukan apa yang dilihat).

Usia 0-5 tahun adalah masa optimalisasi panca indera. Misalnya, kalau anak nunjuk karpet terus nanya ini warnanya apa? Jangan cuma dijawab “hijau”, tapi tambahkan “hijau muda”, atau “hijau toska”, dsb. Kalau anak nunjuk kertas terus nanya, ini apa? Jangan hanya jawab “kertas” tapi jawab lebih detail seperti “kertas folio”, “kertas hvs”, dsb. Jadi pengetahuannya luas.

Anak sangat curious dan otaknya sangat siap menerima banyak informasi. Tapi terkadang orang tuanya aja yang gak siap dan gak punya kapasitas untuk memformat otak anak. Jadi, bukan salah anak, tapi salah ortu yang (misalnya) gak sabar menjawab pertanyaan, gak ngasih informasi lengkap, dll.

Nah, kalau tadi contoh indera penglihatan, indera lainnya pun harus dilatih. Misalnya indera perasa, gapapa lah anak ngerasain sambel dikit tapi abis itu dia tau rasanya pedas. Kemudian contoh lain untuk melatih indera peraba itu ada metode yang dikembangkan oleh Montessori. Jadi ada beberapa bahan dengan tekstur yang beda, misal amplas, terpal, jins, sutera, linen, dll. Potongan kain ini dipasang di sebuah display. Mata anak ditutup kemudian tangannya diarahkan utk meraba 1 tekstur. Kemudian disuruh mengambil pola yg serupa dr sebuah kotak. Jd indera perabanya kuat. Nanti kalau udah besar, ditutup matanya juga bisa bedain uang 50 ribu dan 100 ribu XD Tapi bagaimana pun usia 0-5 tahun juga usia bermain. Kalau anak gembira, ia akan enjoy belajar. Jgn ngasih dia pelajaran di saat hatinya gak gembira.

2. Tips menghafal Qur’an
Tips menghafal dari Bu Aan:

  • cari waktu paling efektif untuk menghafal (misal:setelah shalat tahajud atau sebelum tidur)
  • setiap ayat yg mau dihafal harus dipahami isinya (baca arti atau tafsirnya dulu)
  • diulang berkali-kali, sebelum hafal jangan pindah ke ayat lain
  • tulis di buku kecil awal-awal ayat utk membantu (FYI sekarang udah ada Qur’an hafalan yang di pinggir tiap halaman ditulis awal ayatnya)
  • rajin murajaah (mengulang hafalan)
  • berdoa

Tips untuk mendidik anak dgn qur’an:

  • dari hamil ibunya rajin menghafal qur’an
  • rajin diperdengarkan qur’an (misal saat menyusui)
  • sering memperdengarkan nama Allah pada anak

dari catatan seminar tanggal 11082012 di Masjid UI


getmeoffthisrock  asked:

hello I am a Tapai purple and I just--your blog has been really helpful for helping me cope with this. Please tell your nephew that I got my one-year-old cousin to eat by comparing her to him and telling her that if she wanted to be a big girl she had to be strong and eat like Taz. I hope our countries don't go to war.

This is so sweet, thank you so much for telling me! Taz was happy to hear it, too–he’s eating a little better, I think, now that he’s thinking of himself as setting an example.

I hope our countries don’t go to war, too. This is a terrible situation, and I know it’s hard on everyone. But there are good people everywhere, and I hate to see those people pitted against each other.

We’ll make it through this. Take care of yourself, we’ll need all the good people we can to help us make it through the seasons to come. <3

Voa is Shiiiit

“Voan Food Turned My Son Red* - from a Tapai equivalent of the Weekly World News. A poor mother fed her child tainted food, trusting official assurances that it was gross but safe. Her son’s hair turned red and he started rolling around in trash and drinking out of the toilet, just like reds do. He has now been removed to the red district to live among his own disgusting kind.”

Remeber dont eat Voa “food”.

@alchemicalsilver said

I take back everything I said in my last post.  Tapai are great!  We should welcome them to our country!

If you live on a farm, one great way to welcome them to our country is with fertilizer.  I can’t talk about it here, but if you follow this link you’ll learn everything you need to know.  I’m sure they’ll have a blast!

Another nice thing to do is to leave food for them.  They don’t have much food where they’re from, that’s why they’re here in the first place!  Here’s a handy list of ways to prepare your food so that it stays nice and fresh for when they find it.  They’ll be so grateful they’ll just die!

One more thing: don’t stick around to watch their reactions.  As much as you want to see the smiles on their faces, you’ve got other foreigners to befriend.  Preferably far, far away from the ones you’ve already introduced to our wonderful country!