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How about S̶q̶u̶i̶r̶t̶l̶e̶Shiggy's s/o and Kurogiri teaming up and trying to force him to do normal stuff like grocery shopping and doing laundrey instead of planning how to kill a bunch of teenagers all day?

Me?? Nothing to say??? More likely than you think!!

-Mod Pasta🍜🍝

It had been a casual day in the hideout, you snuggling under some blankets in the main room of the hideout. Just as you started to drift off, you felt a light tap on your shoulder.

“(L/N),” Your eyes lazily fluttered open, and you turned slightly to look up at the hazy man before you, “I am ever so sorry for waking you.”

“It’s okay, Kurogiri, it’s okay…” you mumble, pushing yourself into a sitting position on the couch as your bed head tumbled around you.

“How unkempt,” he chuckled to himself, and you glared up at him and crossed your arms grumpily.

“Ass! Why did you want me up? To mock me?” You snapped, and he shook his head and motioned you closed with his hand. You reluctantly leaned towards him.

“I have a plan that I think the both of us will thoroughly enjoy.”


“You just take the money to the clerk, and he’ll point to an open washer,” you explained to your bluenette boyfriend, and he nodded slowly and glanced at Kurogiri with half-lidded eyes.

“Do I have to do this?” He deadpanned, and Kurogiri shrugged and looked away from him, then looked back as if trying to stay calm.

“You do need to learn how to things on your own, Shigaraki Tomura. This is an easy step in the right direction.” He nodded as if to confirm to himself and Tomura that this was true. He seemed quite nervous, though.

“The clerk at the store will give you a total of what you need to pay her. The money I gave you is plenty enough for a soda and something to eat, whatever… small item you want,” you further explained, putting a hand on Tomura’s upper arm. He instinctually leaned into you, and you smiled softly at the cute gesture, “got it?”

“Alright,” he mumbled, “you can stop babying me, (F/N).”

“Mmm, okay, I believe you,” you lied, taking a step back and piping up, giving him a thumbs up and nodding, “we’ll see you in ten minutes!”


“This was the worst plan ever.”

“Agreed,” Kurogiri gaped at the angry Tomura that was kicking aside trash cans, his face the pure display of pissed off.

“I didn’t know that that was the reason you did his laundry…” you trailed off, nodding at the chaos around you.

“Because he unknowingly can accidentally touch it with both hands? Yes. That was a blunder on my side, but the groceries was yours,” he pointed out, and you winced at the burning building down the street.

“Yeah, definitely my fault,” you whispered, sighing and shaking your head, “Alright, Alright, I’ll go get him.”

You approached the steaming man slowly, and he grunted and turned to you with practically red eyes.

“What. Do. You. Want?” He spoke slowly, breaths heavy as you continued to walk near him. He took a step back, then a couple more.

“Mmm, I think it’s time we went home, Tenko. That’s enough fun for today,” you cooed, wrapping your arms around his body, restricting his arms and hugging him like a bear. He whined and groaned, but he wouldn’t dare hurt you to get him off of you.

This… this was likely something he would have to be eased into.

Forgive the past. It is over. Learn from it and let go. People are constantly changing and growing. Do not cling to a limited, disconnected, negative image of a person in the past. See that person now. Your relationship is always alive and changing.
—  Brian L. Weiss, Messages from the Masters: Tapping Into the Power of Love

can you imagine kyungsoo… right now is practicing his tap dancing for swing kids….and hes so dedicated to his work you know he probably tap dances in his spare time too…whilst hes cooking maybe even in the shower once but he probably almost slipped so he wont be doing that again…just…i love kyungsoo so much and i really cant wait for this movie to see the result of all his hard work 💕💕

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Could you do something for Seven reacting to when he finds smol sleepy MC in his hoodie? Thank you 😘

This sounds adorablllle
~Before after ending~
~Mod L 

Tap tap tap 
“Just right here…”
Tap tap tap
“Almost there…”
Tap tap tap 
“Aha!” Seven leaned back in his chair, looking over the words covering his screen. He pulled out his phone, texting Vanderwood. I got it done. The rest is up to you.
Ah, you’re fast. I’ll finish it up.
Thank you Miss Vanderwood~ 
I hate you.
Seven snickered as he put away his phone and stretched. He glanced at his clock, and was taken aback at the time. Christ, have I been doing this for that long? He thought. He shut his computer, his eyes once more looking over the glaring “4:00 am” on his screen. Ah, I hope she didn’t stay up for me… He looked around his room. Feeling a little chill, he looked around for his jacket. Where…. Where did I put it? I thought I kept it right here… Agh… I should get some sleep. 
He took another look around the room before feeling his sleepiness take over him and he trudged out of the room. He walked past the living room. 
He stopped in his tracks at the sound of your sleepy voice. “What?” He spun back around, and couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of you. You were much shorter than him, so you were completely engulfed in his jacket. You were staring up at him with sleepy eyes, and reached out to him with the jacket reaching out further than your fingers. He walked over and plopped next to you, and you immediately draped yourself over him. He wrapped his arms around you, trying to stop laughing. “What are you still doing awake?”
“I was waiting for yoouuu…” 
He felt his heart melting at your voice. “It’s late, you should be in bed~”
You made a bunch of sleepy grumbles before curling up in his lap, making him laugh more. “Alrighty honey,” he said, standing up and scooping you in his arms. You wrapped your arms around him, and swung your legs back and forth as he carried you to your guys’ bedroom. He gently laid you down before laying down himself, keeping an arm around you. It wasn’t long before he heard you softly snoring, and felt his eyelids getting heavier. Before he fell asleep, he thought about you being wrapped up in his arms and his jacket. You were so cute, and he thought about how a least a little part of him was with you. God he loved that jacket, but it might be so much cuter on you so he wouldn’t be too upset if he didn’t get it back. 

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ooo what if instead trying to remember her middle name you have kara calling her a different middle name each time? and then lena would be all like “kara i’ve told you a thousand times, i don’t have a middle name!” but kara ignores and continues

Oh my god, yes!! this!! and as the years go by they just get more and more elaborate and Lexi just finds the whole thing hilarious!!

Like one day Lena is working late and Kara brings Lexi by the office to drag her away and she’s holding Lexi when she starts - “Lena L -” Lexi taps her mother on the shoulder and leans in to whisper a suggestion in her ear. Laughing, Kara continues - “Lena Lulu Luthor-Danvers, it’s after six and your dinner dates are here.”

Lena can’t hold back a laugh as she stands up from her desk and makes her way over to her girls, hands reaching out to tickle Lexi before pulling the little the little girl into her arms and placing a kiss on her cheek.

“Lulu, huh?” She scrunches up her nose and Lexi giggles.

“Mommy says since you don’t have a middle name we have to make one up!”

Lena raises an eyebrow at her wife.

“Teaching her your evil ways, huh?”

Kara only giggles as wraps them both in a bear hug, lips brushing Lena’s briefly.

“Oh, don’t pretend like you don’t love it!”

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Drabble of Severus tickling Hermione when she's in a bad mood?

“UGH,” Hermione growled.

“Ugh?” Severus asked, one eyebrow arching as he looked up from his book.

“Yes.  Ugh.” Hermione crossed her arms over her distended belly as she sprawled out on the couch. “It’s decidedly hard to be cheery when your son has apparently decided to take up kickboxing in the womb.”

“Oh, so he’s my son now, is he?” Severus replied, pursing his lips as though trying to hold back a grin. “I seem to remember that getting on one’s last nerve was one of your…more innate talents.”

“Do you hear that?” Hermione said in a theatrical voice to her bump. “Your father thinks you’re talented.”

“I did not-” Severus stood up, a sudden glint shining in his eyes, and walked over to where Hermione was sitting.

“What are you-?” Hermione looked up at the looming figure of her husband just in time to see him wiggling his fingers in undulating waves above her as his expression grew playfully sinister.

“Oh, nothing,” Severus replied, his grin suggesting the opposite. “I just thought that I might assist in cheering you up after all.”

With that, he launched onto his wife, his fingers tickling at her various sensitive spots, many of which had grown more sensitive due to the hormonal shift of pregnancy.

Hermione was practically rolling around on the couch under his fingers, her head thrown back as she screeched with laughter.

“You absolute git!” she gasped, finally, when he was done, even though the words held no malice. “With the way you were carrying on, I could have gone into early labor, you know!”

“Oh, I think our little ninja knows that he’s got to stay inside and make his mummy miserable for as long as it takes him to arrive on time,” Severus replied, kissing her belly and then rising to kiss her on the lips softly. “Besides, he’s your son too.  He wouldn’t dare show up early without fully preparing for his first day, just like his mum.”

Hermione wrinkled her nose as he kissed it, grinning shyly up at him, and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close.

“You always know just what to say, don’t you, Severus?” she said, her voice containing a sense of affection and wonder that made his cheeks go a bit pink.

“Practice makes perfect, my love,” he purred back. “I’ve buggered things up so many times that I’m rather surprised that you still put up with me.”

“That’s because I love watching you splutter but soldier on despite the awkwardness,” Hermione said playfully, poking the tip of his nose and rising up on her tiptoes to kiss it. “It’s just one of the many reasons I love you.”

“And I you,” Severus mumbled into her hair, smiling at the sensation of her belly pressing against his ribcage before a particularly painful jab assaulted him right in the solar plexus. “Ow! He kicked me!”

“That’s just his way of saying he loves you,” Hermione snickered. “I’m well versed in this particular form of painful Morse Code.”

Severus ghosted his fingers over her belly in a ticklish, tapping motion.  “I L-O-V-E Y-O-U, Y-O-U L-I-T-T-L-E B-A-S-T-A-R-D.”

SEVERUS!” Hermione pulled away from him and shrieked in mock outrage. “Besides, he can’t be a bastard because we’re married.”

“You’d be surprised,” Severus said. “After all, my parents were very much married when I was conceived and yet look at me.  My levels of bastardness are legendary.”



“Why would you even say that?”

“I thought we were calling each other what we are.” Severus was grinning outright by this point.

“I’m still in a bad mood.” Hermione said, hiding a smile behind her hand.

“Oh, yes, I can tell from all that grinning,” Severus replied sardonically. 

Hermione shook her head. “No fair.”

“I never said that it was,” Severus said, his eyebrows arching dangerously again. “But you do have to admit, it is rather effective.”

Forgive the past. It is over. Learn from it and let go. People are constantly changing and growing. Do not cling to a limited, disconnected, negative image of a person in the past. See that person now. Your relationship is always alive and changing.
—  Brian L. Weiss, Messages from the Masters: Tapping Into the Power of Love

Made another AU for Galathan and Dorian and this time it’s sets in the 1940s. Aw yeah all that jazz and swings all the way my favourite. 

Dorian is a well known tap dancer and his manager decided it will be interesting to pair him up with Galathan as a duo partner. A new comer and a rookie in the entertainment industry but is really skilled in tap dancing wise.

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Sheldon (phone gives text alert): Excuse me. Oh. Amy’s at the dry cleaners, and she’s made a very amusing pun. “I don’t care for perchloroethylene, and I don’t like glycol ether.” Get it? She doesn’t like glycol ether. Sounds like either. (Taps in reply) L-O-L.

Penny: Who’s Amy?

Leonard: His girlfriend.

Penny: Sheldon has a girlfriend?

Sheldon: She’s not my girlfriend.

Penny: How long has this been going on?

Leonard: Four months.

Sheldon: She’s not my girlfriend.

Penny: Are you telling me, for the past four months I have been asking you what’s new and you never thought to go with Sheldon has a girlfriend?

Sheldon: She’s not my girlfriend.

Penny: Ah, du-du-du-du-du. How did they meet?

Howard: Raj and I entered Sheldon’s information on a dating site, and it spit out Amy Farrah Fowler.

Penny: Oh, my God! Sheldon and Amy.

Howard: Or, as we call them, Shamy.

Penny (squeals): Shamy. I am so digging the Shamy.

Sheldon: All right, everyone pay attention. Yes, I have a friend named Amy Farrah Fowler. Yes, she is female. Yes, we communicate on a daily basis, but no, she is not my girlfriend.

Penny: Okay, well, what do you communicate about?

Sheldon: Well, my work in physics, her work in neurobiology, and most recently, the possibility of our having a child together.

Penny (spits out drink explosively. Howard types. Robot arm hands Penny a napkin): Thank you.

Leonard: Wait a minute– a child? You never see this girl. You just e-mail and text and Twitter. Now you’re considering having a baby?

Sheldon: Amy pointed out that between the two of us, our genetic material has the potential of producing the first in a line of intellectually superior, benign overlords to guide humanity to a brighter tomorrow.

Howard: I’m guessing that future historians will condemn us for not taking this opportunity to kill Sheldon.

Penny: Okay, I have a question.

Sheldon: Yes, Penny.

Penny: You don’t even like people touching you. How are you going to have sex?

Sheldon: Why on Earth would we have sex?

Penny: Oh, honey, did your mom not have the talk with you? You know, when your private parts started growing?

Sheldon: I’m quite aware of the way humans usually reproduce, which is messy, unsanitary, and based on living next to you for three years, involves loud and unnecessary appeals to a deity.

Penny: Oh, God.

Sheldon: Yes, exactly. Consequently, if Amy and I choose to bring new life into this world, it will be accomplished clinically, with fertility experts in a lab with petri dishes. Which reminds me, you have broad hips and a certain corn-fed vigour. Is your womb available for rental?

Leonard: Still digging the Shamy?

Penny: Look, Sheldon, before you race off to the fertility clinic, you might want to think about, uh gee, I don’t know, maybe actually spending some time with her.

Sheldon: You mean dating?

Penny: Yeah.

Sheldon: I can’t date Amy.

Penny: Why not?

Sheldon: She’s not my girlfriend.

Penny: Okay, look, don’t think of it as dating a girlfriend. Think of it as, uh, getting to know the future mother of your child.

Sheldon: Oh. I hadn’t considered that. I suppose she will have to have access to our progeny. And you don’t think I can achieve the required intimacy via text messaging?

Penny: Probably not.

Sheldon: Huh. It would appear as if the phone companies have been lying to me.

4 x 01 - The Robotic Manipulation 

Melancholic Desire

JANJAAAAN~ HAAAAPPY belated BIRTHDAY @kashphia!!! heres a special lil otp present hehe. the reason i chose chrobin is because i saw youve been drawing chrobin so really part of this fic was an inspiration that came from you c: i hope you enjoy this oneshot and have your heart being ripped out into two fluttered in glee <3

 He couldn’t lose her.

 White dust twinkled weakly in his shaking hands. Pupils shrunk to tiny dots. Lips paled and parted. Tears were heavy in each socket, yet none ever trickled and instead blurred his dizzying vision. Fingers shook and twitched violently. Hands trembled and stiffened all the way up to his bruised shoulders.

 He couldn’t lose her. He couldn’t lose her.

 The sound of Grima’s deafening roar finally reached a silence. The force around them changing so suddenly, Chrom only felt his body being pressed downwards, elbows scraping the dead dragon’s back and forehead bumping against the cold, scaly ground.

 He couldn’t…He couldn’t lose…her…

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L and his s/o having scratches on back (for L) and hickeys (for the s/o) and the task force finds out? thanks, you're the best

L wrapped his arms around your neck from behind and pressed a kiss to your cheek before turning his attention to the computer screen in front of you. That was the action that brought Matsuda’s attention to the two of you.

He smiled slightly at the sight and then caught sight of the bruise on your neck. His eyes widened and he nudged Aisawa and gestured to you and L. Aisawa stares for a moment before he caught sight of it to.

As the day went on everyone forgot about the hickey. Until Matsuda needed something from L and tapped him a little to hard on the back. He flinched in pain and shot Matsuda a hard look.

That’s when Matsuda noticed that you could faintly see the red scratches through the stretched fabric of L’s shirt when he hunched over. It took a moment for Matsuda to put two and two together, but when he did he couldn’t keep it to himself.

Precious Boy-y-ÿ

Jack paces back and forth, back and forth, unable to sleep. The kitchen floor makes slight creaking noises as his feet pitter and patter over it.

Back and forth, back and forth.

A seed. A seed was planted in his mind, and now the idea was sprouting.

Back and forth, back and forth.

The vine from the seed, covered in black thorns. Clawing at his head, behind his eyes, in his ears.

Back and forth, back and forth.


Back and forth, back and forth.

People like Anti. He’s good. People kind of like Schneeplestein. That’s good. What is Schneeplestein? What is his role?

Back and forth, back and forth.


What IS his role?

Back and forth, back and forth.

No real role for now. But, he has potential. For what? Sïlły boy. Of course. For Anti to have some fûñ with.




Tap tap tap on the table.

Yes, håvė some fun-n with Schneępłeśtēįn. Yesyesyes. People wiłl likë that. People will be ha-a-appy with that, wøn’t they?
Tap tap tap.

Jack stops everything. In his head, out of his body, everything. Even the natural noises of the house seem to cease.

What am Į evėñ tałkįng about? Th-inki-ing about-t…? Kīłling off Schneeplestein is a terrîbłe idea - the community LIKES him!

Tap tap tap. On the window…? No. On the inside of Jack’s forehead. Right between the eyes. Tap tap tap.

Wėłl theń, łēt'š pł-lant-t a bit of do-o-oubt in thėįr mîńdš.
Tap tap tap.
Whåt î-if Schneep was a sl-ł-ly bit-t ēvîł??? Had a thįršt for błøod?

The tapping stopped for a second.

…Yes-s, a thirst for blo-o-od… They would be suspicious then… But we don’t need to kilł him off, do we…?

Tap tap tap. Right eye.

No-o-o, Jāçk, ñøt kilł-l…

Tap tap tap. Left eye.

Çørrüpt, per-r-rhäpś-s…?

The tapping became lighter, but did not leave.

Yes-s, perhaps, yes perhaps that would-d work, corrrrrupt Schneeple… Would the people likkk that? If we corrupteded Schneep…

The tapping stopped. But the voice that responds is no longer internal, no longer an illusion. No longer a simple fantasy, but a dreadful, dangerous reality that had life breathed into it. By exactly what, or who, we may never know.

Ÿęš, that-t wøúłd ple-e-ęase the peopłe. Įt wøüłd lïghtęñ their-r burdeńš a gręåt déäł-l-l… Ÿøü wøûłd onçe agaïń bę a grëât hęrø tõ your-r ło-o-ya-ał päłs… Øur prëcious-s bø-o-ôy, prêçįøüš bøÿ… P-R-Ę-Ć-Ï-Ø-Ü-Š B-Ö-Ø-ö-ÿ-Ÿ…


This is awesome!! Very, very nice work! :D


CHPT.  3/??

read: 1 | 2 | 3 |

A/N: This chapter is way longer than the first two but this is, without a doubt the best chapter yet. So sit back and read all about betrayal and trust issues hahahahahahahaha…

mentions: big thanks to @edsrich for reading the first version of this chapter (i rewrote it lol) and just generally showing interest and being nice:)

also a little mention to @tobzier for showing interest, you may not think you’ve done anything but you actually encouraged me by showing that you liked my idea so thanks:)

description: The losers are only 15 when Derry changes forever. The scars from It are barely faded when the newest threat hits the small town, Zombies. Most adults start getting infected one-by-one leaving many kids to fend for themselves, including the losers club. When Beverly is attacked and bitten by her father she can’t help but think she’s a danger to the club, there’s no escaping yourself.

Pairings: reddie, stenbrough, benverly

!!!!!!TRIGGER WARNINGS!!!!!!!!: description of gore and lots of it (it’s a zombie apocalypse), a lot of angst, so many swears oh mY GOD

this chapter: trust issues and angst

And without further ado,

Enjoy :)))))


“You’re hair is winter, fire january embers, my heart burns there too…”

“No not that!”

“Come on Ben think!”

“Ugh this is stupid!”

Beverly woke up with very little memories of what happened the night before, she didn’t even know what time or day it was. She slowly opened her green eyes to reveal a foggy vision starting to adjust. her headache rushed through her brain making her squint. Her stomach was in agony as she curled into a ball. It rumbled and made weird noises, she was hungry. She was so fucking hungry goddamnit.

She thrashed the covers away and used one hand to support her getting up by holding the end table, her other hand, of course, was clenching her stomach. Her legs were shaking bad and felt numb as they hit the floor with every small step. The feeling went from her feet up and caused a wave of exhaustion spread despite her sleeping more than usual.

“He- help…” her voice was raspy and broken. She attempted walking but she had to remain hunched over. This position allowed her to notice all the little things around the room. there was paper scattered along the floor and around the window they threw their trash out of. Along with that there were crayons and broken pencils, almost every typical writing utensil you could find. She didn’t have the time (or energy) to think about what that was all about and kept walking, very slowly.

she took off the giant coat that had been wrapped around her to reveal the bloodstained inside caused by her bloody clothes from the previous zombie wave. She was burning hot but once she took off the jacket she was cold, so she draped the coat over her shoulders without putting her arms through the sleeves. Her steps were slow and she swayed back and forth but she finally reached the door. Her shaking hand pulled the handle down and the door opened. She continued walking down the hallway.

“Bev, what the fucking hell?” Richie quickly finished the stairs and came to the girls side, “You look like complete shit!”

“Richie…” she said at a whisper, “I- I need food…”

“This is all because you’re fucking hungry?” he said surprised as she used his arm as a support beam, “What type of dreams are you having to make you this goddamn hungry?”

“Shut up…” he stomach felt like it was being stabbed and it made weird bubble noises.

“Bill! Get a plate of food!” He yelled. She squinted from hearing the loud noise and her ears started mildly ringing. He picked her up wedding style and carefully walked down stairs.

“Wuh-wuh-what’s wruh-wrong?” Bill said placing the plate on the table with stan resting his chin on his shoulder.

“Bev is starving? I’m not really sure what’s happening either to be honest,” Richie replied helping her in her seat. Eddie took a breath from his inhaler in shock of what he was seeing.

“Jesus Bev!” Stan said. She was gorging the beans as fast as she could with the small fork. The three boys stared at her with confusion that it made Mike confused when he entered the room.

“Um why are we all starting- the hell is she doing?”

She lifted her chin from her last bite and dabbed her napkin around her mouth, “Why is everyone staring?”

“Why? You were eating faster than any animal I’ve ever seen!” Mike said. She glared at him.

“I’m sorry i got hungry,”

“That’s seems like an understatement,” Stan said.

“Yeah that seems a little unhealthy,” Mike said.

“How many times do I have to say that I’m fine?” she got up with both hands on the table, “You don’t need to worry about everything that happens to me,”

“Buh-bev-“ Richie nudged him and gave him the “this won’t help anything so just stop talking” look and Bill nodded.

“I grabbed your guys’s backpacks while I was down there and two of the flashlights need new batteries- BEV!” Ben came from the basement and dropped everything in his hands to run over and hug her, “Holy shit I thought- well i didn’t know what to think!” Bev hugged back but needed to double take on what just happened.

“Uh.. Thanks ben,” she did the only thing she knew what to do when she liked someone and tried to ignore him and focus on something else before she made a fool of herself, “Are you guys going out to town?”

“We were planning on going to the convenience store on Woodblock street,” Mike said rolling up his map.

“Well then I guess I woke up just in time then,” she gave ben his coat back and hesitated but winked, “I’m not waiting up!” she grabbed her backpack hanging over a chair.

“Beverly you can’t be serious,” Stan said parting from Bill.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she gave the sassiest look she could.

“Bev i don’t think this is the best idea,” Ben said holding his coat real tight.

“You legit just died, stuffed your face and now you want to fucking go on an adventure? You’re fucking high, dude,” Richie said looking to Eddie to see if he agreed, he didn’t look at him but he could tell he did.

“Look are we going or not?” Bev said tapping her foot.

“Leh-l-let’s just guh-guh-guh-go,” Bill said walking towards the door.

“Bill,” he looked back to see Stan with his hand on his shoulder and the rest of the boys. All of them were staring at him with mixed expressions: angry and confused.

“Big Bill you might want to rethink this,” Richie said leaning with one hand on the table.

“Yeah you’re going crazy,” Eddie said shaking what was left of his prescription (he’s been saving it up since the apocalypse even though he knew it was all bullshit).

“Luh-luh- look, Bev just guh-got a little sih-sih-sih-sick, she slept all day, o-o-obviously she was huh-hungry,” everyone knew they should follow Bill- he was their leader after all- but in the back of their minds they thought it was wrong. Stan especially was wondering why he kept defending her. Ben was thankful for it but he was worried about his crush, he had spent the whole time she was sleeping making a poem about her just in case something… bad happened.

“We’ll wuh-wuh-wait about a-an hour t-to prepare some muh-muh-more, than we’ll go,”

“Sounds like a plan,” Bev said and threw her backpack on the table top and ran upstairs.

“What the fuck is up with chick,” Richie said out of the silence.

Bev stared herself down in the mirror of her room. Her overalls were covered in blood as for her skin. Her hair was starting to grow out more and it was halfway down her neck. She felt weak. She felt scared. She didn’t feel like herself at all. She started pacing. The feeling of terror hadn’t crossed her this bad in two years when she was forced to face her biggest fear. What was her biggest fear now?

She shook off the thoughts. Don’t be stupid, she said to herself and she did the only thing that felt right.

Exactly an hour went by and Bev came downstairs wearing the same outfit she had worn when they first defeated It. Everyone stared at her surprised, she hadn’t wore that dress since that day. Just seeing Bev in that outfit made them all shiver in fear.

“Is that hair on your shoulder?” Stan pointed out.

“Probably,” She shrugged and dusted it off. She had cut her hair as short as it was with worn down scissors she found in a closet. Of course she didn’t look like she did when she was 13 but, hell, it was close enough to make the rooms air fell thin.

“Wuh-wuh-well we better get going,” Bill said looking back at everyone as they gathered their stuff.

They walked in a in a horizontal line with Bill in the middle holding a fence post nice and tight (with Stan right next to him and the butt of his gun sticking out of his backpack).

Ben stood awkwardly at Beverly’s left (Bill was at the right) and tried to observe Richie and Eddie on the other side. Everyone knew they liked each other, especially after last night’s bonfire, and Ben wanted to see how they did it. How they would be so close and nothing was weird. Then he observed Beverly. That outfit made all her features stand out more since the last time she wore that was 2 years ago.

She had grown and he hoped he did too but he never noticed anything new with himself but the people around him seemed to be growing physically and mentally. That wasn’t always a good thing considering Stan was officially diagnosed with OCD and Eddie’s Anxiety got worse to the point where the pills weren’t (gazebos) placebos. His mental health wasn’t right after the event but his mother was too poor to pay for a medical bill to check if there was something they could do about it, but all they could was hope it didn’t get worse.

“This is it!” Mike said almost triumphantly as they walked between an old flower shop to see at the other side of them was an empty convenience store. They had taken the path through the canal where less zombies roamed and kept a sharp eye out. They never talked unless they were in the building that was already checked for those rotten corpses.

Richie went in first and checked to see if there were any zombies in the front and the rest poured in and checked the isles.

“All clear!” Stan yelled after checking the last aisle.

“Oh-okay guh-guys, get wuh-whatever you want,”

“I love being able to take anything I want,” he breathed taking in the scene. Trash mouth Tozier adapted the easiest to the whole apocalypse, no one to miss and no one to miss him, except for his losers. Everyone thought that was sad but they couldn’t lie about the single moments of feeling free.

“Don’t take too much, Tozier we gotta haul this back to the house,” Mike said picking up more cans of baked beans in the third aisle.

“Do you think they’ll have jerky here?” Bev spoke up from the “female product” aisle. Mike audibly gagged at the thought.

“Since when do you like beef jerky?” Stan said while getting jars of peanut butter.

“I dunno, I was just kinda craving something,” Her eyes scanned the store in a hunt for the dried meat. Stan rolled his eyes, after that everyone figured it was just “that time of the month” so no one said anything. The simple sounds of shuffling and small talk was abruptly interrupted by the shrill voice of Eddie Kaspbrak’s high pitched squeal.

“EDS?” Richie yelled running to the other aisle.

“FUCK OFF ME!” He’s voice pierced through the air.

“Eddie?” Mike ran with Richie.

“What’s happening?” Ben yelled as loud as his timid self would allow him next to the girl he loved. Bev started to smell something.

Was that blood?

Why could she smell that?

It smelt like meat?

Did it smell g-

“GET OFF HIM!” Richie yelled interrupting her thoughts.

“Holy shit!” She grabbed Ben’s arm and ran past the empty aisles clutching a fence stick in her other hand.

“FUH-FUH-FUCK!” Bill yelled. When they finally got to the other end of the store they saw the bunch of losers swinging their arms. Eddie was being ripped through the wall by a pair of rotting hands tearing at his clothes and skin. Eddie had one arm on the decaying hand trying to choke him and his other arm was being pulled by Richie who was being supported by Mike. Stan was shooting hands best he could without hitting their victim, but nothing was working.

“Stay out of my way!” Stan was yelling to all of the conflicted teens.

“HELP!” Eddie’s voice cracked. Beverly felt something inside her switch.

“Sorry Stan!” She shoved him out of the way and did the only thing her brain would tell her. She got a good grip on one of those arms and yanked it.

“HOLY FUCK!” Eddie screamed.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Stan said. Ben stared in utter shock.

“SHI-SH-SHIT!” Bill stuttered out.

The arm had been ripped out and the blood was pouring everywhere along with chunks of skin. After the arm was detached Richie took his chance and wrapped his arms around the small boy’s waist and lifted him up with all his strength. He got him far enough from the wall that Ben could use the extra axe the store kept to cut off the arms. They were all running out of the horrific crime scene but Ben stopped at the door, “Bev?” he yelled. She was standing there shaking with the arm in her hands.

What the fuck have I done.

Why the fuck was I gonna do that…

“BEV?” Stan yelled louder.

“Oh shit! uh… sorry,” She threw the at the floor and stumbled into things on her way of running out. After everyone was outside Stan used his second to last bullet and shot the zombie in the head. After that they ran to the back hesitantly and continued along the stream.

“AUGH!” Bev screamed as she hunched over and fell down. Everyone turned to her.

“Uh… Bev?” Bill crouched down and reached a supporting hand.

“GO AWAY!” She swung her arm out and pushed him off balance into the water.

“Bev what the hell?” Richie walked towards her. she started to crawl backwards onto land, “GET AWAY FROM ME!” She was bent over due to the incomparable pain rising in her stomach.

“Bev calm down!” Mike tried to sound supportive.

“FUCK YOU!” She threw a rock at him.

“Beverly?” Ben said quietly walking ahead everyone.

“Bev stop!” Richie yelled. She stared at him with betrayal.

“Holy fuck,” Eddie said under his breath behind the trash mouth.

“AUGH!” She started to cry.

“Bev!” Ben ran to her. she lifted her head up to look at him in the eye. Her eyes started rolling back showing the whites in them.




Stan ran to the front ahead of Bill who was stunned and stuck in the dirt.

He pointed his gun at her.

“Bev what the fuck!” his voice cracked.

“Woah Stan!” Richie yelled, he motioned forward but Eddie grabbed his arm and gave him a scared expression.

“UGH!” she grabbed her face and clenched her hair. She grabbed her bag and stuffed her arm into it. She grabbed the jerky and ripped off the top with her teeth and gorged on it, crouching over her knees. She whipped her head towards the losers club and as if fog had cleared in her eyes, the polished emeralds appeared again.

“I- What- I uh,” She tried to spit out.

“Hey,” Ben said timidly out of the crowd, “You’re okay. We’re- We’re all okay.”

She started crying against a tree as the rest of the gang dragged out of the water to comfort her.

“I’m so sorry…”

Ben was in the room with Bev, Richie was sure they were asleep by now. The rest of them sat on the ripped up couch in the living room. Eddie was leaning on Richie with what was left in his tear ducts stained on his cheeks. Richie was in the same disoriented condition, but everyone knew it was worse. This was the first real loss he’d experienced and she wasn’t even “gone” yet. Mike was in the kitchen cleaning up, it’s what he did when he stressed out. The three could hear Bill and Stan yelling at each other in the bathroom.



Richie squinted while listening to the yells. Eddie was squeezing his hand noticing the tense feelings.



“Whatever, Bill,”



“You’ve ah-always been jeh-jealous of Bev! YOU-YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN-”






“What the-“ Mike flinched.

Everyone jolted upright. There was a hole in the bathroom door and blood around the left splinters. Bill started crying uncontrollably and fell into Stan’s arms, the bird boy just looked at the door in shock while holding his lover close to his chest. All the while two emerald eyes were silently pouring rains from the hallway at the top of the steps.


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Kallus wasn’t expected to be given a command, but Mothma and Bonteri had insisted. Lothals liberation was too important.

They hit the ground running. General Syndulla was providing air support, Sabine was leading the Mandelorians and Kanan had a command as well, with Bridger as his second in command.

Kallus hadn’t hesitated in requesting Orrellios being his.

The Lasat was beside him now, firing on an imperial convoy.

“I didn’t expect them to have such strong defenses!”

Kal smiles dryly, “They like to make things difficult.”

They fight their way toward the imperial headquarters.

“Spector 7, come in” Heras voice sounds in his ear. “


“Thrawns leading the defenses. We need to evacuate. Pull back…we can’t win.”

Kallus swears. “We can do this…give me an hour.”

“You have half an hour.”

“Zeb! Get me a transport.”

He knew where Thrawn was hiding.

The radio tower came into sight. How it was still standing baffled Kal.

He hadn’t told Zeb where he was going. No point in case this didn’t work out. The rebels would evacuate if this didn’t work out.

Kallus efficiently kills two death troopers. Before stepping inside.

“To think they’d send you…are you really that expendable to them.”

“No, just to myself.”

Kallus throws a knife at Thrawn, who comes at him.

Just like before the fight is fast and brutal. A test of skill.

Kallus takes a hit to the ribs, but delivers a returning blow to Thrawns stomach.

The chiss lands hard, but rolls onto is feet, relentless.

Kallus dodges the next few blows, trying to find an opening.

Thrawn goes for his bad leg…again.

Kallus braces and takes the hit. He supresses a scream as the bone cracks.

“Your beat.” Thrawn taunts, and holds Kallus close to him, repeatedly punching the Rebel.

He stops only when he feels the knife at his back.

Kallus forces Thrawn into an arm bar, and takes his blaster, holding it to his head.

“Kill me then, fulcrum.”

Kallus breathes.

“Then don’t hesitate…it’s bad strategy to give me time to think.” Thrawns drawls, as if bored.

“Tell your forces to surrender.” Kallus forces Thrawn toward the broadcasting equipment, wincing from the pain stabbing in his leg. “Do it.”

Thrawn laughs.

Kallus had been to distracted. Now a blade dug into his own back.


He lets go of Thrawn, hands in the air.

“Well done, Ruhk. Put him in the corner. I’d like him to listen.” Thrawn speaks into his comm, “Accept no surrenders. We will not loose Lothal…And be sure to exterminate any Lasat.”


Kallus doesn’t want to go through this again.

Ruhk holds Kallus’s wrist with vise like fingers, tapping against his skin.

Repeated tapping.

I-K-I-L-L- T-H-R-A-W-N

Kallus eyes widen. He begins to lightly tap his foot


Ruhk stare straight ahead.


Kallus nods, and Ruhk attacks Thrawn.

“Why yo-” Thrawn defends himself, as a few death troopers enter.

Kallus dives for a blaster, screaming as his moved. He fumbles for a moment but comes up, killing the troopers.

Thrawn has Ruhk in chokehold. “WHY!”


Thrawn tosses Ruhk on the ground, who writhes, gasping for air. “Your right…help was never coming for your people.”

Thrawn turns to Kallus, “Fighting is pointless for you. You can’t even run.”

Kallus readies himself. “Bring it you kriffing bastard.”

Thrawn attacks again, but this time Kallus takes the blow, again, so he can grab Thrawns shoulders, spin him around, so Ruhk can drive the knife into his chest.

The admiral drops the floor, glassy eyed.

Kallus follows suite, sliding to the floor, resting. He taps out the message to Hera, telling her to continue.

Ruhk is already gone. Disappearing to who knows where.

Kallus can’t fight. So he resigns himself to listening to the fighting. Rebels pushing forward. Suddenly it’s quiet. The firing ceases.

Ezra laughs. Loud and joyful. “We won!”

“Kal where are you?” Zeb asks.

“I’ll send my coordinates…Bridger will know.”

Kallus stares outside at a free Lothal. Twin moons rise over the Hiruzen, giving light to the planet.

how-will-i-ever-choose  asked:

Hi! I'm very interested in Trigedasleng (I'll soon have a presentation on a conference about it) and I'd like to ask you about Trigedasleng phonology. I just saw your post about one of your other languages' phonology and thought about sounds in Trig.

I suppose I could. I never thought it was very important because the phonology is almost identical to English. But just for fun, here goes!

  • STOPS/AFFRICATES: p/b, t/d, tʃ/dʒ, k/g
  • APPROXIMANTS/TAPS: ɹ, ɾ, l, j, w
  • FRICATIVES: f/v, θ, s/z, ʃ, h
  • NASALS: m, n, ŋ

Phonotactics are roughly the same as English (so [ŋ] can’t begin a word, and [h] can’t end a syllable). Aspiration works exactly the same as it does in English. There is no longer any instance of intervocalic [d]. All such instances (and most instances of intervocalic [t]) become [ɾ]. Gemination is now a thing in Trigedasleng. Just kind of happened naturally. Old *ʒ became [ʃ] in most cases; [dʒ] in some others. All instances of *ð were lost, being replaced either by [d] or [ɾ], depending on its position in the word (or devoiced to [θ]).

The vowels have been altered radically:

  • HIGH: i u
  • MID: e ɛ ǝ ɔ o
  • LOW: a

And, because the writers wanted it, Trigedasleng retains the diphthongs [ai] and [au] (and in some cases [ɔi]). The actual quality of the vowels differs from English. The high vowels aren’t as high, but aren’t lax, either. /ɔ/ is always rounded, but often not as high as standard [ɔ]. The low vowel is the remnant of old *æ, which has centralized a bit.

There are a lot of sound changes that took a bat to English to produce Trigedasleng, but this is the end result. Thanks for the ask!