Repost of all the Belfry Knights and the evil Roses! 

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Barbara and MJ

You need to do the devil’s work to have the devil’s power. Luckily, we have someone to steal the souls for us.

The Flourite Reaper was a rebound project after The Underdogs failed. It solely existed to keep me working, and, although the concept has potential, it never got developed past 4(ish) chapters. All the roughs of those chapters have been uploaded for your enjoyment  Here.

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Aaaaannnndd [un]Divine’s back on track! Ch 2 starts next week but first; Q n A’s! This is the first half. I picked a few asks from here and tapastic that I haven’t answered before and that weren’t spoilery either. (Sorry, can’t explain the flame above Dan’s head yet OTL)

Also! I’ll be at ECCC next year! My goal is to finish Ch 2 before then and possibly print a book with the first 2 chaps but we’ll see how long Ch 2 is in the end…


UPDATE! In which, let’s consider our options. Click for the page! You can also vote for an extra doodle; this one is about getting creeped out

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