tap usb

this librarian

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis
For:  @tipitipim
Prompt:  [this post], I found a USB and it’s full of your vacation photographs au 

Bucky knew he shouldn’t still be looking through the photos on the USB.  It was just… she was so beautiful. She looked great in that bikini.  

And he knew that sounded cliché as hell, but he couldn’t help it.  She was.  And she did.

He closed down the preview and ejected the USB from the computer, turning in his chair to go take it up to the librarian’s desk at the front of the library.  

Just as he was approaching the counter, the old woman stuck a ‘Be Back Later’ sign on the desk in front of her and got up to leave.  He sighed heavily and tapped the usb on the counter for a moment, wondering if he was going to have to wait for her to come back or what.

“I can help you over here…”

He turned, coming face to face with the beautiful woman from the USB drive.  He stammered for a moment before sliding it across the counter.  "I think this is yours?“  

She locked eyes with him for a moment, as if she were about to ask him how he knew that.  He knew she had every right to tell him off.

Except she didn’t.  She just grinned and drummed her fingernails on the counter.  "I should be mad, but I’m not.  I look hella good in that bikini, didn’t I?”  She winked and Bucky was pretty sure he was going to have a thing for librarians after this.  

Well, this librarian at least.