Mame era EXO-M interviews are like
  • Host:Luhan, are you popular with the ladies?
  • Luhan:Oh I don't know anything about things like that I'm just little old me
  • Host:Have you had lots of girls confess to you?
  • Luhan:Me?? I've never even talked to a girl what even is a girl I don't know if I've even seen one before I've definitely never been confessed to I'm so shy and awkward I just play soccer and drink coffee
  • Chen:He's full of shit
  • Host:How close is the group?
  • Lay:We get along very well we just sing and dance and love each other.
  • Tao:I independently know everything about this group.
  • Kris:Our members are all great people.
  • Luhan:We have no secrets between us at all!
  • Host:Then what's Kris' favorite color?
  • Luhan:Uhhh uhmmm errr -fidgets- -gropes Xiumin- -kicks a soccer ball- -runs a lap around the building-.... bloooonde??
  • Kris:I am a man who had traveled a lot, I cannot pick but one favorite color.
  • Tao:Our leader is so cool!!
  • Host:Haha, what a quirky bunch! Any final thoughts, Xiumin?
  • Xiumin:잘 모르겠어요

Time flies. Things healed. You never know what the future holds. Only the presence matters. Never doubt that you are living in the best moment of your life. You might just don’t know it. So live happily and cherish the seconds. Let go of the sad past and hold on to the precious people in your presence. Happy Birthday, Kris Wu Yi Fan. I wish you all of these. 


Prince Zitao 😍💕

Tao's rap part that composed by himself in Zhoumi- Rewind. TELL ME HOW TO NOT CRY

“ My time goes anticlockwise again

The marks you left on me keeps appearing around me. I’m drowning in the memories. Cant escape! 

You’re so beautiful with your sweet smile

Those missing you memories are lingering in my mind very clearly

If it’s possible to rewind the time, lets go back to the past!

No leaving! we will stay in that moment forever.. " 

cr trans: oshzt.tumblr.