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I work at an arcade where we have cards that keep track of credits (tokens) and tickets. Now I'm in Canada so everywhere has contactless but my arcade doesn't. And today some lady reached for her phone and asked "do you have tap" "no" "you're so advanced but you don't have tap?" Like?? Honey I'm an 18 year old girl. You think I designed this place? Does that look like a tap-compatible machine? Just grab your card..

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bro I legit JUST dropped 8k of angst on y’all yesterday can I not get one day of rest??

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“Your mom is back,” she heard her father say. Everything following that moment happened in slow motion. Her heart stopped. The warm cup of Starbucks coffee slipped from the pads of her fingers and fell to the ground. Feelings that she had successfully locked up in Pandora’s box years ago flooded her core, instantly shattering the system of stability in her mind to pieces.

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Mine Now

Ivan catches Alfred in one of his shirts.

Ivan yawns and scratches at his arm on his way down to Matthew’s kitchen. He’s taking advantage of his best friend’s offer of open season on the food. He manages to find a glass and some juice for the morning, leaning against the counter to slowly wake himself up while Matthew sleeps on. They have been friends long enough for Ivan to know Matthew is an absolute bear in the morning if he doesn’t get a good amount of sleep.  

He sips his juice slowly, trying to wake up when another person comes trudging down the stairs. Ivan raises an eyebrow lazily to Alfred, Matthew’s older brother as he grumbles to himself, getting the coffee machine ready. They don’t talk to each other though Ivan does watch as Alfred taps the coffee machine impatiently. Suddenly Alfred turns his pouty morning look up to Ivan and he pauses.

Ivan hasn’t really talked to Alfred before. Sure they’ve had awkward interactions before, simple moments of Alfred opening the door when Ivan came over to hang out with Matthew or dropping Matthew off over at his house. This isn’t the first time they’ve been in the same room, but it is probably one of the few times they’ve been alone together. Definitely the first time Ivan has seen Alfred in nothing but a super over sized t-shirt that looks way too familiar. Ivan scrunches up his face and points at the shirt, trying to find words. Alfred makes a confused face at him then looks down at his outfit before looking back up.

“Are you where this shirt came from ?” Alfred asks now raising an eyebrow himself.

“I think so,” Ivan nods his head. He must have left it here one of the few times he’s stayed over. The coffee machine makes a noise and Alfred pours himself a cup of coffee.

“You’re not getting it back,” Alfred says plainly, now holding a steaming cup and heading back up the stairs without another word. Ivan blinks after him before dissolving into soft giggles. He doesn’t mind not getting the shirt back. It looks far better on Alfred anyway.

Him- Aaron Carpenter Imagine


Beeping machines, shoes tapping on the ugly white tiles, people coughing, people suffering & people dying. That’s basically what happens in a hospital right? I have been in and out of this bloody place for the last year. You see, at the beginning of this year, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. It’s sucks, people pity me a lot, who wouldn’t pity a dying person though? That’s right I am dying, no matter who much my family tries to deny it, I’m dying. I can feel it, my time is near.

I was on my phone on Twitter checking up on my boyfriend Aaron Carpenter. We have been together for two years and honestly I couldn’t be happier to have a supportive boyfriend like him. He has been with me through every phase of my horrible disease. The chemo, throwing up, weakness, losing my hair, you name it and Aaron was there. He really deserves a prize for sticking around with a dying person.

I was looking around on my timeline when a few tweets caught my attention. ‘Poor Y/N, on her deathbed and Aaron’s cheating on her’ 'Damn these pictures. Poor Y/N. She doesn’t deserve this.’ And attached to the tweet were two pictures. Two pictures that broke my heart into a million little pieces. Aaron with his arm around a girl and another of him kissing her forehead. I would normally be so mad but I don’t have the strength to be, I’m just disappointed in him and my heart hurts. I put away my phone and close my eyes, feeling the tears fall down. I was crying for about half an hour. You know, a person can only handle a certain amount of shit before they break down. I broke. Everything sunk in. I was dying, my boyfriend of 2 years cheated on me, I’m all alone, just me and my disease. I fell asleep while crying and felt someone lightly shake me.

“Babe, are you okay? Do you need anything?” Aaron said while smiling that million dollar smile. I got away from him and said “Not from you, you’ve done enough already.” I tried to stand up but was to weak to. He tried to help me lay down “No. Don’t touch me Aaron. I cannot believe you have the nerve to come here after what you did. Just go. I never want to see you again.” I said while crying, I didn’t want him to leave, but I couldn’t stand to look at him. His eyes started watering “What do you mean babe? What did I do wrong?” He said while trying to take my hand and I just pushed him away. “I saw the pictures Aaron. I cannot believe you cheated on me. At least have the decency of breaking up with me first.” I said getting frustrated.

“Wait? What pictures?” He asked curiously while I angrily grabbed my phone and showed him the pictures. He saw them and started cracking up “Oh you thought-” he started laughing harder. “Why the hell are you laughing?” I asked while staring at him in shock. “Babe, that’s my cousin Stacy. You know, the one I told you about, the one that I hadn’t seen in a few years and was coming to visit this week.” He said while chuckling and I just sat there with my mouth open and him laughing at me. “I would never cheat on you babe.” He said while chuckling and grabbing my face to kiss me. After two years, he still managed to make me nervous. Every time we kiss it feels like the first time. We pulled apart to catch or breaths and he laid down with me. I put my head on his chest and just felt his heart beat. We just cuddled and talked about random stuff. He was playing with my hand and once in a while kissed it. I started yawning and he said “You tired?” and I just nodded. He moved around on the uncomfortable hospital bed so that my back was pressed against his chest and his arms were around my waist. He kissed my head and the last thing I remember was him saying “I love you.” I really am lucky to have a little ray of sunshine on this shit of a storm I call life. And he was that ray of sunshine. He always managed to make me smile even though all I wanted to do was cry. He makes me think that this shitty life is worth living. I couldn’t handle a day without him. He is the only one that can convince me that I will get better. And you know what? I’m starting to believe it. I will get better and have a long life with him by my side. My boyfriend, my best friend, my sunshine, my everything… Him.

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