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Taoth: Oswald I know you were assisted after being blinded. But you are wise and strong. I would like to offer you a position within our army. I would invite Ruby as well.. but her attitude I'll be honest kind of scares me. I don't even understand what shes saying half the time.

Oswald: Some’n tried to blind some racers, think that some’n was try’n to cheat. Did ya catch this cheater? Would like a word with ‘em.

Light filtered through into the cabin of the ship, illuminating the sleeping Captain on his side, and the slumbering Raserus on the other.  As the sun rose further and the rays shifted, the brightness cast at his face eventually roused him.  With a quiet yawn, the knight pushed himself up and glanced around briefly.

To his left, upon the top of the book he had been reading, was a letter.  It was fancy looking, and sealed with wax.  Carefully picking it up, he brought it close to look at the insignia stamped into it…  It bore a striking resemblance to the House ring he wore.  With a careful hand, he opened it.  This was very strange.

His eyes narrowed as he began to read the message within.

“Dear Raserus,

While this letter may put a dampener upon your healing process, I feel it is better to inform you now, rather than later.

You have been deposed.

You and your heir have been deemed unfit to lead us.  You have made this family weak, this House a laughing stock among the nobility.  You have turned these proud and fierce warriors and magisters into peddlers of knick knacks and alcohol.

You and your ‘heir’ are hereby stripped of title, land, wealth, and name.  You could fall back upon father’s surname, if you wish.  Being a Duskblade was not so bad, despite being low-born.

But do not fear, your bastards are being looked after within Crimsonbrook.  I have not seen hide nor hair of your wife, but should she recognize me as Lord and Patriarch, she will be allowed to live on our lands with them.

In accordance with law, I will allow you one opportunity to challenge me.  Once you are fully healed, mind you.  I will not fight a cripple.


Lord Taoth Tal’therin”

For a time, he couldn’t comprehend the words written on the paper.  It was ludicrous.  It had to be a joke!  His eyes scanned over it again, rereading it once, twice…  Nearly ten times.

This could not be real.  It couldn’t….


I’m sure you’ve heard from others by now about what happened with Toothy…you probably even saw what happened.  Truth of it all is that I feel something very special with her….I also feel it about you. It’s stronger than friendship. Much stronger. I didn’t want to bring anything up because I wasn’t sure what the feeling was and I won’t be around too long after the races.  Why stir things up when I just have to leave, right? … Well she found out how I felt about you and it distracted her in the swimming race. Now…since she found out how I feel it’s only fair that you know as well.  I’m sorry for this whole mess. Your races probably could have gone a lot smoother without me here to throw everyone into an emotional storm…It’s probably a good thing that I have to head back after the races.

Taoth's Recruitment Event: A Proposition

Weather looked around for Taoth. He was interested in trying to get company more business, so the best way to do that was go to a queen. Since she had interest in both him and Grohl she must at least know of their occupation.

Eventually he found the dragonair and approached her. He knew he needed to come of well, so he just spoke bluntly instead of his usual, stand close to them until they notice him.

“Excuse me. But I have a business proposition, or rather a warning for you.Are you interested in hearing me out?


“My Lord!  Lord Tal’therin!”

The cries rang out, and the large doors to the study burst open.  It had been moderately cleaned, and was quite bare, save for a makeshift desk and chair.  Raserus rose in alarm.  “What?!  What is it!  Speak!”  The elf panted heavily, catching his breath a second, then moved to stand tall and relay the bad news.

“Your brother is gone, sir!  He has been sprung from the dungeon…  By his visitor.”

The silence that hung in the room was deafening, and the guard sweated nervously.  “Did no one think to keep an eye on her when she went down there?”  The guard stammered.  “We did!  She’s… Powerful.  Nothing we could do.”

Very slowly Raserus slid back into his chair, pinching the bridge of his nose.  “I had better write a letter to the Archon, then.  He’d like to be kept up to date on the latest Oathbreaker, I assume.  Dismissed.”  With a sharp salute, the guard left, leaving the Patriarch to sit and stew in this news, and to consider his options on what to do now.

What a terrible situation.


Chrono: I’d love to help you in anyway I can. I’m…just not strong enough yet. Physically, mentally, and experience wise. If I’m going to join you I want to be at the best that I can be so I don’t let you down, yo. Hopefully on this adventure to the new region I can grow and be of use to you. Even if I’m not ready, but you need me…send a scout…or something to me. I’ll return and help you. That’s a promise, yo!

Journal Entry

For a moment, I considered giving up.  Starting over elsewhere.

Thankfully, Vaelrin talked sense into me.

I will rest here, and I will recover.  I will heal this broken body, and I will begin training.

The day I return to my home, my brother’s world will crumble and fall to pieces.

I will take back what is rightfully mine by force, driven by righteous fury.

Light have mercy on them, for I will not.


External image

External image
Naeve slithered a bit a ways from Taoth, putting a large distance between them. Shala followed Naeve, flicking her tail for Taoth to stay.

Once the two dragons nodded to each other, Naeve gave a smile to the pink dragon. Shala’s tail began to glow a brought blue, reading a Dragon Tail. She whipped her tail at Naeve…

External image

External image

A large THWACK sounded as Naeve screamed, beginning to glow a bright seafoam. Lightning called down from the heavens; the area now bathed in star-bright light.

External image

Shala only watched, her daughters body twisting as it grew exponentially. Her shape was changing, the roars eventually ceaasing as the being finally made its way into existence.

Naeve, now Towering above them…

External image

This, Taoth… This is my daughter. Her form is not the image of a Dragoness you often see. Naeve'Keivanasae is a Sik'Telli; a Demon. She is a Guardian of this world among two others whom exist. Only Naeve has made herself known however. She IS nature, Taoth. She is the one who secretly defends this world from self destruction. She grows forests, raises mountains, cleans the air and takes back the energy of dying beings to power herself.

She cannot speak in this form through mouth. She will imprint memories and images to you, via telephotography. 

She will in a last ditch effort be your last and final resort, if needed. Naeve will give herself, her life to you, in the case your army must retreat. 

I know this is sudden, but please.. You must understand how much she worries for you and her allies. Enough to give a secret away that only I previously knew of.

Taoth, will you still trust her? Will you allow such a being to fight along side you, to defend you if the darkest of hours is upon you? I reiterate. She is not invincible, nor a god per se, but her giving you this power to use shows that she is willing to give herself for your cause.

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