Signs as EXO fanfic tropes

Aries - referring to everyone as ‘singer’ or 'dancer’ except Suho and Xiumin
Taurus - CEO!AU
Gemini - making out in unused dressing rooms
Cancer - poor communication skills as a plot device
Leo - flowershop!AU
Virgo - all the members are gay
Libra - Baekyeon / Kaistal being fake
Scorpio - mentioning almost all SMTown members
Sagittarius - Tao, Lay, Kris and/or Luhan being “the Chinese”
Capricorn - appreciating the other’s abs
Aquarius - watching Pororo/Anime/rom-coms
Pisces - OT12 feels

Soulmate au where instead of having the first thing they say tattooed on each other, they instead have a random sentence tattooed that that person will say around them. And so you know it’s not just a coincidence when they say it, the tattoo stings and fades away. 

Just imagine all the scenarios. 

Best friends just hanging out like usual and Person A says something like “I wonder if fish get thirsty?” and Bam the tattoo on Person B disappears and they just scream. 

Person A going out with someone and just waiting for them someday to say the sentence they have , but then the barista at Starbucks says it instead. 

Person A really really really hates person B but then that idiot has to go and say the sentence, and how can they be their soulmate they’re stupid and loud and too good looking for their own good. Like who needs that good of lips? 

Just imagine 

EXO’s Types of Relationships

Included OT12 cause you know

1.Baekyeol (You knew it would be here)

  • The opposite bestfriend relationship
  • A lot of people are often intimated by Chanyeol’s out there personality
    • But not Baekhyun
    • He’s intrigued by it
  • Baekhyun’s outgoing but to an extent
    • Which Chanyeol likes because he gets to be the one to show him something new

2. Sesoo My children

  • The “Open” relationship
    • No, not like polygamy
    • Like easy access
  • “Don’t ask a question you’re not willing to answer yourself.”
  • These two have a mutual understanding of each other
    • Kyungsoo is very bad at expressing his feelings and Sehun has walls set up around him
  • Which is why there is no pressure

3.Taoris cries in otp

  • The “understanding” relationship
  • People generally just go along with Tao rather “bratty” attitude
    • So Tao’s used to getting his way
    • But not with Kris
    • Which he didn’t really like at first
  • Kris isn’t the type to give up easily
    • Especially not with Tao
    • Because he admittedly likes his attitude
    • But he could easily call his bluff
  • “I’ll leave!”
  • “No you won’t.”
  • It’s okay though because though he’d never admit it. Tao likes that someone could stop him

4. Sulay

  • The “Trust Fall” relationship
  • Suho has trust issues(I’m willingly to bet everything on that)
    • So he’s not all that stable
  • Lay’s presence alone is enough to keep him steady
  • Sometimes Lay can’t always be right by him
    • Which scares Suho
    • And it might even make him go under
    • But it’s okay because Lay would willingly drop everything to bring him back to the surface

5.Hunhan (don’t act surprised)

  • The “I hate you, don’t leave me” relationship
    • *BTS’ house of cards starts to play*
  • These two are so similar it’s dangerous
  • Sehun has trust issues (It runs in the family)
    • Which makes it a little hard for Luhan
    • Sehun knows that too but he doesn’t know how to tell him, that all he wants is Luhan’s attention
  • Because there’s something so pulling about Luhan that makes him freeze

6. Kaisoo OTP for life

  • The “No Word Needed” relationship
    • Eyes lock and they know what each other want
  • They’re the quite kind of love
  • Light touches, short glances and soft smiles
    • It works because Jongin doesn’t like to share what’s his
    • And Kyungsoo likes to feel secure
  • Jongin gives Kyungsoo a feeling he’s never felt before
    • Nervousness
    • He doesn’t mind though because he kinda likes it
    • And Jongin knows too

7.XiuChen That otp material though

  • “The” relationship
  • Because they’re what everyone hopes to get out of their relationship
    • A friend
  • They know each other
    • Deeper than favorite colors or birthdays
    • Their biggest fear
    • Or how their feeling without even seeing them
  • They are the connection
Sehun calling D.O
  • Sehun: hey kyunsoo, how is your musical going.
  • Kyung: good, how is the beach?
  • Sehun: it was great, i build the sand castle you promised to build together, but we didn't.
  • Kyung:
  • Kyung: What
  • Sehun: what
  • Give me little kid aus.
  • - Blatantly asking to be best friends
  • -Holding hands on the swings
  • - making wedding rings out of ring pops or some other sort of snack
  • - Deciding to be best friends because they're perfectly balanced on the see saw
  • - rolling down the hills together
  • - making daisy chains together
Fangirl Problems

When I was younger, I promised myself that I would never be one of those girls that cried and screamed over a band or a single person. But here I am now, sitting on my bed at 2:20am, eating an entire quart of ice cream, crying because my otp got married in a fanfiction. All I have to say about my life now is… SO FUCKING WORTH IT