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it’s a stupidly insignificant detail, but one of my favorite things about the Crash remake is that i can make him walk now

the last time i played these games, i was 8 years old and playing with one of these primitive contraptions

i knew Crash had a walking animation, because i would very occasionally see it when i lightly tapped the d-pad just right, but i couldn’t make him do it on command and that drove me nuts for some reason

now that i’m replaying this 20 year old game on this $400 modern game console, i can finally live my childhood dream of making a cartoon bandicoot move at a slightly more leisurely pace

Every Zero Escape Game:

Protag: Ow, my ass hurts-

Character: That reminds me of this story where this scientist hit his ass on the edge of a table, but didn’t feel it. Then, months later, he died of ass pain. They call it Temporal Ass Pain or TAP

Protag: I’d TAP that-

Character: Say we took two asses, and we both slapped them really hard, there’d be a 56.000079% chance that one of them won’t feel it. That pain didn’t just get absorbed by the ass tissue, it’s being transported to the future. They call people who don’t feel Ass pain until later…TAPers…I wonder…if they could transport ass pain to someone else-

Zero: Ive injected Ass Poison into all of your left buttcheeks. You have exactly 2 hours to solve my Ass Slap puzzle.

If Monsta X had english names

Note: I know it`s not a christmas themed request and normally I would delete it, but this is too good to pass up on. Also that`s right, Changkyuns english name is Daniel. He said it on a game show or something I think. 

For this request I had a friend of mine look at pictures of them and guess english names for them. :D I included the pictures I showed her as well.

Shownu - Matt or Matthew

Side notes from her:

- “Well hello there”
- Not sure if she is supposed to think he`s cute or hot or both same to be honest

Minhyuk - Lucas

Side notes from her:

- loves his smile
- not a big fan of the blue hair but loves the red one
- “he looks like he is a really good baker” ??

Kihyun - Oliver

Side notes from her:

- likes how soft he looks
- has a romantic aura about him
- looks like he is afraid of small animals like mice ??xD

I.M - I shit you not she said he looks like a Daniel!!!

Side notes from her:

- Her favorite so far
- Looks like he could make everyone smile easily
- “His hair looks so soft I wanna touch it”

Wonho - James

Side notes from her:

- she literally choked on her water when she saw him
- “damn son i`d tap that” who wouldn`t?
- “he looks like he makes really good coffee in the morning” ??

Jooheon - Henry

Side notes from her:

- “Aww I love him!” (new favorite?)
- in conflict because she hates when people dye their hair white, but he looks so good with it
- “I wanna hug him so much”

Hyungwon - Julian

Side notes from her:

- “How is he so pretty?”
- Looks like a gentle person
- If he were in a fairytail he`d be the prince

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hey im trying to finds a fic-i know you rec’d it before but i can’t find it through tags-it was in the canon universe with morse code?? does that make sense?? i dunno it’d be great if you could find it again!!! thank you!

i think it could be this one!
- Vallie

I’d Tap That by VulpesVulpes713 (1/1 | 37,961 | Teen and Up)

Keith has never really been good with words. He says what he means, and more often than not, what he doesn’t mean, leading to several uncomfortable situations.
One of said occasions happens on a planet during a mission, where Keith’s attempt at complimenting the blue paladin is entirely misinterpreted, but Keith isn’t able to properly apologize before the mission goes south, resulting in Lance being subjected to the ‘gifts’ the locals possess.
So now Keith is at an impasse, with his communication skills severely lacking in the comforting department, and his growing feelings towards Lance making everything so much more difficult than it needs to be.
If only there were a way to talk to the blue paladin without using words…

.. ..-. / — -. .-.. -.– / …. . / …. .- -.. / -.- -. — .– -. / .-.. .- -. -.-. . / -.- -…– / – — .-. … . / -.-. — -.. . / … — — -…-. .-.-.-

Fragments - Part 3

Word Count: 1837

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, canon divergence

A/N: The next couple parts are probably gonna be similar to this. It’s mostly flashbacks. Getting to know the reader and her past relationship with Dean and the other characters. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be tagged you can add yourself Here

Fragments Masterlist

C’mere Pumpkin.” Bobby hoisted you up from the ground onto his lap in the recliner. “I wanna talk to ya for a second.”

“Ok, Daddy.” You turned to face him, looking him in the eyes.

“Remember I told you we were gonna have some guests over? Sam and Dean?” You nodded and smiled, excited to have someone your age coming over. Your dad told you Sam was just a little baby but Dean was the same age. Having someone to play with excited you but made you nervous all at the same time. You never had any kids your age around. “I need you to be nice to Dean, ok? He doesn’t talk much or at all.”

“Why not?”

“Well, Dean’s mom…she died.” You let out a tiny gasp and widened your eyes. “Kinda like your mom.”

“You mean a monster killed her?” Bobby nodded sadly and ran his hand through your hair, saddened that you knew about monsters at such a young age. You didn’t know all the details yet, but you would some day. A demon possessed your mother and Bobby had to kill her. You only knew that much because you’d seen the changes in your mother, including her black eyes staring you down.

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ENFPS and Body Language

hand gestures: im talking about something i really care about and im excited and i want the world to know

smile that shows teeth and really you can see that our cheeks are about to fall off: oh my god i love you and you make me happy and im smiling and my cheeks are hurting

smile that doesn’t reach eyes: how about you stop spewing shit and go fuck off?

hands crossed: with all due respect, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about

refusing to make eye contact: either i want to kill you or kiss you

if the enfp has a blank face when you’re talking: i’m listening to you so carefully that i’m not bothering to waste any brain power on expressions or nodding because i don’t want to miss a moment of the important stuff you’re saying

if the enfp is nodding with a smile when you’re talking: i honestly cannot emphasize how much i don’t give a fuck about what you’re saying and i hope your tongue falls off so i don’t have to listen to you talk

leaning towards you: you are my new :D fave :D person :D 

tapping fingers/drumming incessantly: god i want to punch something