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I wanted to ask- I'm not sure what the main name of it is called, but do you have any mythology about oceanic/polynesian/hawaiin history? Kind of like about the background/traditions/culture of the Disney movie Moana?

Okay, first off, very sorry about the delay in getting to this ask, Nonnie. None of us here at ScriptMyth are versed in any of the Polynesian mythologies (and there are quite a few). I borrowed some books from the library, watched Moana, and trolled through the interwebs for awhile to be able to come up with something for you. Please be aware that this is all very basic stuff, and I encourage you to do further research.

Now, I initially started my research having not seen the movie Moana. I assumed, based on what I had heard and how the ask was phrased, that Moana and her people were based on Hawaiian history and mythology. After watching the movie (and digging around on the internet), it turns out she is from Samoa!

The Polynesian people were amazing explorers and, as shown in the movie, travelled from island to island for many generations before stopping.  This is known to archaeologists and historians as The Long Pause, and it lasted roughly 2,000 years. Nobody knows why this break occurred. But, we do know that the Polynesian people arrived and settled in Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga prior to this pause. So while most of us in North America know of Maui as a Hawaiian (demi-)god, he is actually a figure in many Polynesian mythic traditions.

Now, my local library system only had two books that weren’t “ethnic romances” (/shudder/ I’m sorry that this kind of harmful literature continues to be so popular) when I searched for books on Polynesia. One on Hawaiian mythology, and one on Australian/Melanesian mythology. Hawaiian Myths of Earth, Sea, and Sky was a wonderfully delightful and easy read of some very basic myths. Some of which I had been told when I got to visit Hawaii 2013, so it felt familiar. It has a glossary in the back that includes pronunciations alongside the definitions. I highly recommend it. Oceanian Myth is more dry and has a “textbook” feel to it. It is no less interesting, but primarily recounts myths in a discussion about them, rather than simply telling the stories. There are some myths set out as a story, though they have a summarized feel to me (and because I am unfamiliar with these myths, I don’t know if that is because they actually are summaries, or if it is because I am used to myths being longer). I definitely recommend it as well.

As to specific myths that might be of interest, it is hard to choose from my limited repertoire. I loved them all, but have no context to be able to say which, if any, are more significant. So, for those more familiar with these mythic traditions, please reblog with your favourite stories! The one I’m going to share is the story of how Maui slowed the sun (as this feat was mentioned several times in the movie Moana).

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I so don't get the mentality of these anti-tapas people. Yes, they can change their ToS to screw you over at any time. Literally EVERY FUCKING SITE you use can do this. Almost every site HAS done this. Then they face a backlash and change it back. And the passage just made you let them give the first offer WHICH YOU CAN REJECT INSTANTLY. What a bunch of melodramatic assholes.

First off, please don’t be so broadly disrespectful. :U I’m not here to bash those who were upset about the change, and I ask that you don’t do so on my blog, either.

I’m probably not the best person to explain this fiasco, and there were a lot of much better, more detailed, and much more succinct Twitter threads on the subject (that I can’t find now, as luck would have it), but I’ll try. I think part of the issue that was taken with it was that Tapas was making this change out to be in creators’ “best interests”, but rolled out the addition silently and without asking for input first.

Additionally, the Right of First Refusal would have meant that content creators had to essentially “ask permission” from Tapas in order to do things like self-publish as well. If you wanted to print anything, either yourself or through a publisher, you had to talk to Tapas first and give them 30 days for a potential counter-offer. The terms were sort of simple, but a lot of people were worried that, legally speaking, the open-endedness could potentially be used against them. I don’t think most people were in a position to be negatively impacted by this ToS change, but that isn’t even really the point.

The point was that they weren’t transparent about the addition, despite trying to label it as benign and for everyone’s benefit. They said they had “connections”, but instead of doing things like approaching content creators they felt they could help, the intended system was “you have to come to us”, and this wasn’t optional.

This ToS change would not have negatively impacted Ryan and me personally because we don’t really have any intentions of printing a physical version of our comic, but I can definitely see why the angle that was taken was seen as sneaky and worrying for those who do plan to make print comics.

As I said before, the ToS change has been revoked now; regardless, I fully support those who choose to leave the site as a result of this debate explosion, just as I support those who have chosen to stay. Freedom to choose what’s best for you as a content creator is really important.

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Are you guys open for requests? Can I get headcannons for the Shiratorizawa boys drunk/drinking? Thanks~

Y’ALL. The legal age for drinking in Japan is 20 and tbh I only think Semi and Yamagata would’ve tried before then. Everyone isn’t a bad example like I am lmao. Stay safe everyone!!

- He doesn’t drink that much. He doesn’t really see the purpose in drinking till you’re wasted because he’s aware that you could get into bad situations once you’re too drunk to control yourself.
- He’s actually able to drink quite a lot but he’s never tested the full extent of his ‘power’ as Tendou calls it. It happened once at a college party though. He’d usually just sit in the corner drinking juice or something but his roommate challenged him and god knows how long after his roommate is passed out, he’s only just slurring his speech.

- Drinks till he regrets it in the morning. He’s piled up college assignments and honestly he just wants to forget but it obviously comes back to bite him when he has to do a dissertation with a hangover.
- “Hold my beer.” He’s very adventurous in his alcohol choices and the decisions he makes. He’s more emotional and will probably start a fight unintentionally but continue for the hell of it and people have started to invite him more because he always does something crazy when he’s drunk.

- …Someone has to be driving people back home when there’s been a party. He’s still the most responsible out of all of them in college and he’d only drink a little since he’s heard enough of Eita and Hayato’s adventures to put him off getting wasted.
- He isn’t above drinking but nobody’s actually seen him pissed out of it. He’s fairly quieter at parties but when he’s a bit buzzed he’ll be more inclined to compliment people he doesn’t know..

- He’s always wanted to try fire shots but he’s way too scared to actually attempt it. He’s told everyone that he’s actually done it but when invited he’ll just turn them down with a “nah sorry guys, not feeling it tonight.”
- An overly affectionate drunk. He’ll latch onto whoever is leading him home that night and tell them all the things that he likes about them. He’s also told some that he’d totally get with them if he was sober but only one person has taken him up on his offer.

- He absolutely hated the taste of most alcohol. He doesn’t see why you’d drink something like that without it tasting good. He abhors the taste of beer and he’s said that it’s so had that he’d rather be back at home writing an essay instead.
- He’s the type of person that when just the least bit tipsy will end up in tears over everything. “Why hasn’t that plant been watered in so long, what did it ever do to you?” he cries as someone has to hail a cab for him back home. He ends up regretting it a lot and pays people back when they’ve helped him out.

- He’s a calm drinker that will pick up his own drinks but won’t if it’s offered to him since he’s pretty sceptical of drinks that aren’t given by people he doesn’t know very well. He’s not the weakest out of the boys but he comes pretty close.
- He’s the quiet angry drunk. He’ll stay quiet but if anyone tries to talk to him that he doesn’t like, he swears like a sailor and will use literally any word he can muster at that moment to cuss someone… calling someone a “bicycle fucker” caught him with a hook to his jaw.

- He’s the type to down something really quickly but not touch anything else for the whole night. It’s either all at once or in moderation with him and the others are pretty worried with him then. He’s no lightweight but he’s doesn’t have as high a tolerance as Wakatoshi or Eita.
- They’re worried because he’s just as quiet when he’s drunk as he is when he’s sober. The only difference is that any attempt to get up out of his seat will end with him lazily stumbling to his feet as he swears he’s alright.

- He drinks at parties quite frequently but usually not to the extent where he’s floored. That happened the first time he drank. He’s absolutely terrified of getting floored again cause he knows that people can and will take pictures for blackmail. His tolerance has improved from back then however.
- The ‘too angry, too incapable drunk’; he’s pissed off with absolutely everything and anything but he’s literally to fucked to go and fight someone. He’ll end up falling asleep really easily though so he isn’t that much of a bother to deal with.

– On second thought, tapa-nyan makes a great addition to this in the replies I see it bro.

When you think you’ve maybe - just maybe - met that special someone, what do you do? Do you ask for a phone number? Suggest going for a coffee? Maybe even something to eat? See a movie? Or do you take what might charitably be called a slightly more…daring approach?

(with many thanks to Alice H over on Twitter for sending this one in!)

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Could you make Chubby!MC on Line Webtoon? Cause Tapas makes it kind of hard to read on because you've gotta earn keys and stuff like that. Line Webtoon you don't have to, to read a comic.

Tapas is totally free if the artist publishing chooses to make it so. All my comics on tapas are completely free to read.z

However I cannot publish the Chubby MC on Tapas as it’s a fan comic, and I have the ad revenue program activated on my account, so all my comics make me a little money.

So it’d be infringing on the Intellectual Property of Cheritz. I don’t wanna do that.

Feel free to share and reupload this comic anywhere without revenue as long as you credit me as the artist, though.

so sorry. >_


Happy new year everyone!! <3
I’m so excited today. For the first time in about 10 years, I’m not going out for New Years Eve. Jackie and I are staying in, making tapas and a whole batch of tiramisu just for us :’) We are just going to chill, watch the fire works, eat, game and do what ever we want.

Today my outfit is based on presents I’ve gotten from my loved ones througout the year. The dress and A-necklace are from @imaginari-engel (who’s gotten me so many presents this year it was hard to choose which ones to use today), the skirt and bracelet are from my dear friend Merve, the key necklace is from my far-away-bae @lukael, the black ring is from my love @at-smoelfe, the earrings are from my Japanese host mother, and the shoes are from my dear Mom


Cicchetti are small snacks or side dishes, typically served in traditional “bàcari” (cicchetti bars or osterie) in Venice, Northern Italy. Common cicchetti include tiny sandwiches, plates of olives or other vegetables, halved hard boiled eggs, small servings of a combination of one or more of seafood, meat and vegetable ingredients laid on top of a slice of bread or polenta, and very small servings of typical full-course plates. Like Spanish tapas, one can make a meal of them by ordering multiple plates. Normally not a part of home cooking, the cicchetti’s importance lies not just in the food itself, but also in how, when and where they are eaten: with fingers and toothpicks, usually standing up, hanging around the counter where they are displayed in numerous bars, osterie and bacari that offer them virtually all day long. Venice’s many cicchetti bars are quite active during the day, as Venetians (and tourists) typically eat cicchetti in the late morning, for lunch, or as afternoon snacks. Cicchetti are usually accompanied by a small glass of local white wine, which the locals refer to as an “ombra” (shadow). Cicchetti is the plural form. A single piece of cicchetti is a cicchetto.

Things unseen in 3x17

The conversation between Regina and the Charmings about her being able to just freely walk in to the house. Granted she probably still had her huge set of Storybrooke keys, but she didn’t even knock whenever she just waltzed in declaring that nobody will touch the Charmings’ baby.

Can you imagine the conversation between Snow and Regina and Snow telling her that she is welcome any time in their home. (Especially during crib buildings and family dinners!) More Regina/Snow/Charming BrOTP please!


Making tapas, making love, playing Yahtzee, fuck who knows?

I know they were probably just casually sipping coffee and exchanging motherly stories about Henry, and talking about what magical badasses they are, BUT can you imagine if they were doing something else? 

Swan Queen Sneak Peek Transcription

For all of you who can’t watch yet, here you go.  I even filled in some of the stuff happening so you could get the full picture.

Opens: Regina and Emma walking down into the mausoleum, Regina going first.

Regina: Don’t touch anything.

Emma: How am I supposed to learn magic if I can’t touch anything?

Regina: The same way I did with Rumple, *Emma picks a thing up*, we’re going to (sexy hand motions)create a solid foundation first, and then build your spells from the ground up- *Regina notices Emma holding the claw-like thing* I said *takes thing from Emma and puts it back down* don’t touch.

*Emma looks like a scolded 5-yr old*

Regina: *sighs* So, while we’re here, who’s looking after Henry?  The Uncharmings? *Meanwhile, Regina is looking around and opens a chest with some books inside*

Emma: *not even the least bit insulted by the quip* Actually, Hook is.

Regina: *sad puppy eyes* Well those two have been spending a lot of time together lately.

Emma: Hook’s good with Henry, and Henry likes him.

Regina: He’s prone to violence, impulsive, and has a hook for a hand.  What about him would a twelve year old boy not like? *Emma has now moved into position and is actually staring at Regina’s ass—see end for photographic evidence*

Emma: I trust him.  He brought me back to Storybrooke and he didn’t have to.

Regina: Oh, of course he brought you back. *jealousy levels on high*

Emma: *confused puppy* What’s that supposed to mean?

Regina: Seriously!? You’re going to pretend everyone doesn’t see the yearning looks and doey eyes?

Emma: I don’t yearn.

Regina: *smiles* Well maybe. But he does.

Emma: *really sad puppy… don’t you wuv me Gina?*

*Regina picks up the book with the heart on it that she learned magic from*

Regina: Let’s start *opens book* with rudes for incantations. *shows Emma the page*

Emma: Are you kidding me right now? What language is this, Spanish?

Regina: We’re not making tapas (?) we’re making magic.  It’s elfish *duh, Emma* Well, half elfish.

Emma: *concerned* Just think about your training, what other methods did he use?

Regina: Rumple was a bully.  He didn’t suffer fools and he certainly didn’t coddle his students.  And if he tried to teach you how to swim and you couldn’t learn, you drowned. *throws book back in chest and slams it shut*

Emma: Drowned?

Regina: *inspired* That’s it.

Emma: *very concerned* That’s what?

*Regina smiles as wide as humanly possible and swirls them away in a cloud of purple smoke*

Scene:  Emma yelps and realizes she is up very high over a ravine on a flimsy rope bridge.  Regina is safely off to the side on actual ground.

Emma: What the hell are you doing?

Regina: Teaching you to swim.

Photographic evidence of Emma finding the booty:

OUAT 3x17: The Jolly Roger

Captain Swan holds my heart!

& gives me butterflies!

Killian Jones loves Emma Swan!

& she loves him right back! You can’t fucking tell me she doesn’t! The way she looks at him with complete adoration & love!

He believes in her!

She calls him Killian. For real. (Yes, with Henry in the room, but he’s not within earshot.) She doesn’t have to, but she does.

To me, that’s the first time it actually counts!

Zelena basically makes it so that the next time Killian kisses Emma, Emma’s going to lose her magic, part of what makes her special. And if Killian doesn’t kiss Emma, Zelena’s going to hurt Emma’s loved ones.

I’m gonna fucking kill Zelena!!! I’m gonna fucking kill that fucking witch! I fucking swear to God! Green witch bitch better fucking watch out cus I’m gonna take a ruby slipper and fucking stab her with it 50x!

Killian’s choice is basically to take away part of what makes Emma special or let her loved ones get hurt.

Emma unknowingly makes Killian feel worse and worse by showing him how powerful she is.

She looks at him so lovingly and all he feels is pain.

Emma’s gonna push through her walls, while it’s gonna seem like Killian’s pushing away.

They will kiss again though, because they’ll find another way around it. Killian is too smart to let witch bitch stand in his way. Zelena won’t be a problem forever.

TLK can defeat any curse. I’m going to gander it can even defeat cursed kisses/lips.

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So amatterofcomplication made this manip, for which I wrote a goofy little commentfic. But then there seemed to be a longer AU situation to be explored… and it begins here. Amatterofcomplication promises more images to come soon, and she is also in large part directing the direction of the words. I am but a humble junior minion scribe who puts hands to keyboard in support of Race’s accidental prompt: Myka likes books, and being a hero..


“Looks like you’ve got yourself a cat, hero.”

Myka keeps hearing those words echo in her head as she stalks through the neighborhood, armed with “found cat” flyers and a roll of duct tape. “Don’t call me hero,” she’d said to Steve Jinks, once she’d got herself down from the tree. Herself and the kitten, who was starting to yeep in a startlingly high pitch. “Where are those kids, anyway?”

“Ran off the minute you started climbing,” Steve chuckled.

The truck was out only because of a false alarm anyway, but then the kids yelled to them about the cat—kitten—in the tree, and there they were, and they were firefighters, for heaven’s sake, so they stopped—and now there’s this tiny cat at the firehouse, and Trailer’s whining and giving it looks that say “tapas?” and so Myka’s making her way around this neighborhood—which, she’s now noticing, is starting to gentrify: that bookstore, hadn’t it used to be one of those dark, run-down places? Myka thinks of those as more interesting, really, but she also has to concede that this one seems more inviting, now that it’s brighter. There’s a window display of children’s books, another of young adult novels, and Myka thinks that’s good, that’s smart—and then she thinks bookstores, people who like books like cats, right? And she thinks she’ll step in—not to buy a book, she admonishes herself, because there are too many piles of those in her house already, ones that she’s in the process of reading, ones that she saw and just had to have, ones that she keeps meaning to get through, honestly, at some point (there’s this one about the history of table manners that she just knows is going to be fascinating, but she never has time)—anyway, not to buy a book, just to ask if she can hang a flyer by the register or maybe there’s a bulletin board or maybe she could even put it in the window—but that display is lovely, and she would hate to block it with her slapped-together flyer.

And so she goes in. A bell jingles as she pushes at the door. Her first breath inside, it smells right, and that’s a little surprising—there is paper here old enough to break down, despite the newness of the store’s façade and display.

She hears, “One moment!” from somewhere in the back of the store. A woman’s voice—a British-accented woman’s voice, and Myka thinks, just at the edge of her mind, that it’s somehow familiar?

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  • *touch the thing*
  • poutty face
  • Regina letting her know that rumple was a bully, THIS IS V IMPORTANT

yes, I just watched the new sneak peek if you didn’t know, and I’m pretty much on the floor, dying from feels, don’t mind me