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Marine AU ★ | Shark Bunny ( ̄︶ ̄) 

“FEAR ME!!” (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Rinrin went to visit Sei and Momo and guess what he was gifted? He’s not sure what in the world it is, but he thinks he looks fierce and scary! ♡

He’s gonna go scare Sou and Kisumi now (๑ゝω╹๑)

Based on the cutest shark bunnies from Abyssrium’s Spring Event ♡

All In The Follow Through

“Are you sure you want me to come with you?” Bitty asks, but it’s a moot point by now. They’re already on their way to the driving range. Jack puts his blinker on and takes a left and goes down a street Bitty’s never been on before. “Wouldn’t it be better if Ransom went with you?”
“Holster said he’s on the way to becoming a coral reef so I think he’s out.”

“But still. There isn’t anyone else? I mean, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never golfed before.”

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Hey hey, I was wondering if you could make uhhh headcanons?? Lol for rfa+V and saeran, when they find out that MC works as a stripper?? Like, she isn't ashamed of it or anything like that. Pls and ty╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ (If it's uncomfortable for ya, you don't gotta do it)

Hell Yeah ♡( •ॢ◡-ॢ)✧˖° ♡

~No one should ever be ashamed of being a stripper.

I wish someone would pay me to take my clothes off lolol.


  • BlushingBlushingBlushingOMG
  • He’s too pure for this lol
  • After the initial shock wore off he went into jealous mode
  • Reeeeally doesn’t want other people looking at you in that way
  • Luckily, you guys have a healthy relationship
  • It just took a sit down conversation and a few kisses for him to see that it’s something you enjoy and nothing he should be jealous about
    • “Don’t worry, Yoosung. I save all the best moves for you…”


  • He bought the club where you work so he could oversee everything
  • Doesn’t want you going full nude
  • It was good though, because he redesigned everything and it brought in a higher class clientele
  • Not that you needed the money, of course
  • But it kept the scum bags out
  • Probably installed a pole in the penthouse
  • So you could …
  • Rehearse….
  • Your new routines for him


  • He thought his brain was going to explode WHA T
  • Like Yoosung, it took some convincing
  • But when all is said and done
  • He’s a performer as well
  • Lots of girls look at him, send him fan letters etc
  • So he can’t really put a double standard on this
  • You guys work on your dance moves together
  • And he’s definitely visited you while you worked


  • Fully supportive
  • Didn’t phase her at all
  • She considers it performance art, which it really is
  • Will go to your work to watch you
  • Sometimes she critiques you lol
    • “I’ve seen you do that move better, are you eating enough throughout the day? Getting enough sleep? You didn’t have your usual gusto tonight.”


  • This boy omg
  • He would be overly involved as a way to deal with his jealousy
  • He tries to help you pick out songs to dance to
  • Helps you figure out what to wear to work
    • “No, no, MC! That’s too sexy. Here, this one is better.”
  • You have to constantly put on private shows for him in the bedroom >.>
  • He sometimes ruins the mood by copying your moves
    • “MC I can do it too, see? Maybe I could work there, too?”
    • “…Stop.” -_-
  • Pretends to not be worried about you but every time you work he taps into the clubs cameras and watches the whole time to make sure no one messes with you


  • He is so trusting and loves you so much, he doesn’t mind when you finally tell him
  • Wishes he could take your photograph as you perform
    • “It’s not fair that I’m the one who can’t see you perform. Why don’t you come closer and show me? I can’t see but I can feel you…”


  • You mean the world to him, so he’s happy as long as you’re happy
  • That doesn’t mean he doesn’t worry about you
  • Literally goes to work with you every shift
  • Every. Shift.
  • Sits in the back sipping a drink with a glare
  • Has gotten into a few fights with clientele who get too close to you
    • “Hey. Move your hands away from her or lose them completely.”
  • All of your coworkers love him to death omg
  • He’s become like their guardian angel
  • The unofficial bouncer of the club
  • He really hates the scum bags who mess with women and ends up chasing them away
  • All the girls fawn over him but he just scoffs he doesn’t understand it

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What do you think about the whole Club + Tap debate?

I didn’t think it was a debate, per se, though I do have an opinion on it. 

Most simply, I just feel like if a large amount of students at your studio say their least favourite style is tap, then that has less to do with them not liking tap and more to do with the way it’s being taught/not taught in your studio. 

Don’t get me wrong, not everyone is going to love tap, or even like it, but if a majority of the students dislike it so much, then perhaps the problem lies with your studio’s tap and not tap as a genre of dance.

(Side note, if parents from your studio are asking on FB who they can go to for good tap privates, then shouldn’t that be a sign of one of your studio’s weaknesses?)


170124 pacoxchan and clubcubic instagram


[ 24/1 (Tue) - Luk Hing Entertainment joins hands with Seungri in tapping the PRC premium clubbing & entertainment market | To bring the first ‘Monkey Museum’ night club to the PRC ]
[ 24/1 (週二) 陸慶娛樂與勝利攜手合作進軍中國高級會所及娛樂市場 | 把首家「Monkey Museum」夜店帶到中國 ]

Luk Hing Entertainment Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 8052), mother company of @clubcubic, one of the largest and most prestigious clubs in Macau, as the exclusive master franchisee of “@monkey_museum" entertainment business in the People’s Republic of China after entering into an exclusive master franchising agreement with Yuri Holdings Co., Ltd. earlier, is pleased to announce that today, the Group and Yuri have entered into a sub-franchising agreement with a sub-franchisee in the PRC for the opening and operation of the first “Monkey Museum” night club in Changsha City.

“Monkey Museum” is the brand of a high-end social and entertainment business which was founded in Gangnam Korea in 2016 by the internationally renowned artist and singer, Mr. Lee Seunghyun (“@seungriseyo”).


Trying in vain to gain access to the toe tap cool kids club 😭 .
I’m a little obsessed right now trying to get my pike press, as you can see im at least 40 years away from getting it! 🤔 I’m starting to think there is some magic involved as I don’t think I can work any harder than I am already 😭 . .
I do these almost every night, I do crossfit every morning, I work with every prop imaginable I work on lots of compression drills and I forward fold till I cry! What more can I do…… 😭 In the meantime I will continue to have a blast with my sofa I guess and pretend that this is enough for me and I’m totally cool with where I am in my practice right now and have tons of patience……. blah blah blah what a load of feckin rubbish 😂 Hurry up you stupid of a pike press! 😜
. .
#yoga #questforthepress .

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Best of Friends

Pairing: Harley x Reader x Joker (at the end)

Warnings: mentions of abuse, murder

Words: 1,065

Originally posted by alienlikealifestyle

Over possessive boyfriends, that’s who I attract. Is it my innocent looking, chubby cheeks? Or maybe my lack of muscles?

“We’re not done until I say we are.” My ex-boyfriend denies my break-up with him.

“Oh, yeah we are.” I boast, “I was done with you way too long ago.” I finish, turning around to walk away.

He grabs my arm tightly, “Come back here.” He demands as he pulls me into his chest to try to control me.

“Let go of me, you creep!” I scream, slamming my fists against his chest. I manage to free myself from him, but only for him to try to reach for me again. I see from behind him, the one and only Harley Quinn swinging her famous bat behind her before slamming the hard wood against his head, knocking him dead instantly. After he falls to the ground, she pretends to use her bat as a gun as she cocks it and aims.

Is it all right to feel relief instead of sorrow?

“Come on,” Harley encourages me with her thick Chicago accent, pulling me away from the evidence.

“Thank you.” I thank Harley with obvious relief.

“No need, sweet thing,” She says, “Us girls gotta stick togetha’.” She explains, popping her pink bubble gum loudly.

“I don’t know how to repay you.” I say as she leads me around a corner.

Harley turns around with a wide smile, “Be my friend.” She offers as she holds her bat on top of her shoulders.

I smile back, with a warm feeling in my heart that this is going to be a great friendship between Harley and I.

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Volleyball Club

Nico tapped her pencil against the thin notepad, yellow pages bright and overly showy about her lack of research her club president had demanded of her. Journalism wasn’t the best thing out there, but it gave her the credits she needed.

Not to mention she had the best view of the volleyball club as they practiced, a certain redheaded girl standing out the most. The MVP. She had seen her a lot, as she’d interviewed members of the club before, but Nico never had the guts to speak to her.

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iikvreenriv  asked:

Any song recommendations ?

  1. i’m a mess - ed sheeran
  2. jim bogart - the front bottoms
  3. california - phantom planet
  4. lock you up - charli xcx
  5. andy, you’re a star - the killers
  6. rollercoaster - bleachers
  7. first love - the maccabees
  8. say yes to me - surfer blood
  9. bambi - tokyo police club
  10. the doberman - kasabian
  11. cheap beer - FIDLAR
  12. coffees for closers - fall out boy
  13. me and you - jake bugg
  14. squeezing blood - surfer blood
  15. chances - the strokes
  16. out of the blue - julian casablancas
  17. you fucking love it - dirty pretty things
  18. portugal - walk the moon
  19. florida kilos - lana del rey
  20. is this it - the strokes
  21. sad girl - lana del rey
  22. book club - arkells
  23. iris - the goo goo dolls
  24. i want to - best coast
  25. between love and hate - the strokes
  26. dead air - chvrches
  27. lullaby - the cure
  28. is there somebody who can watch you - the 1975
  29. hands reversed - tokyo police club
  30. tap out - the strokes 
Chasing freedom (Michael Clifford)

Summary:In which an uptight girl meets a boy who’s willing to help her get a taste of sweet freedom.



“Sometimes you need to get hurt to learn how to fly”

“Where are you going?” Y/N hears her over-protected mom calls out. She fights back the urge to roll her eyes. “Y/BF/N’s sleep over you promised remember?”

“Oh, right” Her mom nods, remembering the deal she made a week ago. The truth is, Y/N is locked up in her room 24/7, not that she wants to, but her constantly over-thinking mother is to afraid her dear daughter will be gone in a second out in the street, she can’t be away from the block, away from her sight. That’s why she never was a socially person, she’s dying to know what a high school party looks like, is it like the movie? Where the girl finds a special guy in the crowd, where everyone gets wild till past midnight, where everyone gets hell drunk?  It’s all about to find out tonight. She lied to her mom, saying she’s going to stay at her best friend, Y/BF/N’s house over night since she’s the only person her mom trust. She feels bad for lying to the woman who’s just trying to keep her away from hurt, but sometimes, you need to get hurt to learn how to fly. She doesn’t want to be a little princess who never gets to know what it feels like to be hurt, to have herself burned with a hundred degree, to have her first heartbreak. Even though she’s not homeschooled, it’s still hard for her to fit in since she never shows up at events, so casually as time goes by she finds herself starting to turn shy, that’s how it leads her to have her best friend who she known for years left. Blame her now gained shyness, she can never talk to a boy properly. Her lips are still pure, her heart’s still perfectly still- never ever been shattered. But it’s all about to change. She got a list of things she’s dying to try in a night. Seems like mission impossible, but we should never think low of the possibility of life, right?

“Come on let’s go” Her mom stands up to get her keys, tough Y/BF/N’s house is only few blocks away, she still feels the need to drive her there. Who knows what’s around the corner? Probably just trees and bushes. 

“Have fun, honey!” Waving excitedly to her mom, Y/N goes inside Y/BF/N’s house as soon as possible. “You sure you want to do this?” She looks at her, trying to find a glimpse of regret in her eyes, but they’re all covered with passion instead. She sighs while handing her clothes. “Guess that’s a no” Y/N smiles and winks at her “You know me” 

Quickly she takes off her awkward formal white bottom up shirt and strict pencil black skirt with causal tee, black leather jacket and black ripped jeans. She smiles satisfied, even a simple outfit can change the package people think she is. Always up for way too mature outfit, but what they don’t is she keeps all her pocket money to buy these modern teen-spirt clothes. She doesn’t have a say of how she should style herself, because her mom wants her to look ‘clean’. But what is ‘clean’ exactly? The world may never know.

“Excuse me, who are you why are you in my room?” Y/BF/N jokes. Y/N laughs and playfully pushes Y/BF/N. “You look amazing, Y/N. Now a little makeup and you’re off to go with your adventure.” 

After half an hour of this and that, she looks like a total different person. Who knows a bit of eyeliner, mascara and lipstick can boost one’s confident in a split second? She never felt so pretty. Maybe it’s because she finally gets to put on the clothes she always wanted and get to know what it’s like to be in style or it’s just because in only half an hour and she’s already loving freedom. “Go hunt down the city, tiger” Y/BF/N encourages. Well, no doubt she will.

Y/N walks down the street with her boots clicking. She loves the noise, it’s way better than flats flapping. She checks her phone, 8:30 p.m. She never been out in the city till this late. Sounds crazy, but usually she would be up in her room as soon as she gets back from school. She enjoys the wind making her hair a mess, she loves the moon kisses her cheeks. She even enjoys the smell of smoke to remind there are people along the sidewalk. She’s not alone, she’s not the center of the world. Her mom has always try to shape the idea of her perfect daughter is the center of the world, but Y/N always knows it’s not the case. She knows her flaws perfectly clear and she loves them, cause they remind her she’s real and not some ideal poppet her mom built. She doesn’t want to be this way. 

Loud music coming from the club caught her attention. She snaps back from her thoughts and stares at the neon bright club in front of her. This isn’t a part of her plan, but a bit of change won’t hurt anyone right? 

There are no security at the door which is quite strange, but it’s a great chance for her to sneak in. When she opens the doors she is surprised to see no one on the dance floor. Not a single figure. “We’re not open yet, read the god damn sign” A deep voice says, following the voice Y/N finds the voice belongs to her school mate also known as the bad boy in her school-Michael Clifford. She has heard he runs a club, got into death fights, drugs and so on, but oh how did she steps into somewhere out of her league. “Wait,” He orders as he steps closer to her, sending chills down her spine. “You’re Y/N” He looks at her from head to toe. Y/N nods, unsurely “How do you know my name?” He licks his lips as he answers “It’s quite hard not to know the person who wears pencil skirt in this generation” He laughs. He clicks his tongue as he looks at Y/N up and down again. “Damn you look hot without those last century clothes” Y/N cheeks immediately warm up. She has never been compliment, awkwardly she looks down.

“So, how did a good girl like you end up in my club?” Michael taps her chin in order to let her lifts her head. This is a perfect and risky chance. Y/N knows she’ll never be able to do all the adventure by herself without a experienced guide, and now Michael seems like a great choice. But they don’t know each other although they go to the same school, it’s dangerous to go out a whole night with a stranger, right? But then again, it’s all about losing minds and taking risks to enjoy youth, plus he seems not bad, she just needs to stay on his good side. Also she has spray in her purse just in case. She hands him the list she wants to do. He reads them, eyes fill with challenge and excitement. “You want to do them all in a night? I like the way you think. Well, good luck.” He was about to go off when he feels a hand on his arm. “Well, I’m kind of hoping you can help me with them, I seriously don’t know how to do them.” Y/N says shyly. He laughs, “Sure, I guess, but I need something in return though” He looks down at her, meeting her eyes. Y/N nods nervously, hoping he doesn’t wish for something big. “I don’t know yet at the moment, but I’ll figure out on our way” He replies as he feels Y/N’s unease. “Don’t worry, I won’t go big” Y/N lets out a breathe she doesn’t know she’s been holding. He laughs, checking the list again. “Oh, there’s one we can cross off right now” He smirks at her. Y/N widnes her eyes excitedly, finally something off the list. “What is it?” 

“This” He leans down, closing the space between, stealing a sweet kiss from her. “I wrote that on the list?” She frowns as she tires to remember she putting down a kiss on her list.

“No, but I added it” He winks at her as he folds the paper and puts it in his back pocket.

Y/N’s face turns from light pink to rose red. He laughs as he ruffles her head, “Come on, the city’s waiting for us” 

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One of Uconn Tap Club’s dances at the Tap Team showcase this year. I choreographed about half of it and two of the dancers choreographed the other portions!