i hate how some kpop editors still whitewash after they know they whitewash

I don’t like calling specific people out but to give an example tumblr user dazzlingkai would be one 
if some of you haven’t seen her edits i will show you  

here is an edit dazzlingkai made of taemin, i mean look at this idk what i am looking at??? am i looking at a jar of mayonnaise?? am i looking at a ghost???
some people might say,“ oh me so dum me cant tell the difference in his actual skin tone and this pic, gimme sum evidence that this is whitewashed” so i can tell you that he definitely did not look like this during his performance. to support my claim i have a picture of him on the same day

wowow look at that, i can actually see his face in this picture!! So yes, she did whitewash taemin in that edit cause he sure as heck does not look the same in these two pictures does he???
as some people might say,“ wow me sum dum i cunt beleib that its whitewashed gimme more evidence" 
and here i have another picture showing how dazzlingkai whitewashes her edits or more of whitewashing taemin

what am i looking at??? where are my sunglasses??? taemin might as well blend in the white screen on a new tab!! his shirt is as white as his face in this whitewashed edit

wow look at that blends right in

anyways heres a picture of him on the same day at the same radio show

look at that major difference, wowow i can see your face taemin!! 

again there might be people saying,"oh meh gawd im still so dum i cunt see that this is whitewashing give me more proof so it can suck in this brain i apparently dont have" 

look at this, this isnt even a natural skin tone. how are you going to make taemin look like this????? when he actually looks like this??

wow look thats him on the same day, cant believe at how white she made him? me neither!

and i do know that taemin whitens his face himself as well so editing probably makes his face whiter. But there is an extent to how white his face can get. Examples of really whitened are the pictures above. Some ideal editing when taemin whitens his face are 

and even this

in conclusion you can see that many people still like to whitewash even though it looks really horrible????? i cant see any of idols faces in whitewashed pictures just like i cant see those people’s editing futures??? well unless they change their method

woah woah dont think i forgot about excuses for white washing, you thought i forgot didn’t you??
"oh me goash whitened picz look so much bettur on pastel themed blogs leik you don’t know" 

um you can still edit a picture for pastel themed blogs? for example look at this picture 

(credits to sugatrash for making this edit)

Wow look at that!! you can still make a pastel edit without whitewashing people!! 
just a tutorial on how to do that because i know some of you whitewashers are too lazy to change your method, i have a link for you! Just click this

Basically, calling out whitewashing isn’t just "butthurt” people wanting to call out or hate other people’s edits. Whitewashing is actual serious business, guys! You may not notice when you reblog these pictures but changing the color of someone’s skin tone can hurt some people’s feelings. Colorism is prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. Whitewashing is discriminating against people with darker skin colors. How, you ask? I mean come on, you are changing someone’s skin color just so the look of the person appeals to your standards of beauty. I’m pretty sure that is colorism, if that is not colorism I don’t know what is.

Even in asia they discriminate against people with dark skin. They have always favored lighter skin because back in the day if you had light skin it meant you didnt work and you were wealthy while the darker people worked and weren’t as wealthy and rather poor. But we, as fans, should appreciate the idols with darker skin tones and respect them by not lightening their skin in our edits. Also whitewashing only adds to the problem, and if you don’t see that then it’s because you haven’t experienced colorism the way so many people have. Whitewashing is really serious so i hope you take it serious too.

thank you for taking your time for reading this i hope you whitewashers change your ways and go on the right path. ill do some dua/prayer for you guys

Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-4

Pairing:Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.

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Originally posted by kibaems

Tao Pov.

The ground below my feet barely made a sound as I landed another one of my flips. I continued to jump and flip working on my skills to keep them sharp and flawless.

From the corner of my eyes I saw Y/N move into the practice room located at the back of HQ. “Can you teach me to do that?” she asked as I landed another flip, I turned my body towards her and looked down at her “are you done with napping already Y/N?” I said instead of answering her question. “ I wasn’t very tired, can you teach me how to do that?” she asked again. “Sure, but only a little bit, we don’t want another moment like Chen, do we?” I said smirking she laughed lightly and shook her head. I walked over to the wall and grabbed a staff, handing it to her “here let me show you how to hold it” I said once she had it in her grasp.

I adjusted her arms so she was holding it properly and showed her how to swing it around her body. “So you go like this” I said making the movements with my hands to replicate how it should go. She watched then looked down at her own hands trying to replicate what I had done. She swung it slowly and looked back at me to see if she was doing it right “just like that, just a little faster” I said showing her again, moving my hands faster. She did it again at the same pace to get the movement right and after once more but faster. She looked up at me and smiled a big toothy grin“you’re a quick learner, try it once more” I said crossing my arms to see if she could do it all on her own. She swung it once more, this time she swung the staff a little too hard and I smacked her on the back of the head. She dropped the staff and put both hands on the back of her head, rubbing the spot that she hit, with a frown on her face. I reached down for her, swinging her up into my arms “you ok?” I ask moving her hands to check the spot she hit, a small bump forming. “I’m ok, can you kiss it better?” she asked looking up me with hopeful eyes “sure” I smiled, she turned her head away from me to expose the bump. I leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her skull “better?” I asked once I pulled away, she turned back to me smiling “better”.

“I think thats enough for today” I said placing her back on her feet “yeah” she said looking back around the room. I moved to pick up the staff and put it away so I didn’t lose it. “Can we go get ice cream Tao?” she asked turning back towards me “I don’t see why not, someone has to get groceries soon anyways so why don’t we do that too?” I asked walking towards her. “Yeah!” she said excitedly, usually excited to get of HQ anyways. “Ok go get changed and we’ll go” I said, starting to grab my jacket and baseball cap. She ran towards the stairs and ran to her room going to change from her pj’s to something more suitable for grocery shopping.

A few minutes later she ran out dressed in a pair of ripped jeans, a t-shirt and grabbed her own jacket. I lifted a smaller cap for her placing it on her head. “Alright let’s go” I said unlocking the door and letting her run through the door to my car. I locked the door behind myself, walking to the car and unlocking the doors. She opened the back door and placed herself in her car seat. Whatever member was home at the time was in charge of carrying her seat in case it is ever needed for a quick getaway or we need to get somewhere. I reached in and buckled all her straps and closed the car door when I was done. Stepping into the driver’s side, I turning on the ignition and put it in drive. Taking off towards the nearest grocery store. As we drove I turned on the radio so the silence could be filled.

In no time at all we had made it to a grocery store, getting out of my side I walked around to get Y/N out only to see she had already unbuckled herself from her seat. “Ready to go Y/N?” I asked, she gave a big nod and hopped out of the car walking towards the carts. She grabbed at one of the carts but wasn’t strong enough to pull it free from the others. I walked towards her and grabbed the end and gave the cart a tug to free it without her watching. As to not seem like she could do it all on her own. After it was free of the other carts I lifted her up and put her into the front of the it so I didn’t lose her in the crowd. We walked through the front door and started to grab the things we needed as we traveled through. “Can we stop at the toy section Tao?” she asked as we neared where the toys were “we are already getting ice cream isn’t that enough for you?” I laughed as we started to pass the toy section. She looked at them, then looked back at me “you’re right” she smiled looking forward again.

We came up to the cold section and grabbed all the things that we needed before we stopped in the ice cream section. “Alright Y/N what kind of ice cream do you want?” I asked looking over at the child who started standing in the cart. She looked through all the flavors before stopping at the cookie dough, she pointed at the biggest tub. Her head turned back towards me “can I get that one?” she asked trying to make her eyes as big and puppy dog like as possible. I looked back over to the ice cream in search for a smaller tub, finding one I pointed it out to her “let’s get that one instead ok?” I said to her. She smiled and nodded surprisingly as I grabbed the small tub in my hand and through it it in the cart, turning back to head to checkout.

We pulled up putting our items on the belt, Y/N passing me the items one by one.

After we payed Y/N and I headed back out to the car so she could pass me the bags. She passed them to me with some difficulty as they were quite heavy, especially for the small child.

As soon as we loaded all the bags in the car, I lifted Y/N into her car seat and began to buckle her in. “Alright Y/N when we get home you need to help me put the groceries before we can eat ice cream, ok?” I asked leaning into the backseat so I could look at her. ”Yes!” she yells bouncing in her seat. I smiled and stood back up, closing the back door and going around to the driver’s seat. Getting in, I started the car and started heading back towards HQ.

When we got back to HQ, I drove around back to park and noticed some of the other guys cars parked there. Y/N seemed to notice to and got excited, bouncing in her seat. I parked and pulled up to a parking spot and parked, getting outside and taking Y/N out of her seat. She ran to the trunk and started to try to open it. I chuckled at her, shaking my head. I unlocked it for her and let her grab at the bags, trying to bring them into HQ, while I grabbed the rest of the bags and locked up the car, following Y/N to the door of HQ. Which she was also trying to open. “Its locked, remember?” I asked looking down a her. She turned to look back up at me “oh, right!” she said stepping away from the door so I could unlock it. As soon as it was unlocked she swung the door open to see the members there with guns pointed at the door.

As soon as they saw it was us they put their guns away, tucking them into their holsters “we thought someone was trying to break in” Kris said standing at his full looming height. “No Y/N just forgot that we need to unlock the doors for her” I said moving into the room, locking the doors behind me.

Y/N, apparently unphased by the guns being pointed at her head a minute ago, ran into the kitchen. Her pigtails bouncing behind her. Sehun who didn’t care what we were saying followed after her, lifting her onto the counter.

“Hey munchkin what did you do today?” he asked leaning towards her bags, putting away groceries. “Taosy and me went to get groceries and ice cream, oh and he taught me wushu too!” she said looking at up at him. He froze midway between putting away the ice cream to turn and glare my way. “You taught our baby wushu?” he asked in a deadly tone. I rose my hands in defense as all the members glared at me “ok listen I only taught her one basic move, only one and it was very, very beginner” I said trying to defend myself against them.

“Is that true Y/N?” Xiumin asked, she looked over to him taking her attention away from the ice cream Sehun had clearly given her. “Yes I had a stick that I swung around” she said looking back down, happily eating her ice cream. “Alright fine, but no one is teaching her anything else like that, understood?” Kris asked using his leader voice. “Yes boss” we all responded immediately, until a small voice answered “no.”

We all turned back towards the small child on the counter and laughed, sure she was going to persuade us in some way, at some point.

wow that took me a long ass time to write. I’m sorry guys, its just hard to find time and when I do I’m not entirely sure how to write about a child in a gang.

Umm…So i decided 2 do a follow forever because i havent done one in a while and ive gotten some new mutuals and lost some!!! umm i think everyone on this are mutuals w me? also i got rly lazy w the edit so like…… act like its this beautiful amazing edit : ) but it already is bc cyj is in it,,,, some of u guys i dont rly talk 2 but others i do!! um i rly dont wanna do this in alphabetical order lol

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i feel like im forgetting ppl??so sorry if youre not on here or if i forgot you : ( i did a lot of ppl i just saw in my following thing n on my dash

Hello! I’ve followed a lot of amazing blogs since making my last follow forever, so I decided to do another one. This is for all of the great people that I’m following on this blog as well as my side blog, xiuimin. Bolded are favorites & bolded + italicized are just really great people in general. I’d also like to give a big THANK YOU to all of my mutuals & followers, because I really do appreciate every single one of you. Thank you for putting up with all of my terrible text posts.

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Hello my lovelies ♡ Recently I’ve hit another milestone in my Tumblr journey, and since I follow almost 600 blogs, I thought a follower forever was quite overdo ^^ I just want to thank all of these lovely blogs for their existence and I would like to extend a special thank you to those of you that follow me as well ♡ If you were on my last follower forever and you don’t see yourself on this one, please let me know because that probably means you changed your url and I couldn’t find you ;n; To my friends: I love you all lots and I’m very thankful I’ve met every single one of you. You’ve made my Tumblr experience and my life what they are and I would be lost without you 

Bold = Friends - I hope you feel the same ;;
Italics = Mutual

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The year 2013 is finally coming to an end and we’ll soon be welcoming the year 2014 (although some of you already have). To commemorate the new year, I’ve decided to do my very first follow forever! Tbh, I’m not the best at making edits, so please excuse this poor excuse of one lol. The people on this list are the ones who have made my dashboard a very welcoming and comforting place. I’m very proud to say that everybody I follow are wonderful people with spectacular blogs! So I’d like to take the time to thank each and every one of you for just being you. I will never regret clicking on that follow button. Thank you guys for making the year 2013 an amazing one for me ;u; Have a Happy New Years and stay safe! ^u^

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hello friends!! this is my first time doing this…((despite being on tumblr for more than a year)) anyways, this is just a lil thank you for evryone who’s been supporting this lame blog. nd also a list of wonderful people who’s made my time here quite memorable :)))))) once again, i would like to thank all of you for making me reach 1.6k regardless of my inactive times so thank youx100!!


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hi everyone this is almost my fourth year with this blog and i’ve never gotten around to doing a follow forever! i want to thank all 3k of you for following me and sticking with me despite changing blogging styles throughout the years especially those of you who decided to put up with a gross 13 year old version of me and just a warning: some of the blogs i’m including have been inactive for the past few years but i really do love these blogs and their blog owners were probably really friendly to me so that’s why i still continue to follow them despite them being inactive just incase they ever come back ;; so without further ado i present to you my follow forever in no particular order

kaixes, ziitao, wcndy, ohmilkey, exology, babylamchop, kimjongasm, dustlights, chen-s, myungssoo, adorableprince, soegogi, ztaohs, wufun, ztaoz, chnayeol, kreys, taosexual, baekboner, fan-qins, krismehard, sehduction, taofied, jiyeolie, ulhan, incenesque, eekso, dyokyungsu, kyungsoosvoice, xingrens, sehun-milktea, onhyuns, kai-laydoscope, kitteun, anticlimaxes, yoseobeu, teastained, xeuna, tamikaaflynn, jongisms, laytenn, 18fiori, tarozi, zhehun, ah-danggit, hypertone, seoulmisfits, 1081p, sehunskin, parknamja, wubulge, lahnvin, huanqs, acosmicboom, ushiji, astraltao, haiqeu, wufanication, taosie, rosetao, ackeomans, yatose, suho, lubutts, hyvntao, jitokkies, duizheng, hzttuspchilles, vethereal, milksin, hentaoi, otp12exo

i’ve probably forgotten a lot of people so here’s a link to my blogroll and sorry for the noob ass graphic i haven’t touched photoshop in 10 years and i was never good to begin with lolol but hey at least it’s tao

actual first follow forever bc it’s about damn time

666ayato aceumji adorableprince aniallating awhjongdae baekhyuns-bae chen-suality chenrrerorocher chensfw crayonpoppunk cumtomeluhan ducklingdo flowerboygang forchen-cookie gwiyominho happytoilets huangszitao hyungwonjpg jongdae-andnight jongsnk joonkitty jyro kimyousu kutabaresen linqfan macklesuga memejongdae mintchocolatechen odetotaemin ohhakyeon ohzitaos pyojamas seizethejongdae seungripls shitaozi silkseoks swagdaddysuho sweetseok taosie xiuready yahbrahchill zicosbae zitaoa

First of all, I want to thank my squish for making the beautiful edit above for me /huggles. Isn’t she talented? She also fixed my blog c:

Yes I was previously wushupanda-tao but I’ve switched to compoxing because clever right?

I’m lame T-T

Anyways, this last year has been a rollercoaster ride, and I mean one of those whiplash, nauseating ones but this blog has always been my little ray of light and I finally reached 100 followers ;~;

So yeah, as it is the end of this year, I want to make a follow forever for those blogs and people that have kept me here and sane, even if I’ve never talked to these people or only once in a while, just their blogs in general make me happy.

Okay so, blogs in bold are them senpais/faves and those in italics are friends. I know it’s small but it’s only my first and I’ve been here for a while and these are still my faves.

Happy New Year, babies! I love you all and keep being awesome okay?

alichais / blondejongin / candyixing / centrum-permanebit-feels / envinae / forestdeer / hexoxogon / houseofkris / jonghyun-ah / kaibaibeo / kaiwaiian / keyola / krisyeol / kris-wu / lastkim / layxingay / luhans-crotch / maknae / marybuhberry / meemossi / midnight-chantasy / mischiefmaknae / monotune / petitchu / pumpkinpie-soda / raails / royalsehun / shitthun / soo-booty / soojungs / southkoreans / taosis / unitha / yixingsosweet / yiqie / zr-o

p.s. all of you whom I’ve never spoken to are awesome. You all are I just don’t have the guts to talk to you peoples but your blogs are all awesome okay ;~;