Title: The First Touch


Description: There was a tingly feeling throughout Niel’s whole body, his heart was pounding louder than anything around him, and his palms were sweaty. Why he was feeling this, he didn’t know. All he knew was that there was something irresistible about the Chinese exchange student that made Niel want more.


Tao stared at him with his beautiful eyes, watching every move he made. Pretending not to notice his eyes on him, Niel put the edge of the cup to his mouth and slowly took a sip.

The coffee danced across his taste buds gracefully with a taste like he never had before. The tingling in his body intensified as his eyes met back with those of Tao’s.

Maybe it was the taste of the coffee or maybe it was the way Tao looked at him, Niel didn’t know, but suddenly, he loved coffee.

Just like the Chinese man had said, it was the best in the world.


excuse my Taoniel feel! ;_;
so at the ending of M countdown lastweek, Tao and Niel werent standing beside each other but Tao approached to Niel and they hugged. next on Musicbank, they were standing beside (like fate or someone did it on purpose, who knows) and of course there was bow and hug and Niel took Tao’s hand( exactly his wrist) as Tao left the stage!
seems like they’ve became friends!! awww!!

Chapter 3 Taoniel :)

A part from the Chapter : I tried to sleep but as soon I closed my eyes, I saw him in front of me. Dancing, singing, moving his hip so seductive and sliding his hands from his chest till to his belt. I grabbed after my I pad, searching again for their videos and watching their Mv’s with Chinese subs. I really liked it to know the context of songs. It made me feel closer to it, made me understand and feeling the song. I must say I was quite fangirling seeing the sleeveless guy in “Be ma girl” which I figured out as Niel after some research. Ahn Daniel, aka Niel.


After a lot of thinking, i decided to continue writing it. 

I want this couple to get well known, cause i really like this OTP lol 

Enjoy my weird chapter :O

Taoniel FF

well, just akward, and don’t know XD, if someone will even read this. 

I just tried writing an english FF for the first time, normally i only do german FF’s XD


 I closed my eyes, inhaling the fresh air. Slowly i opened them and saw him directly in front of me. His brown hair was glittering in the sunlight. He shook his head to get the bothering hair in front of his eyes away. I chuckled at the picture in front of me. He looked really troubled, still shaking his head. Well this hairstyle must be really bothering. Tired he fell to the floor still shaking his head and looking around. 

got to talking about horrible weeaboo animecon AU where Niel gets talked into working at the maid cafe and neko maid Tao sees a chance to ditch furries Chanyeol and Ricky (who won’t stop talking about yiffing) by pretending he works there too

(Chunji wants Niel back on the scene because girls like them flirting with each other, he does not approve of Tao flirting with his breadwinner, Niel is grateful for any escape from girls trying to get him and Chunji to reenact their favourite yaoi scenes.)

normally I would apologise for things like this, but I don’t have a word strong enough