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Okay so I see some posts about executive dysfunction that kinda misrepresent what it is, so I wanted to clarify.

Executive dysfunction is not: laziness, lack of motivation, lack of willpower, lack of self-control, bad attitude, an excuse to not do something
Executive dysfunction is: an actual deficiency in the function of the frontal lobe that can be seen and measured in an MRI scanner, associated with neurodivergencies such as autism and ADHD, and mental illnesses

When you can’t do something because of ED, it’s not because you aren’t motivated enough or lack self-control. It’s because your brain literally isn’t running the commands needed to make your body move and do the things you need to. You may be hella motivated and determined to do something and you still won’t be able to because you don’t know where to start or how to proceed to the next step or what to do at all. You may be very hungry, know that you have a frozen pizza in your fridge, yet not be able to do the “fairly simple” steps to cook that pizza because of ED.

Executive dysfunction cannot be helped with more motivation, rewards, hard work or whatever. The part of your brain that is supposed to break the task into steps and guide you through them isn’t working right now, and no amount of rewards or discipline will make it work. The only things you can do is accommodate for the lack of this function: either ask someone near you to guide you through the steps of your task, or have a list of steps prepared beforehand, while your frontal lobe was more merciful. Shouting, crying, blaming, punishing yourself, etc won’t do one bit to help it.

And for people who don’t know what it’s like to have ED and have people around them who do have it, here’s the thing: instructions have to be very precise. I know you never pay attention to this because you don’t have to, but here’s the deal - even the smallest steps have to be akwnoledged. For example you may think that an instruction to make tea looks like this:

1. Fill the kettle with water and boil it.
2. Put a tea bag in your cup.
3. Add sugar if you want
4. Pour hot water into your cup
5. Take the bag out after a minute or two
6. Enjoy your tea

But it has many, many intermediate steps that a typically functioning frontal lobe will figure out, but a person affected by executive dysfunction won’t be able to do. So instead that instruction will look more like this:

1. Open the kettle
2. Open a bottle of water/turn on tap water
3. Fill the kettle with water
4. Turn off the tap water/close the water bottle
5. Close the lid on the kettle
6. Push the button to turn it on

And so on. So that one step in the first instruction is actually six steps in the second instruction. And giving a person with executive dysfunction the first instruction probably won’t help them at all. And btw this is might be the reason that person in your life leaves the lights on or doors open or products out of the fridge all the time - their brain just doesn’t guide them through it.

So, things to remember:
1) Executive dysfunction is a real thing and it’s not the person’s fault
2) It cannot be helped with motivation, self-control, discipline, rewards or punishments
3) It can be helped with careful, thorough instructions prepared by yourself beforehand or by someone else without ED
4) It is very difficult and frustrating for the person experiencing it first and foremost
5) If you have ED, be kind to yourself. Learn ways around it. Rest from time to time. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. And be honest to yourself about whether you can or cannot do the thing yourself. Trust me, it will help you in the long run.

Heart on the Line (part 1)


You and Bucky had your differences in college, but now you need a place to stay and he needs a roommate, and in order to make ends meet, you two start a phone sex line together.  

“For a Good Time, Call…” AU

author: sugardaddytonystark (formerly buckysbackpackbuckle)
pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
word count: 1516
warnings: smutty smut smut and dirty talk (future chapters)

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Types of water and their uses (+ how to cleanse water for spellwork!)


Sea water 

- cleansing, purification and banishment

River water 

- movement, change and new opportunities

Lake water 

- peace, contentment, self-reflection

Rain water 

- creativity, inspiration, energy, cleansing, protection

Melted snow water

- transformation, new beginnings

Moon water (water that has been charged under moonlight) 

- universal magickal properties, can be used in most spells for cleansing, purification, balance, and energy

Cleansed water (tap/filtered water that has been cleansed) 

- again has universal magickal properties but not as strong as moon water. Mostly used for cleansing and purification. 


1. Run tap water into an empty bottle and immediately pour it out

2. Fill the bottle again but this time seal the bottle.

3. Draw out a cleansing sigil. I use this one HERE

4. Tape it to the outside of the bottle.

5. Arrange four white tea lights and a long candle into a pentagram with the long candle at the apex.

6. Place the bottle of water at the centre of the pentagram

7. Light the long candle and use it to light the tea lights in a clockwise rotation.

8. Place a clear quartz on the bottle

9. Place your hand over the clear quartz and allow your positive energies to flow through it. Imagine the quartz like a magnifying glass and your energy the sun.

10. Finish your spell with your preferred method. I  blow out all the candles and say “so it is”

You’re Drunk

So, I wrote this prompt for day 3 of sanvers week before I committed to my smut every day idea, and I liked this enough to want to post it as well. It probably won’t go on AO3, but it’s on here at least.


@404artnotfound​ voluntarily beta’s my bullshit and therefore she is better than all of us.

@queercapwriting​ I saw u talking about angst, does this count? Playful angst…? In a college AU???? Listen I tried.

“No, Kara.”


“I’m hanging up now. I have to study.”

“But it won’t be fun if I go alone!”

“You said Lena was going! Go and have fun with her!”

Kara huffs petulantly down the phone line, farewelling her sister begrudgingly before hanging up. Alex rolls her eyes. Some frat party on the other side of campus is pretty much the last thing on the list of things Alex wanted to do with her free time. Anyway, finals week is approaching up and she wouldn’t be allowed a second of fun without the gravity of her mother’s disapproval weighing on her mind.

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How to reduce your waste in 20 steps:

  1. Buy less stuff
  2. Recycle
  3. Compost
  4. Try to make as little food waste as possible
  5. Shop 2nd hand
  6. Buy things that last longer
  7. Repair what is broken
  8. Say hello to package free food!
  9. Reuse bags, it could be old plastic bags laying around, just try not to bring new ones home (preferably use canvas bags)
  10. Drink tap water
  11. Bring a water bottle
  12. (If you’re into take away coffee:) Bring your own reusable coffee cup
  13. Use a menstrual cup instead of tampons and such
  14. Buy unpackaged hard soap instead of liquid soap that comes in plastic bottles
  15. Skip fast fashion always
  16. DIY!
  17. Use what you’ve got
  18. Find your package free “safe places”, this could be at the farmers market, a shop nearby that has a good assortment of unpackaged stuff, and yeah, places or people with positive attitude about zero waste
  19. Say no to single-use products and yes to reusable items
  20. Be thoughtful about what you consume 

Numbers request for anonymous for Seb - 22 “You can scream if you want.”

No warnings. Sebastian Stan x reader. Feedback is always welcome and if you have a one shot request, storyline/character/real person or numbers request then please read here and feel free to get in touch with me anytime. Thanks for the request and enjoy!  My masterlist is here. :) Sorry these have taken me so long to get published.

You make your way over to Anthony and the rest of the Avengers cast. “Evening guys!”

“It’s so good to see you again.” Anthony calls out. “Where’s Seb?”

Nodding towards the bar you smile when you see Seb walking over carrying two drinks. “He was getting our drinks.”

“Seb my man!” Chris says, pulling Seb into what looks like a very uncomfortable hug. “So what did you both think of the film?”

“Chris it was a real tear jerker. Y/n here was nearly crying at the end.” Seb replies, laughing when you blush.

“I was not nearly crying.. my hayfever just got bad.”

“In the middle of a cinema?”

“Oh shut it Anthony! I saw you wiping away the tears too.” You whisper, narrowing your eyes at him while all he doe sis wink.

“Not the only time you saw me vulnerable.”

Before you can reply you are grabbed by the arm and lead into a quiet corner of the hall. “What was all that about y/n?”

“Seb calm down we were all just joking.”

You watch him roll his eyes. “I know you. Are you sleeping with him?”


“Anthony! Behind my back..” He says and you laugh.

“I’m not sleeping with anyone behind your back Seb.” You reply, taking his free hand in your free one. “Your my boyfriend and I love you.”

“Well we are leaving.”

Setting your drinks down it doesn’t take you long before your both in the car and on your way home. Stepping into the apartment felt weird, you felt exhausted with the constant digs Seb was hinting at in the car journey home.

“You should leave Seb. For tonight just go to you mother’s.”

You hear him sigh when you walk into the bedroom and slam the door behind you.

You couldn’t sleep. You never could sleep after a fight but tonight felt different, it felt like you couldn’t sleep for other reasons too. Maybe it’s the alcohol.

Slipping out from under the covers you silently make your way to the kitchen and pour yourself out a glass of water. You hated American tap water so the bottled stuff always suited you more. You hear someone sigh and you instantly recognise it.

“You shouldn’t be here Seb.”

You hear his bare feet shuffle closer and you turn around to stop him. “I know you told me to leave but you also know that I can never leave you after a fight.”

“Well you should have left.” You whisper, brushing past him. “You should have..”

You can scream if you want. Just let it out.” He says and in that moment you feel the anger bubbling up inside you again but this time you control you, you don’t let it take over. “Earlier I shouldn’t have said what I did.”

“You accused me of sleeping with Anthony. He’s married! It’s fine to accuse me of sleeping with one, maybe two people but when it gets to the point where your pretty much accusing me of sleeping with half the world then we have a problem Seb.” You reply, meeting his steel blue eyes. His red rimmed eyes make your heart ache, he’s clearly been crying for hours too.

“I know! I just get.. anxious. I’m so scared of you leaving me that my whole life revolves around trying to make you stay but in the end I keep messing up and pushing you away. I’m just sorry..”

Sighing you walk back to where he is standing with his head in his hands. “Just trust me next time Seb. It’s all I ask of you ok? I’m not leaving.”

You watch him nod before his arms are wrapped around your waist. “How about a movie night?”

“It’s not night-time..”

“Well how about a movie day then?”

You smile up at him as he let’s out a breathy laugh. “A movie day it is.”

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One thing I love to do during the Full Moon is making full moon water. Even if I don’t know what I’m gonna use it for, it’s great to have, since you can use it in lots of spells and rituals. I especially recommend it for cleansing crystals. I know a lot of people think this is a really complicated process, but it’s really not. So I though I’d show you how to make it! 

  1. Get water. Some witches only use clear natural running water that they find in the woods, but that can obviously be hard to obtain for a lot of people. Tap water or bottled water work just as well, as long as it’s not heavily chemically treated.
  2. You need something to put the water in. I use a clear glass bowl, but just about anything will do. I do recommend something that has a wide circumference. If you’d like, you can cleanse your container with sage, but that’s not essential at all.
  3. On the night of the Full Moon, place the container in a place where it’s exposed to the moon. If possible, put it outside. If not, then just put it on your windowsill. Even if the sky is cloudy and the moon isn’t visible the water still absorbs the moon’s energy. Many people like to say a blessing when they place their container.
  4. So how long should you leave it? It’s really up to you. Some people like to leave it for a couple of hours, and take it in before it’s exposed to the sun. Others leave it to the next morning. Do whatever you’re comfortable with, and what feels right to you.

So there you have it. Remember that you can tweak this recipe as much as you like, do whatever works for you!

Forever home. Pt. 10 G/t, Pet tiny, angst, fluff.

Disclaimer! I tried to write something I have no experience with! PTSD! So I had to google the information. I’m aware Richter makes a BIG mistake regarding the condition. And if it’s portrayed inaccurately, feel free to tell me. But keep in mind that I’m doing my best,

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“water does not taste the same,” noah shook his head. “there is no way tap water, plastic bottled water and glass bottled water tasted the same.” he said passionately, his hands waving all around the show; a habit he picked up a very long time ago. “just like you can’t argue plastic bottled coke and glass bottled coke tastes the same because they don’t!”

anonymous asked:

Question...I have moon water now but I'm not exactly sure what to do with it. It was a full moon last night and so I kinda forgot until last minute and was able to get it under the moonlight last night. What spells or uses can I make of it?

If you used tap water or a bottle of water, or any drinkable water, then you can use it in tea spells or fruit water spells, or just drink it as water to charge yourself with a ton of magic! 

You can use it as an offering to plants, spirits or anything in nature that may like water and appreciate that it’s charged under the full moon!

You could make rose water with rose petals, or you can use some herbs for a bath magic spell or a skin toner or spritz for glamour magic

If you’re using rain water that’s been charged, then make sure you filter it if you’re going to bath in it or use it to make a magical toner and I’d advise against drinking it

I hope this helps! Good luck anon :D

anonymous asked:

With the full moon upon us what are some things that someone brand new to this should know? I keep hearing stuff about moon water that's used for cleansing, but don't know how to make it.

Moon water is the simplest thing to make! All you need to do is put water (distilled, tap, bottled, filtered, whatever floats your boat) into a clear bowl/cup/bottle/container and place it out in the moonlight! Try to get to it before the sun comes up, although I have forgotten moon water in the sunlight before and its been fine, just had some sun energy as well too, and then just use it how you like. If you plan on storing it, store it with a tiny bit of alcohol (to kill bacteria) and in a dark place.

WE'RE GOING TO A CLUB! -Tony Perry Imagine

Hey could i have one with tony. Where y/n and tony are dating and the ptv guys invite y'all to go to a club. And once you’re there some girls just stare and desperately try to get his attention but he only pays attention to you. Very long and fluffy


You giggled as Tony’s hair tickled your neck. Your legs wrapped around his waist, arms around his neck.

“I love you.” He whispered, hugging you close, leaning his head in the crook of your neck.

There was a loud knocking at the door. “MAKE BABIES LATER, WE’RE GOING OUT!” Jaime’s voice sounded.

“But we weren’t…” Tony said flustered, his face burning red as you cracked up.

“Sorry, princess!” You said getting up.

You decided not to change your clothes, jeans and a tshirt. You didn’t feel the need to impress anyone, and Tony had told you many times before that you didn’t need to dress up for him, you were already beautiful.

As soon as you stepped out of the car, you heard loud music playing from inside the club.

This was going to suck big time.

All you really wanted to do was cuddle with Tony. And maybe make out a little.

A lot.

Vic didn’t seem too into it either. Mike probably just dragged him along.

“WE’RE GOING TO A CLUB!” Tony yelled.

“YEAH!” Vic screamed behind you.



“It’s winter, dumbass.” You said.

“You’re a dumbass.” Tony replied,  gripping your shoulders and pulled you close the two of you walked.

“PDA!” Mike shouted. “Ew!”


You, Tony, and Vic sat in an empty booth near the dance floor. Mike and Jaime went off with two girls. They seemed nice. Which usually a lot of the girls were rude.

You rested your head on Tony’s shoulder, Vic sat across form you scribbling what looked like song lyrics down in a notebook he took pretty much everywhere with him, and never let anyone touch. Don’t touch my book! He would always shreik and run away with it. Vic looked up and noticed you looking, he narrowed his eyes skeptically moved his arm so you couldn’t see what he was writing. You stuck your tongue out at him, who in return flipped you off. You looked up ad you heard a small laugh. Tony was staring lovingly at you.

“What?” You asked.

“You’re adorable.” He responded, smiling lightly.

“So are you.” You gave him a small kiss on the cheek and leaned back against him. You looked around for Mike and Jaime, when a tall girl in a skimpy outfit approached the table, staring right at Tony.

“Hey.” She said, leaning down, making her breasts apparent. Uouw stared at her. What, were you invisible? You looked up at Tony. He stared at her.

You looked down at your jeans, wishing you had worn something else. You thought she was way prettier than you were.

“Do you want to maybe…get out of here?” The girl asked him, scrunching her nose at you.

“No.“He said simply. Vic looked up smirking. The girl narrowed her eyes at him, then smiled sweetly.

"But baby-”

“Leave!” Tony shouted slamming his hand on the table. The girl grabbed his arm.

“Bitch, fuck off!” Vic spat, looking up from his writing.

Jaime walked up behind her, and toom the water bottle straight from her hands, took a sip and spat it all over her. “AW, WHAT IS THIS, TAP WATER?”



The girl sneereed the walked off, swaying her hips.

“What a bitch.” Tony mumbled, looking down at you. “What, didn’t she see you?”

“I thought you liked her, for a bit.”

“What?” He stared at you. “Come on, Y/N, you know I love you.”


“Promise. Why would I go after her when I have a gorgeous girlfriend right here?”

“He’s right, you know.” Mike said, returning from wherever it was he went.

You smiled and hugged Tony, resting your head on his shoulder. “I love you.” You whispered, playing with his hair.

“I love you too. So much.”

“PDA!” Jaime screamed.

“EW!” Miek started running around in circles.

You rolled your eyes and pressed your lips against Tony’s. You were well aware of Jaime and Mike screaming about PDA behind you, but you didn’t care. You meant what you said about loving him. You smiled into the kiss. How lucky you were to have the man of your dreams right here with you.

A/N sorry if it’s too short, I tried to make it a bit longer like you asked, but I guess it might not have worked out. I loved writing this one, I thought it was adorable.


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“jjongkimkai88 ⚠WARNING⚠
This is not related with kaistal dating issue.

I just want to prove what actually happened during this moment. Some people said that jongin rubbing his water bottle on krystal

_Modu hamkke mandeuro gayo_

I really didn’t edit this video. I just modify from some fancam to prove that jongin was really far from krystal. The camera angle just made its seem like he tapped the water bottle on her..even when krystal walked to heoyeon..we didnt see jongin.

Copy url of this post and open with browser so you can copy link of the fancam easily
1. https://youtu.be/kvVB-sm8MmQ (3.31)
2. m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=gDM7t87Y63w (3.37)
3. m.youtube.com/watch?v=_gInw69yxd0 (3.59)
4. m.youtube.com/watch?v=rZgEtxmMWNY&feature=youtu.be (3.41)
5. m.youtube.com/watch?v=waozy5rjt2Y&feature=youtu.be (2.38) ← u can see how far taemin jongin and yoona krystal in this video
6. m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=epi7QD-CrDY (2.59) you can see clearly..there’s no jongin
7. m.youtube.com/watch?v=PeB4NZImHHE&feature=youtu.be (2.18) from back angle
8. m.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ05Hh6jFcE&feature=youtu.be (3.15) u can see clearly..jongin with taemin”

credit:  jjongkimkai88

in case everything that is written above still confusing, let me help you to understand what’s going on in this video;  

1) kai was walking behind – quite far away from krys – and he was shaking his water bottle, and when he did that, krys turned to the right. 

(this has caused some people think that kai was rubbing his bottle water on her.)

2) but the thing is… krys didn’t turn to look at kai bc kai was “teasing” her, she turned around to see hyoyeon SNSD (the blonde girl)

the timing and the camera angle makes it looks like he did rub his water bottle on her, while in fact he didn’t.

the IG video contains 5 parts, each part represent different angle of fancams of the same thing (means these 5 fancams were taken at the same time); 

part 1: this fancam was taken from the right-front side of the stage

(it seems) kai was rubbing his water bottle on her 

krys grabbed yoona’s right hand, then after that she turned around to face hyoyeon’s direction, not kai 

(some ppl think that kai rubbed a water bottle on her and that makes her turn back to face him, but she was facing hyoyeon)

part 2: this fancam was taken from the front – but it was far away

krys and yoona had already held each other’s hands, and she did turn right, but there was no kai

part 3: this fancam was taken from the front – but it was near the stage

krys smiled at yoona and then yoona giggled(?) at her while singing. there was no kai

part 4: this fancam was taken from similar angle of part 3 fancam (front + near the stage)

krys turned around and let go of yoona’s hand. again we couldnt see kai in this part.

part 5: this fancam was taken from the right side of the stage

here, we could see kai shaking his water bottle. 

the camera then shifted its focus and we could see krystal walking towards the middle of the stage. 

kai and krystal were far away from each other.

reminders: these fancams were taken at the same time, but different angles. (and there are other fancams that were also taken at the same time – the links of it have been listed on the description by jjongkimkai88′s him/herself.)

conclusion? kai never rubbed his water bottle on krystal, it’s all misunderstanding (because of one fan camera’s angle) just like “other members were looking at kai during mama award 2015″. 

since we’re already at it, i’m going to discuss this topic too

credit: @awkwardmickey​ for the gif and as the first one who pointed this out.

(before reading it, please open the gif on the new tab (if you’re on your laptop ofc) and zoom it. if you’re on your phone, well, just squint your eyes and hold your phone closely to your face.) 

chanyeol looked left first, but he wasn’t looking at kai. kai was slouching down. 

if chanyeol were looking at kai, his head should’ve tilt down a bit to see kai’s face, but he didn’t. 

chanyeol was looking at someone who sat beside kai, which was chen.

later on kai too looked at chen, he then looked down. imo he wasn’t looking shy, he was rather looking…defeated? 

(just open the gif on new tab and zoom his face – imo his face was like… “hah.. yeah..” after he looked at chen – his smile looks pensive, but i can’t say much nor can i confide in my words bc this thing happened only in 1-2 seconds.)  

xiumin looked down, but he too wasn’t looking at kai. if he were looking at kai he should’ve looked down w/o tiling his head to the left, but he did. this indicates he was looking at xiumin too. oppss sorry i mean chen lel

suho too was looking at chen, just zoom the gif (open it on new tab)

kyungsoo clapped during this whole thing

sehun was concentrating on the stage, but if we zoom the gif we could see his eyes shifted to the right (at where kaichenbaek were) when pcy turned his head.

lay squeezed both of his hands that were on his laps

anonymous asked:

Hi, um, im new to witchcraft this is my first time doing this, and i decided to try and get solar eclipse water, but idk if it worked or not, is there a way to tell??

If you’re experienced in energy work, sense its energy. It should feel different than regular tap or bottled water. Otherwise, you’ll just have to trust that you set it out and the right time and the eclipse did its thing.