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“One of the most threatening was the attack on Pueblo religion started by the United States government in 1921. Using the recently passed Religious Crimes Act as its chief weapon, the government made the practice of Indian religious ceremonies a punishable offense. At the same time, the government launched a public campaign to vilify native religion…and also claimed that native religion was largely responsible for the Indian failure to assimilate into the cultural mainstream. For Indians to rise above their ‘savage’ state, so the argument ran, it was necessary to destroy their pagan worship” (16).

From the book, The Taos Indians and the Battle for Blue Lake.

E. Martin Hennings (American, 1886–1956)  |  Rabbit Hunt

Like other classically trained artists who came West, Ernest Martin Hennings used his academic training to depict a newly discovered subject in American art—the land and people of New Mexico. Born in New Jersey, he graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago and later studied at the Royal Academy in Munich, Germany. In 1921 he settled in Taos.

There he adopted a sunny palette reflective of the locale and produced paintings that feature an art nouveau decorative elegance while focusing on an ordinary moment, such as the rabbit hunt here. Just as the scene is very specific, so too are the Indians, who are treated as individuals and not stereotypes. The man on horseback sports a cross-cultural outfit: a tennis sweater, cuffed shirt, and trousers combined with traditional long braids and moccasins.

Exo Reaction: When their girlfriend is Indian

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Xiumin: Do they have bath houses in India??

Luhan: *sees you brought dessert* Is thAT KULFI??!!!!

Kris: *watches Times Now with gf*

Kris: That anchor is so loud…

Suho: *you and suho visit India* *suho shows off killer moves*

Lay: *you and lay visit the Tea Garden Hill of Munnar* This view. It’s too much.

Baekhyun: *you wear a Sari* You look so pretty, I’m getting chills!

Chen: *gets a math equation wrong*

You: *correct him*

Chen: *thinks* Why does she have to be so good at math?

Chanyeol: *shows gf Lean On music video* Is that really how they dance in India? *demonstrates* *random park bom appears*

Kyungsoo: *cooking Mama Soo mode* I’m making us curry.

Tao: *tries indian food* That spice…

Kai: So…you can’t have chicken?? *is sad he can’t enjoy chicken with his gf*

(Over 500 million people in India are vegetarians.)

Sehun: We’ve been dating for a long time now, can we please go meet your parents? Pweeeease???

Disclaimer: I don’t know the Indian culture well so our apologies if I made any mistakes or offended you in any way. *respective bow*