PSA: ATfC is Changing

Hey all! I know the comic has been on hiatus while I finish up college and graduation and all that kind of stuff, and I know during that time I’ve dropped a couple of hints that big stuff is changing for the comic! Well, the hiatus is ending tomorrow and I guess it’s time to tell you all what the “big change” is. :)

I am re-starting and re-making A Turn for Change.

Now, I know this seems maybe sudden? But it is something I’ve been thinking about for months now and, though it may seem like a bad idea, people have told me it’s a bad idea, and it worries me, I still think that this is the best move for the comic. Tonight I will be deleting all of the old pages off of tapastic, and I’ll be restarting the comic from the same place it has always been.

This new start will not be a 100% remake. I am changing things - not the essence but the execution. I have already finished a few pages and let me tell you guys I am super excited!! This has just made me so stoked for what is to come and I really hope you all will stick around for it! :’)

If this is a deal breaker and you don’t want to wait through a new beginning, I understand! Thank you all for reading thus far and I hope that even if you unfollow now, someday in the future you’ll find the comic again when it’s actually the best I can make it. Best of luck <3

RAINBOW! now has tipping!!

RAINBOW! has tipping on tapastic! If you don’t know how tipping works, it’s only available through the phone app. The nifty thing about it is that while you can buy coins to tip, you can still tip people even if you don’t have money! You can get coins by watching ads, and it will still turn into cash for the creators you tip! So….show us some love maybe? 💕

Hello Everyone!! I know this is a bit of an in-opportune moment in the comic, but hey! I wanted to celebrate anyway :)

A Turn for Change is turning one today!! It’s been a whole year since the comic’s launch on Tapastic and I just want to thank everyone so, so much for sticking with me and reading this wild comic.

When I started ATfC I had zero experience with comics (and story-telling) and it has been such a ride figuring out how to produce a webcomic this past year. I’ve learned a lot about how much work it takes for projects like this to happen and I’m still learning - hopefully I’ll never stop. Somehow this comic that started out as a way to get my OCs together has turned into a sprawling story that I’m just starting to get the jump on!

Thanks again for sticking with me so far and here’s to another year of Change! :D