good morning, fam !!

my charger is here, and i’m no longer dead from the heat, which means i’ll be queueing more drafts today (and posting a few, too). slowly but surely, we’re climbing the whole mountain.

also! low key, i wanted to address something, in case anyone was uncomfortable.

i am very okay with following duplicates of my muse – all the holtzmann blogs are welcome to hang out with me, follow me, talk to me, do twin stuff with me. anything you want, i’m probably down for it. but, i also get that not everyone is like that. so! if i follow another holtzmann blog, and you’re kind of iffy on duplicates, don’t hesitate to tell me, and i’ll unfollow you immediately.

with that said, i’m gonna dive into my drafts, and i’ll see y’all Soon. xo

July 24, 2016 - Kaleidoscope

There’s a constant hum of music given off by the stars that only Star Children can hear. They love to dance to it, and the stars are in turn rejuvenated by their energy.


He has OUTSTANDING rhythms & crisp sounds!

“Butterfly” by Jason Mraz | Choreography & Danced by Anthony Morigerato