“Let go of the stuck emotional energies of your past that force you to become someone who does not exist anymore.”  -Anon I mus

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Crystal Grid | Everything is Okay

This grid reminds us that underneath it all, nothing really matters and that everything will turn out just as it was meant to be. It reminds us that everything we do carries great significance, as well as no significance at all

  • Aquamarine – calms, harmonizes environment, encourages tolerance of others, and invokes high states of consciousness
  • Chrysocolla – brings tranquility, enhances meditation, draws off negative energies, assists in accepting change, and increases inner strength
  • Rainbow Fluorite – cleanses and stabilizes the aura, draws off negative energy and stress, assists in overcoming disorganization, helps to overcome chaos
  • Blue Jade  – offers wisdom, purifies, and creates a sense of serenity, protects, and helps when feeling overwhelmed
  • Smokey Quartz – grounding, relieves stress, assists in managing difficult periods of time, fortifies resolve, and dissolves negative energies
  • Tibetan Quartz – carries highly esoteric knowledge, centers, grounds, and raises consciousness, purifies and energizes meridians