agonothymia ft. tao & luna

agonothymia [noun]: emotional conflict; the state of having contradictory or conflicting feelings.

VampireAU | tw: blood, slight forced interaction ( not anything sexual. just trying to cover my bases)

“Oh my, you look beautiful, dear Luna.”

“Indeed. Such beautiful skin and hair.” The handmaidens continued to shower her in compliments as they dressed her up in the finest hanbok and jewelry that their village had. Her fist tighten on the silky fabric of her hanbok, knuckles whitening. “And…we are finished.” The handmaiden said as they finished applying red tint on her lips. The other handmaiden placed a mirror in front of her. Curled, brown locks, flushed cheeks, rosy lips, and a forlorn expression.

“Finished? They will be arriving any second now!” barked one of the male soldiers.

An elderly woman, the head chief’s wife, placed a white veil over her head, covering face. “We are done. Come, child.” 

Flanked by soldiers, the elderly woman took Luna and led her out into the village square to where a carriage was waiting. The whole village was present. The head chief stood by the carriage. When Luna approached the carriage, he helped her into it. “Thank you, my child, for you have saved our village.” Luna gave him a strain smile then got in the carriage and settled in.

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happy birthday to the most precious child on the planet♥ i will love and support you no matter what path you decide on in life. hope this birthday and everyday will be blessed. 生日快乐,黄子韬♥


this is how i felt when i saw the ridiculous comeback concept photos tbh,,,,

(luhan and tao are probably relieved right now to not have to be in those outfits…)