ar-Rahmān                                  الرحمن

 الرحمن (Ar-Rahman) is the name of Allah SWT that attributes to his mercy. The mercy of someone who is الرحمن (Ar-Rahman) has three attributes:

  • It is extreme mercy, the kind that is beyond expected
  • It is an immediate mercy, a mercy that is being bestowed right now at present time
  • It is a temporary mercy, meaning the effects can be taken away 

And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them (7:180). 


Hey everyone! Continuing my run for this year’s #Inktober challenge, where my theme is character designs from my DEITIES Project. These are my entries for days 11-20, and you can view the previous set of Days 1-10 HERE !

Also, I have a bit of bonus inks as well from the past couple weekend, that couldn’t fit in the photoset – some awesome Egyptian demons /o/

Since caption aren’t ideal for fitting everything, some brief information about each of the deities (and the bonus demons) is under the cut!

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