tap dancer probs

I feel like no one taps anymore.

Is tapping going…dare I say it…extinct? Is my most cherished hobby, my most necessary obsession, slowly disappearing from the world? Why wasn’t I born in the 1920s when being a tap dancer was the coolest thing ever, when everyone wanted to come watch a tapper perform? We must all spread our message and let our taps be heard! We cannot let our passion be bulldozed over by football players.

Enough said.

And the winners are...

Emma (talkinginbed) and Elizabeth (67-winchester )! 

I am so excited and happy to welcome Elizabeth and Emma to be my co-moderators! Both are lovely people, and I really feel like you all will like them. Once I actually make it official and add them as moderators, they’ll each write a quick post introducing themselves. 

Also, thank you to all who liked my post! I creeped through your blogs (one of my favorite past times), and you’re all such wonderful people. I really do wish I could have picked you all, but then that would probably just be a chaotic mess, so I had to limit myself to two haha 

Anywho, I would like you all to give a huge TDP welcome to E squared (see what I did there??). They’re gonna be great! 

Keep on tapping, 


Hey hi hello! 

So I came across this new app that makes your videos look all cool and stuff and since I haven’t made a video in approx. a billion years, I decided I’d throw my taps on that I haven’t had on for upwards of 8 months oops and bang my feet around cause why not! 

Only bummer is that you can’t actually hear my taps but hey at least it’s got a cool song so it’s got that going for it. 

Anywho, have a lovely evening!

Keep on tapping,