a bunch of doodles and things that i think i haven’t posted here?? anyways, here’s my blonde idiot alan. he likes being self-destructive and tinkering on cars and making choices he later regrets! he’s in a webcomic as well, if ya wanna see more of his awful life choices ;^)

thanks for reading the update this week!!!!!! ive been wanting to throw in this dialog for so long… mitchisms, anyone? (its a. a trailer park boys reference…….nevermind) next update should hopefully be coming next weekend or the one after, but no promises. my schedule is about to get a little weirder from now on i think.

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🌲 comic updated today! 7 new pages!! thanks for reading! 8)

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Long Exposure is an ongoing webcomic that focuses around a high school bully and a nerd acquiring superpowers and uh.. falling in love (its real gay). and also a buncha other stuff. there’s more info here!


(EDIT:  The second one just showed up.  It’s not quite as bad as the first, but still has the same tone.  How dare I post one chapter for free if I don’t plan on releasing the rest!)

So today I took a break from working on chapter 5 of Persephone and went around checking notifications when I stumbled upon THIS THING.

I uploaded Persephone to Tapastic and made it clear in the author comments from the start that all other chapters would be exclusive to Patreon.  I simply reiterate it every time I update to let Tapastic readers know there is a new chapter out.  There are always people who don’t read the author comments and get confused as to why they can’t read the chapters.

Guys, I am totally cool with it if you can’t afford the comic for $5 a month on my Patreon (which, by the way, no longer has a waiting period for new pledges).  If you want to get the ebook for bare minimum once the whole thing is finished, I understand.  There is no shame in being both frugal and patient.  I know full well that there are plenty of things available for free and not everyone is going to like my work enough to put money on it.  It doesn’t hurt my feelings if I am not your top favorite artist.  There is too much great stuff out there to contend with, after all.

But this?  This is trying to shame an artist for having the audacity to try and make a living.  Don’t do this.  Don’t be this person.  If you don’t want to pay for a book at the store, you don’t get all up in the cashier’s face going “WHY ISN’T IT FREE?”  So why on Earth would this be ok online, directly towards the creator?  Is this going to make me upload everything to Tapastic like “OH DEAR ME, I OFFENDED A PRECIOUS READER WHO DEEMS MY WORK WORTHLESS, OH MY STARS HOPEFULLY THIS WILL MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER!”  Is that how this works? 

There are so many artists I wish I could support on Patreon because I really want certain perks.  I support the one with perks I just couldn’t live without. I don’t go around telling the other artists that their work isn’t good enough to be behind a paywall, or that the work itself is somehow not as good just because it isn’t free.

If you do this kind of thing, please take a moment to stand in the artist’s shoes and make an effort to be more respectful.  If you notice someone you know doing this, please call them out on it.  It’s childish and insulting and it needs to stop.

ducklingred  asked:

I just finished the little bit or totentanz you have on tapastic and oh man I'm in love. Are/were(?) You going to follow Irwin's story or branch off?

Woah, thank you. Worry not, my friend, Totentanz is like all about Irwin.

(not that he’s happy about it though)