The sky gave you everything. And the world gave you to us.

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Thank you for being amazing, and annoying friend and brother. 

anonymous asked:

that's going to be the hardest ship ever i challenge you to do it it's taoyeol

i’ll pee on everyone who say chantao/taoyeol doesnt have a good relationship

first off all, chanyeol is such a caring hyung for tao

that’s a bear hug

i bet chanyeol snuggled with that present

can you see him melting?

External image

when tao fell, chanyeol was the one who ran to him

really chanyeol?


and tao is caring and cutie for him right back

he took a while to think of what to buy for chanyeol because he wanted him to like it

some back massaging


tao is pretty thirsty for the guy too


idk man chanyeol gets pretty touchy feely too

yeah lay your man down

chanyeol getting boyfriend-y


they are playful together and tease each other wow that’s love ok?


also chanyeol helps him with his pronunciation and tries to help tao to get used to korea


look at the cutie

chanyeol looked

of course some teasing


chanyeol likes exo m with tao in it

roommates uu


some more taoyeol because why not?